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blahblah noooothing going on

went out to eat, mmm grilled salmon. and fries.
then HUGE BROWNIE. always awesome.
even saved some for a nice waitress to have lol
she asked jokingly but YEAH I LEFT HER A BITE.

past few days i've been like WHEEE watching the bururaji videos.
omfg hilarious, screwy, awesome, just TOO MUCH TO DESCRIBE LOL
i took caps even though it's crap youtube quality
and i really wanna do a picspam of the caps because its just so PFFFFFFFFFFFLOL

of what is subbed
there's like no hazama :(
they've mentioned him a few times and made jokes but his seiyuu hasn't shown up at all...
oh, or carl.
oh well, there seems to be a lot more than what the subber's translated so far.

so now i'm listening to the drama cds.

and i thought after completing CS' story mode i'd be done with blazblue spazzing for awhile... hahaha.

soo yeah um
gonna be apping [ profile] sniffshazama at two places
but... i'm like @_@ because i'm really blanking out on what to write in the personality section. ergh.
i... don't want to let people down, but just... i keep thinking and nothing comes. :(
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thinking too much

jeez apps annoy me

i feel like i can never do enough for one, honestly.

and then add the fact that my memory of Calamity Trigger is fading, and I'm screaming.
...ffs, even some of CS is getting blurry!

wouldn't be as bad if the character had more importance in the storyline... JUBEI BECOME PLAYABLE ALREADY :(

so yeah um i decided I'll try to take Jubei to both [ profile] luceti and [ profile] vatheon ...
on that topic, any rpers on my f-list, how accepted is it to re-use what I write in an app? since I really don't want to try writing all that stuff differently, twice. :|

okay, anyway, today i ... tried to play more CS. i'd like to be somewhere near decent for hazama
and i gave up. that's just too freaking weird.
score attack is hell, can't even beat the first opponent.
legion is okay at first then when you go trying a battle and lose, hey, there goes several characters and you can't refight previous areas so you're just screwed. *scream*

didn't feel like playing arc rise fantasia today.
will do tomorrow.
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oof, i ate pizza earlier

kinda feeling sick now
guess i'll go flop in a minute

just wanted to spazz out to you all~<3
i'll probably be joining that rp comm, [ profile] luceti :3
it's got a fair sized blazblue cast and when i said i'd play jubei i was jumped on XD
so then i decided to get a little experience in, and had jubei post to dear_mun
and, lol, i got a lot of comments :D
i'm feeling pretty happy

...though, since i posted then left to eat, afterwards i had some panicking before i could check the comments because i just go 'OMG I SUCK I BET THEY'RE ALL LOL WHAT IS THIS'

buut... no. i'm feeling at least decent about it now? ;;
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...since, really, i have nothing more to say about it...

ok well i got up and played makoto some more, i like herrrr i just want an arcade mode??? ugh

then i decided i'd see what i can do for xbox hacking >:3
which is like, nothing. pff.
well, nothing i can do to play games off usb devices, anyway. only burned. if i had dvds i'd rather use them to get crap off my computer :|

so i then thought 'what about wii?'
yeah, i have my wii hacked and with wiiware games, but i felt like seeing what i could do for actual wii games~
and hey, this is POSSIBLE. \o/

so of course my first action was TO LOOK FOOOOORRRRRR KAMEN RIDER CLIMAX HEROES W!!!!

funny name aside, krkrkrkrkrrrrrrr
a fighting game using the wiimote is a little awkward
but whatever its KAMEN RIDERRRRRR

the "climax mode" (story?) is kinda cool i guess, but HOLY CRAP REPETITIVE! keeps repeating the same monsters over and over ;;
also, no story really, i mean why the heck is W fighting worms???? that's Kabuto's job :|

though i love that it actually has an 'easy reading' mode ;; no kanji plz

i am all SQUEE over pretty riders on my tvvvvvvv

though when i did the single battle i went for kabuto and

...that voice isn't... what... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
not mizushima hiro?!?!?!
/cries forever

just... argh... ;o;

i said this on plurk but here we go too:
gimme suggestions for wii games :D
i'm already going to check out arc rise fantasia, no more heroes, and fragile dreams, but welll..... more ideas would be cool?
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yey squirrels.

i bought makoto and announcer jin DLC today~

anyway i also worked on completing more stories in story mode
i have everyone complete!

