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so december 11th is now over in the eastern time zone
i became twenty-six years old.

dad got me pizza(w/ breadsticks) & ice cream
good food is good for a good day *nods*

aaaaaaaaaaand all my fun gifts from my friends on tumblr

okay bye

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/rolls around in glee

yesterday i went to raleigh
to play vanguard
in real life
aaaaaaaa :DDDD

there's a store over there that carries the cards and has enough players to run tourneys
so yeah
i was nervous but omfg
everyone was really nice
they gave me cards to improve my deck beyond the basic trial deck i had
i got a few trades done too

anyway as for the tournament
giant loss streak

idc because i had a LOT of fun, and the matches tended to be pretty close too
and the way they set up the prize system ensures everyone gets some cards, anyway, so it wasn't bad at all
everyone seemed to think i played well for a beginner~ of course, i've been playing on cardfight capital for a few months now, so i'm familiar with most cards and the overall mechanics of the game - this is just the first time i've played in person.

i wish the store wasn't so far away ;___;
dad was really happy with how i had fun so he does want to get me over there again
but with the economy like it is...
we might be able to do it like once a month. :/
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what. the. hell. BUSHIROADDDDDD

extremely simple dvd menu.
not even one paper slip in the case.
no extras. nothing. just 4 episodes. sure, okay, it had two promo cards. but i wanted textless opening and ending.

and since it's a dvd, not blu-ray, it's lower quality than tv airings.
hell, they aren't releasing vanguard on blu-ray at all.

i don't even. what the hell, man.
definitely not buying any more of this :/

SO YEAH my packages came in today~
aside from that lame excuse of a dvd, i got the first vanguard manga. which also had a promo card. hihi alfred early~~
and the cardliver kakeru op/ed cd. which came with a card, too. yay first cardliver card--oh it's just diving albatross. :/ I WANT A TATEGAMI WOLF CARD ;_;

the Kazuki Takahashi artbook: Duel Art
oooohhhhhh so pretty. *_*

so today has been quite good. :3

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forget everything else, i have card games!

no really
i... can't focus on anything besides vanguard D:



and i still don't have either order from cdjapan
i regret choosing SAL shipping
but on the other hand, that yugioh artbook was ridiculously high on shipping anyway... bleh

all i can do is just. keep waiting. :/

it'd be nice if i could get over to raleigh any time soon
since there's at least one cardshop over there that carries vanguard/has players

sure the trial deck is probably not any good as far as real fights go
but i wanna plaaaaaaaay
(and possibly get some more boosters to improve the deck? AND/OR trade! yes! :D)

in the meantime i lurk on cardfight capital
<3 my garmall deck
i do like my shadow paladin deck too. also the mixed-clan deck isn't that bad, either~

OH OH and once they add all the cards from set 5 i am totally making a royal/shadow paladin deck
'cause hellooooooo there majesty lord blaster~
and i like the idea of blaster blade & blaster dark in the same deck >:3
might be able to make that kind of deck irl eventually too! i have one blade and two darks, after all~~~~~

i just watched today's ep of vanguard
ren shows up just to yawn. you troll.
(and i'm pretty sure he told asaka to let him know when aichi's fight starts... oh, you, acting all 'i don't care' but you do. you do.)

...taaalking about that. majesty lord blaster. will aichi use it? ren refused to take the shadow paladin deck back from aichi, sooo...
or once aichi/kai gets through to ren, will he go for a mix. hmmm.

wait no, the set 5 commercial has that card behind aichi. guess aichi will show ren the truth: light and dark coexist. this is not something that can be denied. ahahahahahah

over on tumblr we have vanguard rp
and aichi is going even nuttier~
somehow ren is the 'nice' one now?????? idefk wtf

the rp is so so off-track from canon...


right right
something besides vanguard. hmm.
few days ago i was super bored because no one for rp was on
so i finally started reading 'the hunger games'
why did i take forever to read this holy crap
like okay i was mildly interested at the beginning
but once it got going it got going.
i pretty much read the whole book in one sitting XD

i want book 2 now! no bookstores here!!!
but the library has it, thank god
...except it's checked out right now. siigh.

aaaand back to anime
new season looks pretty good
symphogear was interesting. another... was confusing but not enough to be a complete turn off. daily life of highschool boys, oh man, i haven't laughed so much from an anime in i don't remember how long!

