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madoka finale: nothing to say that hasn't been said by others, really. awesome awesome anime, though.

suite precure: okay, i knew siren was gonna end up turning good but this early?  really? :|
depending on how things turn out i may not update my [ profile] blackcatsong to it. not that she's in a game anyway pfff.
(she'd get along better with that Eas in dear_mun this way, too)

caught up on digimon xros wars last night
first thought: if kiriha and nene didn't go back to the real world where did they get new clothes????

earlier today i watched the first ep of ano hi mita... jfirugut i am not typing all that out ok? and. ;o;
caught me with first ep, yep.


well, can't wait for monday. jeanie and i have planned to go out and take advantage of all the easter candy sales >:3

@[ profile] yuidirnt: i tweeted this at you already but just to make sure you get the message, i redownloaded smt: imagine so we can play when you're awake ok :3

my day.

Mar. 20th, 2011 01:42 am
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>wake up at noon
>'uuuuuuuurgh' /still feel sleepy but decide to get up since friend said he'd be up at 10 and rip my .hack saves for me
>...he's not online
>NOOO ;-;
>do other stuff, kill time, blah blah
>he comes online
/bugs about saves
"i just got up i'm still sleepy"
>...well ok
>go play SMT: nocturne for an hour
>come back
>he's idle on aim
>wait wait wait
>he comes back right before i have to go down with dad and make dinner so i just remind him and leave
/returns to computer finding that yes he got the stuff
>try using the usb thing to port the saves to my memcard
>find out that swapmagic 3.6 can't run .elf files off usb sticks or whatever

"hey there's a cd thing to do this too"
"yeah but i've not done that so i don't know anything"
"well i'm gonna try it"
>...what are all these folders AAAAAAAAA
ms:/0? ms:/1? waaaaaaaaat
oh. the usb stick is mass:
and ms:/0 is the ps2 memcard
first attempt to copy saves didn't work and i dunno why
then i had a hard time getting swapmagic to run the cd again
but i got 'em

..................................oh well
friend says i had my own memcard by then or something but idk why i would since i didn't own a ps2 yet

so did not feel like trying to pick up //quarantine again since UGH. DATA BUGS. (also figured attempting it would make me VERY NOISY and wake jeanie up again)
so i just jumped to g.u.

>swapmagic, .hack//g.u. blah blah


>sit for probably an hour going through crap that already happened in the roots anime


>get through it then--

>blah blah blah

>several annoying cutscenes with haseo telling them he's haseo and they're like 'lol no' then 'oh you're roleplaying, k'
really did well on aggravating me as much as haseo himself >:/

then PIIIII! ahh. bluff, blah blah, pkers run off, more blah blah, idiots finally acknowledge that he's haseo, yay, and ... blah. by then my back was hurting bad since, again, sitting on floor with no back support

uhhhh yeah i just quit g.u. so nothing else has happened.

been getting more active on vdex lately, trades trades traaades~ have all 3 starter seekers now :3
saving up on an everstone now yep~
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well i just got done playing like 2-3 hours of smt: devil summoner 1

my back hurts :< sitting on a floor with no back support for that long sucks
/totally moving chair in there later

finished chapter 2 & 3
god damn the red cape at the end of 2 was tough
i ended up yelling so much i woke up jeanie... at 2:30 am. OOPS.
at one point raidou was down to 11hp and i noticed, screamed, and quickly healed. XD

i hatehatehate matrix labyrinth
it wasn't til i was super aggravated of going in circles, i looked up a guide and -- oh. i have a map in here? shit. i am brilliant :c

also i was like 'hey why is some summoner dude using those weird RUSSIAN DOLLS?'
>finish maze
>break door's seal

>oh hai there rasputin. I SEE WHY NOW.

why is rasputin in japan though wtfwtf
also he apparently is dead
except obviously not?


i have a nice 20pack of dvd-rs for PS2. PS2. PS2. GAAAAAAAAAAAMES
already burned digital devil saga 1, .hack//quarantine, .hack//g.u. 1, aand in a few minutes i will start smt: nocturne
i have a few other games in mind buuut

suggestions would be fun too~? :3

oh yes and i feel so so spoiled
a good friend of mine is gonna send me a computer gamepad thing & sly 1+3(borrowing), aaand he bought me a xbox 360 60gb hard drive on ebay, sent straight to my dad's po box aaaaaaaa<3
now i can stop having to use a usb stick for it.

