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so i was like 'blaaaaah' after finishing solatorobo. sure, there are post-game quests but it didn't take long to finish most of those. i just got the second boss rush to deal with... aaanyway i started on harvest moon: tale of two towns

wow the setup is kinda silly but whatever, harvest moon games aren't known for amazing stories or anything lol

OH OH about solatorobo, i found someone rping Red! :D :D also someone complimented my Elh playing on rpanonmeme~

oh my GOD cardfight vanguard
aichiaichiaichi you're losing it, so losing it
and i love it
(main character's going a biiiiit nutty.)
i've been pretty much nutty myself at this mess
went and found raw scans of the manga
i have to say i liiiike it. moving faster than the anime - aichi gets his ~psyqualia~ power in chap8, man. also the foo fighters are just some gang, so instead of things having to wait for tournaments to roll around, story moves quicker.
ren is like a freaky child in the manga though LOL kyou's flashback shows ren just kinda spazzing around, calling tetsu 'tecchan' and asaka 'aachan' ...but just calls kyou 'boy' lmfao, kyou just can't win in any version of this...

aaaaaaaand uh
today's ep of suite precure was amazing
next week, halloween ep. everyone in costumes. gonna be greaaaat.

ummm i caught up on yugioh zexal earlier this week
...except i somehow didn't notice ep27 was out so i'll watch that tomorrow
also need to catch up on inazuma go and pokemon best wishes

oh yeah back to rp, i dropped from mayfield. iiiii went super low confidence about playing kurisu(she's a genius and i'm not, what do), and when okabe-mun decided to drop i did too. she had no other CR so...
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Yeah, haven't posted any entries in some time. IDK.

First, a few of you know the problems I'm  having with out house guest, Jeanie.
she's pissed at me because i don't do enough around the house. so i go and do more and its still not enough. also i tend to be up all night and i MAKE A POINT TO BE QUIET but she still complains that i keep her up all night she's on the other side of the house ffs, with all the ACs running you shouldn't be able to hear a damn thing
so she goes stomping around, slamming doors, yelling at my cats, and complaining to my dad
I'm tired of her, Dad's tired of her, I want her to GET THE HELL OUT but Dad's too nice, he tells me 'she doesn't have anywhere to go!' and we should care why?
he also told me she's been looking for a place to rent so. well. i hope she gtfo's soon.

Dad put a little money on my walmart card thing so I bought a few things
Some Pokemon card singles(Purrloin, Glameow, Meowth) AND


bought 4, gave two to a friend

i do not have enough energy cards of any type for a deck

in other tcgs, i joined [ profile] colors_tcg!
been fun, people are nice.
kinda wish i could get cards more often but whatever, everyone has the same situation, just most have been in the game longer so they have plenty of cards.
I'll just have to work on my collections :3

I watched a bunch of Sengoku Otome eps all at once the other day. 3-7.
went whoooooooooooooooooooooo and made a [ profile] noboobnaga rp account. Well, ok , I actually made it before then, but didn't go icon hunting til the marathon. Then I... posted on dear_mun
LOL confused sengoku basara characters. everywhere. OK OK IT WAS JUST TWO BUT STILL
...i should really watch/play the anime/game sometime.

i just watched ep8 of SO as well and scream.
onsen scene! and then hideyoshi gets a bad fever, nobunaga ends up having to give her medicine mouth-to-mouth................ jsushdjenjhfhyesjskashj

OH and it looks like I'll be part of the steins;gate cast heading for [ profile] route_29 
...i mean like, i have Kurisu, and i find Mayuri. Mayuri's mun is thinking of going the r29, and I've been wanting to app there anyway, so I say I'll come along
then later i see a Ruka in dear_mun and end up telling her about Mayuri and Kurisu going to r29

and then i find Okabe. already intending on route_29
which probably means the player's read our threads
Kurisu is like NO WHY OKABE?!?!?