i have a few other shows downloaded to check out soon, too.

yes my life is this boring. /rolls off to tumblr
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i got maaaaaaaaaaaaail!!

my order of vanguard cards & the 'half age girls' dark precure figure


1 english booster: pulled clay-doll mechanic, dragon monk, gojo, dream eater, little sage marron, oracle guardian, apollo

2 set 3 boosters: workerpod saturday, elephant juggler, savage shaman, rainbow magician, battle sister vanilla, savage destroyer, prisoner beast, blitz ritter, oracle guardian blue-eye, dorangal

2 set 4 boosters: demon world castle, donnerschlag, dancing wolf, amber dragon, daylight, medical combatant, lamprey, enigman ripple, nostrum witch, arianrhod, eisenkugel, justice cobalt, fullbau, blaster dark

then the few singles i picked because i like ‘em: stealth beast, chigasumi(english), lucky girl(english), cheerful lynx, cat butler, silver wolf, blaster dark

aaaall that and the trial deck. as well as aichi card sleeves. I FEEL GOOD.

when i was opening the boosters i was like 'since i did buy a single blaster dark, it would be funny if--...dammit'

so i have two blaster darks. and fullbau. just missing blaster javelin & phantom blaster dragon.



aanyway my dark precure figure is adorable, too.

so now i'm just waiting on stuff from cdjapan still :/

no mail tomorrow. or monday. suuuck.

but oh well, today was still VERY GOOD.
between ^ and the vanguard one hour special that aired, i am quuuuite happy.

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uso ja nai zeeeeeeeee

will it get here tomorrow? maybe. maybe not. IDFK.
(the vanguard cards are my only order with tracking)

also still waiting on:
-vanguard dvd 1 & manga 1 & cardliver op/ed cd (shipped the 14th from japan)
-DUEL ART book (shipped the 20th from japan)
-chibi dark precure figure (shipped the 27th from texas?)

who knows what, if anything, will be in the mail tomorrow. all i can do is waaaaaaaaaaait :(

today kinda sucked though
i get up, make some waffles to snack on. before i can even get started, cat jumps up on the table and knocks over my full glass of milk

...milk, milk everywhere. there were no paper towels upstairs, so i had to run down, get some, come back up and try to get it out of the carpet

i didn't do so well.
also it got in the computer mouse. it seems dead. so i took dad's :/ he never uses his computer ANYWAY

ate the cold waffles, then took a shower since the milk got all over me, too. siiiigh.

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my christmas loot:
  • Cardfight!! Vanguard DVD volume 1
  • Cardfight!! Vanguard Manga volume 1
  • Live On! Cardliver Kakeru OP/ED single CD
  • Kazuki Takahashi art book DUEL ART
  • Vanguard english Trial Deck (Blaster Blade)
  • a few random Vanguard singles (including Blaster Dark - friday's ep made me ;_; okay)
  • Vanguard booster set 3&4 - 2 packs each
  • Sendou Aichi cardsleeves
  • "Half Age Girls" Dark Precure figure
overall? LOTS OF CAAAAAAARD crap
but i don't care
it's what i want, man.
none of it's actually going to be here tomorrow though... heh
I kinda hoped the dvd/manga/cd would've arrived friday - it shipped off the 14th and all. but nope.

and the p.o. boxes are closed monday too
so maybe tuesday will be awesome

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hi guys
it's my birthday
i'm 25 now

...and still completely and utterly obsessed with children's card games.

last week Dad took me to Rocky Mount and I got some boooks :D :D
i bought Spice & Wolf vol3-4, and E.E. Knight's Age of Fire book 5.
guy at the register turned out to be a fan of Age of Fire~ that was cool XD (i need to finish book 4 already. oops.)
I... looked at A Dance With Dragons but 35 bucks ow
Gonna wait for paperback and see if they make another boxset. :x
because I really should own copies of the A Song of Ice and Fire books. I JUST SHOULD. It's awesome and I regret never hearing about it until the TV adaptation, okay.