oh, yes, and in a few hours when he gets up again he'll be doing some computer stuffs to get my old .hack//4 save and send it to me so i can do more compy stuff to get it on my memory card. yay~
(except last i remember i was seriously stuck and aggravated with some dungeon FULL of both types of data bugs and the AI not sticking to orders made it friggin' impossible.)
...why does he have my save? well way back he was living with me, got me into .hack, and he was the only one with a ps2. and now he's. um. few hours away. so its not like i can go walk over to his house and do a little copying. :/
glad he didn't delete my save XD i was all prepared to have to download & burn all four .hack games since i don't really like just starting on 4 plain.

i feel like trying to finish pokemon black finally. no clue if i'll actually succeed though...
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ugh, spring. my allergies SCREAM and give me a neverending headache...

right, nothing really going on, but i kept meaning to mention something about smt devil summoner

when you go to that one region with the bathhouse and
have to go in

at first i was like 'ooh raidou~'

...then the hat. i was like WHY ARE YOU STILL WEARING YOUR HAT???? the whole time, then the gang leader SAID THE SAME THING LMFAO


seriously XD

soo my paid trial is almost up :( so i scrambled around and changed my userpics a little before it disables them.
i'm liking raidou so YES. ICONS. including this one now which made me lol.

my life is boring, sorry. :/
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been playing Devil Summoner a fair bit the past few days~
vdex has caught my attention again now that GenV is out
...except the tradelock ANNOYS ME. like, i get it now but the stuff caught now stays locked forever??? man, i got a shiny sandile and minccino and I DON'T WANT THEM. can't sell them ever...? :|

for now i'm just hanging in white forest since it's kinda pointless to hunt Unova 'mons since if i find a shiny i don't want its stuck with me foreverrrrrrrr
EDIT: just caught a BW sprite shinx and... wait a fucking second. EVEN NON-UNOVA POKEMON CAUGHT IN UNOVA ARE TRADELOCKED? SHIT. guess i won't be hunting anything for now.

got all three starters. :3
...archen archen archen i missed the giveaway ;-; but on a waiting list for someone else's breeding. yay.
here's a link to my shop btw
random retros (mostly friggin' bellsprout), 2 shiny ...bellsprout..., and some v-day vulpixes for sale :D
while i'm at it...

shinvyyyyyyyyyyyyy<3 and that cyndaquil sprite, so cute!
(egg is a tepig)

been lurking the forum some too... found a fan of cardfight vanguard :D
also in the thread about visual novels someone posted saying they like saya no uta and corpse party ...also gore screaming show which i am interested in but since there's no translationnnnnnn :( several different groups start and just... die. ugh.


i finished watching .hack//roots
i feel ...idfk i'm just pissed
the cool characters leave for some reason or another
and after haseo's explosion of asshole-ness i don't like him at all even if he's 'better' now
probably will be playing g.u. once i get some dvds. /out of blanks
undub btw. ffs bandai... first series was dual audio...

watched a bunch of inazuma eleven today, since i'm behind
still one ep behind on subs though
which reminded me i haven't touched the games in some time
i don't know what i'm supposed to do in it though...
might poke around on it tomorrow.

blah, there really isn't much to talk about. my life is boring.
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went out, walked the pretty husky dog aaaaaa~ll o~ver, got food(somewhere in time between lunch/dinner so. whatever.), sat in a car while dad & jeanie put some stuff up for work tomorrow, then we went to some event thing. banjos, banjos everywhere. okok it wasn't just banjos but yeah. music was overall fine, just not quite my taste, you know? first i was sitting outside so i started playing tales of innocence. then dad kept bugging me so i came in, but in ToI i was in the middle of a dungeon trying to gtfo, and i took the whole time just trying to find a way back to the field. jeez. i hope no one was offended by that... i did put the ds down and clap when everyone else did.

reminded dad to check the dang mail already, since he hasn't managed/remembered to get there for the past few days
yep the ps2 repair part was hereeeeeeeeeeeee!!

obviously once i got home i fixed my ps2. yep. :3
the long awaited.... SMT: DEVIL SUMMONER RAIDOU KUZUNOHA and blah blah
friggin' hell i burned that off back before i found the ps2 stopped turning on. so i've been waiting aaaaaaa
played over an hour. not sure if its the swapdisc or my ps2 being stupid, but i have to skip cutscenes because they lag like seriously bad. SLOW. SLOOOOW. first attempt to play it outright stopped bothering to read the disc :/ before i could even save. for the first time. yeaah. /had to do tutorial all over again pff

swapdisc still says my copy of sly cooper 1 isn't a valid ps2 disc. ugh. not sure what to do there...