Inazuma GO is quite interesting so far, but i have nothing to comment on

few days ago i watched the first part of the Senjou no Valkyria/Valkyria Chronicles 3 OVA and it just made me go DAMN IT I WANNA PLAY VC2 AGAIN BUT MY PSP'S SCREEN IS STILL BROKEN :(

Digimon Xros Wars is getting fun, I'm behind on Pokemon Best Wishes, I'm liking YGO Zexal the more I watch(CAT GIRL NEXT WEEK OMFG), etc etc

friend's bugging me to play Guild Wars now so I'll shut up
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been playing Devil Summoner a fair bit the past few days~
vdex has caught my attention again now that GenV is out
...except the tradelock ANNOYS ME. like, i get it now but the stuff caught now stays locked forever??? man, i got a shiny sandile and minccino and I DON'T WANT THEM. can't sell them ever...? :|

for now i'm just hanging in white forest since it's kinda pointless to hunt Unova 'mons since if i find a shiny i don't want its stuck with me foreverrrrrrrr
EDIT: just caught a BW sprite shinx and... wait a fucking second. EVEN NON-UNOVA POKEMON CAUGHT IN UNOVA ARE TRADELOCKED? SHIT. guess i won't be hunting anything for now.

got all three starters. :3
...archen archen archen i missed the giveaway ;-; but on a waiting list for someone else's breeding. yay.
here's a link to my shop btw
random retros (mostly friggin' bellsprout), 2 shiny ...bellsprout..., and some v-day vulpixes for sale :D
while i'm at it...

shinvyyyyyyyyyyyyy<3 and that cyndaquil sprite, so cute!
(egg is a tepig)

been lurking the forum some too... found a fan of cardfight vanguard :D
also in the thread about visual novels someone posted saying they like saya no uta and corpse party ...also gore screaming show which i am interested in but since there's no translationnnnnnn :( several different groups start and just... die. ugh.


i finished watching .hack//roots
i feel ...idfk i'm just pissed
the cool characters leave for some reason or another
and after haseo's explosion of asshole-ness i don't like him at all even if he's 'better' now
probably will be playing g.u. once i get some dvds. /out of blanks
undub btw. ffs bandai... first series was dual audio...

watched a bunch of inazuma eleven today, since i'm behind
still one ep behind on subs though
which reminded me i haven't touched the games in some time
i don't know what i'm supposed to do in it though...
might poke around on it tomorrow.

blah, there really isn't much to talk about. my life is boring.
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i let a lot of stuffs stack up so i can make a nice post~

let's see
i beat bayonetta on normal difficulty
wow i love this game, lol
talked to [ profile] futachimaru after and decided i'd play very easy mode next to farm halos.

but for now, i'm gonna take a break from it and play other games. like baroque, i've ignored that for months

oh and i got a friend to buy me a replacement part for my ps2 so when that comes i will be glued to it for sure. >:3

bunch of friends on twitter kept talking about tokimeki memorial girl's side ds
so i, uh. decided to check it out
first guy you meet annoys me
blahblah /joins gardening club

for awhile i still went to the teacher's extra classes because i felt like having a backup in case of fail
i failed everything, man
i sat there. playing aaaaaall night, to 7am
few days before the end of 3rd year i find that morimura's affection was reset
lonely end. ;o;

i have no clue what i did wrong :(
also what is this, no new game+?????
why can't i carry over at least my clothes/accessories -_-
anyway i hadn't saved in like. 6 months before the end so i'll be trying again
but i also have a new game started for later.

of the guys i've seen in game, i only like morimura-kun and sensei :/
voiced byyyy ishida akira(morimura) and koyasu takehito(sensei)
just. HELL YEAH!

i really don't like the fact that ignoring the main guys it forces you to meet causes problems
then your little brother is like 'hey aren't you ignoring a guy lately?' YES I AM BECAUSE I'M NOT INTERESTED IN HIM NOW STOP BUGGING ME ABOUT IIIIIIIIIIIIT

in my next play i'll join a sport club of some sort, i think
'cause... my stat for that is 0 in my current game. ;;;
and well, maybe a guy in one of those will catch my eye. who knows?

