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forget everything else, i have card games!

no really
i... can't focus on anything besides vanguard D:



and i still don't have either order from cdjapan
i regret choosing SAL shipping
but on the other hand, that yugioh artbook was ridiculously high on shipping anyway... bleh

all i can do is just. keep waiting. :/

it'd be nice if i could get over to raleigh any time soon
since there's at least one cardshop over there that carries vanguard/has players

sure the trial deck is probably not any good as far as real fights go
but i wanna plaaaaaaaay
(and possibly get some more boosters to improve the deck? AND/OR trade! yes! :D)

in the meantime i lurk on cardfight capital
<3 my garmall deck
i do like my shadow paladin deck too. also the mixed-clan deck isn't that bad, either~

OH OH and once they add all the cards from set 5 i am totally making a royal/shadow paladin deck
'cause hellooooooo there majesty lord blaster~
and i like the idea of blaster blade & blaster dark in the same deck >:3
might be able to make that kind of deck irl eventually too! i have one blade and two darks, after all~~~~~

i just watched today's ep of vanguard
ren shows up just to yawn. you troll.
(and i'm pretty sure he told asaka to let him know when aichi's fight starts... oh, you, acting all 'i don't care' but you do. you do.)

...taaalking about that. majesty lord blaster. will aichi use it? ren refused to take the shadow paladin deck back from aichi, sooo...
or once aichi/kai gets through to ren, will he go for a mix. hmmm.

wait no, the set 5 commercial has that card behind aichi. guess aichi will show ren the truth: light and dark coexist. this is not something that can be denied. ahahahahahah

over on tumblr we have vanguard rp
and aichi is going even nuttier~
somehow ren is the 'nice' one now?????? idefk wtf

the rp is so so off-track from canon...


right right
something besides vanguard. hmm.
few days ago i was super bored because no one for rp was on
so i finally started reading 'the hunger games'
why did i take forever to read this holy crap
like okay i was mildly interested at the beginning
but once it got going it got going.
i pretty much read the whole book in one sitting XD

i want book 2 now! no bookstores here!!!
but the library has it, thank god
...except it's checked out right now. siigh.

aaaand back to anime
new season looks pretty good
symphogear was interesting. another... was confusing but not enough to be a complete turn off. daily life of highschool boys, oh man, i haven't laughed so much from an anime in i don't remember how long!

i have a few other shows downloaded to check out soon, too.

yes my life is this boring. /rolls off to tumblr
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