gonna sleep soon it's already 3am

...not sure what the heck i'll play tomorrow. too much stuff @_@
p4... raidou... tota... and other games not for ps2. agh.
probably just get a bit more AC done then raidou it up. lol

oh yes and the other day when dad was using the laptop i just played ds... started a new game i've heard about for being at least somewhat a VN. lux-pain? i got the undub rom and played an hour and a half straight, lol
its interesting~ though the touch screen stuff for finding those glowy things confused me at first because... no explanation its just poof i can ...draw... on the... screen...? idfk????
but yes. interesting. i like the little kid lol. SHE CAN UNDERSTAND ANIMALS :D
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i let a lot of stuffs stack up so i can make a nice post~

let's see
i beat bayonetta on normal difficulty
wow i love this game, lol
talked to [ profile] futachimaru after and decided i'd play very easy mode next to farm halos.

but for now, i'm gonna take a break from it and play other games. like baroque, i've ignored that for months

oh and i got a friend to buy me a replacement part for my ps2 so when that comes i will be glued to it for sure. >:3

bunch of friends on twitter kept talking about tokimeki memorial girl's side ds
so i, uh. decided to check it out
first guy you meet annoys me
blahblah /joins gardening club

for awhile i still went to the teacher's extra classes because i felt like having a backup in case of fail
i failed everything, man
i sat there. playing aaaaaall night, to 7am
few days before the end of 3rd year i find that morimura's affection was reset
lonely end. ;o;

i have no clue what i did wrong :(
also what is this, no new game+?????
why can't i carry over at least my clothes/accessories -_-
anyway i hadn't saved in like. 6 months before the end so i'll be trying again
but i also have a new game started for later.

of the guys i've seen in game, i only like morimura-kun and sensei :/
voiced byyyy ishida akira(morimura) and koyasu takehito(sensei)
just. HELL YEAH!

i really don't like the fact that ignoring the main guys it forces you to meet causes problems
then your little brother is like 'hey aren't you ignoring a guy lately?' YES I AM BECAUSE I'M NOT INTERESTED IN HIM NOW STOP BUGGING ME ABOUT IIIIIIIIIIIIT

in my next play i'll join a sport club of some sort, i think
'cause... my stat for that is 0 in my current game. ;;;
and well, maybe a guy in one of those will catch my eye. who knows?

tonight i went out to eat with dad
he said we'd go last night but then said no
so uh
the gamestop entei giveaway ended yesterday... i never got there in time :/
oh well i don't really like entei anyway

hmmm played inazuma eleven 2 some
found the ~secret training area~
ran through it a few times
next day blah blah rika drags ichinose off so we go get him back and

i don't know what it wants me to do now?? the top screen says something about ichinose but i got him already o_o

aaand uh. cardfight vanguard.
ep3 was kinda blah. intro'd aichi's little sis but nothing else really happened. sure, aichi played vanguard, but it was against that idiot.

kai wasn't in the ep at all D:


also if anyone could suggest somewhere at least fairly easy to apply to for [ profile] moonsdarkness? I got complimented on dear_mun and now wanna try playing her somewhere ///
...and though unlikely, maybe Cardfight Vanguard's [ profile] imeejishiro too?

old, but

and anon love letter meme
choroneko: (srs doctor is srs)
okay first



ozaki has been bumped up my 'fave character' list
still love megumi the best though. <3
slightly spoilery )
if ANYTHING deserves beato's PAAAAFEKTO, it's this. god damn, man.

just watched kuragehime 7 while i ate lunch
kuranosukeeeeeeeeeeee oh man
almost. so close! soooo close!!!
love this show too for... obviously different reasons than shiki. pfff.

