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so i was like 'blaaaaah' after finishing solatorobo. sure, there are post-game quests but it didn't take long to finish most of those. i just got the second boss rush to deal with... aaanyway i started on harvest moon: tale of two towns

wow the setup is kinda silly but whatever, harvest moon games aren't known for amazing stories or anything lol

OH OH about solatorobo, i found someone rping Red! :D :D also someone complimented my Elh playing on rpanonmeme~

oh my GOD cardfight vanguard
aichiaichiaichi you're losing it, so losing it
and i love it
(main character's going a biiiiit nutty.)
i've been pretty much nutty myself at this mess
went and found raw scans of the manga
i have to say i liiiike it. moving faster than the anime - aichi gets his ~psyqualia~ power in chap8, man. also the foo fighters are just some gang, so instead of things having to wait for tournaments to roll around, story moves quicker.
ren is like a freaky child in the manga though LOL kyou's flashback shows ren just kinda spazzing around, calling tetsu 'tecchan' and asaka 'aachan' ...but just calls kyou 'boy' lmfao, kyou just can't win in any version of this...

aaaaaaaand uh
today's ep of suite precure was amazing
next week, halloween ep. everyone in costumes. gonna be greaaaat.

ummm i caught up on yugioh zexal earlier this week
...except i somehow didn't notice ep27 was out so i'll watch that tomorrow
also need to catch up on inazuma go and pokemon best wishes

oh yeah back to rp, i dropped from mayfield. iiiii went super low confidence about playing kurisu(she's a genius and i'm not, what do), and when okabe-mun decided to drop i did too. she had no other CR so...
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beat SOLATOROBO last night :3

people. go play it. i want friends to spazz with ;_;

and of course i made an elh rp account [ profile] paladineko
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my thread

i-i had my makise kurisu rping praised... kforjgunrms,anjwujw

derp like all i've been doing lately is s;g insanity
found a youtube account uploading subbed videos of the different endings. watched what they've uploaded but my bias for kurisu is like I WANT TO SEE HER ENDING :( :(
well it's apparently the 'true' ending also so uh the anime is likely to cover it, not the others. subber says they're not going to upload the true end until the anime shows it, so i guess i'll see the anime's version first. /shrug

also went looking for MAD videos, lmfao people like okabe's laughter. IT IS A GOOD CRAZY LAUGH, IT IS INDEED. it's also kira's laugh
i considered rping okabe first before picking kurisu instead glad i picked kurisu, since then two different okabes have showed up

so then i thought
'wonder if xbox live JP has the demo?'
looked into making a JP account, boom steins;gate was like the 3rd thing on live... lmfao
had the op movie & demo for download, also the op movie for the dating sim side game. THAT OP WAS WEIRD I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK OF IT
...also looked to see if there was a chaos;head demo but nope. :( would like that op on the xbox too... i love find the blue. pretty song. skyclad no kansokusha is also amazing. ITOU KANAKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FTW

so anyway the demo took way too long to download, i assume because it's on japanese servers. (though when i asked a friend about JP live accounts and why i wanted one, he found info on the XBOX magazine having had the steins;gate demo dvd in an issue. pure japanese demo. ?????)

didn't get finished till a little after midnight
i opened it up all :DDDD

1 hour in i was getting a bit tired. checked the pause menu... can't save. NITRO+----!!!!

my attention really wavered during kurisu's scientific uh... thing... crap i can't think of the word. ANYWAY SHE HAD THIS DEBATE WITH OKABE/OTHER PEOPLE ABOUT TIME TRAVEL AND IT WAS ALL ADVANCED SCIENTIFIC STUFF I WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND IN ENGLISH, NEVERMIND JAPANESE, SO I WAS LIKE @_@ /hit auto and just. sit.

i really. do not know many kanji. FFS I NEED TO LEARN MORE. at first i was trying to read what i could of non-vocal lines but... ffs it's not a kid's game, kanji everywhere. gave up and just skipped anything unspoken. D:

finally... reach the end of chapter 1/the demo. 3:30am.

AAAAAAAARGH i had been real good about keeping my sleep schedule fixed for like a month now but



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Yeah, haven't posted any entries in some time. IDK.

