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my desktop computer's secondary hard drive is possibly dying ... or just being real bitchy. idk yet.



wat do i do u gaiz

it's just the secondary drive so its not like the computer will be unusable but that's 110~gb of anime/vns that will be gone/corrupted
i don't want to think of losing that much crap okay

so it comes down to: try to get dad to buy a big thing of blank dvd-rs, or get catherine. WHY NOW DAMN COMPUTER WHY NOW
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'cause i finished fixing the stupid laptop!!
its all cleaned up and new-seeming far as the programs and stuff, i mean

cleaned up, virus & malware protection installed, firefox installed, recovered bookmarks & passwords, and just a little bit of anime & random stuff thrown back on.

it is almost 2am...
stupid laptop.

spent the time it took to update windows and crap playing VC2. i'm... up to the mission where you have to escort another crap tank, and have that baldren guy jumping around the map. yaaay thanks i can't kill the guy! i did some character missions instead.
levels, levels, come to meeeeee!

i'm probably crashing soon. but yeah had a good day!
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ALRIGHT! everything is off the laptop, and it's fixing itself now~

dad took me out to eat :D
i kinda forced him to take me to the seafood place though... been MONTHS since we went last. he just doesn't like going because they don't serve beer.

...don't think i'll ask again, though. the shrimp were slightly undercooked, and since they pile the food on top of the fries all on one plate, the fries get soggy by the time you get to them. :/
was still good, but... just not as awesome as it used to be. oh well~

stopped by DQ on the way home and got butterfinger blizzard :D dad got one for himself too!

well i'm quite full and feel pretty sleepy... gonna kinda rest in bed for awhile >_>

☆ミ televisioning me!
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seems no other way to get the stupid adware/virus/whatever crap out of the laptop so uh... i have to format it. :(
i have a crapload of anime/tokusatsu i'd rather not have to redownload on there...
turns out staples has a saleeee~ dvd-r 50 pack for 12.99!
so yeah i grabbed that
and have just... well, no, i'm still burning. but done a fair bit so far!
not going to burn everything off the laptop though
some of the anime there i've been doing watch-and-delete, as for others still going i don't really want to put like so few eps on one dvd then have the rest on a way later dvd and all
did a bit of burning on the desktop too because i've seriously been needing space ;;
whole reason i started doing some watch-and-delete... can't keep everything that i like. so i just keep what i really like and delete what is only mildly-like. :/

couldn't do anything on 'em
so i actually... hooked up the ps2! haven't touched it in months, wow so dusty D:
...lmao first i just kinda relaxed and rocked out to some pokemon op/eds
freakin' love my weird little collection dvd
just wish the op/eds were textless... oh well

then i just kinda wasted time with fighting games: digimon battle&evolution(rumble arena in america) and kr faiz~
...the faiz game kinda made me realize 'whoa dude i've kinda forgotten about the battle themes from the older kr shows'
so yeaaah i paused and let 'the people with no name' repeat a few times XD ...even though it was tv size, poo.
need to find the dvd i have that stuff on!

but yeah just sitting with fighting games gets boring fast

so now i'm just hanging out in bed with the ds
played some HM grand bazaar, and its getting even more fun <3

but now i'm just gonna play tales of innocence until the burning mess is done.

even though it's already 1am ;_;

oh yes, earlier today before i got the dvds i played a good bit of VC2
holy crap that one mission where you have to escort this crap excuse of a tank while these super-powered units that are seriously near-impossible to kill at this point in the game? SUCK. seriously so many units went down... i was honestly surprised that i managed to complete the mission ;;
just kinda went 'fuck it' and drove that tank to the target point
...because despite what the cutscenes show, no, those 'V2' units cannot one-shot tanks. thank god.
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