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been playing Devil Summoner a fair bit the past few days~
vdex has caught my attention again now that GenV is out
...except the tradelock ANNOYS ME. like, i get it now but the stuff caught now stays locked forever??? man, i got a shiny sandile and minccino and I DON'T WANT THEM. can't sell them ever...? :|

for now i'm just hanging in white forest since it's kinda pointless to hunt Unova 'mons since if i find a shiny i don't want its stuck with me foreverrrrrrrr
EDIT: just caught a BW sprite shinx and... wait a fucking second. EVEN NON-UNOVA POKEMON CAUGHT IN UNOVA ARE TRADELOCKED? SHIT. guess i won't be hunting anything for now.

got all three starters. :3
...archen archen archen i missed the giveaway ;-; but on a waiting list for someone else's breeding. yay.
here's a link to my shop btw
random retros (mostly friggin' bellsprout), 2 shiny ...bellsprout..., and some v-day vulpixes for sale :D
while i'm at it...

shinvyyyyyyyyyyyyy<3 and that cyndaquil sprite, so cute!
(egg is a tepig)

been lurking the forum some too... found a fan of cardfight vanguard :D
also in the thread about visual novels someone posted saying they like saya no uta and corpse party ...also gore screaming show which i am interested in but since there's no translationnnnnnn :( several different groups start and just... die. ugh.


i finished watching .hack//roots
i feel ...idfk i'm just pissed
the cool characters leave for some reason or another
and after haseo's explosion of asshole-ness i don't like him at all even if he's 'better' now
probably will be playing g.u. once i get some dvds. /out of blanks
undub btw. ffs bandai... first series was dual audio...

watched a bunch of inazuma eleven today, since i'm behind
still one ep behind on subs though
which reminded me i haven't touched the games in some time
i don't know what i'm supposed to do in it though...
might poke around on it tomorrow.

blah, there really isn't much to talk about. my life is boring.
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well i haven't posted in some time. again. sooo let's see

i feel... less angry about the 5d's thing by now
like, i still think that was so so dumb, but i'll probably give zexal a chance even though i said i wouldn't

card games, card games, why can't i quit you. XD

tomorrow, next ep of cardfight vanguard... tournament starts... honestly i want more of wtf was up with that PSY store but i guess the writers are taking it. really. slow. which is okay... moar aichi, moar kai, moar misakiiii (kamui amuses me, but i don't really like him)

a friend of mine got around to sending off my ps2 repair piece... hope i get it soon because GAMES. I WANT. i barely started p4, dang it. and i had just burned Devil Summoner when the ps2 stopped working, I WANNA SEE IF IT WORKS. and yeah, tales of the abyss/legendia, kr kabuto, garo, and .hack, and and and


oh yes about .hack aaaargh
//quantum brought that obsession back, lol
i wanna play the games :( NOT G.U. the originals!
though now i actually. feel like giving g.u. a chance
so i picked the roots anime back up
i watched the first ep way back when it was airing but i just went 'blah' and ditched it

but well if i'm gonna give g.u. a chance i need to know what happened before, which roots covers. so yeah.
seen 3 eps so far, and if you ask me haseo should just. quit. the world r:2 is FULL OF CREEPERS ARGH. go away.

ok ummm
this anime season is just awesome
i like nearly everything lol

been playing minecraft here and there
fun game~

also because friends on twitter kept going on about it, i bought the first assassin's creed game.
played some so far and i like it alright but i wish the saving was more clear. like i can't tell when its safe to quit...

oh well.

also,  the dog person has officially moved in. the cats are just going have to deal.
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man, what is it with card game animes kicking me in the butt lately?

first i finally finish cardliver kakeru and they end the damn show without resolving... anything...

and now, this week's yugioh 5d's ep. w. t. f.

now i SERIOUSLY dunno about zexal. i don't really look forward to that kinda crap pulled again.