...except tsubaki
i take a look at the story line guide
he~llo distortion finishes.

...excuse me wat
i don't understand how to do those things...
and they got rid of the easy special thing from CT
so i'm just lolscrewed

blah whatever
so i was playing makoto some
no story(duh), no arcade, blahblah wtf can i do then?
...score attack!

...can't beat the first fight! not even one round!! screw you bang!!!
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so thanks to hazama's joke ending

i just had to make a jubei account with the username [ profile] sniffshazama 


because he does.

and then i find that there is next to NO icons of jubei
why is he ignored so ;o;

just went through heck trying to find the character portraits
and ...

i have to construct all faces i want to icon
game sprites, i do not understand you. why the hell is it so odd ._.

on the other hand, i may not actually use the account. but still... wtf?
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yet again, more blazblue talk
i have all stories unlocked now~
so yes i was like WHOO and played hazama's immediately.

...he's kinda hard to play. gonna take time to get used to, but whatever i 100%'d his story already hee

just... oh... perfect.
his "help me professor kokonoe" bit was good too >:3
they're just like 'oh ffs no'

OH OH and in hakumen's story, when he encounters tsubaki? just. omfg. ahhhhh ;o;

now i just have the true end staring at me
buuuut i'll work on that later, i'm full and want to just flop in bed for awhile.

dad took me out for mexican \o/
i felt like trying something new... i kept looking over the menu but couldn't really decide :/
ended up choosing the mexican pizza because, heck, it had beef and a bunch of other stuff.
jeez the bellpepper taste was TOO STRONG
not enough meat to make it tolerable
i ate some but gave up dad had to eat it after he ate his food
anyway i just went for some simple tacos
can't go wrong with tacos!

then i checked out a desert i hadn't seen there before
some kind of banana wrapped in tortilla and fried
and chocolate/whipped cream/blahblah added
can have icecream with it too

oh maaan it was goood
unlike the fried icecream that every mexican place here doesn't even FRY
this was fried
deliciously crispy wrap, banana still hot inside, some chocolate drizzle, a few cherries, and ice cream to go with it?
the. best. ever.

but before i got food, i was trying to use twitter on my psp since the place has wifi
apparently twitter hates psps since i tried several times to tweet and it always gave me an error page :|
oh well

they have this digital jukebox thing so you can pick the music playing(if you pay)
and like when we were leaving i realized i could have rickroll'd the place... pfffff.
whatever i don't like that song anyway. i doubt anyone would have got it XD

okay i'm gonna shut up now
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...well okay i played p3p for a short bit the other day but...

been working on story mode like zoom~
hazama's is still locked :(

of what is unlocked, i still haven't touched rachel.
she was annoying to play in CT and i doubt she's any better now :|

anyway i was just playing lambda's story
...the joke story/gag reel was so unfunny i just--
well okay it went cute then so so sad oh god
poor slug thingie...

though honestly makoto why would you look at someone like lambda and think 'lost kid?'

welll whatever i've decided lambda is cute
but not as cute as nu~<3

i think i'm gonna take a nap now.
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fffffffff awesome

story mode works a bit differently than it did in CT
you start off with only ragna unlocked
and i have to say i don't quite understand how the unlocking of other paths works
cause damn i wanna play hazama's but he's locked :(
i beat him in tao's story but he's still locked
i figure it'll probably be like, unlock jin, play, that unlocks hakumen, play, and that unlocks hazama?
no clue though
so yeah i've only played ragna, tao, and carl so far
i have noel/rachel/bang also unlocked

ragna's bad ending is omfg
(though when i was looking through the CGs in gallery it called the ones from that 'true ending''re telling me ragna's true end is LOSING CONTROL OF THE AZURE GRIMOIRE AND DESTROYING THE WORLD???? no ;o; )
anyway i was surprised when tao's story she meets relius
i was like wha--holy shit
so after beating tao's story mode (not 100% though)
i went to carl cause omfg i had to see the showdown between son and father
ignis oh jeez ignis
carl carl caaaarl this sucks so much i just

