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forget everything else, i have card games!

no really
i... can't focus on anything besides vanguard D:



and i still don't have either order from cdjapan
i regret choosing SAL shipping
but on the other hand, that yugioh artbook was ridiculously high on shipping anyway... bleh

all i can do is just. keep waiting. :/

it'd be nice if i could get over to raleigh any time soon
since there's at least one cardshop over there that carries vanguard/has players

sure the trial deck is probably not any good as far as real fights go
but i wanna plaaaaaaaay
(and possibly get some more boosters to improve the deck? AND/OR trade! yes! :D)

in the meantime i lurk on cardfight capital
<3 my garmall deck
i do like my shadow paladin deck too. also the mixed-clan deck isn't that bad, either~

OH OH and once they add all the cards from set 5 i am totally making a royal/shadow paladin deck
'cause hellooooooo there majesty lord blaster~
and i like the idea of blaster blade & blaster dark in the same deck >:3
might be able to make that kind of deck irl eventually too! i have one blade and two darks, after all~~~~~

i just watched today's ep of vanguard
ren shows up just to yawn. you troll.
(and i'm pretty sure he told asaka to let him know when aichi's fight starts... oh, you, acting all 'i don't care' but you do. you do.)

...taaalking about that. majesty lord blaster. will aichi use it? ren refused to take the shadow paladin deck back from aichi, sooo...
or once aichi/kai gets through to ren, will he go for a mix. hmmm.

wait no, the set 5 commercial has that card behind aichi. guess aichi will show ren the truth: light and dark coexist. this is not something that can be denied. ahahahahahah

over on tumblr we have vanguard rp
and aichi is going even nuttier~
somehow ren is the 'nice' one now?????? idefk wtf

the rp is so so off-track from canon...


right right
something besides vanguard. hmm.
few days ago i was super bored because no one for rp was on
so i finally started reading 'the hunger games'
why did i take forever to read this holy crap
like okay i was mildly interested at the beginning
but once it got going it got going.
i pretty much read the whole book in one sitting XD

i want book 2 now! no bookstores here!!!
but the library has it, thank god
...except it's checked out right now. siigh.

aaaand back to anime
new season looks pretty good
symphogear was interesting. another... was confusing but not enough to be a complete turn off. daily life of highschool boys, oh man, i haven't laughed so much from an anime in i don't remember how long!

i have a few other shows downloaded to check out soon, too.

yes my life is this boring. /rolls off to tumblr
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madoka finale: nothing to say that hasn't been said by others, really. awesome awesome anime, though.

suite precure: okay, i knew siren was gonna end up turning good but this early?  really? :|
depending on how things turn out i may not update my [ profile] blackcatsong to it. not that she's in a game anyway pfff.
(she'd get along better with that Eas in dear_mun this way, too)

caught up on digimon xros wars last night
first thought: if kiriha and nene didn't go back to the real world where did they get new clothes????

earlier today i watched the first ep of ano hi mita... jfirugut i am not typing all that out ok? and. ;o;
caught me with first ep, yep.


well, can't wait for monday. jeanie and i have planned to go out and take advantage of all the easter candy sales >:3

@[ profile] yuidirnt: i tweeted this at you already but just to make sure you get the message, i redownloaded smt: imagine so we can play when you're awake ok :3
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ok it has been a LONG TIME since i last posted an entry, oops

in real life i had a somewhat hectic week because my dad's friend with her dog came and stayed again
this time i DID NOT want to deal with cats trapped in my room whining forever so i just said: i'mma leave the door open. we'll see what happens.

yuugi stays awaaaaaaaay from the dog forever
gizzy, however, continued to be VERY curious
at one point he got so close to cody that gizzy started to play with cody's tail :DDDDD
it was sooooo cute you guys
she and the dog will be back next week so it'll be interesting to see if gizzy and cody can manage to become good friends :o

now for fandom spazzing

tokimeki memorial girl's side 1st love plus: still pisses me off yaaaaaaaaay
/failed at getting Morimura-kun. again.
so I give up for now and will instead pursue HIMURO-SENSEI!!! :D

also i can't remember who but someone on plurk mentioned some other ds game: princess debut and even had a download link lol
so uh. i started that last night and just

but i will say in terms of game play i like it more than tokimemo because
now in princess maker you dance with guys
and it makes sense
friggin' thing shows you where to start and what movement to do
unlike TOKIMEMO which is completely nonsensical ffffffffffff

ok enough about games
heartcatch precure just ended and i am sad
the ending...... um. i liked it but felt it could've explained some things more. like WTF IS DUNE?? and what exactly was done to sasorina/kumojacky/cobraja cause like. okay. yes it was something to do with their heart flowers but what?? also why do we end up only getting to know kumojacky's real name?? :<
but oh well, i hope suite precure turns out to be good...