/gives cardfight vanguard a look
don't you dare do this shit please :(

yeah... i feel so blah right now. :/

ehhh let's see
i watched gokaiger ep1 and finished just in time to realise "oh shi- 5d's" but anyway
i went in thinking :/ because. pirates aren't good guys seriously, i don't care what modern fiction wants you to think.
starts off with epic story-set up with ALLLLLL THE PAST RANGERS fighting against alien invaders
man *_*
/fangirls all over
/was maybe paying a bit more attention to abarekiller...
aaah anyway they all sacrifice themselves to destroy the army but
it didn't work i guess derp because they're still around?
and our 'heroes' are wanted criminals in their opinion
so we have our space pirates heading to earth
because it has ~the greatest treasure~ or something
so they just. park their ship in the sky, drop anchors (almost squishing a cat :|) and come jumping down
and yell at us "earthlings" thinking we'd know about the greatest treasure
yeah no

also red is the captain. captain ~marvelous~
really can't take that seriously pfffff
anyway i'm not trying to summarize the ep or anything so i'll shut up
marvelous is so totally captain tsun. :p
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so, the dog person went back home today.

my cats will have a week of rest before the husky's back. for good. she's packing her stuff up and will be moving in when she comes back...


over on dear_mun i found Akari from digimon xros wars :O
i don't think i've seen any xros wars characters before, so it was nice
i dropped my Nene on her~

and... so... it looks like I'll be applying to [ profile] queenofheartsrp o___o;
Akari's player was considering there so I just went with it.

first i need to review Xros Wars
I'm not too sure on my grasp of Nene and all
also take screenshots while I'm at it because I need icons
seriously when i use lj search i find one. just... one. i made some from recent eps myself, but still that's 6. would like more variety in expression

oh and cardfight vanguard ep7? kai is such a tsun.
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wow i kept meaning to post but put it off

and now i feel so screwy i have to complain

so a few days ago a friend started bugging me about cardliver since i stopped watching around ep17 or so
i pretty much went 'okay okay' and picked it back up

well it surprised me

and then left me

..seriously what was that ending...

ranting behind cut )

wow i'm pissed other news
my psp now does not have sound
...unless i plug in headphones
which is better than no sound at all but
I LIKED HAVING MUSIC WHEN I SHOWERED :< headphones are too quiet to hear over the water
/yes i tried

also dad's friend is here again with her dog
it's been decided for sure that she'll be moving in

the cats still don't reaally like cody too much but they're really learning to tolerate his presence
they're kinda curious too, sometimes they'll get pretty close :)

i watched suite precure 1&2
so far i'm not sure :/
except helloooooo siren! ahahahahaha

aaand uh
i also have spent a bit of time on niconico lately
...watching let's plays of corpse party XD
this one guy i found is hilarious he screams at everything omfg

though now i'm kinda confused :| i can't find any LP that goes past chapter 3
which is more-or-less as far as the manga's gone, too
the game does appear to have a chapter 4 but idk?

oh and i decided to rip some cardfight vanguard MAD videos from nico and upload them to youtube :3
here's my youtube page

yeah i got nothing else to say
recommend a friend meme!
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okay, so.

There is a manga of Cardfight Vanguard.

Wikipedia english & japanese mention this. Japanese side mentions magazines Kerokero Ace/Comp Ace. From what I can tell Kerokero isn't really a magazine just something to do with that keroro gunsou thing :/ Comp Ace, however, does have manga serialized in it, and mentions Vanguard.

My japanese skill isn't quite enough to figure out how many chapters is out, but the Vanguard wiki lists cards used up to chapter 3.

I tried looking around 2ch some, figuring if nothing else, they'd have it. Unfortunately, 2ch moves so damn quick, and Vanguard threads don't get much activity, so they're gone before too long.

However, I did find one scan. A single page.

...It gives Misaki some backstory beyond "she's a smart-ass cashier at the card shop" >_<

(okok the show's barely started but still)

I really want to find these raw scans and I'd translate them.

No raw manga sites I can find have it. So I thought I'd just look for an overall scan of Comp Ace issues, but no one does that kind of thing now?? At least not on english sites.


particularly people fluent in japanese or have access to japanese file-sharing programs, perhaps?

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so the other day when i was looking for the corpse party manga there was another besides the main series
i got that too and didn't check it until yesterday

and now i just say WTF DUDE
blah blah skip if you don't care )

and for another weirdly contrasting post, i just watched ep5 of cardfight vanguard
i was prepared to not like this little kid but
pfffffff he's so derpy

next ep looks awesome though
okay no seriously though WHERE THE HELL IS KAI :( :( :(
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ok it has been a LONG TIME since i last posted an entry, oops

in real life i had a somewhat hectic week because my dad's friend with her dog came and stayed again
this time i DID NOT want to deal with cats trapped in my room whining forever so i just said: i'mma leave the door open. we'll see what happens.