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excuse me while the xbox eats my brains
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today started AWESOME

a bunch of people including myself changed our names to blazblue character names at midnight

because TODAY IS CONTINUUM SHIFT!!!!!!!!!!


i grabbed carl's name, lol.

so yeah i should have the game by tonight
gamestop did call me to let me know they'll have it today
so /o/
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blaaaaaahblah two days til continuum shift i am going nuts ;;
raided pixiv for hazama art lol ._.

ohh and i have 14 floors left in tartarus! (p3p) :D
working on that and s.links eek

earlier today i randomly refreshed on vdex to keep the hourly money flow going
...and the pidgey was weird
i just stared for a moment before realizing ITS FREAKING SHINY OMFG
so... i has a shiny pidgey.

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I had a fun day~

dad got off work even earlier than he was originally planning because it just got too damn hot, and he was working outside on the sunny side of the building. not cool.
sooo he was home at noon.

we went out to lunch instead of dinner :3
first stopped by gamestop to preorder blazblue: continuum shift
...aaand the two clerks like that game series :D
so i got to talk for a min
the guy was like 'lol can you beat me?'
...neeeever played against people yet because xbox sucks and you have to have the gold stuff to play online. :|
so i said 'i have no clue'
anyway dad handed me 20 to put on the reserve since he didn't want to have to come up with 35 freaking bucks suddenly in a few days.
they told me they'll have the game on tuesday :D
so yaaaaaaay on that

we went to the same place we always end up lately
i had grilled salmon mmmm
didn't get the awesome huge brownie
but dad said i could
...since it's so dang hot i decided i'd rather have a blizzard from dq
mmmmm mint oreo blizzard

after we ate dad said a friend of his has this store over in littleton
he's never been so he wants to check it out
so we went :3

wow that store had lots of stuff
its, eh, a grocery i guess.
with more unusual stuff.
like... elk meat... lol
we had a good time just looking at everything
got some stuff
i saw some box of those tapioca ball things
and i've heard about tapioca from people here
sooo hey why not try it
dad, of course, got lots of spicy stuff. like wasabi, pepper jelly, and blahblah
we also got bratwurst
actually made by some german guy
so we're hoping that will be good :D

anyway i played more p3p while out
so yes i saw the bad end
...while in logan's so i was all um um
/listens to kimi no kioku
/glance around
/nervous fidgeting

is there any point to using the bad end clear data for a newgame+?
...'cause i'm still playing towards the normal ending.

now i'm in the 6th block of tartarus~ only a few more guardians to go :3
(when fuuka said 'only a few left' i thought she meant floors so i was all like OMFG I'M ALMOST DONE??? but no)

...out of curiosity HOW MANY DAMN FLOORS ARE THERE????? jeez
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hetalia dub: lol
...first ep is STILL a huge mess of voices hard to understand, but the other 3 eps are fine.
well okay sometimes accents made me go 'whaaa?' still but...  that's okay, i should get used to it. i think.

dad and i didn't go out to eat tonight :/
he came home with a sub...
said he felt too tired, hot, and dirty from working
...sooo, tomorrow.

but i just was dumb and looked around on gamestop's site. (ffffff, need to unsubscribe to their newsletter...)
and of course ended up just staaaaaaaring at blazblue: continuum shift
comes out so soooooon D:

talked to dad
bweee, can preorder.
still get dinner too, just can't go all out and have the awesome huge brownie.

that's fine.
games last longer than brownies. :3

...and next time we go out i might get one. heh.
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my 4th of July was normal.

Didn't go to the town's fireworks event, haven't for a few years.

Can see it from the house anyway lol...
I suppose my dinner was typical, though, having been burgers cooked outside on a grill.

...a few days ago.

