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the other day, friends on plurk were talking about some show

i was bored and checked it out

hello new show&book series to loveee

a game of thrones :3

watched 2 episodes, went nuts, had to read the books asap!!!
...except the library system here has no books by george r.r. martin :(
so i... got pdfs >_> for now. there's no bookstores here unless you count walmart, and i checked - the books are on their site for sale but not in the store here :|

so. yeah. finished a game of thrones night before last. took 3 days of staring at the dang laptop screen, i went to bed with a headache each time
so last night i took a break and didn't start book2
started it tonight instead - also going to take a slower pace now because, honestly, reading books like this sucks.
spoilery blah blah )

my brain's been filled with these books that i'm finding it hard to think of anything else i've been up to since my last entry...

well, i did play .hack a little more a few days ago
sakaki continues to be a pain in the behind
stupid... relentless tournament... no recovery between battles, no items... fffffu-
oh hai game over screen

.../turn off ps2

and then i got into AGOT so i don't know if i'll feel up to grinding or whatever in .hack for some time. XD

oh! i watched eps 3/4/5 of steins;gate today and just spazzed all over the place
/made... a [ profile] not_christina rp account...

i admit i felt squicked about... the uh. jellyman report. yeah... kfjrigjugjf ew
(and if people(and bananas) end up like that... i am glad they didn't go back far enough to read reports about animal testing.)

...can't think of anything else... bleh
yes, my life is this boring.
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so... this past saturday was eventful. In a way.

Big storm went through NC/VA, multiple tornadoes touched down, etc
somehow our little town in halifax county avoided tornados, only got some wind and rain. next town over, though, did have a tornado touch down and some destroyed buildings. D:

i'm still thinking back over everything. back in florida, hurricanes were a constant thing, but dad and i never had more house damage than some roof shingles or such missing. sure, i had seen worse happen to other people's houses, but i guess since dad was always excited about hurricanes i just... followed his lead and never over-thought things? storms are awesome displays of nature's force, and beauty. so i can understand dad's tendency for excitement about hurricanes, and honestly i still think the same. but this tornado-spawning storm... i don't know, it was different than what i am used to...
it was real windy, and the power went out about 5:45... jeanie had a weather radio thing we were listening to, keep us updated on what was going on
but that was it.
no tv, no computers, can't cook food
we were planning to cook tacos that night and obviously without power couldn't
i just flopped in bed and slept most of the night
power came back around 3am

during the night i played a bit more of golden sun: dark dawn
i had been ignoring the ds in general for some time so yeah
...i am thinking i should go back and play the previous game though because, idk, it feels weird since i haven't?

other games... got to vol3 for .hack//g.u.
ffs sakaki just die already corp's obviously insane for hiring him btw
also aida, do something less predictable than jumping from arena champion to arena champion. too obvious.
i want yoko/alkaid back :| oh and TABBY! i hear she's back later in vol3 but screw that i want my catgirl from the start, man.

uhhh what else
well tonight i got real bored and... tried that new my little pony cartoon. yeah.
i liked twilight sparkle better at first. :/
one night is honestly too quick to be like YAAAY WE'RE SERIOUSLY BFFS!!!
personally? i was all for nightmare moon. WHATS WRONG WITH ETERNAL NIGHT???? the sun's too damn bright :|

in other news i am crazy and thinking about trying rp again - this time in a more 'real' game with serious apps 'n stuff. [ profile] route_29 
yes, pokemanz.
gonna toss [ profile] aicanfly (from cardliver kakeru).
but then i looked and oops, APPS CLOSED TIL MAY lol
oh well, means time for canon review.
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so yeah i grinded a little in g.u.
85 -> 89
also unlocked pi's lost weapon
ovan was still a bit annoying but i won. >:p
was not expecting him to be an epitaph-user though

i thought that was the end, credit roll, la la
but no, just a little more
go talk to atoli and--oh hai creeper!ovan

credits. again.

