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my ps2 swapdisc and stuff is



i don't know what to dooo

if it's not here tomorrow i'm gonna mail the site

i bet someone put it in the wrong box by accident :|


right let's talk about fun things
dad's friend and her dog left yesterday, the cats now have the house all to themselves again yayyy

i beat 999
spoilers. )

i still feel @_@ about it...

so now i have little distraction from playing inazuma 2
...if i would stop sleeping all day, anyway
um i beat shin teikoku
now we're in osaka
rika is coming ohgod

oh yeah i saved & quit right after entering the amusement park
is... does endou... seriously have a harem?
all 4 girls are like HEY ENDOU WANNA GO WITH ME?
and like


i'm having to choose??
well ok ok i don't think otonashi is interested like that but the other 3? yeah.
where's my kazemaru choice...? teehee

and the next game adds fuyuka

what the hell man

let's seeeee

last night i was crazy and made a rp account for [ profile] imeejishiro from Cardfight Vanguard
i have no idea why
...maybe i just wanted that username pff
posted on dear_mun, got no replies heh

tonight i went SCREW IT. and made a few 999 icons. posted to [ profile] findthe_blue 
amusingly, its 9 icons. some are spoilery so shoo if you haven't finished the game

the animated clover one is too big for lj :(

oh well

uhh i have nothing else to say.
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since my post earlier today, i caught up on 5d's since i was 3 eps behind

wtf. just.... wtf. -_-

played some 999, trying to get coffin ending since once i do the safe ending that path leads to true ending only
but for some reason i was locked into the axe ending even though i followed the guide :/
gave up, checked gamefaqs, true ending gives coffin credit too so whatever
i don't feel like playing again from the start at the moment so i'll get the safe ending later. probably tomorrow.

i spammed some pixiv art on my tumblr... mostly cardliver but one had the cardfight vanguard main char too.
(btw there is already cardfight vanguard porn on pixiv... ugh)


gonna have delicious baked chicken breasts tonightttttttt
w/ mashed potatoes. and biscuits. (i'm craving biscuits ok stfu)
/has ate all day

In My Past Life I Was...
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Been a few days since my last post

...also sorry for the freak out, I notice no one commented ;; that's okay I'm okay now
mostly. Still would be so damn happy to go see that play, but whatever. It's impossible now.

so yeah since my last post I started playing Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinrakusha Blizzard
aliens. aliens everywhere.

when endou runs out of tp things suck
okay whatever

i've played a good bit of the game so far
i'm at mayuuji where espilion is gonna attack
i kinda forgot how annoying kogure was back then ahaha
beat mayuuji's soccer club yay
now idk what they're wanting me to do so i'll wander around next time i play

yesterday i got to get out and pick up that shiny raikou from gamestop :D
yayyyyy raikou
went on a quick grocery run too
dad let me choose what to get within a 10 dollar limit
we got more instant potatoes for meals, a 2 liter soda for me(mmmm cheerwine), some snacks, potato chips to go with sandwiches, and cat food.
i think i did okay :3
i had wanted to get some icecream too but then we remembered the cats were out of food so... yeah. dad said he might get me some icecream today though <3

lets see
i watched a bunch of oreimo. just waiting on the last ep to be subbed by my chosen subgroup :p
i really. really. find kirino to be aggravating.
her brother is honestly trying to help and she treats him like crap
he went and ruined his reputation with various people for her
just, ugh.
so ep11, when they had the little party and kirino actually apologized
i didn't think that enough :|
then the idiot goes crying and thinks that he didn't even deserve the apology

i wanted to smack him

they're stupid

saori & kuroneko make this show. the end.

i haven't really touched 999 lately, bad me. i gotta get to work on more endings
3/6 -- well, half way is okay. but MORE. MORE. i want answersssss

early this morning i got around to watching the gundam 00 movie

man, what the serious hell was that.
idgi. seriously. IDGI.

and i screamed in rage at old woman!marina having setsuna visit
ITS BEEN A LONG LONG TIME AND HE'S STILL. THE SAME. and poor marina is old and can't even see anymore?!
the fuck were you doing with those aliens, setsuna...
and what happened to feldt. she was into setsuna too and they don't have him visit her after the credits too? that's crap.

like, just saji&louise got a happy ending what.

okay enough.

i ran out of things to talk about, k bye
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the snow is aaaaaaalll melted away. :(

so anyway i beat inazuma eleven last night
yep, beat zeus.

...on my second try. ;;
first time, i did okay in the second half - i hadn't scored, but neither had they. second half, everything went screwy. :/

that was the day before yesterday though
i focused on 999 after that, as a break.

in 999, i got another ending - the knife one. :|
if junpei was able to turn around, see and recognize who stabbed him, WHY CAN'T I KNOWWWWWWWW ;-;

okok whatever. still got more endings to get. :D

so yeah, last night i hung out downstairs while dad did the dishes
i decided to try beating zeus again without more grinding
and, well, boom.

i even managed to get one point in the first half :o
won 3-1
i know there's more to do after that, so i'm not going to take it off the flashcart yet,
still, i'm going to move on for now, and play 2.
i picked blizzard. :3

i'm not sure for 3 yet, spark or bomber. but eh, i got all of 2 to play before worrying about that~

we're gonna cook BACON! tonight!!! :D
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some stuff i forgot to mention last post.

i watched the haruhi movie.
hi, confusion.
kyon remains awesome.
alternate!nagato is adorable.
and now i ship nagato/kyon...

i've been playing 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors ...or however the order goes lol
it's an awesome visual novel-type game on the ds. has puzzle sections too.
its also rated m. because oh god the gore.
well okok it doesn't show anything really besides blood. ...oh wait that captain. um. well one dead body but it doesn't show his wound or anything.
but then again i've only reached two endings so far...
all the girls are nice looking. :D
as for the guys, ehhhh. except snake. snake is cool~

worked on inazuma a bit more, too.
i beat senbayama second try. first time i just couldn't get the ball to kidou properly and only the inazuma break could get through because ~story~ - after that other shots did work. ha.
second try went well. i think the score was like 3-0~
so now i gotta deal with kidokawa seishuu, yeah?
god the mukata triplets annoy me

why did endou get so down about not being able to block triangleZ when he didn't even use a hissatsu?! of course he wouldn't be able to block it :|

still waiting for my ps2 swapdisc and stuff
since its new years day post offices are closed.
and tomorrow's sunday so... blah.
i wanna play sly ;-;

umineko ep8's out
i've read some spoilers
but... eh, i wanna have some surprises for when it gets translated. so i stopped looking.

also ougon musou kyoku, umineko's fighting game, and tsubasa, vn versions of the extra tips.
i have all three downloaded
I WANNA PLAY OUGON but it won't work on either computer right
on the laptop, i get a blank screen
on the desktop, the screen isn't blank but it won't respond to any keys except esc which closes it. :/
not cool ._.

oh, shiki ended.
megumiiiiii ;o;

kuragehime's last ep is out too but i haven't watched it yet.
don't spoil me k

right, the zoroark pokemon movie is out too
haven't seen it yet either

oh yes, and i spent last night playing dungeons&dragons with a friend on plurk over skype
he invited some other friends of his too
and oh man i had fun~
it passed into the new year while we were playing
it's been a good long time since i last played d&d
only once before, actually. when 4.0 came out, two friends and i went down to williamsburg and hit a hobby/game store that was doing an event to show off the new version.

well i can't really think of anything else to say
made a huge meatloaf tonight with dad
mmm beef and all kinds of stuff mixed in. plenty of seasoning~ and some ketchup lathered on top to prevent it from crisping up too much.
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