Anyway I'm fairly pleased with today so WHO CARES \O/

now for spazzing.
I've avoided EP6 spoilers and will do so again for 7, but I still had to take a look at the first bits of info&pictures, hee.

the op is cool~ I mean, the song may not be as awesome as previous ones, but still.

also I haven't been paying attention to Blazblue anything so when I decided to go look at the LJ comm here (for icons!) I had some surprises.
what I care most for: PLAYABLE MAKOTOOOOOOOO
she's DLC which is annoying but ffffffff I wanted this ;3;
other DLC... little mahou shoujo, can't bring myself to care unless she's unexpectedly awesome.
then the old guy, Rachel's butler...? pfff. Personally, even less interest here than in Platinum^

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hmmmm I feel pretty good now.

dad brought home chicken, of course
AND fries from mcdonalds OMGGGG<3
both were not-quite-hot by the time they got here but i still enjoyed themmmmm :D

not much else to say, really
earlier today i was trying to beat Blazblue's arcade mode with Carl but fffffffff Hakumen is so unfair :|
tried so many times then finally rage!quit
stupid hakumen
jin don't bother becoming that plz :|

___ to my ___ meme
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I want to hug poor little Carl like Makoto is doing in the icon. right now. XD

I just 100%'d Carl's story, lol
i was missing the alternate truth ending against v-13, where instead of Litchi popping out of nowhere to take the hit, Nirvana/Ada did.
So uh, she was in little robot pieces by the time Nu got done.
Carl just freaking cracked. poor kid.

then I decided to play some Arcade mode Nu, lmao.
Rachel at the end seriously rapes me :|
buuut i finally beat her!

...and find that Calamity Trigger does the "game over" screens, too, just like Continuum Shift.
even. if. you. win.

do not understaaaand D:
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my arm hurts. stupid shot...
I've gotten so much better about taking shots but I still haet them :|
felt fine after

then hours later it starts hurting wtf whyyyyyyyy

anyway i slept like. all day.
woke up at 1 am
was like 'fff, i don't wanna wake up now...'
but couldn't fall back asleep, the cats were bugging me too

so yeah it's 5 am now
and my arm still hurts :/

i went blazblue nuts last night /o/
went and downloaded CT's ost because some songs were bugging me lol
and when i was looking i also saw some torrents for Continuum Shift pc >_> <_<
which isn't actually a pc ver... just emulating the arcade thing? whatever.
first thing i did when i got up was check that out XD
kept getting i/o errors when i opened it
googled, found a fix, but now i have no clue wtf the controls are :x
seriously sat there at the start screen and hit every dang button on the keyboard...
later i'm gonna see if i can get it to work with a xbox controller lol ;;
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I finished the true end in BlazBlue just now!! :D

I am ... not fully sure wtf happened with Hazama but whatever MAGICAL SPIKY HAIR!!
and :o after the credits

so yeah... gonna work on 100%'ing everyone next.

more game talk:
so yeah mastema's down
last boss is up next
stupid zelenin you're pretty but i am not going to be a brainwashed derp slave to god ;o;

since several people on lj and plurk have been talking about that show supernatural so much i was like '...*poke*'
yes i started watching it
i'm on ep 13 of season 1
using streaming sites because i just don't have extra room
stupid time limit :|
found one site that used some chinese stream
(which had its own issues since i'm used to subtitles and so i keep trying to read chinese subs... i do recognize a kanji here and there though XD)
anyway ep3 was missing
and then 9+ was taken down too
so i'm stuck with megavideo. >:|

if anyone knows some better stream i'd be happy
or, bleh, downloads. be simpler i guess.
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...the first story route i 100% clear in BlazBlue is



the weirdness of clearing my least favorite first is just. whoa.

so yeah i was just playing more BlazBlue
decided to take a run through Hakumen just to clear it
so yeah, all have been 'cleared' but not 100%
so now the true end is staring at me

i already took a quick look at it
got to hakumen, beat him once, he gets pissy and does some power-up shit and
i have to fight him again with less than full health?!

i was pwnt like damn quick :|
not. happy.

also i lol'd that clearing hakumen's story unlocks a clip of hazuma's seiyuu talking
buuut well since jin and hakumen share voice actors... (which suddenly made sense once i cleared hakumen's story... well no it didn't make sense at all but now i understand why at least)
now i wanna clear carl's story just to get that voice clip lol~

blazblue mind screwed me
...and probably will even more once i get further in the true end

btw whoever decided to make a fighting game's story mode play like a visual novel needs to make more fighting games. XD
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