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kay i just took a shower
and one of my cats came in the bathroom, climbed up to the sink, and laid in it

it made me think of I even need to say what i did next? XD
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Sooo, last night i was all 'coooold D:' after the shower
so i cuddled up in bed with my DS for a bit, playing Luminous Arc. Which someone got me interested in :p
had to redo the battle with Vanessa since my flashcart fff'ed up after beating her a few days ago
i made a point of using better strategies this time, since last time everyone but Heath was killed :(
This time no one died! :D
i had just started playing when Yuugi decided to force his way into the space between my arms
and curl up there
awwwwwwww /dies of cute
made playing slightly harder, since i had to keep looking around him to see the ds XD
but still awww so cute~~<3

then when i stopped playing and went to bed--
oh here's yuugi again curling up between my arms fff he's purring eee
um anyway
he slept with me last night! :D
he's been kinda distant for a long time so i was surprised
he's smaaart~ curled up by my side, under the covers. waaaarm~~

so today
i went to the deli~ had a burger, mmm.
then went across the street from there, to pay back my small debt to Shirley~ she's got an antique store, but sells some candy too. I buy candy every so often :3
so i paid back what i owed... then got more candy, didn't have enough money, and have another debt... slightly larger than the one i paid today XD

but then i went to the library and grabbed the book that [ profile] elegant_warrior's been talking about. "And then there were none" :3 I've been interested in it for awhile anyway, due to its similarities with Umineko, lol.

Anyway, that's my day. :3
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My cat, Yuugi, likes banana nut bread. seriously. he kept reaching for it, claws out and all. i let him nibble. then i decided i didn't want more cat germs or who-knows-what on my food, and just tore bits off and let him eat those.
he still kept trying to grab my slice until it was gone. :/
Gizzy wasn't as crazy for it, but he did lick my fingers a little.

so now they're both hyper and galloping around the house.
yes, galloping. i call it that because when they run, rush, and whatever around, you can hear the rumbles. XD
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Wow, there's alot of medicines for cats I had no clue existed...

Gizzy keeps peeing/pooping outside the litterbox, Dad got fed up and wanted to take him back.
I didn't want to split up Yuugi and Gizzy ;_;
thankfully he calmed down after leaving and took Giz to the vet instead.
Well, turns out the reasons for a cat doing that stuff could be stress or something aggravating him.

so I got him back today(had to stay overnight because he got fixed)
and i have 2 medicines to give Gizzy now.
Gosh @_@
flea medicine for Yuugi, some other thing to put on food, antidepressants for Gizzy, as well as something he has to eat with food, too.

One vet gives my Yuugi steroids, and now antidepressants for Giz? just. wow.

anyway Persona PSP is annoying me :|
like. contacting demons is just... ugh. GIVE ME CARDS RAWR :/

yes, new friends, as you can see, I have no life. :/
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pfff i dunno.
nothing to say.
I'm sleepy and wanted to be asleep way earlier
but the cat peed in the bed again :/
and we couldn't wash it til pretty late
i'm waiting for them to dry
stupid cat use the litterbox we got two FOR A REASON god
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Yuugi and Gizzy are getting along way way better. In fact, Yuugi likes to come up and lick Gizzy~<3

well um. hmm. Not much going on in my life, like normal. Sales suck, also normal. :/

...and, uh, thanks to people on my friend page talking about it, I started playing Saya no Uta yesterday.
I, uh, don't know what to think. I mean, its kinda touching. But then again, ugh ew, etc.
The doctor lady's badass though~ *will go icon hunting to get that one cool shot*

I can't really think of anything else to say.