Yesterday I got a card in the mail from Mom~~ 50 bucks, getto
I spend money stupidly but again I REGRET NOTHING
Dad also took me out to eat. mmmm grilled salmon, I could eat that every day. forever.
Then we did a bit of shopping for today's BIRTHDAY CAAAAKE
dude dude dude did you know there's like
candles that have colored flames??????
god i wish i was a kid now
stuff was lame in my day
anyway those candles were too expensive and i don't really need candles - it's just Dad and I, we both know how old I am. pff.
I'm a chocolate addict so the frosting is of course chocolate BUT
i've seen those epic rainbow cakes on tumblr so many times i just went I WANT THIS.
so dad and i are gonna try to do something like that. it'll be colorful if nothing else, lmao...

we got home kinda late so i decided not to call mom then because i didn't want to wake her if she went to bed early
she called me today LOL
we talked for a bit
aaand she will be sending some money for christmas too. sweeeet.

i've been kinda. ignoring EVERYTHING lately for tumblr, sorry
met some really damn awesome people and i've been having so much fun every day i just can't

idk what else to say
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so i was like 'blaaaaah' after finishing solatorobo. sure, there are post-game quests but it didn't take long to finish most of those. i just got the second boss rush to deal with... aaanyway i started on harvest moon: tale of two towns

wow the setup is kinda silly but whatever, harvest moon games aren't known for amazing stories or anything lol

OH OH about solatorobo, i found someone rping Red! :D :D also someone complimented my Elh playing on rpanonmeme~

oh my GOD cardfight vanguard
aichiaichiaichi you're losing it, so losing it
and i love it
(main character's going a biiiiit nutty.)
i've been pretty much nutty myself at this mess
went and found raw scans of the manga
i have to say i liiiike it. moving faster than the anime - aichi gets his ~psyqualia~ power in chap8, man. also the foo fighters are just some gang, so instead of things having to wait for tournaments to roll around, story moves quicker.
ren is like a freaky child in the manga though LOL kyou's flashback shows ren just kinda spazzing around, calling tetsu 'tecchan' and asaka 'aachan' ...but just calls kyou 'boy' lmfao, kyou just can't win in any version of this...

aaaaaaaand uh
today's ep of suite precure was amazing
next week, halloween ep. everyone in costumes. gonna be greaaaat.

ummm i caught up on yugioh zexal earlier this week
...except i somehow didn't notice ep27 was out so i'll watch that tomorrow
also need to catch up on inazuma go and pokemon best wishes

oh yeah back to rp, i dropped from mayfield. iiiii went super low confidence about playing kurisu(she's a genius and i'm not, what do), and when okabe-mun decided to drop i did too. she had no other CR so...
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where do i even start? been too long since i last posted. idk, just couldn't figure out how to word things.

well, put simply: our unwelcome houseguest has gtfo'd. yes, finally. dad was put to the point that he couldn't 'be nice' anymore and told her straight that she's not welcome anymore.

she called me a pig, and worthless. not to my face of couuuurse, but quietly outside her door just in my hearing range. i was understandably aggravated, called dad and told him GET. HER. OUT.

so she is! yes! it was night when we made things clear, so she only bitched and stomped her way upstairs to slam doors again. next day was more door slamming, then she just didn't come back for a week. aah, felt nice. then she showed up again to move her stuff out, which took two different days to finish. but she is gone.

...actually there's a few random things still here, but dad heard she's off causing trouble for someone else now, and he's decided he's going to change the locks. tomorrow. "if she wants this stuff she can call me"

now, on the laptop: we got it to an acquaintance who fixes computers, and i got it back tonight. WHOO.

................except the screen just crapped out again. after around 5 hours. i turned down the brightness like he told me to! damn it :| 70 bucks = 5 hours working? sigh.

in... better news, i of course have been playing games.
picked tales of symphonia back up - been so long since i last played, i couldn't remember what we were doing or where anything was. oops. still, i managed to get the story back on track. finished the shrines and whatev, then oh noes colette becomes a drone and kratos pwns us. (nooo cool guy don't leave the paaaarty ;_;)
already knew that kratos was a traitor because... i get nosy in rp? reading threads of tales of characters even if i haven't finished their game? hahahaha oops. (and yes i also know some other spoilers, but OH WELL)
i got stuck trying to escape the rebel's base, then got distracted again.

with fragile dreams: farewell ruins of the moon.
oh my GOD
beautiful game, dude, beautifuuuul.
also just a bit creepy at times. you are exploring an post-apocalyptic world, after all. not many humans, but plenty of... things.