cardfight vanguard yaaaay misakiiiiiii! and WHERE. IS. KAI. that is all.
also i got to rp kai on dear_mun for once. because i found a misakiiiiiiiii omfg. I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE RPING VANGUARD CHARS YAY

oh yes and with all the freak outs about puella magi maddoka magica on plurk i got re-interested. like, i had only watched ep1 which looked okay but idfk
so i watched more.
i won't say more. just... fiejfrjugfrjWOW
also i am in love with the ed song

now for kamen rider ooo, i watched 19&20 last night
i am interested in knowing what's wrong of course
ankh is now ho-oh
the end

i hope i do not bore you :(

dad will be coming home with PIZZA! soon life is good. mmmm
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Well I'm just stupid. deeeerp.

Had my sleep... kinda fixed. Woke up at 5am. ...after going to bed at midnight.
friggin' cats.
so at like 11am i decided to take a nap so i could actually stay up through a normal night.
...and i just didn't wanna get up again. :/

so i thought "okay fine! i'll just sleep through this night again!"
so yeah i'm just... ugh.

still. going to try a nap in a bit, and i will... GET UP. AT A NORMAL TIME. I WILL NOT SLEEP TOO LONG. I WON'T. WOOOON'T. me do it anyway. sigh.

so. today! gonna watch a few more eps of p&swg because I just couldn't take too much at once. i watched 2-4 the other day, and... dunno how much i'll do today. it's kinda... yeah...

also going to search through my million burned dvds for whatever has eps of Yugioh GX season 3, because i'm trying to rp Shou from that period and my memory is so, so hazy. Eek. Need to refresh!

aaand i will be taking a shower at some point today
becaaaaause dad is taking me out to eaaaaaaaaaat :D
at logan's
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ahhh i feel nice and full. ...and kinda sleepy despite having slept all through yesterday and half the night.

I was trying to fix my sleep schedule because it got so badly out of whack, but i just couldn't sleep anymore by 3am. sigh.

and here it is 11:30 am and i'm already feeling sleepy again. body, you are way too lazy. :|


um. KURAGEHIME. freakin' awesome. everyone watch it. nao.
<3 kuranosukeeeeeeeeeee... and tsukimi.

just watched shiki ep10 and-- whoa, the kid's pretty screwed here.
aaand i still love megumi and her fashion sense. <3

also thanks to all the people on here and plurk going nuts about panty & stocking i will... probably catch up today. i only watched ep1 so far :/
oh and kaminomi blahblah too, only seen ep1 there.

yeah i think today is an anime watching day. lots of anime. gooooooooo!

kr OOOoooooooooooOOOzuuuuuuuuuu
ep10. uh. hi there "happy birthday" as bgm again
ffs cakeguy seriously what.
creepy doll guy is still creepy. then he freaked out after almost getting punched by eiji lmao.
and hina seriously offered chicken to ankh again? what part of bird greeed do you not get. :/
and what'shername trying to teach ankh proper/formal japanese was worth a lol.

i have... not done anything more on tales of innocence. oops.
and i find myself looking at other games ffs bad.
not that i have money for new games... i was looking at xbox 360 games :/ no easy hacks there.
at least i have good stuff for my ds~<3 ...and psp even though the screen is horribly cracked. that reminds me i should move the games off so i can fill it with music. since it's no good for games as it is... except uno, maybe. :|

talking of 360 games i:
-still need to finish grade farming in ToV
-beat enchanted arms
-...continue playing ng+ of eternal sonata?
on wii:
-arc. rise. fantasia. FFS!
-...blahblahblah rune factory frontier
-other games i'm interested in but do not have room :( like no more heroes! that looks awesome fun and hey, kickass otaku! what can be better than that?!

...and, of course, the many games i have sitting on my ds flashcart. sigh.

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i slept all day. again.

for some reason i just don't want to get up...


a few days ago i went to talk to dad
once i sat down i immediately had a cat in my lap.
he's... never done that before...
i sat there for like an hour
because i didn't want to disturb Giz.
he was all cuddly and adorable
...but then he started biting my knee...
a bit after that he finally left my lap

also i finally finished Angel Beats the other day

i went to bed early last night, didn't read any umineko.
ehhh i'll probably give p3p another try later.

