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so i was like 'blaaaaah' after finishing solatorobo. sure, there are post-game quests but it didn't take long to finish most of those. i just got the second boss rush to deal with... aaanyway i started on harvest moon: tale of two towns

wow the setup is kinda silly but whatever, harvest moon games aren't known for amazing stories or anything lol

OH OH about solatorobo, i found someone rping Red! :D :D also someone complimented my Elh playing on rpanonmeme~

oh my GOD cardfight vanguard
aichiaichiaichi you're losing it, so losing it
and i love it
(main character's going a biiiiit nutty.)
i've been pretty much nutty myself at this mess
went and found raw scans of the manga
i have to say i liiiike it. moving faster than the anime - aichi gets his ~psyqualia~ power in chap8, man. also the foo fighters are just some gang, so instead of things having to wait for tournaments to roll around, story moves quicker.
ren is like a freaky child in the manga though LOL kyou's flashback shows ren just kinda spazzing around, calling tetsu 'tecchan' and asaka 'aachan' ...but just calls kyou 'boy' lmfao, kyou just can't win in any version of this...

aaaaaaaand uh
today's ep of suite precure was amazing
next week, halloween ep. everyone in costumes. gonna be greaaaat.

ummm i caught up on yugioh zexal earlier this week
...except i somehow didn't notice ep27 was out so i'll watch that tomorrow
also need to catch up on inazuma go and pokemon best wishes

oh yeah back to rp, i dropped from mayfield. iiiii went super low confidence about playing kurisu(she's a genius and i'm not, what do), and when okabe-mun decided to drop i did too. she had no other CR so...
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my ear is STILL stuffed up
can't hear out of it
not even messing with it is clearing it up temporarily anymore
this is getting ANNOYING

last night i finally played more pokemon
been ignoring it for too long because i was like BLAH GRINDING
but i did some, got through victory road too
still need to do way more before i try the E4 :/

LV45 Shandera, LV39 Warubiru, LV41 Leparudasu, LV44 Zebraika, LV44 Jaroda, LV43 Akeosu
as you can see, this still needs work. lots.

also i REALLY wanna try that wifi stuff harvest moon grand bazaar has
been ignoring that game for some time too
near the end of winter and... eh.

valkyria chronicles 2... haven't done anything with it for a few days either. hm.

and of course some time ago i was like DUDE I GOTTA PLAY MORE ARC RISE FANTASIA then found my wiimote batteries are dead SO I GOT NEW ONES and haven't... touched the wii. at all. i am bad at sticking to what i say i will do. /lazy!

sooo for vdex, thanks to shirogane i was able to trade my tide bell for a silver wing HELLO THERE LUGIAAAAAAA
but now i am unsure of what to do
i'm at whirl islands, yeah, inner chamber.

should i settle for a r/s sprite or keep trying to get something older? haven't seen anything older than r/s yet though

TONIGHT I WILL HAVE MEATLOAF! delicious soft meat, mashed potatoes, and garlic bread! ahhhh i can't waaaaaaaait
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still sick. this isn't a surprise by now right? :/

definitely a cold. At first, dad thought it might've been allergies but... no, it's a cold.

pokemon black: got 5th badge, in next town now.
hm: still in winter, wow i don't make much at bazaars without crops. :( getting through this quick, definitely. need spring again!

spending most of my time sleeping, though. which... i just feel crappier when i wake up?! this cold really friggin' sucks. :|

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surprise! i still feel like crap!

yuugi is doing those kneading motions on my arm as i type this
...he just licked it too

also note to yuugi: my nose is sore! your tongue really hurts it! ...that doesn't mean you can bite it instead! OW!
yes my cat likes to show affection by licking my nose & lower face
and sometimes he bites, too. it hurts. hurts worse when my nose is freaking sore.

i feel like sleeping forever.
except i feel more comfortable laying on either side
but then my nose starts seriously dripping and that's just nasty. dnw snot on my pillow :(
so i'd have to keep reaching for my roll of toilet paper
...yeah toilet paper
why bother with buying tissues >_>
anyway i wanna sleep not be wiping my nose all night/day long. :|

i might nap soon.
i went out to eat at the deli because dad left me some money
probably stupid since i'm pretty sure i have a cold. but >_> wanted chicken tenders. and fries.
came back home and... don't really feel better despite having food in my stomach. oh well.

...yeah i'm gonna go nap.
kinda nice anyway since i wanna slow down playing pokemon so some of my friends can catch up and we can check out the c-gear's features and stuff :D
since... if i go playing i'll be getting that 5th badge lol
though Harvest Moon's been distracting me from pokemon some
got to winter~ yay~
...can't grow any crops! crap!
gonna have to make money on nothing but milk/egg products, wool, and fish. uh. okay.