i finished it today. took around 11 hours. unfortunately doesn't have much of replay value, but it's still a LOVELY game. if you haven't played it and have a wii, GET IT MAN.

uhh and now i started playing solatorobo: red the hunter
furry bait!
LOL NO i got no problem with furries, one of my best friends is one. he kept bugging me to play this game way back... in japanese... couldn't follow it. ;; BUT NOW IT IS IN ENGLISH and strangely that friend hasn't said a word to me about it
but still, it does look like an interesting game and i do like furry art okok
battle system is different. instead of just, like, hitting enemies with weapons or whatever, you pilot a robot to lift and throw them to cause damage. it still needs strategy to do well, though, since it doesn't take long for enemies that have, for example, strong front armor needing you to get them from behind, or overall defense preventing basic throws to cause damage so you have to jump and throw instead. and that's just from my play so far.

dog people and cat people everywhere. it's cool.

this post is kinda long already, so i think i'll talk about other stuff later.
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my desktop computer's secondary hard drive is possibly dying ... or just being real bitchy. idk yet.



wat do i do u gaiz

it's just the secondary drive so its not like the computer will be unusable but that's 110~gb of anime/vns that will be gone/corrupted
i don't want to think of losing that much crap okay

so it comes down to: try to get dad to buy a big thing of blank dvd-rs, or get catherine. WHY NOW DAMN COMPUTER WHY NOW
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so. today.

i wake up at like, 3pm. yeah i slept all day, whatev. figure i'd call dad and see if he can swing by a mcd's and nab a snivy. (well i just told him 'green pokemon toy' because i doubt he'd remember a name nor would the workers know it by name)

blah blah life goes on as normal

dad comes home with a ton of stuff 'cause he wants to cook out
mmmm chicken breast fillets...

i go and hang out with him while he cooks 'cause it's not fair to leave him outside alone making food for everyone, you know? jeanie comes by randomly, walking her dog or whatever, and we're civil to each other
then everything's cooked, everything put up, i help dad move the grill back to the front of the house. he's pulling it along, says he doesn't need my help until it's closer to the house front
jeanie comes out and stares. i'm following dad, she bursts out 'help him!' and i tell her he said he didn't need my help yet
she freaks out and goes back inside, slamming doors and saying she's going to sleep
(she hasn't ate yet. :/)
dad's like wtf??? and i'm like wtf???
anyway we get the grill put up and locked up and go inside

dad got some alcoholic thing he wanted to try mixing with ice cream for me to taste. bailey's irish cream

welp we mixed it with vanilla ice cream w/a little chocolate syrup and whipped cream
and put it in a cup
idk if it just had a bit too much irish cream, or i just don't like the taste of alcohol at all :/ i drank it all but it was kiiiinda ew.

oh right
dad found out this morning that it's jeanie's birthday and forgot about it by the time he got off work, then suddenly remembers once he got home. so we zoom down to the little grocery and grab some little debby cakes and a small pack of birthday candles (this happens before cooking out)

well i had pissed her off somehow so i told dad to just leave me out of the surprise so she'd actually, you know, enjoy it. but stubborn idiot is like NOOOO you helped pick stuff

so i finish eating and come back down, we go and set up a plate with a circle of zebra cakes and two brownies in the middle. it looked awesome cute! dad sticks the candles in, suggests i make a bowl of ice cream to go with it. we're all prepared and--i turn the corner going to the stairs, running right into jeanie coming down. i back up and dad realizes she's here so he tells her what we're doing
and she just. turns. us. down.
just. nope. nope. doesn't want anything to do with it.

yeah okay she's pissed at me but at least don't be such a bitch to my dad?!
she gets something out of the fridge and goes back upstairs


so dad gets pissy, and of course i'm annoyed that she didn't accept anything we did?

