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doesn't happen often so i thought i'd put them down here

because they're really weird

last night's is fading by now but
i was getting real life pokemon badges

and i was all YAY I KICK ASS

then i was looking at them
and realized they're just funny-wrapped chocolates
i was D: at first
then was like oh whatever and started eating 'em
ants came and i had a battle to protect my chocolate

......that's it

today's dream
because i suck again and tried to 'nap'
it was 11am
i wake now, it's 8:30pm
uh the dream...
first was an inazuma eleven based dream
i was in the group
and we were playing against the aliens
i was a defender btw
anyway we were doing okay
then the aliens decided to screw with endou by showing that the other aliens he kinda-maybe befriended weren't dead and were still enemies
that did enough so we lost
and endou was very... down
and left
everyone was like 'oh leave him alone' but i couldn't
so i was trying to follow/find him
somehow i ended up in a library
a really huge old looking one
spent time trying to find endou and getting depressed, myself...

then the dream changed
and became like an adventure game
and the character i was playing... j.r.r. tolkien??
and he looked like carl clover from blazblue for some reason... o____O
still was in the library
but i don't remember more
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e...yeaaaah, my dreams were weird last night.
well first of all, i tried to go to sleep around 11
and i just wasn't sleepy
so i got back up
and tried to go back to sleep by 4 am :/
cause i was figuring i'd have to be up early since my sister's coming and stuff

i dreamt about a game
it was randomly an online game, randomly not
but anyway it was a pokemon game
i remember somehow getting stuck in a team galactic base
and fighting cyrus
some kinda glitch happened and it said his pokemon were invincible
but i won somehow and ran off
trying to get out
then like i fell asleep
and was attacked by a giratina
but it was glitchy
its moveset changed every turn
kept using stupid moves like explosion
which made it easy to beat
and i was like 'wtf, this is a really bad glitch, i need to report this'

that's all i remember :/

aaaanyway i am bored and my sister isn't here yet
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I had one weird dream :/
I was back in Florida... well, more like as if I never moved to NC.
There was a computer on Dad's office table thing, which was weird since it normally is covered with papers and notes, he doesn't like it messed with
and i was trying to do stuff on the comp
but there was a serious roach problem
(one thing i really don't miss from florida. heh.)
and i was all 'aaaah' and yelling at Dad to do something
and he was chasing the roaches around trying to stomp them
down to one left
then um
the freaking roach changed into a house cat-sized wolf
i freaked out more and suddenly had bug spray
so i started spraying like nuts
(and at some point during this the roach-wolf hid under a bucket. ???)
then like
we all started calming down
and the computer was having some kind of error
and Dad and I thought the roach-wolf could fix it

...that's all i remember

wow ice cream before bed can make some damn weird dreams.
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so like
at 4:30-ish
i suddenly got really sleepy
it was like i was seriously about to have my face meet desk/keyboard
so i got in bed
fell asleep
and man i think i had a dream of being drunk
and i've never been drunk thx
everything was all blurry and moving alot seeming
i tried to take a shower
and i somehow broke the mirror in there
(we don't have a mirror in the shower...)
so i kinda was like 'oh shit' and tried to hurry up and gtfo before dad noticed lol?
and then there was a bunch of chairs infront of the stairs
so i had to pick one up and move it
that's all i remember :/

then the phone rang and i assumed it was dad so i picked up
nope, it was gamestop letting me know shin megami tenseai persona is out tomorrow so come get it k :3
god is it that hard to see the E? :/ :/
but seriously
i reserved it yesterday
i know it's out tomorrow whatever
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I had a dream. I went to a grocery store, and I saw a Natsuhi cosplayer. And Rosa, too. Working. At a grocery store.
I saw Rosa first, when I was waiting in line. She was talking about Umineko to someone else, I heard and kept staring. She noticed me and did a V sign, lol.
So after I got out of the line, Rosa came after me, with Natsuhi omgyay. I glomped Natsuhi XD
...then Natsuhi commented on my hair stinking. D: D:


wtf, brain. really.

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So I was sleeping~
and like.

I had a dream, I went to an anime store. And~ it was owned/run by [ profile] splash  o_O
So we were like 'omg hi' and stuff
I looked around~ found a corner with alot of (imaginary) Umineko no naku koro ni merchandice XD including like... cosplay stuff. just hair accessories/hats though. O_o and the hats were completely dream-created, nothing from Umineko.
I saw some kinda cd thing too, but the case was huge, like an old record size... XD

then I had some kinda funky Sunred-inspired dream, but I don't remember much detail.

weird brain~

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