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sooooooo lets see

2 weeks ago dad needed to go to the veteran's hospital up in richmond and jeanie wanted us all to go so we could go out to eat at a red lobster after
i was (unsure) about red lobster cuz... idk, it just seems so LOL FANCY-ASS PLACE and i didn't know if anything would fit my taste
and dad kept going on about 'cheese biscuits' which didn't help because... wat. cheese. ISN'T NEEDED IN BISCUTS :|
and then i ate one and omfg idk why dad calls 'em cheese biscuits since i didn't taste any but they're seasoned and stuff and just. oh. so good.

oh right, the hospital. uh, dad seems okay yay, and we weren't there too long
i also checked out the shop they have they sell video games... xbox 360/wii/ps3 all 14.99
also had a ps3 for 50 dollars cheaper than the suggested price .......... /staaare

anyway, red lobster was okay
the biscuits were amazing, the fish fillet i had was huge, but their fries need work.
OH OH OH and omfg this desert they had
warm chocolate chip cookie with a fudge filling, topped with a scoop of ice cream
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man
next time i wanna try their banana-chocolate smoothie thing, though

few days after that we went to wings & rings which is always good. mmmmm garlic parmesan chicken...

in terms of games i have only been playing .hack lately
i'm up to the ~big reveal~ about tri-edge ...which i had been spoiled about, unfortnuately
so i have to fight ovan and uh
his balls are annoying
lololololol no really though he can spawn these floating balls that heal/shield him or attack us
my party's lv85 but i guess i need to grind more because i keep dying

now uhhhhh
lesse, anime...
tiger & bunny? FRIGGIN' HILARIOUS
also i feel for poor ossan tiger...
i am still feeling slightly pissy about cardfight vanguard not showing the misaki/kai fight but whatever, they're going for a real tourney now.
i watched .hack//quantum ep3 and.................... ;O; HERMITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
the x-men anime that started recently seems good but then again i only know the movies...
steins;gate is trippy as hell
dog days is like are you making war a sport now wat. but the cat country's queen is damn hot so ok
still only watching suite precure for siren...
oh yes and [ profile] yuidirnt got me to watch sengoku boobs otome: momoiro paradox
/fangirls over nobunaga forever

for ooo... 27-28 wtf was that
breaking 4th wall like crazy
i watched it on youtube and the subbers annoyed me by being jokey and calling gotou brotou :/
but then 29... oh man. ankh :o
doctor maki gets creepier, not less, when adding backstory.
gokaigerrrrrrr uh
8 was liek stupid
but i guess its ok since it advanced plot a little now that zangyack knows what the gokaigers are after

k i can't think of anything else to talk about now
choroneko: (stop shipping me with aichi!!) find a FRIGGIN' SPIDER in your bed. UDHUEFHJGFNHJERMFDJ UGH
it got on my pillow :( then yuugi killed it :x

but ok ok yesterday was pretty good, actually
went out to eat, mmmm i love those garlic parmesan chicken tenders! so so so so goood
played a little tales of innocence after i finished eating
honestly, ricardo, what the hell.
then later i played some more of innocence

lost to gardel or wtfever once, tried again, won
went to next town, do-dee-do, decided to do some guild quests
the town didn't have an inn or save spot so i completely forgot to save
since i can save in the field
jfiuerhurijguDAMN IT.

last time i played raidou it did this too :/ over an hour, no save spot, crash. ugh.
at least with that i can kinda understand, i'm forcing the ps2 to read burned discs. but the ds... there's no swapping or crap involved, it just. stops. with a POP noise. idfk...

lately the internet's been weird, i keep getting disconnected for no apparent reason. :/

my life is still pretty boring, not much to talk about.
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since my post earlier today, i caught up on 5d's since i was 3 eps behind

wtf. just.... wtf. -_-

played some 999, trying to get coffin ending since once i do the safe ending that path leads to true ending only
but for some reason i was locked into the axe ending even though i followed the guide :/
gave up, checked gamefaqs, true ending gives coffin credit too so whatever
i don't feel like playing again from the start at the moment so i'll get the safe ending later. probably tomorrow.

i spammed some pixiv art on my tumblr... mostly cardliver but one had the cardfight vanguard main char too.
(btw there is already cardfight vanguard porn on pixiv... ugh)


gonna have delicious baked chicken breasts tonightttttttt
w/ mashed potatoes. and biscuits. (i'm craving biscuits ok stfu)
/has ate all day

In My Past Life I Was...
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some stuff i forgot to mention last post.

i watched the haruhi movie.
hi, confusion.
kyon remains awesome.
alternate!nagato is adorable.
and now i ship nagato/kyon...

i've been playing 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors ...or however the order goes lol
it's an awesome visual novel-type game on the ds. has puzzle sections too.
its also rated m. because oh god the gore.
well okok it doesn't show anything really besides blood. ...oh wait that captain. um. well one dead body but it doesn't show his wound or anything.
but then again i've only reached two endings so far...
all the girls are nice looking. :D
as for the guys, ehhhh. except snake. snake is cool~

worked on inazuma a bit more, too.
i beat senbayama second try. first time i just couldn't get the ball to kidou properly and only the inazuma break could get through because ~story~ - after that other shots did work. ha.
second try went well. i think the score was like 3-0~
so now i gotta deal with kidokawa seishuu, yeah?
god the mukata triplets annoy me

why did endou get so down about not being able to block triangleZ when he didn't even use a hissatsu?! of course he wouldn't be able to block it :|

still waiting for my ps2 swapdisc and stuff
since its new years day post offices are closed.
and tomorrow's sunday so... blah.
i wanna play sly ;-;

umineko ep8's out
i've read some spoilers
but... eh, i wanna have some surprises for when it gets translated. so i stopped looking.