First, a few of you know the problems I'm  having with out house guest, Jeanie.
she's pissed at me because i don't do enough around the house. so i go and do more and its still not enough. also i tend to be up all night and i MAKE A POINT TO BE QUIET but she still complains that i keep her up all night she's on the other side of the house ffs, with all the ACs running you shouldn't be able to hear a damn thing
so she goes stomping around, slamming doors, yelling at my cats, and complaining to my dad
I'm tired of her, Dad's tired of her, I want her to GET THE HELL OUT but Dad's too nice, he tells me 'she doesn't have anywhere to go!' and we should care why?
he also told me she's been looking for a place to rent so. well. i hope she gtfo's soon.

Dad put a little money on my walmart card thing so I bought a few things
Some Pokemon card singles(Purrloin, Glameow, Meowth) AND


bought 4, gave two to a friend

i do not have enough energy cards of any type for a deck

in other tcgs, i joined [ profile] colors_tcg!
been fun, people are nice.
kinda wish i could get cards more often but whatever, everyone has the same situation, just most have been in the game longer so they have plenty of cards.
I'll just have to work on my collections :3

I watched a bunch of Sengoku Otome eps all at once the other day. 3-7.
went whoooooooooooooooooooooo and made a [ profile] noboobnaga rp account. Well, ok , I actually made it before then, but didn't go icon hunting til the marathon. Then I... posted on dear_mun
LOL confused sengoku basara characters. everywhere. OK OK IT WAS JUST TWO BUT STILL
...i should really watch/play the anime/game sometime.

i just watched ep8 of SO as well and scream.
onsen scene! and then hideyoshi gets a bad fever, nobunaga ends up having to give her medicine mouth-to-mouth................ jsushdjenjhfhyesjskashj

OH and it looks like I'll be part of the steins;gate cast heading for [ profile] route_29 
...i mean like, i have Kurisu, and i find Mayuri. Mayuri's mun is thinking of going the r29, and I've been wanting to app there anyway, so I say I'll come along
then later i see a Ruka in dear_mun and end up telling her about Mayuri and Kurisu going to r29

and then i find Okabe. already intending on route_29
which probably means the player's read our threads
Kurisu is like NO WHY OKABE?!?!?

Inazuma GO is quite interesting so far, but i have nothing to comment on

few days ago i watched the first part of the Senjou no Valkyria/Valkyria Chronicles 3 OVA and it just made me go DAMN IT I WANNA PLAY VC2 AGAIN BUT MY PSP'S SCREEN IS STILL BROKEN :(

Digimon Xros Wars is getting fun, I'm behind on Pokemon Best Wishes, I'm liking YGO Zexal the more I watch(CAT GIRL NEXT WEEK OMFG), etc etc

friend's bugging me to play Guild Wars now so I'll shut up
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the other day, friends on plurk were talking about some show

i was bored and checked it out

hello new show&book series to loveee

a game of thrones :3

watched 2 episodes, went nuts, had to read the books asap!!!
...except the library system here has no books by george r.r. martin :(
so i... got pdfs >_> for now. there's no bookstores here unless you count walmart, and i checked - the books are on their site for sale but not in the store here :|

so. yeah. finished a game of thrones night before last. took 3 days of staring at the dang laptop screen, i went to bed with a headache each time
so last night i took a break and didn't start book2
started it tonight instead - also going to take a slower pace now because, honestly, reading books like this sucks.
spoilery blah blah )

my brain's been filled with these books that i'm finding it hard to think of anything else i've been up to since my last entry...

well, i did play .hack a little more a few days ago
sakaki continues to be a pain in the behind
stupid... relentless tournament... no recovery between battles, no items... fffffu-
oh hai game over screen

.../turn off ps2

and then i got into AGOT so i don't know if i'll feel up to grinding or whatever in .hack for some time. XD

oh! i watched eps 3/4/5 of steins;gate today and just spazzed all over the place
/made... a [ profile] not_christina rp account...

i admit i felt squicked about... the uh. jellyman report. yeah... kfjrigjugjf ew
(and if people(and bananas) end up like that... i am glad they didn't go back far enough to read reports about animal testing.)