OH and i can't remember who suggested it to me, but I've been watching the jdrama Bloody Monday~
since Sato Takeru is in it? hee, Den-O~
anyway every dang episode ends on a cliffhangerrrrrrrr
just ;O;
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i gave up on awakeness around 6pm

got up at 5am

i don't understand why i get so sleepy

seriously its 11am and i'm feeling a bit off already


oh well
on vdex i had a hell of a time catching a skarmory
damn low encounter rate and even lower catch rate...
but i got it!
now i'm having the same problem with absol ffffff
anyway i bought a R/B sprite persian off another player :3
and decided to make a topic on the forums to sell/trade my retro sprites
'cause monies i need 'em

so anyway i was pretty hungry when i got up
because i didn't have dinner ;;
oh i got to try that mint mcflurry last night
...wasn't that amazing or anything. could've had just as well and more from dq. :/
OKAY anyway didn't have dinner
'cause i was too damn tired
so i was hungry
but i wanted to wait since dad left me some money to get fries from the deli

i decided to waste time
watching the latest hellsing ova
(yes i mean 7, which apparently came out in dec wtf how did i get so behind)
obviously when you're hungry watching horribly bloody stuff is great :D
anyway it spent just the right amount of time~
so i had a... lunchy-type breakfast...?
burger, 2 hotdogs, fries.

now i'm all squee-y about hellsing again
i would like to rewatch the ovas
but i've been doing watch-and-delete because they're huge :(
don't have room for 'em

thus duh, the manga.
which i just had a heck of a time trying to find anywhere with it for download
yes all the read-online sites have taken it off. :|
same with most download sites.
but i found some crappy site with a dumb naruto banner

but it has all the hellsing volumes for download
can't. complain. XD

oh and i watched the latest kr W ep
(slowwwwwwww i know)
and just
didn't this become at least... kinda possibly obvious waaaaay back???
phillip i'm disappointed :|
also wtf is wrong with wakana...

oh and for my new friends~ here is my contact post :3
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yep again

yesterday was freaking so. fun.
[ profile] fallacist and i watched episodes 1-6 of Gatekeepers
i hadn't laughed so much in quite awhile ;;

anyway after that i had dinner
mmm tuna salad...
i ate a lot XD finished the bowl, hee.

watched a little more inazuma... still in the 40s though
i'll make a joke post with some screenshots later 'cause they're on the laptop and i'm not on it right now

anyway i gotta go take a shower now so see ya
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I really sleep too much ;;
Once i'm down i just don't want to get back up lmao

the 5d's ep was pretty cool
I liked the crazy flame guy :(
next week looks hilarious...

this morning i was looking through my music and saw the GateKeepers op
then was like 'holy crap i wanna rewatch this...'

here's the creditless op :3
i ripped and uploaded it because i saw it wasn't on youtube XD the creditless version, i mean.
and so i found out [ profile] fallacist likes GK too!!! :D
we're gonna have a rewatching party on plurk tomorrow~
if anyoneeeeeeeee wants to join in that would be awesome ok! XD

anyway dad was awesome and bought some real chocolate syrup so i had some good ice cream today~
...i still twitch remembering that sugar free crap :x

i want to kill ants.
they get all over the counters where we make food and stuff
they don't seem to have a normal trail so we can't figure out where they're coming from :|

i'm going through inazuma 11 at a normal pace, i think.
on ep 40
but i need to watch some stuff on my desktop comp and delete because i'm running out of room again
and with our current financial situation i can't ask for blank dvds...
so yeah on the desktop i have 3 full anime: kaibutsu oujo, scrapped princess, witch hunter robin
all i want to watch but am lazy
well now i gotta do it because i don't want to delete and have to redownload later when i actually feel like watching lmao
first working through kaibutsu oujo
i know the theme is monsters and stuff but ewwwwgh ep8 was kinda sick with that spider thing coming out of people's mouths...

ehh can't think of anything else to say oh and again because this helps me get money so much its amazing <3
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i don't know what to think
i do not have an icon that expresses this properly

/just finished Darker than Black season 2

spoilery rant/freakout )


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lalalala been playing plenty of blazblue~
Noel is unexpectedly awesome to play XD
the end of Carl's story is... heck, i dunno what to think. really would like to know wtf happened :x

I finished season 1 of Darker than Black
grabbed the ovas
watched those and started season 2 today

