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man, what is it with card game animes kicking me in the butt lately?

first i finally finish cardliver kakeru and they end the damn show without resolving... anything...

and now, this week's yugioh 5d's ep. w. t. f.

now i SERIOUSLY dunno about zexal. i don't really look forward to that kinda crap pulled again.

/gives cardfight vanguard a look
don't you dare do this shit please :(

yeah... i feel so blah right now. :/

ehhh let's see
i watched gokaiger ep1 and finished just in time to realise "oh shi- 5d's" but anyway
i went in thinking :/ because. pirates aren't good guys seriously, i don't care what modern fiction wants you to think.
starts off with epic story-set up with ALLLLLL THE PAST RANGERS fighting against alien invaders
man *_*
/fangirls all over
/was maybe paying a bit more attention to abarekiller...
aaah anyway they all sacrifice themselves to destroy the army but
it didn't work i guess derp because they're still around?
and our 'heroes' are wanted criminals in their opinion
so we have our space pirates heading to earth
because it has ~the greatest treasure~ or something
so they just. park their ship in the sky, drop anchors (almost squishing a cat :|) and come jumping down
and yell at us "earthlings" thinking we'd know about the greatest treasure
yeah no

also red is the captain. captain ~marvelous~
really can't take that seriously pfffff
anyway i'm not trying to summarize the ep or anything so i'll shut up
marvelous is so totally captain tsun. :p
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i just watched goseiger ep38
(yes i'm behind, shut up)

god damn, goseiknight is MOE
as moe as a... um... robot thing who mainly just wants to stop pollution can be...
he's really, like, grown as a character
despite starting off with no emotions since he's a robot thing

i also think his situation is funny
he's not human, has no human form or anything
nozomu gives him a drawing of himself and like... where's he gonna keep it???
then in this ep, 38, hyde gives him some books to read because goseiknight is trying to understand humans better
and i was like '...where is he gonna sit and read??'

then we see him standing around in a gazebo with the books, reading. he's not even sitting pfff
and i just... dunno the whole thing is lol.

i mean when nozomu happened to overhear that the train his mom's on is heading for a friggin' bomb and understandably freaks out
goseiknight's just... i mean the kid's right up there clinging to him ;;
and he just... hesitantly... moves his arms to hold the kid. omfg ;o;

also wtf next year's sentai is... pirate themed. really? pirates? honestly toei wtf...
(but then again they've done ninjas twice...)
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First, ffffff I missed the airing of 5d's ;o;
thought it was today, not yesterday

but i watched a stream of it earlier today and
wow jean is so gay XD
i demand that we sse team unicorn again plenty more :3

anyway the dumb cats kept knocking one littler box onto its side -.-
did it twice today >.<

so yeaaah um
got up, fixed the freaking litter box, then had some ice cream while watching goseiger ep5 :3

got on Digimon Battle a bit before the exp event
I got Renamon to Mega!!! \o/
so she's lv41 and i'm stopping there
for now
the grinding some people do to reach level 50 sounds insane. :/
so I'll use Rena to help my other Digimon /o/
buut i'm first gonna farm up the crests/eggs I need
i got two +4 miracle digi-eggs now, and 1 +3 courage crest
lots of items needed~

aaand for dinner i had burgers~<3 watched goseiger ep6 with it. hee.
now i'm caught up on goseiger and... i think i like Hyde the best :/

haven't poked SMT today... will get on that now :3
btw: dark areas and moving floors freaking suck. >:|
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I just (finally) checked out ep 1 of Tensou Sentai Goseiger
...late, because I was waiting for HD but gave up. if Goseiger turns out awesome then I'll bother with HD, but for now I'd like stuff I can watch on the computer instead of my laptop.

it's kinda interesting.
the tribe stuff makes me think of Gransazer, eeee~
and i just have to lol at the Red losing his transformation card. in the first ep.

also neat that Red is not associated with fire. Whoo for something different~

I really like the ending song. XD

and yeah, still can't find my ps2.
I'm just gonna... slow down and see if it pops up on it's own eventually. :/
but will probably go nuts again when the modchip arrives /sigh
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um let's see~
Kamen Rider W's getting awesome
I didn't expect that certain guy to kick the bucket so soon, lol.
Also, the Decade movie All Riders vs Dai Shocker was weird
Just... like wtf, Tsukasa's actions made noooo sense whatsoever :/

but eh, the big battle was like overwhelming fanservice <3 eeeee all the riders~
and the random W appearance, lol.
"a green rider?"
"a black rider?"
"hey wtf, he's green, stupid"

aaand Shinkenger's getting interesting, so close to the end~
Kinda wow that they pulled a Red replacement being FEMALE
also ;-; at Juuzou's death
I kinda figured from the start that he'd be an extra ranger or something XD
oh well

aaand back to complaining about Shin Megami Tensei Imagine
still can't contract a Jack Frost :/
spent like 2 hours trying yesterday
buuut i had expertise boost so my skills are quite high now :3
already got maragi/bufu/zio/zan <3
now i need to actually level up so my mp can handle it better XD

aaand um i've been watching Kampfer XD
Natsuruuuuu heeeeee
I want Akane to get 'im >:3
Though Shizuku's interesting, too...
Kaede's just boring :/
I just got to the ep Mikoto shows up in so I dunno about her yet.

oh! and for something more recent, I picked up Durarara!!
so cool XDXD
...I watched it on my tv :D

lalala i'm gonna go play more Imagine now~
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