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wow i kept meaning to post but put it off

and now i feel so screwy i have to complain

so a few days ago a friend started bugging me about cardliver since i stopped watching around ep17 or so
i pretty much went 'okay okay' and picked it back up

well it surprised me

and then left me

..seriously what was that ending...

ranting behind cut )

wow i'm pissed other news
my psp now does not have sound
...unless i plug in headphones
which is better than no sound at all but
I LIKED HAVING MUSIC WHEN I SHOWERED :< headphones are too quiet to hear over the water
/yes i tried

also dad's friend is here again with her dog
it's been decided for sure that she'll be moving in

the cats still don't reaally like cody too much but they're really learning to tolerate his presence
they're kinda curious too, sometimes they'll get pretty close :)

i watched suite precure 1&2
so far i'm not sure :/
except helloooooo siren! ahahahahaha

aaand uh
i also have spent a bit of time on niconico lately
...watching let's plays of corpse party XD
this one guy i found is hilarious he screams at everything omfg

though now i'm kinda confused :| i can't find any LP that goes past chapter 3
which is more-or-less as far as the manga's gone, too
the game does appear to have a chapter 4 but idk?

oh and i decided to rip some cardfight vanguard MAD videos from nico and upload them to youtube :3
here's my youtube page

yeah i got nothing else to say
recommend a friend meme!
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so the other day when i was looking for the corpse party manga there was another besides the main series
i got that too and didn't check it until yesterday

and now i just say WTF DUDE
blah blah skip if you don't care )

and for another weirdly contrasting post, i just watched ep5 of cardfight vanguard
i was prepared to not like this little kid but
pfffffff he's so derpy

next ep looks awesome though
okay no seriously though WHERE THE HELL IS KAI :( :( :(
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well i just finished reading ALL that's out of the corpse party manga.
5 volumes.
6 is out in... june. SCREAM.

might... just try watching japanese let's plays... shit man. that's stupid there isn't much voiced bits i wouldn't understand anything

oh wait the manga advertised cd dramas maybe that covers more

or it could be joke-y extra stuff idfk


also two memes


my thread
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lets see

yesterday i got really annoyed at my horribly off sleep schedule

so i decided I WILL STAY UP TODAY. YES. and thus reset it
well... ok i ended up failing by 1pm. meant to nap but suddenly it's 6pm oops
i went to bed at 2am and got up today at 10
though the cats kept bugging me
so i finally get up
...and they go to sleep

i was obviously on a hard start yesterday morning

helloooo corpse party
been interested in that doujin game for some time 'cause well. man, that title.
found out that the pc trial had been translated so i so grabbed it up
...bad end oops
then i found out the 'good' end really isn't much different

with a title like 'corpse party' you know it won't turn out well.
so. the translation project for the game is dead dead dead

then i hear there's a manga adaption
except that isn't fully translated either
only 6 chapters of a 4-volume series
so... i go find the raws
...and it's got furigana! woot!
read vol2 yesterday
just finished 3 now

the backstory btw? scissors do not work that way.
just. yeah.

and i just... can't help but lol and feel sorry at the same time for satoshi who's all 'we're gonna find everyone and get out of here!'
cause... again... title. nothing will end well.
several of his friends are already dead...

and to be completely contrasting
i got to the end of princess debut!
my dance partner was vince :3
not who i was intending at first but i got to really liking the kid
he's like. kinda childish and likes to trick the poor girl but
he's a good kid
and i awww'd when he asked if she'd come with him to his kingdom

so now i wanna beat the ballroom mode
i got to the 4th dance and just-barely-didn't make the required score. :(
also wanna go back to story mode because
i want luciano & liam :D
don't care about the rest of the guys though
cesar is so... ugh. go away.
klaus is just boring. better than dealing with mcflirty cesar but still. :/

now a meme to finish this ...odd entry.

the "what icon do you associate with me?" meme!
• do not look at the comments.
• take a look at my userpics.
• post a comment with the icon of mine you associate with me. leave commentary if desired.
• repost with your default icon.
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