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beat SOLATOROBO last night :3

people. go play it. i want friends to spazz with ;_;

and of course i made an elh rp account [ profile] paladineko
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where do i even start? been too long since i last posted. idk, just couldn't figure out how to word things.

well, put simply: our unwelcome houseguest has gtfo'd. yes, finally. dad was put to the point that he couldn't 'be nice' anymore and told her straight that she's not welcome anymore.

she called me a pig, and worthless. not to my face of couuuurse, but quietly outside her door just in my hearing range. i was understandably aggravated, called dad and told him GET. HER. OUT.

so she is! yes! it was night when we made things clear, so she only bitched and stomped her way upstairs to slam doors again. next day was more door slamming, then she just didn't come back for a week. aah, felt nice. then she showed up again to move her stuff out, which took two different days to finish. but she is gone.

...actually there's a few random things still here, but dad heard she's off causing trouble for someone else now, and he's decided he's going to change the locks. tomorrow. "if she wants this stuff she can call me"

now, on the laptop: we got it to an acquaintance who fixes computers, and i got it back tonight. WHOO.

................except the screen just crapped out again. after around 5 hours. i turned down the brightness like he told me to! damn it :| 70 bucks = 5 hours working? sigh.

in... better news, i of course have been playing games.
picked tales of symphonia back up - been so long since i last played, i couldn't remember what we were doing or where anything was. oops. still, i managed to get the story back on track. finished the shrines and whatev, then oh noes colette becomes a drone and kratos pwns us. (nooo cool guy don't leave the paaaarty ;_;)
already knew that kratos was a traitor because... i get nosy in rp? reading threads of tales of characters even if i haven't finished their game? hahahaha oops. (and yes i also know some other spoilers, but OH WELL)
i got stuck trying to escape the rebel's base, then got distracted again.

with fragile dreams: farewell ruins of the moon.
oh my GOD
beautiful game, dude, beautifuuuul.
also just a bit creepy at times. you are exploring an post-apocalyptic world, after all. not many humans, but plenty of... things.

i finished it today. took around 11 hours. unfortunately doesn't have much of replay value, but it's still a LOVELY game. if you haven't played it and have a wii, GET IT MAN.

uhh and now i started playing solatorobo: red the hunter
furry bait!
LOL NO i got no problem with furries, one of my best friends is one. he kept bugging me to play this game way back... in japanese... couldn't follow it. ;; BUT NOW IT IS IN ENGLISH and strangely that friend hasn't said a word to me about it
but still, it does look like an interesting game and i do like furry art okok
battle system is different. instead of just, like, hitting enemies with weapons or whatever, you pilot a robot to lift and throw them to cause damage. it still needs strategy to do well, though, since it doesn't take long for enemies that have, for example, strong front armor needing you to get them from behind, or overall defense preventing basic throws to cause damage so you have to jump and throw instead. and that's just from my play so far.

dog people and cat people everywhere. it's cool.

this post is kinda long already, so i think i'll talk about other stuff later.
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so... this past saturday was eventful. In a way.

Big storm went through NC/VA, multiple tornadoes touched down, etc
somehow our little town in halifax county avoided tornados, only got some wind and rain. next town over, though, did have a tornado touch down and some destroyed buildings. D:

i'm still thinking back over everything. back in florida, hurricanes were a constant thing, but dad and i never had more house damage than some roof shingles or such missing. sure, i had seen worse happen to other people's houses, but i guess since dad was always excited about hurricanes i just... followed his lead and never over-thought things? storms are awesome displays of nature's force, and beauty. so i can understand dad's tendency for excitement about hurricanes, and honestly i still think the same. but this tornado-spawning storm... i don't know, it was different than what i am used to...
it was real windy, and the power went out about 5:45... jeanie had a weather radio thing we were listening to, keep us updated on what was going on
but that was it.
no tv, no computers, can't cook food
we were planning to cook tacos that night and obviously without power couldn't
i just flopped in bed and slept most of the night
power came back around 3am

during the night i played a bit more of golden sun: dark dawn
i had been ignoring the ds in general for some time so yeah
...i am thinking i should go back and play the previous game though because, idk, it feels weird since i haven't?

other games... got to vol3 for .hack//g.u.
ffs sakaki just die already corp's obviously insane for hiring him btw
also aida, do something less predictable than jumping from arena champion to arena champion. too obvious.
i want yoko/alkaid back :| oh and TABBY! i hear she's back later in vol3 but screw that i want my catgirl from the start, man.

