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sunday was boring
found out about a freaking emh meetup up in nj happening then
but no way i could get there. 7 hours away, sigh.
and i missed a whole lot of nothing since nothing important to the, like, story, happened. they just hung out with the single fan that managed to make it :/
still jealoussssssss
but so is a buttload of other fans. heh.

ANYWAY dad called suddenly at 1:30-ish telling me he's done with work and coming to get me for going out
and i'm like oh shi-- hadn't taken a shower yet or bagged trash or ANYTHING.
so i got my shower done, dad was home already, and my hair was still kinda wet when we went in the restaurant /shrug
played a bit more tales of innocence
chien, i haet u.
his ~oh pity me~ backstory doesn't get him points from me. though wtf are you seriously telling me some random woman managed to pop out a kid and two puppies? really????
so yeah, chien boss battle AGAIN and it's still annoying
i'm gonna try the luca+defend+lure strategy next time
i know i wanna keep maining spada but no point in switching styles and leveling it just for lure if luca already has it. :|
SO YEAH i didn't feel like trying again then

so i poked a game i haven't in a loooooong time, luminous arc 2
i did not want to try the damned boss battle i've been stuck on forever, so i completed some quests i hadn't yet

aaaaaaand of course
i had my deliciousssssss salmonnnnnnn w/fries
god i could eat that stuff every dayyyyyyy
also finally got the awesome huge brownie again! dad didn't think he had enough, but our waitress offered to use her employee discount on it... after i ate it i found she meant it as a treat and didn't want money back >_>
dad and i were like 'noooo'
so dad left enough with her tip for the brownie

i was soooo full and happy
but then once we got home i had to do a bunch of running around upstairs picking up and bagging all the trash which my stomach did not appreciate much. ._.
but i stayed in bed after that and it calmed down okay~

went to bed around 9:30 because i had been up since 1:30 am @_@
figured i'd sleep all night just fine but nooo i woke up at 5am. /sigh
better than 1:30 though, by a lot.
so yeah...

went back to LA2 and tried the boss because hey, i leveled some
also WTF GUYS why must you have two battles in a row without letting me heal or change items or anything?!
pissing. me. off.
three enemies. all can do serious damage. one can lower stats. even though i can pick up to 6 of my group, the advantage in numbers DOESN'T MEAN SHIT!

gonna have to do more grinding by repeating the same old stupid quests. why isn't there random battles ffs?
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i'm hungry :/

but mmm we'll be making burgers soon mmm

nnnnnnot much happening here
like normal

uh the ~certified~ birth certificate came yesterday
so dad's all "studyyyyyy moar again again"
wants to take me to the dmv tomorrow :|

.../hasn't been studying
i've been sleeping too much lately, actually
dunno why just. sleepy.

also wtf @ luminous arc 2
the main guy has to exchange wear witch's rings to get ~magic~
then when you switch to whatever element
it shows that element's witch
in a wedding dress
and lots of roses.

...sounds more like a ridiculous harem anime :|

and well
it's the sequel
where's the people from 1 :(
it's like
completely unconnected
besides having witches

is it a running theme or something
to have the archers be just adorable :3
Theo was adorableee
and Rina's looking similar
also the brother obsession
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i'm bored
don't really have much to say because nothing's happened lately :/

umm just a bit ago i finished Luminous Arc
yey we killed god \o/
theo is adorable
i want to hug him foreverrr

also i'm disappointed at the lack of icons from the series
just one post and it's probably characters from 2 or 3 because i don't know them :|

will be poking a little into 2 in a bit
also i put Devil Survivor back on my flashcart so I can work on getting more endings~ :D
(also i think i wanna rp Amane or something :/)

oh and
i'm getting annoyed
the place i've ordered the ps2 modchip from still hasn't shipped anything
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lololol @ Luminous Arc's random name generator.

Dad took me out to eat today :3
mmmm this place is good.
Mainly chicken stuff
i get chicken tenders
garlic parmesan ...uh, sauce? not sure what to call it, really. it's thin liquid-y.
but the chicken's covered in it and it is just good.
5 tenders later, full. mmm.
anyway I played Luminous Arc on my DS flashcart >_> <_< while waiting for food and after too
and some random enemy unit was called Fred. and he's a Sorceror.
pffffffffffff talk about unfitting names lololol
I remember seeing some monster named Asplode, too.
Clearly Atlus people are on the internet somewhere :o
anyway we came home and had some good cookies. and milk.
...well actually dad's weird and refuses milk and drinks his unsweetened tea. ew.
but I had milk, at least. :3

oh yes i forgot
here's my contact post if you're interested.
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