...oh, look, this location detect thing thinks I'm in Fayetteville, how funny. And off. way off. LOL FAIL :3

so uh. I leave you with a new pic of my cats~ resting. :o
pic behind cut )

now pics

Aug. 6th, 2009 08:52 pm
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uhh I'll put them behind a cut :/

they're still not getting along too well... )

excuse the mess in my room k ;_;

update: both cats have calmed down~ but we have a little problem: Yuugi won't let Gizzy use the litter box :/
going to have to have 2 so there's no fights, heh.

gizzy's riiight here, laying against me~<3
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awhile ago, this builder supply place dad goes to sometimes ended up getting a cat by accident.
...a cat stowed away in a shipment, apparently. the girls that work there decided to take care of the cat, but now the owner's complaining about it and wants them to take the cat to the shelter.

sooo. uh. we got the cat. :3
he's a all tabby pattern~ his eyes are the same color its so cute <3
they named him Gizzy lol.
currently, Yuugi and Gizzy are playfighting...
Gizzy's kinda holed himself up between my desk and bed, but hopefully he'll come out soon. takes time to get used to a new place, especially if there's another cat~

Yuugi's being meaaaaaaan D:
or maybe he just plays too rough, i can't tell.
and i can't do alot cause they keep hiding back under my table which has a bunch of stuff in the way :/
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Sooo Sunday sucked too. No sales whatsoeverrr.

but! I AM FREEEEEE for two days

Watched pokemonz for a bit, then stopped because I was missing an ep - of a two parter, at that! :/
So I played FFI, got annoyed that I couldn't find the stupid dwarves, so I poked Tales of Eternia for a bit, then switched to Platinum for levelling~ Need to get stuff up to deal with the last gym :3


and saying again~ I made an icon journal 'cause i felt like it. [profile] findthe_blue

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here )

...Yes, that's a christmas tree. Weirdo and lazy dad. :/
still, was funny and cute that Yuugi was climbing around in it (and that the tree held his weight :/)

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Someone not on lj asked me to take more pics of Yuugi XD
so I did. Posting them here too~
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shut up, Yuugi. plz.
eat the dang dry food. more cans will come tomorrow. WAAAIT.

I'm watching Tentai Senshi Sunred and being amused so much~
Except that I keep wanting to go throw Sunred in Typo. but I don't think I could rp his assholeness. So then my brain's like, "What about Vamp, then? he's easy!
" and my brain screams and curls up ded.

uhh nothing else is really going on. Been wasting hours messing with a Pokemon egg hatcing clickfest site lately. Dunno WHY. O_o

...I've been so lazy on my translation work. :(
Kay! Tomorrow, freaking finish Cardliver 5, then start on Saru S2 ... later. like the next day. Mainly because of Cardliver's DAMNED FRENCH WANNABE :(


Apr. 8th, 2009 04:19 pm
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So like, I guess the ants took a vacation. They left the food, lol.
...though it could be that 'its so dried up they don't want it' or 'they found something better to attack'  - no clue. :o
so iiiit's clean up time~!
picked up trash, cleaned litterbox(why not? already have to take trash out, so yeah~), took it all out~
then. vacuuuuuuuuuuuuum~
but like, lol, I'm really not made for housework... using the hose to get up stray litter, get done, turn it off... oh shit it spit some back out wtf :(


because like. Yuugi makes messes.
Knock litter out of the box~
Try to 'bury' his food~
And, well, I'll admit some is my fault when the bag pours too quick. :(
But it's mostly him! Really! :o

I still don't get it though, lol. He tries to bury his food, scratching at the carpet. wtf? o_O
and sometimes he'll scratch at the walls when in the litterbox. Yuugi, the walls are not going to come down to hide your poo, so stop it.

So anywaaaay~ My room looks nice now :3
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from foooooood <3
Seafood. Popcorn shrimp! (though the place I go to calls it baby shrimp...)
sooo good. Always. :D

then after, i checked some places about jobs. No clue of anything happening yet, but hopefully... :3

...and the cat just went nuts on me again. D:
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I talked to dad about declawing my cat... he just doesn't think its good to do, in the case that he gets outside accidently. He thinks its better to wait and see how the cat is after we get him fixed. Oh well.
He went nuts on me again though :(
long scratch on arm.

I feel so weird going outside, with hands/arms like these x_x

I haven't done any translating in a few days... bad lazy girl! XD
Definitely doing a Saru ep tomorrow.

hmm. I want to know how to make neat looking icons :3
but oh well~ simple is fine too.

I don't know what else to say, lol.
well, thanks to all who friended me~! <3

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