yuugi stays awaaaaaaaay from the dog forever
gizzy, however, continued to be VERY curious
at one point he got so close to cody that gizzy started to play with cody's tail :DDDDD
it was sooooo cute you guys
she and the dog will be back next week so it'll be interesting to see if gizzy and cody can manage to become good friends :o

now for fandom spazzing

tokimeki memorial girl's side 1st love plus: still pisses me off yaaaaaaaaay
/failed at getting Morimura-kun. again.
so I give up for now and will instead pursue HIMURO-SENSEI!!! :D

also i can't remember who but someone on plurk mentioned some other ds game: princess debut and even had a download link lol
so uh. i started that last night and just

but i will say in terms of game play i like it more than tokimemo because
now in princess maker you dance with guys
and it makes sense
friggin' thing shows you where to start and what movement to do
unlike TOKIMEMO which is completely nonsensical ffffffffffff

ok enough about games
heartcatch precure just ended and i am sad
the ending...... um. i liked it but felt it could've explained some things more. like WTF IS DUNE?? and what exactly was done to sasorina/kumojacky/cobraja cause like. okay. yes it was something to do with their heart flowers but what?? also why do we end up only getting to know kumojacky's real name?? :<
but oh well, i hope suite precure turns out to be good...

cardfight vanguard yaaaay misakiiiiiii! and WHERE. IS. KAI. that is all.
also i got to rp kai on dear_mun for once. because i found a misakiiiiiiiii omfg. I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE RPING VANGUARD CHARS YAY

oh yes and with all the freak outs about puella magi maddoka magica on plurk i got re-interested. like, i had only watched ep1 which looked okay but idfk
so i watched more.
i won't say more. just... fiejfrjugfrjWOW
also i am in love with the ed song

now for kamen rider ooo, i watched 19&20 last night
i am interested in knowing what's wrong of course
ankh is now ho-oh
the end

i hope i do not bore you :(

dad will be coming home with PIZZA! soon life is good. mmmm
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i let a lot of stuffs stack up so i can make a nice post~

let's see
i beat bayonetta on normal difficulty
wow i love this game, lol
talked to [ profile] futachimaru after and decided i'd play very easy mode next to farm halos.

but for now, i'm gonna take a break from it and play other games. like baroque, i've ignored that for months

oh and i got a friend to buy me a replacement part for my ps2 so when that comes i will be glued to it for sure. >:3

bunch of friends on twitter kept talking about tokimeki memorial girl's side ds
so i, uh. decided to check it out
first guy you meet annoys me
blahblah /joins gardening club

for awhile i still went to the teacher's extra classes because i felt like having a backup in case of fail
i failed everything, man
i sat there. playing aaaaaall night, to 7am
few days before the end of 3rd year i find that morimura's affection was reset
lonely end. ;o;

i have no clue what i did wrong :(
also what is this, no new game+?????
why can't i carry over at least my clothes/accessories -_-
anyway i hadn't saved in like. 6 months before the end so i'll be trying again
but i also have a new game started for later.

of the guys i've seen in game, i only like morimura-kun and sensei :/
voiced byyyy ishida akira(morimura) and koyasu takehito(sensei)
just. HELL YEAH!

i really don't like the fact that ignoring the main guys it forces you to meet causes problems
then your little brother is like 'hey aren't you ignoring a guy lately?' YES I AM BECAUSE I'M NOT INTERESTED IN HIM NOW STOP BUGGING ME ABOUT IIIIIIIIIIIIT

in my next play i'll join a sport club of some sort, i think
'cause... my stat for that is 0 in my current game. ;;;
and well, maybe a guy in one of those will catch my eye. who knows?

tonight i went out to eat with dad
he said we'd go last night but then said no
so uh
the gamestop entei giveaway ended yesterday... i never got there in time :/
oh well i don't really like entei anyway

hmmm played inazuma eleven 2 some
found the ~secret training area~
ran through it a few times
next day blah blah rika drags ichinose off so we go get him back and

i don't know what it wants me to do now?? the top screen says something about ichinose but i got him already o_o

aaand uh. cardfight vanguard.
ep3 was kinda blah. intro'd aichi's little sis but nothing else really happened. sure, aichi played vanguard, but it was against that idiot.

kai wasn't in the ep at all D:


also if anyone could suggest somewhere at least fairly easy to apply to for [ profile] moonsdarkness? I got complimented on dear_mun and now wanna try playing her somewhere ///
...and though unlikely, maybe Cardfight Vanguard's [ profile] imeejishiro too?

old, but

and anon love letter meme
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