i eat the ice cream because otherwise it'd just melt. and now i'm here just... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh
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my thread

i-i had my makise kurisu rping praised... kforjgunrms,anjwujw

derp like all i've been doing lately is s;g insanity
found a youtube account uploading subbed videos of the different endings. watched what they've uploaded but my bias for kurisu is like I WANT TO SEE HER ENDING :( :(
well it's apparently the 'true' ending also so uh the anime is likely to cover it, not the others. subber says they're not going to upload the true end until the anime shows it, so i guess i'll see the anime's version first. /shrug

also went looking for MAD videos, lmfao people like okabe's laughter. IT IS A GOOD CRAZY LAUGH, IT IS INDEED. it's also kira's laugh
i considered rping okabe first before picking kurisu instead glad i picked kurisu, since then two different okabes have showed up

so then i thought
'wonder if xbox live JP has the demo?'
looked into making a JP account, boom steins;gate was like the 3rd thing on live... lmfao
had the op movie & demo for download, also the op movie for the dating sim side game. THAT OP WAS WEIRD I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK OF IT
...also looked to see if there was a chaos;head demo but nope. :( would like that op on the xbox too... i love find the blue. pretty song. skyclad no kansokusha is also amazing. ITOU KANAKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FTW

so anyway the demo took way too long to download, i assume because it's on japanese servers. (though when i asked a friend about JP live accounts and why i wanted one, he found info on the XBOX magazine having had the steins;gate demo dvd in an issue. pure japanese demo. ?????)

didn't get finished till a little after midnight
i opened it up all :DDDD

1 hour in i was getting a bit tired. checked the pause menu... can't save. NITRO+----!!!!

my attention really wavered during kurisu's scientific uh... thing... crap i can't think of the word. ANYWAY SHE HAD THIS DEBATE WITH OKABE/OTHER PEOPLE ABOUT TIME TRAVEL AND IT WAS ALL ADVANCED SCIENTIFIC STUFF I WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND IN ENGLISH, NEVERMIND JAPANESE, SO I WAS LIKE @_@ /hit auto and just. sit.

i really. do not know many kanji. FFS I NEED TO LEARN MORE. at first i was trying to read what i could of non-vocal lines but... ffs it's not a kid's game, kanji everywhere. gave up and just skipped anything unspoken. D:

finally... reach the end of chapter 1/the demo. 3:30am.

AAAAAAAARGH i had been real good about keeping my sleep schedule fixed for like a month now but



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day before yesterday: wake up. get up. walk over to computer, turn on monitor - no signal. what???? check wires. wiggle wires. turn computer off and back on. nothing. dig through mess of other wires to find old vga cable. plug in the tv. nothing. /gives up and just uses laptop for the day.

yesterday: get a hold of friend who is good with comps, tells him what happened. go over what i've already done. oh, i'm supposed to plug the tv in before turning comp on. ok, tries. HELLO WHACKY MESS OF MULTICOLORED LINES THAT MAKES ME THINK OF FLANNEL SHIRTS. confirmed: video card is DEAD. friend lets me know, back when he was staying with us and swapped computer parts around, there was a spare older video card left in an unused computer case. ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaa --oh damn i need the right kind of screwdriver. daaaaaaaaaad.............. /waits til friggin' 7pm for dad to come home and help find the screwdriver. /swap cards. STILL NO SIGNAL. tv? not even any funky lines, just NO SIGNAL. old video card: also dead


then it hits me: what about the motherboard's onboard video card?

i don't get around to checking til now, this morning
welp, the onboard one works fine

except........... any resolution higher than 800x600 is laggy/screwed up
holy crap everything's so large i don't even

so yeah it's like '98 has whacked me in the face now.

ehhh at least i can get to windows and access my files. :/
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the problem person is back, still slamming doors and muttering about me to herself

wtfever right

but then she throws beer on yuugi because he's hissing

i go google info and beer is toxic to cats SCREAM.

call dad, tell him what happened, and he's more concerned that i'm trying to start a fight again than simply WORRIED FOR MY CATS???? they groom each other you know.

fucking hell.
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Yeah, haven't posted any entries in some time. IDK.

First, a few of you know the problems I'm  having with out house guest, Jeanie.
she's pissed at me because i don't do enough around the house. so i go and do more and its still not enough. also i tend to be up all night and i MAKE A POINT TO BE QUIET but she still complains that i keep her up all night she's on the other side of the house ffs, with all the ACs running you shouldn't be able to hear a damn thing
so she goes stomping around, slamming doors, yelling at my cats, and complaining to my dad
I'm tired of her, Dad's tired of her, I want her to GET THE HELL OUT but Dad's too nice, he tells me 'she doesn't have anywhere to go!' and we should care why?
he also told me she's been looking for a place to rent so. well. i hope she gtfo's soon.

