choroneko: (feel the wind)
so december 11th is now over in the eastern time zone
i became twenty-six years old.

dad got me pizza(w/ breadsticks) & ice cream
good food is good for a good day *nods*

aaaaaaaaaaand all my fun gifts from my friends on tumblr

okay bye

choroneko: (bloody battle)

last night I streamed the lion king 2 :D
i had fun~
...even though near the end all but one viewer left without saying anything?? :/

i remembered my love for Zira though XD
and thus! icon rearranging, again. two Zira icons yaaay
i really wanted one of her when she put her paw with claws extended up in front of her face during "my lullaby" but I couldn't find anything of that bit :(


life continues to be eventless and boring.

birthday's coming up... the 11th.
dad says he'll try to take me to logan's for grilled salmon and huge brownie
but we'll see how that goes :/

FOR NOW i have meatloaf. and potatoes.
bacon in fridge for when we finish the meatloaf
we've planned to have bacon & french toast
dad'll cook the bacon, i'll make the french toast
and we'll eat together <3

it is COLD today maaaan
i don't want to leave my blankets. ever. ;;
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