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/rolls around in glee

yesterday i went to raleigh
to play vanguard
in real life
aaaaaaaa :DDDD

there's a store over there that carries the cards and has enough players to run tourneys
so yeah
i was nervous but omfg
everyone was really nice
they gave me cards to improve my deck beyond the basic trial deck i had
i got a few trades done too

anyway as for the tournament
giant loss streak

idc because i had a LOT of fun, and the matches tended to be pretty close too
and the way they set up the prize system ensures everyone gets some cards, anyway, so it wasn't bad at all
everyone seemed to think i played well for a beginner~ of course, i've been playing on cardfight capital for a few months now, so i'm familiar with most cards and the overall mechanics of the game - this is just the first time i've played in person.

i wish the store wasn't so far away ;___;
dad was really happy with how i had fun so he does want to get me over there again
but with the economy like it is...
we might be able to do it like once a month. :/
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