Dad put a little money on my walmart card thing so I bought a few things
Some Pokemon card singles(Purrloin, Glameow, Meowth) AND


bought 4, gave two to a friend

i do not have enough energy cards of any type for a deck

in other tcgs, i joined [ profile] colors_tcg!
been fun, people are nice.
kinda wish i could get cards more often but whatever, everyone has the same situation, just most have been in the game longer so they have plenty of cards.
I'll just have to work on my collections :3

I watched a bunch of Sengoku Otome eps all at once the other day. 3-7.
went whoooooooooooooooooooooo and made a [ profile] noboobnaga rp account. Well, ok , I actually made it before then, but didn't go icon hunting til the marathon. Then I... posted on dear_mun
LOL confused sengoku basara characters. everywhere. OK OK IT WAS JUST TWO BUT STILL
...i should really watch/play the anime/game sometime.

i just watched ep8 of SO as well and scream.
onsen scene! and then hideyoshi gets a bad fever, nobunaga ends up having to give her medicine mouth-to-mouth................ jsushdjenjhfhyesjskashj

OH and it looks like I'll be part of the steins;gate cast heading for [ profile] route_29 
...i mean like, i have Kurisu, and i find Mayuri. Mayuri's mun is thinking of going the r29, and I've been wanting to app there anyway, so I say I'll come along
then later i see a Ruka in dear_mun and end up telling her about Mayuri and Kurisu going to r29

and then i find Okabe. already intending on route_29
which probably means the player's read our threads
Kurisu is like NO WHY OKABE?!?!?

Inazuma GO is quite interesting so far, but i have nothing to comment on

few days ago i watched the first part of the Senjou no Valkyria/Valkyria Chronicles 3 OVA and it just made me go DAMN IT I WANNA PLAY VC2 AGAIN BUT MY PSP'S SCREEN IS STILL BROKEN :(

Digimon Xros Wars is getting fun, I'm behind on Pokemon Best Wishes, I'm liking YGO Zexal the more I watch(CAT GIRL NEXT WEEK OMFG), etc etc

friend's bugging me to play Guild Wars now so I'll shut up
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madoka finale: nothing to say that hasn't been said by others, really. awesome awesome anime, though.

suite precure: okay, i knew siren was gonna end up turning good but this early?  really? :|
depending on how things turn out i may not update my [ profile] blackcatsong to it. not that she's in a game anyway pfff.
(she'd get along better with that Eas in dear_mun this way, too)

caught up on digimon xros wars last night
first thought: if kiriha and nene didn't go back to the real world where did they get new clothes????

earlier today i watched the first ep of ano hi mita... jfirugut i am not typing all that out ok? and. ;o;
caught me with first ep, yep.


well, can't wait for monday. jeanie and i have planned to go out and take advantage of all the easter candy sales >:3

@[ profile] yuidirnt: i tweeted this at you already but just to make sure you get the message, i redownloaded smt: imagine so we can play when you're awake ok :3
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so... this past saturday was eventful. In a way.

Big storm went through NC/VA, multiple tornadoes touched down, etc
somehow our little town in halifax county avoided tornados, only got some wind and rain. next town over, though, did have a tornado touch down and some destroyed buildings. D:

i'm still thinking back over everything. back in florida, hurricanes were a constant thing, but dad and i never had more house damage than some roof shingles or such missing. sure, i had seen worse happen to other people's houses, but i guess since dad was always excited about hurricanes i just... followed his lead and never over-thought things? storms are awesome displays of nature's force, and beauty. so i can understand dad's tendency for excitement about hurricanes, and honestly i still think the same. but this tornado-spawning storm... i don't know, it was different than what i am used to...
it was real windy, and the power went out about 5:45... jeanie had a weather radio thing we were listening to, keep us updated on what was going on
but that was it.
no tv, no computers, can't cook food
we were planning to cook tacos that night and obviously without power couldn't
i just flopped in bed and slept most of the night
power came back around 3am

during the night i played a bit more of golden sun: dark dawn
i had been ignoring the ds in general for some time so yeah
...i am thinking i should go back and play the previous game though because, idk, it feels weird since i haven't?

other games... got to vol3 for .hack//g.u.
ffs sakaki just die already corp's obviously insane for hiring him btw
also aida, do something less predictable than jumping from arena champion to arena champion. too obvious.
i want yoko/alkaid back :| oh and TABBY! i hear she's back later in vol3 but screw that i want my catgirl from the start, man.