tonight i went out to eat with dad
he said we'd go last night but then said no
so uh
the gamestop entei giveaway ended yesterday... i never got there in time :/
oh well i don't really like entei anyway

hmmm played inazuma eleven 2 some
found the ~secret training area~
ran through it a few times
next day blah blah rika drags ichinose off so we go get him back and

i don't know what it wants me to do now?? the top screen says something about ichinose but i got him already o_o

aaand uh. cardfight vanguard.
ep3 was kinda blah. intro'd aichi's little sis but nothing else really happened. sure, aichi played vanguard, but it was against that idiot.

kai wasn't in the ep at all D:


also if anyone could suggest somewhere at least fairly easy to apply to for [ profile] moonsdarkness? I got complimented on dear_mun and now wanna try playing her somewhere ///
...and though unlikely, maybe Cardfight Vanguard's [ profile] imeejishiro too?

old, but

and anon love letter meme
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my ps2 swapdisc and stuff is



i don't know what to dooo

if it's not here tomorrow i'm gonna mail the site

i bet someone put it in the wrong box by accident :|


right let's talk about fun things
dad's friend and her dog left yesterday, the cats now have the house all to themselves again yayyy

i beat 999
spoilers. )

i still feel @_@ about it...

so now i have little distraction from playing inazuma 2
...if i would stop sleeping all day, anyway
um i beat shin teikoku
now we're in osaka
rika is coming ohgod

oh yeah i saved & quit right after entering the amusement park
is... does endou... seriously have a harem?
all 4 girls are like HEY ENDOU WANNA GO WITH ME?
and like


i'm having to choose??
well ok ok i don't think otonashi is interested like that but the other 3? yeah.
where's my kazemaru choice...? teehee

and the next game adds fuyuka

what the hell man

let's seeeee

last night i was crazy and made a rp account for [ profile] imeejishiro from Cardfight Vanguard
i have no idea why
...maybe i just wanted that username pff
posted on dear_mun, got no replies heh

tonight i went SCREW IT. and made a few 999 icons. posted to [ profile] findthe_blue 
amusingly, its 9 icons. some are spoilery so shoo if you haven't finished the game

the animated clover one is too big for lj :(

oh well

uhh i have nothing else to say.
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Been a few days since my last post

...also sorry for the freak out, I notice no one commented ;; that's okay I'm okay now
mostly. Still would be so damn happy to go see that play, but whatever. It's impossible now.

so yeah since my last post I started playing Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinrakusha Blizzard
aliens. aliens everywhere.

when endou runs out of tp things suck
okay whatever

i've played a good bit of the game so far
i'm at mayuuji where espilion is gonna attack
i kinda forgot how annoying kogure was back then ahaha
beat mayuuji's soccer club yay
now idk what they're wanting me to do so i'll wander around next time i play

yesterday i got to get out and pick up that shiny raikou from gamestop :D
yayyyyy raikou
went on a quick grocery run too
dad let me choose what to get within a 10 dollar limit
we got more instant potatoes for meals, a 2 liter soda for me(mmmm cheerwine), some snacks, potato chips to go with sandwiches, and cat food.
i think i did okay :3
i had wanted to get some icecream too but then we remembered the cats were out of food so... yeah. dad said he might get me some icecream today though <3

lets see
i watched a bunch of oreimo. just waiting on the last ep to be subbed by my chosen subgroup :p
i really. really. find kirino to be aggravating.
her brother is honestly trying to help and she treats him like crap
he went and ruined his reputation with various people for her
just, ugh.
so ep11, when they had the little party and kirino actually apologized
i didn't think that enough :|
then the idiot goes crying and thinks that he didn't even deserve the apology

i wanted to smack him

they're stupid

saori & kuroneko make this show. the end.

i haven't really touched 999 lately, bad me. i gotta get to work on more endings
3/6 -- well, half way is okay. but MORE. MORE. i want answersssss

early this morning i got around to watching the gundam 00 movie

man, what the serious hell was that.
idgi. seriously. IDGI.

and i screamed in rage at old woman!marina having setsuna visit
ITS BEEN A LONG LONG TIME AND HE'S STILL. THE SAME. and poor marina is old and can't even see anymore?!
the fuck were you doing with those aliens, setsuna...
and what happened to feldt. she was into setsuna too and they don't have him visit her after the credits too? that's crap.

like, just saji&louise got a happy ending what.

okay enough.