...lmfao kite is named taiga in the credits too...
sooooooooooooooo yeah gonna start vol3 tomorrow. or is it today ...? almost 3am. blah.

since i heard about this online vanguard game from  [ profile] cardfight i've been playing a bit
people are really nice and helpful
nice to play the card game, too.
i still don't have a full grasp on the rules, but i've won twice so far :D
admittedly, the first guy was sleepy since it was 2:30 am his time. ;;
we decided to have a rematch later when it's not 2:30am XD

......yeah that's all that's happened. derp.
and now i must sleep!
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sooooooo lets see

2 weeks ago dad needed to go to the veteran's hospital up in richmond and jeanie wanted us all to go so we could go out to eat at a red lobster after
i was (unsure) about red lobster cuz... idk, it just seems so LOL FANCY-ASS PLACE and i didn't know if anything would fit my taste
and dad kept going on about 'cheese biscuits' which didn't help because... wat. cheese. ISN'T NEEDED IN BISCUTS :|
and then i ate one and omfg idk why dad calls 'em cheese biscuits since i didn't taste any but they're seasoned and stuff and just. oh. so good.

oh right, the hospital. uh, dad seems okay yay, and we weren't there too long
i also checked out the shop they have they sell video games... xbox 360/wii/ps3 all 14.99
also had a ps3 for 50 dollars cheaper than the suggested price .......... /staaare

anyway, red lobster was okay
the biscuits were amazing, the fish fillet i had was huge, but their fries need work.
OH OH OH and omfg this desert they had
warm chocolate chip cookie with a fudge filling, topped with a scoop of ice cream
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man
next time i wanna try their banana-chocolate smoothie thing, though

few days after that we went to wings & rings which is always good. mmmmm garlic parmesan chicken...

in terms of games i have only been playing .hack lately
i'm up to the ~big reveal~ about tri-edge ...which i had been spoiled about, unfortnuately
so i have to fight ovan and uh
his balls are annoying
lololololol no really though he can spawn these floating balls that heal/shield him or attack us
my party's lv85 but i guess i need to grind more because i keep dying

now uhhhhh
lesse, anime...
tiger & bunny? FRIGGIN' HILARIOUS
also i feel for poor ossan tiger...
i am still feeling slightly pissy about cardfight vanguard not showing the misaki/kai fight but whatever, they're going for a real tourney now.
i watched .hack//quantum ep3 and.................... ;O; HERMITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
the x-men anime that started recently seems good but then again i only know the movies...
steins;gate is trippy as hell
dog days is like are you making war a sport now wat. but the cat country's queen is damn hot so ok
still only watching suite precure for siren...
oh yes and [ profile] yuidirnt got me to watch sengoku boobs otome: momoiro paradox
/fangirls over nobunaga forever

for ooo... 27-28 wtf was that
breaking 4th wall like crazy
i watched it on youtube and the subbers annoyed me by being jokey and calling gotou brotou :/
but then 29... oh man. ankh :o
doctor maki gets creepier, not less, when adding backstory.
gokaigerrrrrrr uh
8 was liek stupid
but i guess its ok since it advanced plot a little now that zangyack knows what the gokaigers are after

k i can't think of anything else to talk about now
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blah blah .hack
endurance is friggin' creepy
sakaki is an asshole
atoli is stupid
i miss phyllo
and tabby
i should go rewatch roots i guess :/

vanguard... ep12 was DISAPPOINTING. the hell.
but it still got me in the mood to look again to see if any english sites are selling the cards
well, no normal card sites seem to have them.
i found singaporean sites for buying/selling/trading them though. BUSHIROAD STOP SCREWING AROUND GIVE US VANGUARD TOO
i lurked a forum for a bit though and someone mentioned ebay
"i know i looked at ebay before..."
but uh. yeah. VANGUARD. boxes. booster packs. a few single cards.

wantwantwantwantwant i don't care what anyone thinks i must have this >__________________________<

[ profile] futachimarus mentioned some cat boy was in the cartoon young justice
well cats always catch my attention, pfff
boom watched to ep9 in two days
cat guy was ugly though
instead i find myself liking kid flash. a lot.

today is hot i don't like it
stupid spring
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so i finished g.u. vol1... )

tl;dr: i overlevelled for arena, hate avatar battles, ovan needs to stfu, the end

also i really don't like how it forces cutscene wins in the arena tournament
let me beat them properly and fairly you little shit

since it is undub i noticed: alkaid, antares, and zelkova are... not their japanese version names. wtf, bandai, you did so well in the first series. jeez.

while i was waking up earlier, i was trying to figure out wtf 'endrance' is.
........bandaaaaaaaaaai you're stupid

my day.