...can't think of anything else... bleh
yes, my life is this boring.
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madoka finale: nothing to say that hasn't been said by others, really. awesome awesome anime, though.

suite precure: okay, i knew siren was gonna end up turning good but this early?  really? :|
depending on how things turn out i may not update my [ profile] blackcatsong to it. not that she's in a game anyway pfff.
(she'd get along better with that Eas in dear_mun this way, too)

caught up on digimon xros wars last night
first thought: if kiriha and nene didn't go back to the real world where did they get new clothes????

earlier today i watched the first ep of ano hi mita... jfirugut i am not typing all that out ok? and. ;o;
caught me with first ep, yep.


well, can't wait for monday. jeanie and i have planned to go out and take advantage of all the easter candy sales >:3

@[ profile] yuidirnt: i tweeted this at you already but just to make sure you get the message, i redownloaded smt: imagine so we can play when you're awake ok :3
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so... this past saturday was eventful. In a way.

Big storm went through NC/VA, multiple tornadoes touched down, etc
somehow our little town in halifax county avoided tornados, only got some wind and rain. next town over, though, did have a tornado touch down and some destroyed buildings. D:

i'm still thinking back over everything. back in florida, hurricanes were a constant thing, but dad and i never had more house damage than some roof shingles or such missing. sure, i had seen worse happen to other people's houses, but i guess since dad was always excited about hurricanes i just... followed his lead and never over-thought things? storms are awesome displays of nature's force, and beauty. so i can understand dad's tendency for excitement about hurricanes, and honestly i still think the same. but this tornado-spawning storm... i don't know, it was different than what i am used to...
it was real windy, and the power went out about 5:45... jeanie had a weather radio thing we were listening to, keep us updated on what was going on
but that was it.
no tv, no computers, can't cook food
we were planning to cook tacos that night and obviously without power couldn't
i just flopped in bed and slept most of the night
power came back around 3am

during the night i played a bit more of golden sun: dark dawn
i had been ignoring the ds in general for some time so yeah
...i am thinking i should go back and play the previous game though because, idk, it feels weird since i haven't?

other games... got to vol3 for .hack//g.u.
ffs sakaki just die already corp's obviously insane for hiring him btw
also aida, do something less predictable than jumping from arena champion to arena champion. too obvious.
i want yoko/alkaid back :| oh and TABBY! i hear she's back later in vol3 but screw that i want my catgirl from the start, man.

uhhh what else
well tonight i got real bored and... tried that new my little pony cartoon. yeah.
i liked twilight sparkle better at first. :/
one night is honestly too quick to be like YAAAY WE'RE SERIOUSLY BFFS!!!
personally? i was all for nightmare moon. WHATS WRONG WITH ETERNAL NIGHT???? the sun's too damn bright :|

in other news i am crazy and thinking about trying rp again - this time in a more 'real' game with serious apps 'n stuff. [ profile] route_29 
yes, pokemanz.
gonna toss [ profile] aicanfly (from cardliver kakeru).
but then i looked and oops, APPS CLOSED TIL MAY lol
oh well, means time for canon review.
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so, the dog person went back home today.

my cats will have a week of rest before the husky's back. for good. she's packing her stuff up and will be moving in when she comes back...


over on dear_mun i found Akari from digimon xros wars :O
i don't think i've seen any xros wars characters before, so it was nice
i dropped my Nene on her~

and... so... it looks like I'll be applying to [ profile] queenofheartsrp o___o;
Akari's player was considering there so I just went with it.

first i need to review Xros Wars
I'm not too sure on my grasp of Nene and all
also take screenshots while I'm at it because I need icons
seriously when i use lj search i find one. just... one. i made some from recent eps myself, but still that's 6. would like more variety in expression

oh and cardfight vanguard ep7? kai is such a tsun.
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my ps2 swapdisc and stuff is



i don't know what to dooo

if it's not here tomorrow i'm gonna mail the site

i bet someone put it in the wrong box by accident :|


right let's talk about fun things
dad's friend and her dog left yesterday, the cats now have the house all to themselves again yayyy

i beat 999
spoilers. )

i still feel @_@ about it...

