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i slept all day because i am lazy
even though it's halloween
nothing happens in freaking halifax, oh no

of course also note that list of events, none continue onto the 31st. oh no.

as a result of that, the stores took down all the halloween stuff today.

oh well
gonna do my own, personal, creepy event fun
first i should freaking read the new umineko ep7 stuff :/
dunno if that much will reach into creepy but whatever, i can always go back to ep2 and see the awesome that is HAPPY HALLOWEEN FOR MARIAAAAAAAA
kihihihi that is one of the best halloween parties ever >:3

after that i dunno

okay i just ate dinner and a little desert~
chicken, mashed potatoes, and two rolls
was deeeeeelicious
dad managed to get some goodies leftover from a halloween thing at a restaurant we go to often
so i just ate a slice from some kinda cookie cake, it had frosting on it too and omg it was good
also a basic chocolate cupcake
there's another choco-cupcake but i want dad to have it <3
there's two of some other cupcake but i dunno what it is
and finally, an EYE. yeah, an eye. dad says it's a donut hole dipped in some kind of frosting and then decorated to look like an eye :D
dad wants me to save some of it so i didn't eat all the stuff in the to-go box
but i wanna eat that eyeeeeeeee XD
lmao i told dad i liked the cookie thing then he tells me it's pumpkin cookie with chocolate chips so i can't say i don't like pumpkins anymore ;;

okay i'm done
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well, the... haunted house a few towns over... sucked. :/
took like 3-4 minutes to walk through and just wasn't scary?
also they need to work on theming because yes, alien abduction and what they supposedly do to humans is indeed a scary thought, but you... don't have average haunted house decorated rooms end with aliens. sure, the guide guy kept going ALIENS ALIENS in the earlier rooms but THE DECORATIONS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ALIENS?! just... you know, skeletons and half-rotted corpses. :/ i suppose the point was to assume these skeletons were previous test subjects, but generally you would think people going through crazy experiments wouldn't have normal looking skeletons. so... yeah...
whatever, can't expect an awesome haunted house for just 2 dollars. heh.

dad and i stopped by dairy queen on the way home~ he decided to just have dinner there so i had a footlong hotdog and a blizzard, while he tried their 'spicy' burger
well he says it was just... kinda hot. nothing that good. but then again i think dad's tongue is like DEAD or something because few restaurants have 'spicy' food he actually thinks is spicy. XD

so now i am hoooome, hi.
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found a haunted house in a nearby town
dad badly hurt his ankle the other day so i felt it wasn't right to make him go so far for my silliness
so yeah, roanoke rapids is two towns away so not far at all :3
i just took a shower and we're waiting a little so i'm dry
/sucks at drying self off btw

aaand Umineko ep7 partial patch!! yes!! its out!! right before halloween, Maria would be proud <3
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i feel blah
like... i should be out doing something but i don't really know what
i guess all the halloween-y stuff people are doing around this time is getting to me since i do nothing, have done nothing for years
never really bugged me until this year and i don't know why

i don't get out, i don't know people, dad gets out only to work and the people he does know aren't the kind that'd have parties i'd be interested in going to if they even do have parties
and its not like i have a costume whatsoever and just---aaaaargh
dunno of other halloween events going on here either
i did a little googling and found a haunted house thing up in emporia
20-30 minutes away
i... kinda want to go and yet don't. on one hand, i feel like doing something for halloween, on the other hand, i am likely a huge wimp and so i don't know how well i'd do in there

this sucks. :/

also... thinking of trying to start an anime club in this area. there isn't one, and i am going nuts without knowing anyone nearby to do stuff with. anime, video games, i don't know, SOMETHING!
my dad knows this guy who works at the nissan store... thing? that likes anime, and his sister does too, so that's two people besides me, they may know more, and if i get fliers somewhere populated it may catch the eye of other fans, or maybe just people interested, and... i don't know.
main thing is i need somewhere for it to be. guides/info about starting them say libraries tend to allow rooms to be used but who knows? i can't use school places because, dur, i'm not in school. what else is there? ugh. Dad talks about trying to rent a room in the basement of the antique mall over in weldon once a week or something like that, but that just seems like it'd be WEIRD. sure, the basement is empty now because no one will buy stuff from the shops down there but it just... i mean, look at a flier, "at RIVERSIDE MILL ANTIQUE MALL" ...???? would anyone even think that's normal?!

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