Mar. 30th, 2012 11:23 pm
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seeing double--

aichi accepts his shadow dark/other side
busts out majesty lord blaster, unsurprisingly

and then mmmm renai feelings

i ship them so hard idec what anyone thinks now
"i've accepted psyqualia and my other self, and even you, ren-san"

aaaand the hand reaching out to catch ren when he falls over
like before. ren & kai, way back. aichi & kai, more recently.


i love it
my feeeeelings...

good boy is good again. yaaaay

also season 2 spoilers... kamui leaves Q4 for his old friends in team handsome lol.
THUS Q4 has an open spot
and we already know ren's an ally in s2

...well then.
my OT4 is becoming reality, very good.
in one big mess


but no i want renai the most
i want ren and misaki to interact, too
i'd seriously screech if the 'misaq' nickname made its way from manga to anime

oh yeah and talking about manga...
lol chapter 16
ren just goes humming away as he fights kai...
this airhead, god
i want to smack him and hug him
...and hate him
but he's so derp i can't even

/throws hands up in air
aichi is still
my favorite character
but ren is so
close... to overtaking. AGH.

...had to do it
he's just ~fabulous~
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