Mar. 20th, 2011 01:42 am
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>wake up at noon
>'uuuuuuuurgh' /still feel sleepy but decide to get up since friend said he'd be up at 10 and rip my .hack saves for me
>...he's not online
>NOOO ;-;
>do other stuff, kill time, blah blah
>he comes online
/bugs about saves
"i just got up i'm still sleepy"
>...well ok
>go play SMT: nocturne for an hour
>come back
>he's idle on aim
>wait wait wait
>he comes back right before i have to go down with dad and make dinner so i just remind him and leave
/returns to computer finding that yes he got the stuff
>try using the usb thing to port the saves to my memcard
>find out that swapmagic 3.6 can't run .elf files off usb sticks or whatever

"hey there's a cd thing to do this too"
"yeah but i've not done that so i don't know anything"
"well i'm gonna try it"
>...what are all these folders AAAAAAAAA
ms:/0? ms:/1? waaaaaaaaat
oh. the usb stick is mass:
and ms:/0 is the ps2 memcard
first attempt to copy saves didn't work and i dunno why
then i had a hard time getting swapmagic to run the cd again
but i got 'em

..................................oh well
friend says i had my own memcard by then or something but idk why i would since i didn't own a ps2 yet

so did not feel like trying to pick up //quarantine again since UGH. DATA BUGS. (also figured attempting it would make me VERY NOISY and wake jeanie up again)
so i just jumped to g.u.

>swapmagic, .hack//g.u. blah blah


>sit for probably an hour going through crap that already happened in the roots anime


>get through it then--

>blah blah blah

>several annoying cutscenes with haseo telling them he's haseo and they're like 'lol no' then 'oh you're roleplaying, k'
really did well on aggravating me as much as haseo himself >:/

then PIIIII! ahh. bluff, blah blah, pkers run off, more blah blah, idiots finally acknowledge that he's haseo, yay, and ... blah. by then my back was hurting bad since, again, sitting on floor with no back support

uhhhh yeah i just quit g.u. so nothing else has happened.

been getting more active on vdex lately, trades trades traaades~ have all 3 starter seekers now :3
saving up on an everstone now yep~
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well i just got done playing like 2-3 hours of smt: devil summoner 1

my back hurts :< sitting on a floor with no back support for that long sucks
/totally moving chair in there later

finished chapter 2 & 3
god damn the red cape at the end of 2 was tough
i ended up yelling so much i woke up jeanie... at 2:30 am. OOPS.
at one point raidou was down to 11hp and i noticed, screamed, and quickly healed. XD

i hatehatehate matrix labyrinth
it wasn't til i was super aggravated of going in circles, i looked up a guide and -- oh. i have a map in here? shit. i am brilliant :c

also i was like 'hey why is some summoner dude using those weird RUSSIAN DOLLS?'
>finish maze
>break door's seal

>oh hai there rasputin. I SEE WHY NOW.

why is rasputin in japan though wtfwtf
also he apparently is dead
except obviously not?


i have a nice 20pack of dvd-rs for PS2. PS2. PS2. GAAAAAAAAAAAMES
already burned digital devil saga 1, .hack//quarantine, .hack//g.u. 1, aand in a few minutes i will start smt: nocturne
i have a few other games in mind buuut

suggestions would be fun too~? :3

oh yes and i feel so so spoiled
a good friend of mine is gonna send me a computer gamepad thing & sly 1+3(borrowing), aaand he bought me a xbox 360 60gb hard drive on ebay, sent straight to my dad's po box aaaaaaaa<3
now i can stop having to use a usb stick for it.