so now i have little distraction from playing inazuma 2
...if i would stop sleeping all day, anyway
um i beat shin teikoku
now we're in osaka
rika is coming ohgod

oh yeah i saved & quit right after entering the amusement park
is... does endou... seriously have a harem?
all 4 girls are like HEY ENDOU WANNA GO WITH ME?
and like


i'm having to choose??
well ok ok i don't think otonashi is interested like that but the other 3? yeah.
where's my kazemaru choice...? teehee

and the next game adds fuyuka

what the hell man

let's seeeee

last night i was crazy and made a rp account for [ profile] imeejishiro from Cardfight Vanguard
i have no idea why
...maybe i just wanted that username pff
posted on dear_mun, got no replies heh

tonight i went SCREW IT. and made a few 999 icons. posted to [ profile] findthe_blue 
amusingly, its 9 icons. some are spoilery so shoo if you haven't finished the game

the animated clover one is too big for lj :(

oh well

uhh i have nothing else to say.
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well nothing's really happened lately which is... normal, but its been a bit since my last post so there.

yesterday i was a total derp and spilled a whole bowl of spaghetti :(
i spazzed out trying to clean it up (at first tried to use my hands to get it off the carpet asap but OW *it was freshly hot from the microwave. not smart.*)
anyway i just had no clue what to do so i called dad
did what he said but it didn't... do much. :/
when he came home he did some scrubbing and got the worst gone. still has an obvious orange stain there though ._.

so dad and i have been chomping away on chicken the past few days
deeeeeeelicious stuff, man.
but we're taking a break from chicken tonight, gonna make BACONBACONBACONBACOOOOON
i love bacon, hee.
it's going to be an outright breakfast: bacon, eggs, biscuits. LOVE. <3
...right, need to make sure dad doesn't forget to buy biscuits.

been having a lot of fun at [ profile] errocity~
one character there i wasn't familiar with interested me so i... went and got downloaded iso of the game he's from lol >_>
kept dying and losing my levels/items/equips for i dunno how many times
but finally got things going fairly well now, lv15 or 16 and not having too much trouble with monsters.
...until the level i was on kept throwing these ones that can cause the status effect 'lust' which is WEIRD. everything, including yourself, turns into the same kimono-wearing girl. even items. o_O
its only as 'you' perceive it though, as i soon noticed my char's shadow was still normal. lol.
anyway i ended up with really low hp so i was staying in one room trying to recover and i kept having those damn monsters coming in and so i thought maybe it's best to keep moving but of course i run into more, can't escape, and die.
...turned it off. NOT LOSING MY LEVEL/ITEMS this time ffs. just gonna try that level again later and hope things turn out better.

so i finally got to watch kamen rider ooo ep 11 today since tv-nihon took... a long time to do it. seriously wat. today the next ep came out and they got last week's done just now...?
whatever i watched it
blahblahblah i don't like gotou
then at the end he freakin' bazookas the monster along with ooo
and the ep ends. I FREAK.
then realize duurrr, today's sunday, next ep is out!
headed for youtube and watched.
gotou continues to be a douche
OH SHI- KAZARI AND MAKI ARE WORKING TOGETHER...? MAYBE? next ep preview definitely has someone say that, anyway.
oh and best part:
/gotou tosses the new candroids at eiji
"here, new candroids!"
/ooo catches them and promptly freaks, dropping them
"gotou-san, i'm bad with snakes!!"
"they're eels!"
derp, eiji. derp.

uhhhh i'm bored now. :/

edit: changed my icons a little. shiki!! and ooo!! k.
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Well I'm just stupid. deeeerp.

Had my sleep... kinda fixed. Woke up at 5am. ...after going to bed at midnight.
friggin' cats.
so at like 11am i decided to take a nap so i could actually stay up through a normal night.
...and i just didn't wanna get up again. :/

so i thought "okay fine! i'll just sleep through this night again!"
so yeah i'm just... ugh.

still. going to try a nap in a bit, and i will... GET UP. AT A NORMAL TIME. I WILL NOT SLEEP TOO LONG. I WON'T. WOOOON'T. me do it anyway. sigh.

so. today! gonna watch a few more eps of p&swg because I just couldn't take too much at once. i watched 2-4 the other day, and... dunno how much i'll do today. it's kinda... yeah...

also going to search through my million burned dvds for whatever has eps of Yugioh GX season 3, because i'm trying to rp Shou from that period and my memory is so, so hazy. Eek. Need to refresh!