uhhh what else
well tonight i got real bored and... tried that new my little pony cartoon. yeah.
i liked twilight sparkle better at first. :/
one night is honestly too quick to be like YAAAY WE'RE SERIOUSLY BFFS!!!
personally? i was all for nightmare moon. WHATS WRONG WITH ETERNAL NIGHT???? the sun's too damn bright :|

in other news i am crazy and thinking about trying rp again - this time in a more 'real' game with serious apps 'n stuff. [ profile] route_29 
yes, pokemanz.
gonna toss [ profile] aicanfly (from cardliver kakeru).
but then i looked and oops, APPS CLOSED TIL MAY lol
oh well, means time for canon review.
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sooooooo lets see

2 weeks ago dad needed to go to the veteran's hospital up in richmond and jeanie wanted us all to go so we could go out to eat at a red lobster after
i was (unsure) about red lobster cuz... idk, it just seems so LOL FANCY-ASS PLACE and i didn't know if anything would fit my taste
and dad kept going on about 'cheese biscuits' which didn't help because... wat. cheese. ISN'T NEEDED IN BISCUTS :|
and then i ate one and omfg idk why dad calls 'em cheese biscuits since i didn't taste any but they're seasoned and stuff and just. oh. so good.

oh right, the hospital. uh, dad seems okay yay, and we weren't there too long
i also checked out the shop they have they sell video games... xbox 360/wii/ps3 all 14.99
also had a ps3 for 50 dollars cheaper than the suggested price .......... /staaare

anyway, red lobster was okay
the biscuits were amazing, the fish fillet i had was huge, but their fries need work.
OH OH OH and omfg this desert they had
warm chocolate chip cookie with a fudge filling, topped with a scoop of ice cream
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man
next time i wanna try their banana-chocolate smoothie thing, though

few days after that we went to wings & rings which is always good. mmmmm garlic parmesan chicken...

in terms of games i have only been playing .hack lately
i'm up to the ~big reveal~ about tri-edge ...which i had been spoiled about, unfortnuately
so i have to fight ovan and uh
his balls are annoying
lololololol no really though he can spawn these floating balls that heal/shield him or attack us
my party's lv85 but i guess i need to grind more because i keep dying

now uhhhhh
lesse, anime...
tiger & bunny? FRIGGIN' HILARIOUS
also i feel for poor ossan tiger...
i am still feeling slightly pissy about cardfight vanguard not showing the misaki/kai fight but whatever, they're going for a real tourney now.
i watched .hack//quantum ep3 and.................... ;O; HERMITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
the x-men anime that started recently seems good but then again i only know the movies...
steins;gate is trippy as hell
dog days is like are you making war a sport now wat. but the cat country's queen is damn hot so ok
still only watching suite precure for siren...
oh yes and [ profile] yuidirnt got me to watch sengoku boobs otome: momoiro paradox
/fangirls over nobunaga forever

for ooo... 27-28 wtf was that
breaking 4th wall like crazy
i watched it on youtube and the subbers annoyed me by being jokey and calling gotou brotou :/
but then 29... oh man. ankh :o
doctor maki gets creepier, not less, when adding backstory.
gokaigerrrrrrr uh
8 was liek stupid
but i guess its ok since it advanced plot a little now that zangyack knows what the gokaigers are after

k i can't think of anything else to talk about now
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blah blah .hack
endurance is friggin' creepy
sakaki is an asshole
atoli is stupid
i miss phyllo
and tabby
i should go rewatch roots i guess :/

vanguard... ep12 was DISAPPOINTING. the hell.
but it still got me in the mood to look again to see if any english sites are selling the cards
well, no normal card sites seem to have them.
i found singaporean sites for buying/selling/trading them though. BUSHIROAD STOP SCREWING AROUND GIVE US VANGUARD TOO
i lurked a forum for a bit though and someone mentioned ebay
"i know i looked at ebay before..."
but uh. yeah. VANGUARD. boxes. booster packs. a few single cards.

wantwantwantwantwant i don't care what anyone thinks i must have this >__________________________<

[ profile] futachimarus mentioned some cat boy was in the cartoon young justice
well cats always catch my attention, pfff
boom watched to ep9 in two days
cat guy was ugly though
instead i find myself liking kid flash. a lot.

today is hot i don't like it
stupid spring
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