i ran out of things to talk about, k bye
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ougon musou kyoku?
does respond to keys. if i press them a million times.

thank you asshole who decided to have the opening video play on infinite loop in the background of the menu

god, the lag.

actual fights play pretty well. some moves make the fps drop to 30-ish, but compared to the slow-ass menus? yay.
i already want to upgrade my comp to something way more recent, so yeah.

i also played a little more inazuma.
beat kidokawa seishuu easily. man, i was all 'ffffff do i need to grind some??' but nope.
was juuust about to shoot again but time ran out. oh well.

next, zeus! i don't think that one will go well. i expect grinding hell.
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some stuff i forgot to mention last post.

i watched the haruhi movie.
hi, confusion.
kyon remains awesome.
alternate!nagato is adorable.
and now i ship nagato/kyon...

i've been playing 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors ...or however the order goes lol
it's an awesome visual novel-type game on the ds. has puzzle sections too.
its also rated m. because oh god the gore.
well okok it doesn't show anything really besides blood. ...oh wait that captain. um. well one dead body but it doesn't show his wound or anything.
but then again i've only reached two endings so far...
all the girls are nice looking. :D
as for the guys, ehhhh. except snake. snake is cool~

worked on inazuma a bit more, too.
i beat senbayama second try. first time i just couldn't get the ball to kidou properly and only the inazuma break could get through because ~story~ - after that other shots did work. ha.
second try went well. i think the score was like 3-0~
so now i gotta deal with kidokawa seishuu, yeah?
god the mukata triplets annoy me

why did endou get so down about not being able to block triangleZ when he didn't even use a hissatsu?! of course he wouldn't be able to block it :|

still waiting for my ps2 swapdisc and stuff
since its new years day post offices are closed.
and tomorrow's sunday so... blah.
i wanna play sly ;-;

umineko ep8's out
i've read some spoilers
but... eh, i wanna have some surprises for when it gets translated. so i stopped looking.

also ougon musou kyoku, umineko's fighting game, and tsubasa, vn versions of the extra tips.
i have all three downloaded
I WANNA PLAY OUGON but it won't work on either computer right
on the laptop, i get a blank screen
on the desktop, the screen isn't blank but it won't respond to any keys except esc which closes it. :/
not cool ._.

oh, shiki ended.
megumiiiiii ;o;

kuragehime's last ep is out too but i haven't watched it yet.
don't spoil me k

right, the zoroark pokemon movie is out too
haven't seen it yet either

oh yes, and i spent last night playing dungeons&dragons with a friend on plurk over skype
he invited some other friends of his too
and oh man i had fun~
it passed into the new year while we were playing
it's been a good long time since i last played d&d
only once before, actually. when 4.0 came out, two friends and i went down to williamsburg and hit a hobby/game store that was doing an event to show off the new version.

well i can't really think of anything else to say
made a huge meatloaf tonight with dad
mmm beef and all kinds of stuff mixed in. plenty of seasoning~ and some ketchup lathered on top to prevent it from crisping up too much.
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this time, i let a lot of events pile up so i have enough for a decent post instead of little crap posts.

so hi.

it snowed like craaaaazy the 26th!
power went out too ;; lasted all day, jeez.
12 inches for sure, might've been a little more. we stepped out of the house about 10am and measured the snow that had built up on the truck's hood.
huge pic so here
dad couldn't find the old brush/scraper thing we had from our year in new hampshire/vermont, so he... grabbed a random shingle. yeah, a roof shingle. scraped/moved the majority of snow/ice off the hood/windshield/windows with it... what a nut.
so once you could actually see out of the truck, we went off! to see everything!!

beautiful snow covered tree
more trees
at this point dad and i were complaining about the camera's settings. at some point it started taking a few seconds before shooting, and we were getting annoyed.
there was some neat sights, flocks of birds startling, and flying across a white landscape... it was so awesome and i wanted pics, but birds move fast and just--ugh.
so i messed with the camera to see if i could fix it.
after that, the pictures i shot are smaller resolution for some reason :|
so i'm gonna just post img tags properly behind here )

so yeah we had a fun little excursion into the snow-covered town. also headed over to roanoke rapids too! visited some friends for awhile, then went to wings & rings because they're like one of the few restaurants open because of the weather ;;
ahhh i love their chicken tenders. well, because of their... sauce, i guess. they have several flavors and OH MAN i love the garlic parmesan!
it is. deeeeeelicious.
i had an order of 5, dad just drank beer. i said i'd share but he refused. :/

then we went home.