oh, yes, and in a few hours when he gets up again he'll be doing some computer stuffs to get my old .hack//4 save and send it to me so i can do more compy stuff to get it on my memory card. yay~
(except last i remember i was seriously stuck and aggravated with some dungeon FULL of both types of data bugs and the AI not sticking to orders made it friggin' impossible.)
...why does he have my save? well way back he was living with me, got me into .hack, and he was the only one with a ps2. and now he's. um. few hours away. so its not like i can go walk over to his house and do a little copying. :/
glad he didn't delete my save XD i was all prepared to have to download & burn all four .hack games since i don't really like just starting on 4 plain.

i feel like trying to finish pokemon black finally. no clue if i'll actually succeed though...
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been playing Devil Summoner a fair bit the past few days~
vdex has caught my attention again now that GenV is out
...except the tradelock ANNOYS ME. like, i get it now but the stuff caught now stays locked forever??? man, i got a shiny sandile and minccino and I DON'T WANT THEM. can't sell them ever...? :|

for now i'm just hanging in white forest since it's kinda pointless to hunt Unova 'mons since if i find a shiny i don't want its stuck with me foreverrrrrrrr
EDIT: just caught a BW sprite shinx and... wait a fucking second. EVEN NON-UNOVA POKEMON CAUGHT IN UNOVA ARE TRADELOCKED? SHIT. guess i won't be hunting anything for now.

got all three starters. :3
...archen archen archen i missed the giveaway ;-; but on a waiting list for someone else's breeding. yay.
here's a link to my shop btw
random retros (mostly friggin' bellsprout), 2 shiny ...bellsprout..., and some v-day vulpixes for sale :D
while i'm at it...

shinvyyyyyyyyyyyyy<3 and that cyndaquil sprite, so cute!
(egg is a tepig)

been lurking the forum some too... found a fan of cardfight vanguard :D
also in the thread about visual novels someone posted saying they like saya no uta and corpse party ...also gore screaming show which i am interested in but since there's no translationnnnnnn :( several different groups start and just... die. ugh.


i finished watching .hack//roots
i feel ...idfk i'm just pissed
the cool characters leave for some reason or another
and after haseo's explosion of asshole-ness i don't like him at all even if he's 'better' now
probably will be playing g.u. once i get some dvds. /out of blanks
undub btw. ffs bandai... first series was dual audio...

watched a bunch of inazuma eleven today, since i'm behind
still one ep behind on subs though
which reminded me i haven't touched the games in some time
i don't know what i'm supposed to do in it though...
might poke around on it tomorrow.

blah, there really isn't much to talk about. my life is boring.
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well i haven't posted in some time. again. sooo let's see

i feel... less angry about the 5d's thing by now
like, i still think that was so so dumb, but i'll probably give zexal a chance even though i said i wouldn't

card games, card games, why can't i quit you. XD

tomorrow, next ep of cardfight vanguard... tournament starts... honestly i want more of wtf was up with that PSY store but i guess the writers are taking it. really. slow. which is okay... moar aichi, moar kai, moar misakiiii (kamui amuses me, but i don't really like him)

a friend of mine got around to sending off my ps2 repair piece... hope i get it soon because GAMES. I WANT. i barely started p4, dang it. and i had just burned Devil Summoner when the ps2 stopped working, I WANNA SEE IF IT WORKS. and yeah, tales of the abyss/legendia, kr kabuto, garo, and .hack, and and and


oh yes about .hack aaaargh
//quantum brought that obsession back, lol
i wanna play the games :( NOT G.U. the originals!
though now i actually. feel like giving g.u. a chance
so i picked the roots anime back up
i watched the first ep way back when it was airing but i just went 'blah' and ditched it

but well if i'm gonna give g.u. a chance i need to know what happened before, which roots covers. so yeah.
seen 3 eps so far, and if you ask me haseo should just. quit. the world r:2 is FULL OF CREEPERS ARGH. go away.

ok ummm
this anime season is just awesome
i like nearly everything lol

been playing minecraft here and there
fun game~

also because friends on twitter kept going on about it, i bought the first assassin's creed game.
played some so far and i like it alright but i wish the saving was more clear. like i can't tell when its safe to quit...

oh well.

also,  the dog person has officially moved in. the cats are just going have to deal.
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