aaand i will be taking a shower at some point today
becaaaaause dad is taking me out to eaaaaaaaaaat :D
at logan's
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i played more tales of innocence today!

while cookies baked. mmm cookies.
they were white chocolate&macadamia nut.
i had a nice mug of milk with it.

anyway, tales.
i got the heck out of the dumb volcano
3 days pass while luca's out
he's back and in the party but HAHA SPADA IS BETTER I KNOW THIS NOW
not going to use luca anymooooore! unless spada is kicked out of the party later. boooo :|

so now in next town! done nothing yet because the ds was going RED LIGHT RED LIGHT RED LIIIIGHT
actually it was red while i was still trying to escape the dungeon and i was prepared to get so pissed if it died before i could exit and save
i exit and cutscene, cutscene, cutsceneee DUDE LET ME SAVE
i saved fine
...went on to next town, saw some skits, and reached the new town's inn to save. again. but then i turned it off.

um. other than that i still have done nothing but rp at [ profile] errocity 
guys, i am seriously having so much fun here.
today i ended up apping more characters and i may end up overwhelming myself but I'LL HAVE FUN DOING IT!
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blaaaaaah nothing really to talk about

finally picked up tales of innocence again the other day to beat Hasta
took awhile but beat him fine

freak tries to beg to be let go, no one listens
...then he is like 'hey kid come here' to luca
luca... does.


gdi luca...

so now i am playing as Spada and wow why have i been bothering with Luca? guy's damn fast and does good damage too. <3

it was late after the cutscene though so i just ran back to the save spot and quit. gotta get out of the volcano soon. :/

other than that i've been having so so sooo much fun at [ profile] errocity :D
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so last night i ended up watching yugioh dm eps for nearly 6 hours straight
thanks to a random plurk convo
i dug up my engrish'd bootleg dvds and had a livestream party with friends :D
we had more fun making fun of the subs than the show itself LMAO
buuut man i was so haaappyyyyyy
even though we all dropped off at 8:30AM
pffffffff lol
especially because somehow i didn't sleep all day
i actually woke up at 2pm, didn't want to get up, but did. whoooo

over at [ profile] errocity Luke has his ol' bud Guy!
aaand we just got a Tear. TEAAAAAAAAAAAAAR omfggggggggggggggg
for DeSu cast, we got Atsurooooo :D
MC needs Yuzu noowww~
man it'd be cool if either ToA or DeSu get a full cast. ...well, both would be overwhelmingly awesome but yeah right? i don't think any game has a full DeSu cast anyway :/
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So I woke up to a horrible discovery, the psp's screen is cracked. Okay.

Luke, as expected, is only pissing people off.
Maria's being all cute kiddy and people like her :3
aand... I guess I haven't done enough with Amane. She helped a little kid get a drink though. and, of course, expressed >:| that Naoya's there. could not pick better enemies to be stuck in the same building LMAO
I just kinda have trouble thinking of ways to get Amane out and socializing because she's... i dunno, all stoic and stuff. i'm gonna re-review the game script to get a better grasp of how she acts tomorrow :/

kr ooo 9: blahblah OH. OH MAN. SHE... SERVES THE *BIRD* GREEED FRIED CHICKEN. WHAT. AND HIS FACE LOL!!! and he eats it anyway poor guy
episode continues blahblah eiji's flashback to some little girl is finally explained, dodeedo, ooo tries the kitty combo and the simple action of activating it knocks core medals out of mezool LOL.
kougami wtf you just love weird people dude
now seriously why does this guy walk around with one arm always up and crooked to hold a creepy doll. why? and he's a SCIENTIST?!

japan wtf man.

also while i was trying to type this yuugi was curled up in my arms and kept biting because i guess he didn't like me typing
so i pushed him off the desk
dang cat got me good.
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okay uh
nothing really going on lately
besides being OMFG excited for [ profile] errocity 's opening :3
apped Luke and Maria of course, since they were in the previous version of the game, and then someone else apped SMT Devil Survivor's MC so I was like 'fffffff--' since I was already thinking of trying to play Amane so yeah, apped. Then we got a Naoya and another MC lmfao...