OH also while we were there i beat teikoku in inazuma!! 3rd try really is a charm lmfao.
(or it could be because we were in a sports bar? pff)
somehow previous tries, i couldn't get anyone near the goal and endou would run out of tp quick :<
but this time they like... never got near endou. teehee.
won 3-0!!!! heck yeah!!

we got home and dad wanted to get some pics of me in the snow. so we moved out back where there was plenty that hadn't even been walked in yet~
cut for a few more pics )

i had fun!
next day i asked if i could get one little cheap game at gamestop
he wanted to go out and try to find work first since he, um, doesn't have any...!?
couldn't find some :<
but... yeah... one of his sisters sent some money she owed him from a few years back so... i thought one 5 dollar game'd be okay...?
then i saw guild wars eye of the north was on sale and went ffffff--
so i asked if he could spare 15. ;;
he was pissed that my request changed, so i said okay okay, just 5 then.
he handed me 15 after all.
okay then.
so i go in, since last time i knew exactly where the game i wanted was
but they moved everything around.
so i wandered in circles for 30 damn minutes trying to find one certain game and
it was in a box with a million other games all in those stupid paper sleeves
the guild wars game wasn't in store so i was like 'um.'
when i was looking for the game, i found a sequel, so i decided to nab that too instead.
box was claiming 3rd game, when i got to the register the guy tells me they don't have the third, but the 2nd. yeah that's fine.
3rd was 10, 2nd is five, why complain about halving the price~?

now i has: sly cooper 1&2, playstation 2 games
a friend who lived with me for awhile got me into this series lol
it's a fun action/platformer game. i love platformers yay!
...but rpgs are my true love, sry.

however, i can't play either one yet
my ps2 is japanese
i ordered a swapdisc + plastic thingies for my ps2
even though it's past christmas, the mail is still slow as heck
and i didn't order fast shipping either... well, when you're looking at shipping being 7 bucks or 30!! the choice is, honestly, obvious.

so i'm... waiting. sigh.

i played more inazuma eleven, too
ran around finding the old guys who were part of the team 40 years ago and blah blah
had a-
holy shit i left the ds closed and on since 2 or 3pm and it's ...2 am. oops.
okay um
had a little battle-match with the ninja guys
then blah blah the kids got trained for learning honoo no kazamidoori
last day before the match with igajima and... a match with the ~legendary inazuma eleven~!!!
endou explodes in a fanboy mess
lmao no he's just excited
i sat there playing the match while i had pizza in the oven
pizza got done before i finished the match so
i put it down figuring i'd get back to it after eating and just forgot about it OOPS

about to start the second half, neither team has any points. ;;

man the ds thing startled me so much i can't think of more to say
my wow subscription is up :<
back to guildwars i guess~ and smt imagine. haven't played on imagine with [ profile] yuidirnt since she lost internet for a few days!

yeah, i'm out. gotta finish this match. hope i get at least one point ffs ;;
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well today was pretty damn good

dad couldn't find any work today and felt pretty blah so he decided we'd go out. both he and i know it was a stupid move but we needed it.
had my grilled salmon w/fries at logan's
had no intention on asking for, or expecting, the huge brownie, but when dad stopped by there before coming home the manager said he'd give us it since we're regulars and, you know, christmas.
so... had a very good meal, yep.

we hung out, chatted with each other and other people, and just had a good time.

i played inazuma a bit too.
up to the teikoku match... tried and lost. so um, GRINDING TIME.
probably not tonight though, its late now
i... spent a bunch of time on pixiv looking at kazemaru art. ;;
(and kaze/endou. eheheheh)
got to page 100 of kazemaru's tag before deciding to stop.

i'm feeling like playing recettear...
ahhh it's 3:44 am... i'm so dumb.

whatever. recettear time. then sleep.

btw HELLO to my new friends from the pokemon friending meme!
my contact info and such is here