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oh hello there, less icons. bye paid account... ;o;

Going crazy waiting for B/W rom. Still not out :(

Playing the heck out of HM: Grand Bazaar and Valkyria Chronicles 2
VC2: Finally got past the mission where you have to capture three specific camps while Baldren is running around all the maps.
Seriously couldn't do shit if I got his attention so uh I just kept spamming the tank until he died. >:3 felt gooood. after that none of the enemies were much of a challenge, hee~
in HM I've been having fun. Got two cows, two chickens, one sheep. Near the end of Fall. Won the dessert cooking contest! :D and now the last windmill's open, too. Yaaaaaaay~

so anyway today i have a doctor's appointment :/
hopefully won't be too annoying

and maaaaybe go to virginia beach after that. there's this asian grocery store and last time we were there they had this duck and dad is just freaking obsessed with it lmao
and i might find something interesting there too. /shrug
if nothing else, i'll just get out of the house for a good while and see different sights.
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ps3, umineko, insert spazzing and squeeing here.
/has op on loop

...i didn't play VC2 today ;;
just HM. again.
got to fall~ and hmm i feel like i'm really slow on getting people to like me :/
just, dunno what to give people, more or less.
oh well i don't think there's a reason to rush things?
i mainly want to get friendly with lloyd but... 'likes complex dishes. hates simple dishes.'
and since the dang game won't tell you what works or not its like aaaaargh
i do not feel like dealing with craploads of failed dishes, k.
just... gonna have to wait til i have recipes & the cookware to do complex stuff. sigh.

thought i'd just re-announce my dw account

anyone with dw can add me :3
Honesty Meme
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got some icons!
didn't fill up all 15 yet but whatever, i got a nice selection of various things :3

today i ... watched a bit of pokemon...
then dad came home with a sub from subway <3 god i love those

after that i spent a few hours playing harvest moon: grand bazaar
...i really need to see if anyone wants to do multiplayer with me. i wanna know what its like :D

its late now, and i'll be going to sleep soon, so valkyria chronicles 2 got ignored today. oh well, always tomorrow!
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stupid adware
is probably screwing up the anti-malware program because it crashes about 10minutes into a scan.
tried multiple times. even in safe mode. still dies.

i... dunno what to do :/
i mean it seems to do little, just open an ad in a random new tab that resizes firefox
which i close asap
...also get a strange error when i start up windows about some .dll being missing
i googled it and get nothing
soo i figure it's some virus nonsense named .dll

blah. stupid freaking people who make this shit >:|

anyway, games! VC2 is now getting to annoy me... was almost done with a mission when one of my camps gets taken and the game decides LOL MISSION FAILED what the heck I STILL HAD OTHER BASES D:
because it's base camp pff make the icon different or something so i know which is that please? BECAUSE ALL BASE ICONS ARE THE SAME ITS NOT HELPFUL

OH YEAH and something kinda funny i was playing a mission and on one map there was only one enemy left and so i had other chars leave, just one left and she kept missing and doing crap damage
i was getting annoyed so i brought out the FUCKING TANK!!
...which has horrible aim as well.
and talking about that why does the tank have different ammo sometimes like its sometimes a gun and other times a cannon :/
ANYWAY the tank kept missing so i was like 'screw this i'll run the ass over!'
...which doesn't work either. /sigh

haven't done much in HM buuut i got some npcs to purple heart so yay?
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played the heck out of harvest moon and valkyria chronicles 2 :D
now i feel like i'm actually doing something productive.
still kinda pissed about the 1000g of crops dying but oh well
aaand today i (barely) reached the bazaar's goal! so now i'm at 25% and yay new shops!

as for VC2~ hmmm well I never played the first one, only saw the anime (but yes I WANT TO PLAY IT. FOR ALICIA. ALICIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!), so I just... knew it was really strategy-like though, thankfully, not grid-style, since you could just run around like a normal person.
the main chars are... eh, okay. I like Zeri the best of them.
also gdi there's still this stupid racism going on??? honestly ffs people are people stop this darcsen crap plz :(
but THEN AGAIN the whole plot of this game is dealing with the rebels who are racist! so without that i guess there'd be no game.
(and if later plot changes the 'enemy' no i don't want to know, don't spoil me.)

i was SO GLEEFUL when Alicia popped up though lemme tell ya~!! would've been better if she was playable but i'll take what I can get. however, welkin, gtfo and stare at animals till you die.
...well okay no i don't hate welkin that much but he's boring to me :(
dunno about the game, but in the anime they made welkin's historian-ish friend who i can't remember the name of rather obviously interested in Alicia and i liked their interactions so much more :/
oh well.
for minor characters, omfg Lotte is adorable <3 also like ...Magari? the darcsen engineer? i think she's an engineer, whatever. she needs a hug. though i guess she'd be screaming for you to go away if you tried... :(

wow my life is boring, all i can talk about is games?
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