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man, what is it with card game animes kicking me in the butt lately?

first i finally finish cardliver kakeru and they end the damn show without resolving... anything...

and now, this week's yugioh 5d's ep. w. t. f.

now i SERIOUSLY dunno about zexal. i don't really look forward to that kinda crap pulled again.

/gives cardfight vanguard a look
don't you dare do this shit please :(

yeah... i feel so blah right now. :/

ehhh let's see
i watched gokaiger ep1 and finished just in time to realise "oh shi- 5d's" but anyway
i went in thinking :/ because. pirates aren't good guys seriously, i don't care what modern fiction wants you to think.
starts off with epic story-set up with ALLLLLL THE PAST RANGERS fighting against alien invaders
man *_*
/fangirls all over
/was maybe paying a bit more attention to abarekiller...
aaah anyway they all sacrifice themselves to destroy the army but
it didn't work i guess derp because they're still around?
and our 'heroes' are wanted criminals in their opinion
so we have our space pirates heading to earth
because it has ~the greatest treasure~ or something
so they just. park their ship in the sky, drop anchors (almost squishing a cat :|) and come jumping down
and yell at us "earthlings" thinking we'd know about the greatest treasure
yeah no

also red is the captain. captain ~marvelous~
really can't take that seriously pfffff
anyway i'm not trying to summarize the ep or anything so i'll shut up
marvelous is so totally captain tsun. :p
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wow i kept meaning to post but put it off

and now i feel so screwy i have to complain

so a few days ago a friend started bugging me about cardliver since i stopped watching around ep17 or so
i pretty much went 'okay okay' and picked it back up

well it surprised me

and then left me

..seriously what was that ending...

ranting behind cut )

wow i'm pissed other news
my psp now does not have sound
...unless i plug in headphones
which is better than no sound at all but
I LIKED HAVING MUSIC WHEN I SHOWERED :< headphones are too quiet to hear over the water
/yes i tried

also dad's friend is here again with her dog
it's been decided for sure that she'll be moving in

the cats still don't reaally like cody too much but they're really learning to tolerate his presence
they're kinda curious too, sometimes they'll get pretty close :)

i watched suite precure 1&2
so far i'm not sure :/
except helloooooo siren! ahahahahaha

aaand uh
i also have spent a bit of time on niconico lately
...watching let's plays of corpse party XD
this one guy i found is hilarious he screams at everything omfg

though now i'm kinda confused :| i can't find any LP that goes past chapter 3
which is more-or-less as far as the manga's gone, too
the game does appear to have a chapter 4 but idk?

oh and i decided to rip some cardfight vanguard MAD videos from nico and upload them to youtube :3
here's my youtube page

yeah i got nothing else to say
recommend a friend meme!
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today i feel like trying to promote an anime that's really unknown.

Watch Live On! Cardliver Kakeru OP in Anime  |  View More Free Videos Online at


it's embarrassing, but i can't get enough of 'em ;_;

the card game's something kinda like a mix of pokemon and yugioh, honestly :/
i say pokemon because of having the attackline and backline, and you can't attack monsters in the backline
but then its like yugioh with having stronger monsters harder to summon, requiring torque.
which i'm gonna assume it's like the level stars on yugioh monsters, except you don't sacrifice them for the summon
only monsters in the backline supply torque for summoning

anywaaaaaay the monsters seem to be 'real' in that you can accidentally summon them by, say, dropping a card.
...which the main character does often. derp.

but then this card game is a little different than others, thanks to the livechange cards.
you can turn into a monster yourself and fight alongside your cards.
these cards are supposed to be rare, but the three main characters do have these.
(obviously in the rl card game you don't turn into a monster, lol)

as for the actual story, it's nothing amazing as far as i can tell. kakeru, random kid obsessed with the card game but seriously sucks at it, happens to meet a weird dog, being chased by some shady-looking people.
kakeru can tell the dog wants to gtfo away from those people so he protects it
...which ends up becoming a livebattle.
the dog, Pedal, isn't actually a dog. Seems to have some connection to the monsters, himself being a create monster.
he creates cards. yeah. makes one for kakeru and forces kakeru to use it.
then BOOM! omfg tategami wolf!!!
kid wins against weird people, blah blah, obvious bad guy leader shows up and kakeru has at least enough brains to realize 'no way i can win this' and runs
that's, um, the first ep.

as with like every card game anime, there's a tournament. need to be in a team though
thus comes this crazy sheltered rich kid, tohru.
seriously sheltered i swear
also, he spouts random french.
his butler goes along with tohru's insanity... roses, roses everywhere. god.

the voice of reason and DEFINITELY the smartest of the three, ai, was around from ep1. she's way better at the game than kakeru.
she's awesome :D
pics because. she's awesome. )

i've known about this anime for a pretty long time, heck my username here, [ profile] tategamiwolf, is the livechange form of the main character, kakeru.
i tried making icons way back when i first made this account, too. just simple crops, though.
also made a lj comm for the anime, [ profile] raibuon 
but i'm the only one who's posted ;;

um well for the anime, it's kinda long. 51 eps.
it's available subbed on veoh... here


even though i've ignored the anime for a long time and haven't even watched to ep10. derp.

Tategami Wolf wags his tail in hope of new fans~! :3
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My cat's getting in the way, agh...
but purrpurryes :3

so yes, more icons for silly cardgame anime. :p
icons! )

this turned out like... so much of Tohru. crazy french wannabe makes funny faces :3
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Iconing barely known shows just because I'm bored and feel like it. Even though I can't do much beyond bases. Two of the icons in this batch were brightened a little... but thats it. XD

Live on! Cardliver Kakeru: 80
To the icons! )
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...while I watch Cardliver ep4

I just had to do this. XD
(link because it's too wide for my layout)

crazy. fake. french. guy.
also, owow, it's manjoume(YGO GX)'s voice. actor. I can tell. easily.
...and i checked
which meaaans. he's manjoume/savers agumon/shurikenger/kouga(inuyasha)... uh, that's all the examples i can think atm XD

so like
kakeru = kakeru
as in
kakeru(cardliver) = kakeru (saru getchu)
same. voice. actor. O____o

...and thus amelia from slayers too. also fat kid mac in legendz. XD
...wait. shou/amelia/mac. saying ORE-SAMA? OWWWW D:

k enough seiyuu connection-y fun.

lol, fakefrenchiedolphin sends kakeru flying.
so kakeru loses, realizes he needs to THINK LOL
then frenchfreak gives him a card even though kakeru lost.
starts telling him to study cards and stuff, but lol ignored
kakeru goes nuts over SUPER RARE CAAAARDO :D

whoo, finally real op/ed animation.
ending has... dancing cards wtf? XD

k end of ep. i dunno what I'll do now.
guess I'll finally get around translating, like i said i would. :o
anyway~ i'll probably post some kinda icon post of cardliver sometime soon even though I just do blanks... just because no one else is doing this show, and I feel like it. :3

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