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shiki 21.



but more importantly WHERE IS MEGUMI????????
i didn't see her body anywhere...

its pretty startling how quickly the villagers got used to everything though
'oh my hand's bloody... lemme wipe it on my apron.' her hand is STILL bloody but she goes on to grab an onigiri anyway.
can we say EW UNSANITARY???


been going crazy playing inazuma yep!
barely beat mikage sennou, 1-0. scored near the end of the second half i was going NOOO I DON'T WANNA LOOOSE
got a point with good ol' gouenji though.
went on to deal with the unfair otaku team
...btw seriously. why bother learning soccer to try to win the tourney for money to actually fly to america and buy a figure
when you can, um, just buy it... online... for a WHOLE lot less.
logic, the game lacks it.

also i'm kinda surprised with some differences between game and anime.
yes, there's gonna be changes, but well
mikage sennou's team was outright brainwashed soccer bots in the game, as opposed to the anime's version which was just obsessed with calculations.
the situation with shuuyou's otaku team was also different but whatever
i kinda find it funny that the anime made megane be alike to shuuyou's team and all when the game's megane outright insulted their motive behind playing soccer(the figure)

anyway i was like YAY when natsumi joined as a manager because she lets me steal other team's members >:3
stole nose hs's cheetah, and some guy from occult academy
gonna try stealing shuuyou's mangaka guy because i like his design lol
but more seriously i need midfielders. bad. lots of df and fw, few mf. oops.

i used the christmas money from mom to buy a ps2 swap disc + thingy to open ps2.
i want to play my burned ps2 games again kthx. tales of the abyss undubbed aaaah! also legendia. and other stuff. and of course once i can play them i will likely look into more games. hee.
not restricted to only burned games btw, i do have intentions of buying real ones if they're not messed with. no dubs plz.
...oh oh I COULD FINALLY PLAY .HACK AGAIN!! i never finished the 4th game ;o;
by now those games should be damn cheap, too. yay.
...might try g.u. but idk.

and a friend bought me a game on steam :D
recettear: an item shop's tale

it... sounds a lot like atelier annie so i wanted it XD
it was REAL CHEAP during black friday weekend and i was whining to that friend
...he went and bought it for himself boo

but then i got up today, checked my mail, 5 emails. 4 spam and... WHATS THIS A STEAM GIFT?
went and spazzed at him on aim but it was his friend ;; derp

so yes. today has been GOOD.
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so i finally picked inazuma eleven (first game) up again.
been playing nothing but that for the past few days lmao
whatever its all about having funnnnnnn
i was playing bayonetta constantly anyway, a break is good to make sure i don't get bored. :3

so yeah i started inazuma like months ago
did the tutorial stuff and... dropped it.

so i pick back up, have no clue what's going on.

...oh i haven't even did the practice match with teikoku yet...

depressing to play since the whole point is to just derp until gouenji comes
i game over'd the first time because i didn't understand how to shoot at the goal
he'd run up and into genda and ...idgi
so i had an honest reason to seriously say HOW DO I FIRE TORNADO??
(i was amused at myself)
got help from Destiny on twitter and things went fine after that

so blahblah i'm not far yet i think
beat occult academy~
domon's arrived~
aand... eh.
oh yeah we're up against nose hs soon and so it's forcing me to use kabeyama because of the whole inazuma otoshi move :|
so in the running around to find the pieces of paper about the move
...kabeyama finds a porn mag.
and goes back to the clubhouse to look at it.
(ecchi hon. pervy book. WHATEVER. porn mag is close enough.)

i was disgusted btw

so right now i'm just getting some levels and using the training spots :3
i want a speeeeeeedy kazemaru-saaaaaan~ oh yes~
also need to improve kick power of my forwards.