...and NOW i find that there's four eps in the ova and only 2 are released/subbed
can't even find raws so i don't think they're out?
is pretty annoying since important stuff happens in the ova :|

so season 2, ryuusei no gemini... seemed cool at first, but now suou is just. annoying.
go away and let hei be main char again >:|
a-and why did they make hei lose his powers ;o;
aaand why is mao in a squirrel's body now ;-;
i miss teh kittyyyyyy

but to be more positive, i can't wait for misaki to encounter hei again >:3
...and for hei to save yin ;;

i played  little more Digimon yesterday, getting a character on another server levelled a little more.
As for SMT, i've been ignoring it for awhile because it's aggravating me :/
but will probably pick it back up in a few days.
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as usual, still nothing going on, but i feel like going blahblah about anime i've been watching lately so

either the anime seriously is screwing it up, or ryukishi wrote this in his sleep or something :/
stuff is just... too obvious.
a high amount of the population are wolves, derp. the purple haired girl runs around at night wearing a silly costume, killing the wolves who ~dare~ love a human oh noes.
i figured this out before the anime revealed such things.

compared to higurashi and umineko, this is just... stupid. higu/umi kept/keep you guessing for quite awhile.

also will that dang clingy girl go die already
she just annoys me so much :x
but when issei was all into the main kid it was kinda hot, hee.

oh and as for the character designs... peach-pit kinda went lazy or something? everyone looks pretty bland :/

blah, whatever

i started reading the durarara manga and eee things are cooler? XD
i kinda like izaya's little messing around in the manga more? he fools two girls! lol

anywayyy i just had icecream(mmm, moosetracks) and starting to feel sleepy so i think i'm gonna go flop.
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i'm like somewhat over-full and can't think too well
yet i wanna post something

i watched ep4 of durarara today
ahhh selty~<3
i agree with the doctor guy lol, she's awesome even without a head XD

also i'm liking 'dance in the vampire bund' alright
was 'oooh~' at the werewolf stuff
but hey he's just hanging out doing stuff as human :(
and of course the time the werewolf stuff was revealed it was all shadowed >:/
*werewolf fan*
oh well.

so anyway thanks to [ profile] voltanis talking with me on skype, my Vesperia game's grade went from 7000-ish to 9600-ish~
if anyone wants to talk on skype or something and doesn't mind me spamming tidal wave (with volume way down of course) do say something :3
i worked more on Luminous Arc 2 today...
one change from 1 that makes me >:| is that there's no random battles, if i want to grind some i have to take quests in order to encounter battles. which, yeah, i get extra items then, but it takes more time than i care for *shrug*

i'm out of stuff to say... so here's a meme :p


aka. rec a friend meme
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whoooo, finished Kampfer!!
and now for my new opininons:
Kaede is a super bitch, go die.
but Akane/Natsuru is fine, too.
Don't care much for Mikoto, but at least she's not a bitch like Kaede.

I do wish it had a bit more of a conclusion though... :/
i mean, 'LOL let's have the last ep be more like a nutty special instead!!'
though Natsuru looked hot in those clothes ^////^

aaand um
I am working on catching up on pokemons now. :3

in non-anime news
my laptop is being a retard and most of the time is unable to find the wireless access point that is in the same room >:|

but uh [ profile] sliideshow, if you wanna play smt or something let me know /o/
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um let's see~
Kamen Rider W's getting awesome
I didn't expect that certain guy to kick the bucket so soon, lol.
Also, the Decade movie All Riders vs Dai Shocker was weird
Just... like wtf, Tsukasa's actions made noooo sense whatsoever :/

but eh, the big battle was like overwhelming fanservice <3 eeeee all the riders~
and the random W appearance, lol.
"a green rider?"
"a black rider?"
"hey wtf, he's green, stupid"

aaand Shinkenger's getting interesting, so close to the end~
Kinda wow that they pulled a Red replacement being FEMALE
also ;-; at Juuzou's death
I kinda figured from the start that he'd be an extra ranger or something XD
oh well

aaand back to complaining about Shin Megami Tensei Imagine
still can't contract a Jack Frost :/
spent like 2 hours trying yesterday
buuut i had expertise boost so my skills are quite high now :3
already got maragi/bufu/zio/zan <3
now i need to actually level up so my mp can handle it better XD

aaand um i've been watching Kampfer XD
Natsuruuuuu heeeeee
I want Akane to get 'im >:3
Though Shizuku's interesting, too...
Kaede's just boring :/
I just got to the ep Mikoto shows up in so I dunno about her yet.

oh! and for something more recent, I picked up Durarara!!
so cool XDXD
...I watched it on my tv :D

lalala i'm gonna go play more Imagine now~
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I think I have a cold. :/
runny nose, coughing. ugh.