so um
i've played some tales of innocence
once i got through the stupid tomb maze stuff in ashihara i had to fight chitose :( i don't want to hurt yoooou
but man that took a while to do she seriously had some hp there
anyway blah blah next town and crazy pink haired dude is holed up in the volcano
if only.
so of course our group has to go kick the freak out
spada has some flashbacks to durandal's creation, blah blah, vulcan made an evil spear too, blah blah, so DUR spada vs hasta rivalry omfg!!
so i'm fighting hasta and... doing nothing like wtf his hp just wasn't going down at all
and he was getting healed randomly
so what little we did was just... getting healed wtffffff
turns out luca's sword heals hasta for SOME DAMNED REASON
so glad i kept the previous sword just in case jeez
i didn't realize this until i had used up nearly all the hp/tp recovery items so i went 'screw it' and turned it off
figure i got some element on the sword that hasta likes or something i don't know
and i am not about to go all the way back out the damn volcano just to fix that so luca will just have to use a slightly weaker sword THAT DOESN'T HEAL THE DANG ENEMYYYYYYYYY

anyway that livestream party stuff we did halloween night was so fun i want to try more
so i thought i'd list some movies i have, and a few shows that i'd like to get people to try?
list )

i dunno it was just fun last time and it'd be nice to do again... ;-;
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...well, I failed to finish Jubei's app before my reserve ended. I got it extended now, but my mind is still so blank for the personality section! I've got a little paragraph and one extra sentence. Just can't think of more...

The How's My Driving? Meme

haven't really been doing much lately...

oh, I attended the move watch-a-long at [ profile] ontdcreepy last night
first movie was... mostly boring :/
second one was pretty cool, though!

also, i joined the twitter blazblue rp XD yes, as jubei. here~

....yeaaah i can't think of anything to talk about.
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blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i'm so bored feeling

mind is still so, so blank on jubei's app. this sucks, my reserve at [ profile] vatheon ends... the 19th, i think? in a few days, i know.
still have plenty of time for [ profile] luceti since both reserves and apps won't open til the end of the month there. :/

i really want to get in more rp comms, and i don't want to let down the people who seem excited at the idea of a jubei coming...

i suck. :|

anyway blahblah, meme

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blahblah noooothing going on

went out to eat, mmm grilled salmon. and fries.
then HUGE BROWNIE. always awesome.
even saved some for a nice waitress to have lol
she asked jokingly but YEAH I LEFT HER A BITE.

past few days i've been like WHEEE watching the bururaji videos.
omfg hilarious, screwy, awesome, just TOO MUCH TO DESCRIBE LOL
i took caps even though it's crap youtube quality
and i really wanna do a picspam of the caps because its just so PFFFFFFFFFFFLOL

of what is subbed
there's like no hazama :(
they've mentioned him a few times and made jokes but his seiyuu hasn't shown up at all...
oh, or carl.
oh well, there seems to be a lot more than what the subber's translated so far.

so now i'm listening to the drama cds.

and i thought after completing CS' story mode i'd be done with blazblue spazzing for awhile... hahaha.

soo yeah um
gonna be apping [ profile] sniffshazama at two places
but... i'm like @_@ because i'm really blanking out on what to write in the personality section. ergh.
i... don't want to let people down, but just... i keep thinking and nothing comes. :(
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thinking too much

jeez apps annoy me

i feel like i can never do enough for one, honestly.

and then add the fact that my memory of Calamity Trigger is fading, and I'm screaming.
...ffs, even some of CS is getting blurry!

wouldn't be as bad if the character had more importance in the storyline... JUBEI BECOME PLAYABLE ALREADY :(

so yeah um i decided I'll try to take Jubei to both [ profile] luceti and [ profile] vatheon ...
on that topic, any rpers on my f-list, how accepted is it to re-use what I write in an app? since I really don't want to try writing all that stuff differently, twice. :|

okay, anyway, today i ... tried to play more CS. i'd like to be somewhere near decent for hazama
and i gave up. that's just too freaking weird.
score attack is hell, can't even beat the first opponent.
legion is okay at first then when you go trying a battle and lose, hey, there goes several characters and you can't refight previous areas so you're just screwed. *scream*

didn't feel like playing arc rise fantasia today.
will do tomorrow.
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