OH YEAH something's been bugging me
is it just random when the ref declares a foul? there's another thing i've gotten too but i can't read/comprehend it quick enough before its gone... sawa something. starts with an s at least.
just wanting to know if there's a way to prevent fouls/whatever.

last night i was meaning to play more inazuma but then i got in a precure mood
found myself spending ALL NIGHT going through the 67 pages of pixiv's darkprecure tag. derp.
i started spamming plurk with pics but realized 'man i should use that tumblr thing'
so i did
made the thing a long time ago and just. never used it. i didn't and still don't quite get the point of tumblr so yeah.

also i'd like more people to add my twitter :D
current username is groundion because goseiknight is still moe. :p


Jun. 21st, 2010 06:43 pm
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was pretty good
dad took me out to lunch
we were planning on mexican but ended up going to logan's steakhouse instead
i had my deeeeeelicious grilled salmon. w/ fries. :3
dad, again, refused to get anything besides beer argh
after lunch we did a little bit of shopping at walmart to restock on some stuffs
i got some whoppers /o/ loev those chocolate malt balls heeee
also mint 3 musketeers (its goood if you like mint stuff try it :D)
both are in fridge to go with ice creaaaaam some other day
don't want icecream tonight because i had dq on the way home >:3
cookie dough.. coooooooookie douuughhhhh
hadn't had any kind of cookie dough icecream in quite awhile 'cause we've been sticking to cheap brands only
which no cheap brands seem to have cookie dough. /sigh
i almost got butterfinger instead because that's quite good as well
but i figured i'll be having enough awesome candy&ice cream combos later
so i went with my cookie dough cravings /o/

now i am home
and sweaty
and hot

i hate the outsideeeeeee
well not really
i just hate summer
stop being so effing hot ;o;

vdex again because GIVE ME POIIIIIIINTS!!!

oh and i've caught up on Inazuma Eleven subbed. Now I'm D: at having to wait for more
...anyyyyyyoneeeeeeee know a place to download raws?? i'd figure torrents are ded.
also poked juuust a little more of the Inazuma game while I was out. whee.
choroneko: (lolololol)
...I need an Inazuma icon. hmm :/

So like, I'm in bed, watching Inazuma Eleven...
picspam, slow internet beware )
choroneko: (duke: ...)
so, last post, i said i'd jump on the library books, right?

...i did nothing of the sort last night /sigh
just. anything but. :/

so yeah i kicked myself today and started reading
close to finished with the book i started, you know, when i checked these out. >_<
then i'm just going to read good omens and turn all 3 in
i don't care about the other book anymore lol
i may have to re-check out good omens, not sure yet, 'cause it's not exactly a small book...

anyway! i watched more inazuma eleven yesterday and today :3
seen up to 30

and just wtffffff, aliens. playing soccer?
i mean the floating soccer arena zeus had was nutty enough(and made me think of kaiba's battle ship or whatever it was called, been too long since i watched dm ;;)
and now we have aliens that decide 'lol we want to show these earthlings we're so much better than them, hmmm, let's show them with soccer'

choroneko: (estelle)
lets seeeeeee
i've been watching the Inazuma Eleven anime again, finally.
just finished ep19 :3

also poked the game yesterday
got to the first/tutorial battle
...and had no idea wtf i was doing
/does not play soccer, or know how soccer is played
i was just kinda panicking and managed to take the ball with Kazemaru~~<3 (he's my fav so far anyway so lol)
which was the point of the 'battle' so that finished it anyway

nnnot sure when i'll give it another try
just because i can read the text doesn't mean i can play the matches :|

...all i can think about is Inazuma? crap, um...
well yesterday i got to go outttttt
(doesn't happen often :/)
dad wanted me to meet the owner guy of one store i applied to
just for. whatever.
...we ended up buying some stuff too XD
dad got some hot seasoning stuff, cause he loves spicy food lol
i got... candy >_>
and we picked out a card to send to Mom
just because.
its an adorable card btw <3

after that we went to logan's steakhouse for fooodz
dad annoyingly refuses to order stuff :|
so i had dinner, he ate at home
it feels wrong...
but i still enjoyed that amazing grilled salmon.

then we did a quick shopping trip at walmart, 'cause we were a bit low on things

oh and back to gaming, i played through the demo translation of Tales of Hearts
one of the DS Tales games that seem like they'll never be officially translated... :|
I like it :3
can't wait for Hearts and Innocence to have full releases :D

while on the topic of Tales, I'm gonna go watch the Vesperia movie now~~~<3
(while cooking pizza. mmm.)
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