uhhh what else
well tonight i got real bored and... tried that new my little pony cartoon. yeah.
i liked twilight sparkle better at first. :/
one night is honestly too quick to be like YAAAY WE'RE SERIOUSLY BFFS!!!
personally? i was all for nightmare moon. WHATS WRONG WITH ETERNAL NIGHT???? the sun's too damn bright :|

in other news i am crazy and thinking about trying rp again - this time in a more 'real' game with serious apps 'n stuff. [ profile] route_29 
yes, pokemanz.
gonna toss [ profile] aicanfly (from cardliver kakeru).
but then i looked and oops, APPS CLOSED TIL MAY lol
oh well, means time for canon review.
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went out, walked the pretty husky dog aaaaaa~ll o~ver, got food(somewhere in time between lunch/dinner so. whatever.), sat in a car while dad & jeanie put some stuff up for work tomorrow, then we went to some event thing. banjos, banjos everywhere. okok it wasn't just banjos but yeah. music was overall fine, just not quite my taste, you know? first i was sitting outside so i started playing tales of innocence. then dad kept bugging me so i came in, but in ToI i was in the middle of a dungeon trying to gtfo, and i took the whole time just trying to find a way back to the field. jeez. i hope no one was offended by that... i did put the ds down and clap when everyone else did.

reminded dad to check the dang mail already, since he hasn't managed/remembered to get there for the past few days
yep the ps2 repair part was hereeeeeeeeeeeee!!

obviously once i got home i fixed my ps2. yep. :3
the long awaited.... SMT: DEVIL SUMMONER RAIDOU KUZUNOHA and blah blah
friggin' hell i burned that off back before i found the ps2 stopped turning on. so i've been waiting aaaaaaa
played over an hour. not sure if its the swapdisc or my ps2 being stupid, but i have to skip cutscenes because they lag like seriously bad. SLOW. SLOOOOW. first attempt to play it outright stopped bothering to read the disc :/ before i could even save. for the first time. yeaah. /had to do tutorial all over again pff

swapdisc still says my copy of sly cooper 1 isn't a valid ps2 disc. ugh. not sure what to do there...

gonna sleep soon it's already 3am

...not sure what the heck i'll play tomorrow. too much stuff @_@
p4... raidou... tota... and other games not for ps2. agh.
probably just get a bit more AC done then raidou it up. lol

oh yes and the other day when dad was using the laptop i just played ds... started a new game i've heard about for being at least somewhat a VN. lux-pain? i got the undub rom and played an hour and a half straight, lol
its interesting~ though the touch screen stuff for finding those glowy things confused me at first because... no explanation its just poof i can ...draw... on the... screen...? idfk????
but yes. interesting. i like the little kid lol. SHE CAN UNDERSTAND ANIMALS :D
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ok it has been a LONG TIME since i last posted an entry, oops

in real life i had a somewhat hectic week because my dad's friend with her dog came and stayed again
this time i DID NOT want to deal with cats trapped in my room whining forever so i just said: i'mma leave the door open. we'll see what happens.

yuugi stays awaaaaaaaay from the dog forever
gizzy, however, continued to be VERY curious
at one point he got so close to cody that gizzy started to play with cody's tail :DDDDD
it was sooooo cute you guys
she and the dog will be back next week so it'll be interesting to see if gizzy and cody can manage to become good friends :o

now for fandom spazzing

tokimeki memorial girl's side 1st love plus: still pisses me off yaaaaaaaaay
/failed at getting Morimura-kun. again.
so I give up for now and will instead pursue HIMURO-SENSEI!!! :D

also i can't remember who but someone on plurk mentioned some other ds game: princess debut and even had a download link lol
so uh. i started that last night and just

but i will say in terms of game play i like it more than tokimemo because
now in princess maker you dance with guys
and it makes sense
friggin' thing shows you where to start and what movement to do
unlike TOKIMEMO which is completely nonsensical ffffffffffff

ok enough about games
heartcatch precure just ended and i am sad
the ending...... um. i liked it but felt it could've explained some things more. like WTF IS DUNE?? and what exactly was done to sasorina/kumojacky/cobraja cause like. okay. yes it was something to do with their heart flowers but what?? also why do we end up only getting to know kumojacky's real name?? :<
but oh well, i hope suite precure turns out to be good...

cardfight vanguard yaaaay misakiiiiiii! and WHERE. IS. KAI. that is all.
also i got to rp kai on dear_mun for once. because i found a misakiiiiiiiii omfg. I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE RPING VANGUARD CHARS YAY

oh yes and with all the freak outs about puella magi maddoka magica on plurk i got re-interested. like, i had only watched ep1 which looked okay but idfk
so i watched more.
i won't say more. just... fiejfrjugfrjWOW
also i am in love with the ed song

now for kamen rider ooo, i watched 19&20 last night
i am interested in knowing what's wrong of course
ankh is now ho-oh
the end

i hope i do not bore you :(

dad will be coming home with PIZZA! soon life is good. mmmm
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