also ougon musou kyoku, umineko's fighting game, and tsubasa, vn versions of the extra tips.
i have all three downloaded
I WANNA PLAY OUGON but it won't work on either computer right
on the laptop, i get a blank screen
on the desktop, the screen isn't blank but it won't respond to any keys except esc which closes it. :/
not cool ._.

oh, shiki ended.
megumiiiiii ;o;

kuragehime's last ep is out too but i haven't watched it yet.
don't spoil me k

right, the zoroark pokemon movie is out too
haven't seen it yet either

oh yes, and i spent last night playing dungeons&dragons with a friend on plurk over skype
he invited some other friends of his too
and oh man i had fun~
it passed into the new year while we were playing
it's been a good long time since i last played d&d
only once before, actually. when 4.0 came out, two friends and i went down to williamsburg and hit a hobby/game store that was doing an event to show off the new version.

well i can't really think of anything else to say
made a huge meatloaf tonight with dad
mmm beef and all kinds of stuff mixed in. plenty of seasoning~ and some ketchup lathered on top to prevent it from crisping up too much.
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last night I streamed the lion king 2 :D
i had fun~
...even though near the end all but one viewer left without saying anything?? :/

i remembered my love for Zira though XD
and thus! icon rearranging, again. two Zira icons yaaay
i really wanted one of her when she put her paw with claws extended up in front of her face during "my lullaby" but I couldn't find anything of that bit :(


life continues to be eventless and boring.

birthday's coming up... the 11th.
dad says he'll try to take me to logan's for grilled salmon and huge brownie
but we'll see how that goes :/

FOR NOW i have meatloaf. and potatoes.
bacon in fridge for when we finish the meatloaf
we've planned to have bacon & french toast
dad'll cook the bacon, i'll make the french toast
and we'll eat together <3

it is COLD today maaaan
i don't want to leave my blankets. ever. ;;
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last night's meal was delicioussssss
see like all that crazy fraction adding way different fractions pisses me off
so one day i was like 'BAH' and just... made instant potatoes without measuring. just, put a nice bit of milk, some butter, seasoning. get to a boil then be a bit careful adding the flakes because you don't want it really stiff or too soupy
dad is stubborn and sticks to measuring but he needed to do some dishes while the meatloaf cooked so i got to do the potatoes my way~ and he liked them :D

so the meatloaf took like 2 hours to cook and yeah it was greaaaaaat
dad bought a nice long loaf of bread and we made it garlic bread. mm
and, of course, my potatoes.
i put a bit too much seasoning though lol

aaaaaaanyway last night i was messing around randomly with my xbox and was like 'what's this media center stuff'
so then omfg video streaming to xbox? thus play on the tv instead of a monitor?? yes plz
took a bit of work to figure out why it wasn't working though
then found out xbox won't play everything
yeah, i figured mkv wouldn't work, but some of my .avis use codecs it doesn't like so it won't play
so tonight i google'd around and found an alternate program to use :3
i'm watching the latest ep of 5D's on my tv!!!!
<3 you, tversity~!
oh and the xbox can play stuff off burned data dvds, too
i rewatched the first ep of magiranger and kinda lol'd at tv-nihon's bsing of wolzard's spell chants
also i dunno if its because i'm older now but like
these kids just get pushed suddenly into YOU'RE MAGICIANS NOW GO FIGHT THESE MONSTERS FROM 'HELL'
and without any training or anything they know how to do everything
...guess it can be handwaved like 'ITS MAGIC OKAY dur' but... :/

oh and for the people who were like 'what's wrong with your ear??'
sorry i thought i talked about it before but then i realized no, i only complained about it on plurk. oops.
uh my ear seems to be badly stuffed up with earwax. i can't hear out of it.
but this morning i had dad apply the earwax removal stuff instead of myself because i can't see what i'm doing and i never felt anything drip out
but when dad did it? oh yesssss, it dripped, and i could feel/hear it fizzling inside my ear. weird feeling.
gonna have it done again before i go to bed tonight. hope this clears it up quick~

so yeah now i'm gonna go back to watching 5d's since i haven't watched this ep yet. dodeedo hello there luciano's laugh
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from those trick or treat dares
sorry for anyone i annoyed with all those backward comments
if i had something to say, i wanted to say it :/

so i went out to eat~ just got back :3
went to mayflower, the only seafood place around here :D
haven't went in so long~ was good to go again hehe
why we haven't gone there in awhile is dad likes to have beer and they don't serve it
so we've gone like everywhere else except there, lol.
but tonight he said we could go where i~ wanted to go
so, popcorn shrimp eeeeeeee~<3
big platter
they pile~ it~ on~ mmm so good.
dad had scallops or something :/
we ate blah blah
came home
then i had to zoom and change litter boxes so we could take the garbage can to the street
and now i'm here.

i kinda ate too much. eh. stupid nose runs when i eat too much o_O
makes me cough

but i'm in a good mood anyway~
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from foooooood <3
Seafood. Popcorn shrimp! (though the place I go to calls it baby shrimp...)
sooo good. Always. :D

then after, i checked some places about jobs. No clue of anything happening yet, but hopefully... :3

...and the cat just went nuts on me again. D:
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