the cookout

Jul. 3rd, 2010 12:29 am
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i was so looking forward to the kebabs

well uh
the bacon didn't get crispy at all....
chicken was good but chewing on chewy bacon is... ugh...

so dad and i threw ideas at eachother about how to make that better next time. ;;

still tasted good but DANG IT BACON D:

ffix: got out of Fossil Roo, hello Outer Continent~
choroneko: (natsuru: sparkles!)
Dad and I are cooking out tonight :D
'cause its cooler for now...
burgers and chicken yaaaaaay
he's making some chicken kebabs, chicken wrapped in bacon :o
sounds good ;;

in the meantime i am hungry :/

but hey i know good stuff's coming so /o/

gonna be playing more FFIX once the laptop runs out of power :3
since i'm sticking with Dad while he cooks~

I'm in Fossil Roo... meh, more spider riding.
and switches to get on different paths

On Vdex... I caught a shiny Pikachu last night! :D
I'm looking for a RSEFRLG sprite 'chu, actually, but still SHINY!!!
Today, I just saw a RSEFRLG one but it escaped :/
and blah blah tanabata event jirachis, caught two, gave one to a friend, haven't been able to catch more
but then again i only have pokeballs right now... even with Lyrit i'm sure that's a low chance ;;
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hmmm i haven't posted for a few days because, really, nothing's going on, so I had nothing to say.

and I'm sure posts for just vdex advertisement would get annoying :)
(and i found that i still get plenty of points from the vdex forums... orrrr a lot of people are viewing my lj profile. I think the forum thing is more likely.)

sooooo it'll be the 4th soon
dad and i are probably not going to go  to the events here in town
...we can see the fireworks fine from our house lol ;;;

then the 6th is... Persona 3 Portable!!!
want. :D

been playing FFIX obviously...
finished Disc One
why is the disc thing left in O_o
anywayyyy saved Dagger from uglyfatqueen, and the giant spider crashed, thanks freaky snake.
Dagger will finally get a freaking Summon when I get back to playing. Yay.
(never understood why the option's there from the beginning when we're not supposed to know she's a summoner... and she can't possibly have enough mp to summon anything til now :/)

well, whatever! I love the game so much anyway <3

now, vdex. I am shiny Shinx hunting :o
I maxed Hari&Nao's affection so I got the item, and now I have Z as a partner.

and finally, a meme.
imitate me meme
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blah blah blah FFIX!!!! blah

beat black waltz no.3 (first battle)
reached lindblum castle

i just love this game so. much.
i would be just in freaking heaven if square would remake this with current graphics :/
not change the style, just make it prettier.

mehhhhhh whatever they'd probably do 8 or 7 that kind of treatment.
9 is just... so unloved compared to others. ;o;

anyway i'm gonna go back to playing the hell out of my psp~

oh today i caught a shiny magikarp on vdex~ :D
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my friend came online late last night
ffix wanted to take two hours to download
so i gave up and went to bed

the moment i got up

played two hours XD
near the end of the ice cavern
aahh~ i always hated that boss :|
having to fight two boss enemies with only zidane is annoying ;;

its kinda amusing how clearly i remember everything and how to do stuff and where to go

aaaaand now tonight i'm getting to go eat out with some friends of dad and i /o/
haven't seen them in quite some time so it'll be cool :D

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