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sooooooo lets see

2 weeks ago dad needed to go to the veteran's hospital up in richmond and jeanie wanted us all to go so we could go out to eat at a red lobster after
i was (unsure) about red lobster cuz... idk, it just seems so LOL FANCY-ASS PLACE and i didn't know if anything would fit my taste
and dad kept going on about 'cheese biscuits' which didn't help because... wat. cheese. ISN'T NEEDED IN BISCUTS :|
and then i ate one and omfg idk why dad calls 'em cheese biscuits since i didn't taste any but they're seasoned and stuff and just. oh. so good.

oh right, the hospital. uh, dad seems okay yay, and we weren't there too long
i also checked out the shop they have they sell video games... xbox 360/wii/ps3 all 14.99
also had a ps3 for 50 dollars cheaper than the suggested price .......... /staaare

anyway, red lobster was okay
the biscuits were amazing, the fish fillet i had was huge, but their fries need work.
OH OH OH and omfg this desert they had
warm chocolate chip cookie with a fudge filling, topped with a scoop of ice cream
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man
next time i wanna try their banana-chocolate smoothie thing, though

few days after that we went to wings & rings which is always good. mmmmm garlic parmesan chicken...

in terms of games i have only been playing .hack lately
i'm up to the ~big reveal~ about tri-edge ...which i had been spoiled about, unfortnuately
so i have to fight ovan and uh
his balls are annoying
lololololol no really though he can spawn these floating balls that heal/shield him or attack us
my party's lv85 but i guess i need to grind more because i keep dying

now uhhhhh
lesse, anime...
tiger & bunny? FRIGGIN' HILARIOUS
also i feel for poor ossan tiger...
i am still feeling slightly pissy about cardfight vanguard not showing the misaki/kai fight but whatever, they're going for a real tourney now.
i watched .hack//quantum ep3 and.................... ;O; HERMITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
the x-men anime that started recently seems good but then again i only know the movies...
steins;gate is trippy as hell
dog days is like are you making war a sport now wat. but the cat country's queen is damn hot so ok
still only watching suite precure for siren...
oh yes and [ profile] yuidirnt got me to watch sengoku boobs otome: momoiro paradox
/fangirls over nobunaga forever

for ooo... 27-28 wtf was that
breaking 4th wall like crazy
i watched it on youtube and the subbers annoyed me by being jokey and calling gotou brotou :/
but then 29... oh man. ankh :o
doctor maki gets creepier, not less, when adding backstory.
gokaigerrrrrrr uh
8 was liek stupid
but i guess its ok since it advanced plot a little now that zangyack knows what the gokaigers are after

k i can't think of anything else to talk about now
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man, what is it with card game animes kicking me in the butt lately?

first i finally finish cardliver kakeru and they end the damn show without resolving... anything...

and now, this week's yugioh 5d's ep. w. t. f.

now i SERIOUSLY dunno about zexal. i don't really look forward to that kinda crap pulled again.

/gives cardfight vanguard a look
don't you dare do this shit please :(

yeah... i feel so blah right now. :/

ehhh let's see
i watched gokaiger ep1 and finished just in time to realise "oh shi- 5d's" but anyway
i went in thinking :/ because. pirates aren't good guys seriously, i don't care what modern fiction wants you to think.
starts off with epic story-set up with ALLLLLL THE PAST RANGERS fighting against alien invaders
man *_*
/fangirls all over
/was maybe paying a bit more attention to abarekiller...
aaah anyway they all sacrifice themselves to destroy the army but
it didn't work i guess derp because they're still around?
and our 'heroes' are wanted criminals in their opinion
so we have our space pirates heading to earth
because it has ~the greatest treasure~ or something
so they just. park their ship in the sky, drop anchors (almost squishing a cat :|) and come jumping down
and yell at us "earthlings" thinking we'd know about the greatest treasure
yeah no

also red is the captain. captain ~marvelous~
really can't take that seriously pfffff
anyway i'm not trying to summarize the ep or anything so i'll shut up
marvelous is so totally captain tsun. :p
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