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what. the. hell. BUSHIROADDDDDD

extremely simple dvd menu.
not even one paper slip in the case.
no extras. nothing. just 4 episodes. sure, okay, it had two promo cards. but i wanted textless opening and ending.

and since it's a dvd, not blu-ray, it's lower quality than tv airings.
hell, they aren't releasing vanguard on blu-ray at all.

i don't even. what the hell, man.
definitely not buying any more of this :/

SO YEAH my packages came in today~
aside from that lame excuse of a dvd, i got the first vanguard manga. which also had a promo card. hihi alfred early~~
and the cardliver kakeru op/ed cd. which came with a card, too. yay first cardliver card--oh it's just diving albatross. :/ I WANT A TATEGAMI WOLF CARD ;_;

the Kazuki Takahashi artbook: Duel Art
oooohhhhhh so pretty. *_*

so today has been quite good. :3

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