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the other day, friends on plurk were talking about some show

i was bored and checked it out

hello new show&book series to loveee

a game of thrones :3

watched 2 episodes, went nuts, had to read the books asap!!!
...except the library system here has no books by george r.r. martin :(
so i... got pdfs >_> for now. there's no bookstores here unless you count walmart, and i checked - the books are on their site for sale but not in the store here :|

so. yeah. finished a game of thrones night before last. took 3 days of staring at the dang laptop screen, i went to bed with a headache each time
so last night i took a break and didn't start book2
started it tonight instead - also going to take a slower pace now because, honestly, reading books like this sucks.
spoilery blah blah )

my brain's been filled with these books that i'm finding it hard to think of anything else i've been up to since my last entry...

well, i did play .hack a little more a few days ago
sakaki continues to be a pain in the behind
stupid... relentless tournament... no recovery between battles, no items... fffffu-
oh hai game over screen

.../turn off ps2

and then i got into AGOT so i don't know if i'll feel up to grinding or whatever in .hack for some time. XD

oh! i watched eps 3/4/5 of steins;gate today and just spazzed all over the place
/made... a [ profile] not_christina rp account...

i admit i felt squicked about... the uh. jellyman report. yeah... kfjrigjugjf ew
(and if people(and bananas) end up like that... i am glad they didn't go back far enough to read reports about animal testing.)

...can't think of anything else... bleh
yes, my life is this boring.
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that's spice&wolf light novel volume 2


...only good side to this is it's the back of the book, only the afterword got ruined. but STILL the damn book is 10.99!


...okay now for something better.
got further in vc2
next month hey there
and uh
holy crap at the reveal of who dirk is.
i, um, heard about what happens to juliana, but had no clue about dirk.
interesting stuff :3
feel bad for zeri though

um otherwise nothing really.

am waaaay behind on nurarihyon no mago anime, so catching up on that now
oh, caught up on kr OOO as well. only one ep behind, but whatever, caught up.
eiji is... such a dork. heh.
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well i finally went to the library today
took a look at what they have by agatha christie
...don't have the book [ profile] goldentruth talked about recently :(
not even at the other branches, i checked.
the books, besides "and then there were none" were all parts of her detective series
so... yeah whatever, maybe when i get to a bookstore again i'll buy it.
also looked at stephen king's books
those books are part of a childhood fear ;;
mom was in love with his books lol ._.
particularly pet semetary
...which they had and i kept glaring at it ;;;;;
we lived way up north for a year when i was 5
and uh my room was upstairs
riiight at the top of the stairs was mom's bookcase
i was always scared of going up alone... just because of those books?!
i like animals so pet semetary stood out to me. :/
then one time mom and dad watched the movie of IT
when i was still awake???
not cool
i remember clearly hiding in the kitchen, staring at the flickering clock light on the microwave and desperately ignoring all noises. :|
so, yeah, i've kinda... hated stephen king. for years and years.

but now i have a taste for the creepy. THANKS HIGURASHI UGH GOSH
and he's a well known name for horror books.

...personally, i was hoping they had "carrie" since that's interested me, if only because that's my name in pronunciation, though not spelling.
didn't have that. checked computer, it's at another branch... checked out. way back in january?? jeez

ended up getting a book of short stories. figured that's the best way to start getting into such books...

and now to talk about more cheery things~
last night i gave up on trying to think of a good idea to sprite for the vdex custom event
i posted one of my old sprites i made a few years back.

say hi to my Vaporizard~ \o/
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peter jackson what the hell did you do to the two towers
elves don't belong in rohan
they did not come to helm's deep
the only elf there for that battle was legolas
also that one elf they made a big deal of killing off
he lives on just fine and goes to the west with galadriel

i mean i can understand, like, leaving out tom bombadil in fellowship of the ring
he's fucking weird.
but just... the hell is wrong with you when you worked on the two towers
i remember there being some images of arwen in some earlier versions of the script being at helm's deep too
no no no. arwen is not some battle-elfwoman.
it was weird enough that you had arwen save frodo from the ringwraiths in fellowship
i assume it was for not having some dude who only showed up once
sry glorfindel...

well, anyway, i do admit that despite some oddities, fellowship of the ring and return of the king were adapted fairly well.
it's just the two towers that sticks out. badly.
people who haven't read the books probably don't notice or care about the changes...

and finally, off-topic:
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lalalaaaaaaa dad left me money this morning so i had a nice lunch
i tried out the chicken tender wrap and mmm yeah, it was good.

came back home for a bit, then went out again, heading for the library which is nicely placed at the end of the street i live on /o/
oh right i was just flipping through wikipedia and ended up with some authors i was interested in, that's why i went to the library

anywayyyy i got 3 books checked out
and bought two paperbacks for 50 cents hehehe i like being able to get books with change. XD

so yeah i checked out:
some random dean koontz book set in japan? never read books by this guy but hey, japan /o/
neil gaiman's good omens, i heard its funny? >_>
aaand some random vampire book
that isn't twilight :x
(i tried that and um... no. :x)
personallyyyy werewolves are so much better than vampires
but anything good on wuffies wasn't in the library's system or not at *this* branch :/

when i was just looking around in the library
i saw some book titled "your turn, mr. moto" or something like that
and i thought of yugioh lmao
even though its yugi muto, the dub's pronounciation has so many think it's spelt moto :/

btw hi new friend, [ profile] swiggle! :D

i'm having burgers tonight ahhh can't wait.
/goes back to reading now
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Just finished "And then there were none"
...Wasn't expecting that. Heh.

My Umineko fangirl side squeed at the similarities, though. Group of people, all not doing so well with money, on an island, a storm comes~ ...and the message in a bottle. Hee. does this mean it IS Maria? lol

I guess I shouldn't have read so quickly, but I was wanting to see what happened~
200 page book... Read it in two parts. Last night, stopped at Chapter 8 then read the rest just a bit ago.

welll.... eh, nothing else to say. Rainy rainy day, slept til almost 5 pm XD
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