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a few days i did some voice meme thing and i feel like posting it here. so there.

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let's seee um

my ps2 is still broken ifijferngrhbgfnm ;o;

not gonna be able to get the part replaced for a good while.

lately i seem to have a craving for horror movies and i have no clue why.
few days ago i watched "the messengers"
man, i could see the jump scares coming and i still jumped. XD

last night i watched "from within"
wow that ending... what... it sucked. not crappy movie kind of suck, just. bad end. eek.

probably will watch something tonight too
i found some interesting sounding movies from looking around tvtropes lol.
so i hit internet search and found direct downloads because sometimes i don't feel like trying to torrent random stuff

i played some bayonetta last night to let out some frustration and, well, i haven't played it in some time
beat two chapters, next is chap16 - whatever's at the top of that tower on isla de sol. hmmm.

yeah, i don't have much to talk about. i'll stop here.
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well my life is the same as ever

last night i watched a movie because i happened to stumble across the trailer and it looked interesting/creepy

it was BORING. god.
lake mungo? don't watch it, dude.
i mean like, the trailer is like: girl dies, she haunts her house/family, creepy stuff happens
the actual movie: girl drowns, okay, few months later the family is recovering but HEY SHE'S IN PICTURES HMMM they call in a 'psychic' and he's like 'oh dude this is something i've never experienced before' despite claiming to be some guy who helps families know their dead relatives/close ones are still around??? really??? then it turns out all the pics were the girl's brother faking stuff. oh.

...then when the brother was on a road trip the girl still showed up on cameras...

oh yeah, and it turns out that the girl was... involved in sexual acts with the parents of some kids she would babysit.
the guy was in an image, in the girl's room. she had a tape of one of these acts and yeah he wanted to find it so the family wouldn't but failed haha
...but by the time this was found they had moved away and the police couldn't trace them??? pfff.

and finally the only truly creepy bit of this movie was... 5 months before her death, she was at a summer camp thing by lake mungo
all the girls are just, you know, screwing around and having fun, they split up
this girl catches on her cellphone video camera ...herself. as she appeared after drowning.
then for some reason she decides to bury her cellphone/favorite bracelet/some other stuff
blahblah she dies 5 months later

eventually the family moves out of the house and it really goes all out to make it seem like the girl is really still there...
man this movie was just a mess
just.. whatever. :/

BUT TODAY i watched a movie. about tigers! :D
it's called two brothers
not going to go into detail on this one because it was good and i suggest my flist to watch it <3
it's live action, not animated, and no the tigers are not given 'voices' they're just tigers.
...but damn good animal actors they are, i could see the sadness in one of the cub's eyes when their mom failed to break the other cub out of the box on a moving truck. see it.


tomorrow i should really stop wasting time doing nothing and actually work on games. once i finish tales of innocence i should get on arc rise fantasia, i've ignored it way too long...
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my ear is really screwed up :|
left ear, can't hear out of it
feels like it's stuffed up with something
i could kinda hear out of it yesterday but i just woke up and realized my hearing's gone again. :(

yesterday i watched ginger snaps 2
had to redownload it though, what i had turned out to be a german dub or something
i am... unsure of what to think.
just. what. the hell?
and it doesn't pick off where the first ended, which i admit would have been awkward, but it doesn't explain ANYTHING of what happened between movies. where's her mom? what did the town do, how did it react to the... well, carnage? what did people think of the werewolf's corpse?

nothing. is told or explained. :|
and thus the second movie ends with a second werewolf trapped under the house of a girl who is so not in touch with reality. great.

umm i guess i didn't do much besides that.

OH i got back into vdex!
bought a shiny shinx from a friend :D
then remembered the grab bag thing and saw i don't have much time left
i had a tide bell
but the admin shirogane is running a random pick of people who request a switch item to what they want

TEEHEE I GOT PICKED in one of the draws
hello there lugiaaaaaaaa

so now it's back to meowth hunting
first night i refreshed a few times and... found a shiny mankey. what.
its puke green, guys. nasty.

k i gotta go clean my room and help dad move stuff out of his trailer because he's sold it
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watched spn tonight!

kinda only half-paying attention because of icecream, lol

was nice to have an ep focused on the supporting characters~

poor bobby though, we see just how he never gets a break.
i was like 'oh crap dad look awayy---' at the woodchipper bit. oops.
yeah, dad watched with me. again.
"why do you like that violent shit" he says
after that demon lady was getting burned

oh, dad, you don't wanna see what i was watching just like an hour before. :/

ginger snaps! got it the other day and watched it today
all i knew is it's some kinda werewolf movie and
well damn
poor bridgette though :(

first i was like DUDE WHAT YOU END IT LIKE THAT??? but there's a sequel ok
also a prequel. okay...

gonna watch movie2 tomorrow.

for now... dunno. games or anime. something. :/

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yuugi is laying on my right hand

cant type easy

beat evil mission in vc2 last night
should play pkmn but ugh grinding

randomly found a dl link for that inception movie so i just watched it brain hurts...

also saw s1ep1of criminal minds
looks interesting

have how to train your dragon downloaded too

just heard alot about it and incerption so... yeah.
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peter jackson what the hell did you do to the two towers
elves don't belong in rohan
they did not come to helm's deep
the only elf there for that battle was legolas
also that one elf they made a big deal of killing off
he lives on just fine and goes to the west with galadriel

i mean i can understand, like, leaving out tom bombadil in fellowship of the ring
he's fucking weird.
but just... the hell is wrong with you when you worked on the two towers
i remember there being some images of arwen in some earlier versions of the script being at helm's deep too
no no no. arwen is not some battle-elfwoman.
it was weird enough that you had arwen save frodo from the ringwraiths in fellowship
i assume it was for not having some dude who only showed up once
sry glorfindel...

well, anyway, i do admit that despite some oddities, fellowship of the ring and return of the king were adapted fairly well.
it's just the two towers that sticks out. badly.
people who haven't read the books probably don't notice or care about the changes...

and finally, off-topic:
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