the new kyon character cd sucks :(
...just don't like the songs. bleh.

so i had to go dig up my season1 Kyon cd :D
also grabbed my LotR dvds 'cause i feel like watching the movies again for some reason.
...I don't have the RotK dvd though ._.
I dunno if I'll even bother watching TTT because of all the stupid crap they pull :|
I guess i'd be better off going for the books, but I'm in the mood to watch, not read :x

Watched eps 1 and 2 of Aoi Bungaku
wtf is this
hoping, um, the later stories aren't as... insane? D:

bleh, can't think of anything else to say :/
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Yuugi still has fleas
and thus Gizzy does too
problem is Yuugi's allergic to fleas. bumps. all. over. his neck ;_; its not just the back of his neck anymore, its everywhere
and dad doesn't trust the vets around here anymore
one charges way too much
and the other one was fine for awhile, until we took Yuugi to get fixed and de-flea'd ... we got a crap-covered cat the next day. not cool. and they claimed to give yuugi flea treatments, but he still has them...
so dad doesn't like that one anymore

we must do something about it
so this afternoon we looked into stuff
went to food lion because wal-mart doesn't carry dad's beer -_-
and well, that store is food-focused, so the pet section is ... yeah.
we look around
only ONE thing for cats to deal with fleas
and what pissed me off? the very same thing for dogs was BIGGER and yet CHEAPER (by like 60 cents, but still, W.T.F?)

so i just had a oh so fun time chasing the cats around my room trying to rub this spray in their fur
didn't go so well but dad and i did our best :/

in other newsss
i was a dumbass and looked up Eternal Sonata on tvtropes and of course i gotta highlight spoilers
so um ;_;
totally going to play more. like um. soon. really soon.

i preordered persona psp
...yes, two days before the release stfu
while, yes, i tend to go 'lol iso' for psp
i ... somehow got back to official firmware so i think i'm screwed :/
but really i should buy stuff anyway
...though if i can fix this crap and someone does an undub iso of it, totally switching right then. :3

aaand finally
i was just watching haruhi s2 ep13 (not finished it yet)
wtf i know haruhi's selfish, but ... this just crosses the line into complete bitch. :/ :/
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Yeaah last night, i ended up deciding to go with Dad to the VA hospital so we can take my friend his stuff after. Sooo, since his appointment was at 8:30 am, we had to get up at... 5:30 oh god. so let's say I zoomed to sleepz.

anyway... I forgot to charge my ds AND psp, so ds started dying while I was in waiting room hell. :/ so then I was sitting there constantly almost nodding off. buuut my waiting paid off! we left. :3
went to meet friends, gave him his stuff, he gave me my stuff that was sent to him by accident :x
so i now have
little phonestrap things. of chi. various expressions. i put a :D one on my ds <3
theeen we ate. at pizza hut~ mmm.
said bai and left.
off to virginia beach, yeaa~h, cause i found a japanese shop there. the pics looked like it had a bunch of manga<3
...was dvds. aaalll live action drama stuff. well, small bit of anime, but it was like doraemon and such. :/
so i looked around more. found books! oh hey manga!
so i got
.hack twilight/udeden vol1-3
.hack AI busters light novel thing
yugioh card guide thing I got 'cause those come with promos
but some ass tore it out already :/ :/
anyway they're all in japanese.

dad got sake lol.
and we got pockyyy.
and ramune.

oh and so
today i saw pocari sweat in rl :o
and calpis
woman got us to buy calpis and i didn't realize it until after we left XD
dad got mango
i got original
I don't like either one
but dad likes his mango. whatever~
 now i know wtf calpis means/comes from
'karada ni piisu'
'peace in your body'

i am tired i want to die now.

Anime talk~

Apr. 9th, 2009 12:45 am
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New season, blah blah.

But more importantly! I just finished the Tales of the Abyss anime.
Squeeing here )

now actual current anime, lol?
FMA: can't really say much yet? XD like the op though. and the ending's cute. :3
Pandora Hearts: Like this, not sure why yet. lol. Grabbed manga to see mooooooooore :o
Senjou no Valkyria/Valkyria Chronicles: Another game-anime. Well, looks fine. Want game. Lack new-gen systems. AGH :(
K-ON!: LOL yes XD will continue watching~
Phantom ~Requirem for the Phantom~: Reaally not sure about this. blah brainwashed assassins, wtfever.
Shangri-la: er, lol. Not sure about this one either. o_O;

aaand like. I have too many anime sitting around half-watched. :(
Lazy lazy. >____>
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