..until these shows end. ;o;

nothing else been going on really...
oh! been playing wow.
...and smt: imagine
anyone on my flist play either?
(besides [ profile] yuidirnt)
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so last night i randomly found a program that like streams the psp's screen to the computer
which is SO USEFUL for me now since, you know, my psp's screen is HORRIBLY CRACKED.
got around to testing it today.
played a little p3p, then one mission of valkyria chronicles 2
i can see it's a little laggy
but still so better than trying to see through all the glitchiness on my psp...

also my friend did buy me the wow expansion, wotlk!! /o/
and he's gonna get me one month sub. i didn't have a chance to ask before he said he would XD ...though he probably was expecting me to ask  anyway.
so i'm scrambling around trying to burn stuff off the comp so i have enough room for wow
just used my last blank dvd :(
and tomorrow with all the sales, staples has a 100 pack of dvds on sale for 9.99
i asked dad if he could at least get over there sometime tomorrow to see if maaaybe there's still one left by the time he gets there.
...i doubt it though. sigh.

tonight dad and i will be having an awesome meal :3
chicken, mashed potatoes, and garlic bread.
screw normal tradition, we haven't actually done anything special on thanksgiving for a loooong time
...yeah i think last year i asked for a turkey sub from subway haha.
anyway i've had sliced turkey meat on sandwiches a lot lately so i told dad 'get chicken.'
and he did. :D

well, happy thanksgiving to everyone on my f-list! i love you guys okay <3



Sep. 20th, 2010 10:45 pm
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Welll lets see
been playing the heck out of Black, of course.
LV27 Leparudasu, LV29 Janoby, LV28 Zebraika, LV28 Haderia, LV29 Hatooboo, and still a LV4 hm slave Minezumi. :3
storyline blahblah )
I MUST HAVE THE ARCHEOPTERYX POKEMON!!! loved those things since i was a kid :DDDD
it will replace Hatooboo asap. Yes.
I also need a water-type. Hmm.
And, admittedly, my party has too many normal types. Gonna drop Haderia eventually, because I cannot drop pretty kitty >:3
...oh wait kitty is dark-type anyway. okay, moving on...

randomly listened to the SMT Devil Survivor drama cd parts. Well, one person's uploading it on youtube. Not all there yet, but I listened to what is up.
Haru's voice is omfg hot *_*
Amane sounds nice, too.
...Yuzu likes mint chocolate icecream ahhh :/ why do i have something in common with yuzuuuu
the sound effects when Midori's all "Magical Dolly~~!" are hilarious. XD

and um.
my cats got tapeworms :(
i noticed weird stuff on their butts yesterday but dad was like 'they don't go out how can they have worms!'
but he saw 'em this morning.
so i looked stuff up to determine what worms they are and what we can do
because we seriously cannot afford a visit to the vet
well just getting the stuff to get rid of tapeworms isn't enough since fleas are the reason cats get tapeworms. so we have to get both tapeworm medicine and stuff to get rid of fleas.


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blaaaaaahblah two days til continuum shift i am going nuts ;;
raided pixiv for hazama art lol ._.

ohh and i have 14 floors left in tartarus! (p3p) :D
working on that and s.links eek

earlier today i randomly refreshed on vdex to keep the hourly money flow going
...and the pidgey was weird
i just stared for a moment before realizing ITS FREAKING SHINY OMFG
so... i has a shiny pidgey.

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I had a fun day~

dad got off work even earlier than he was originally planning because it just got too damn hot, and he was working outside on the sunny side of the building. not cool.
sooo he was home at noon.

we went out to lunch instead of dinner :3
first stopped by gamestop to preorder blazblue: continuum shift
...aaand the two clerks like that game series :D
so i got to talk for a min
the guy was like 'lol can you beat me?'
...neeeever played against people yet because xbox sucks and you have to have the gold stuff to play online. :|
so i said 'i have no clue'
anyway dad handed me 20 to put on the reserve since he didn't want to have to come up with 35 freaking bucks suddenly in a few days.
they told me they'll have the game on tuesday :D
so yaaaaaaay on that

we went to the same place we always end up lately
i had grilled salmon mmmm
didn't get the awesome huge brownie
but dad said i could
...since it's so dang hot i decided i'd rather have a blizzard from dq
mmmmm mint oreo blizzard

after we ate dad said a friend of his has this store over in littleton
he's never been so he wants to check it out
so we went :3

wow that store had lots of stuff
its, eh, a grocery i guess.
with more unusual stuff.
like... elk meat... lol
we had a good time just looking at everything
got some stuff
i saw some box of those tapioca ball things
and i've heard about tapioca from people here
sooo hey why not try it
dad, of course, got lots of spicy stuff. like wasabi, pepper jelly, and blahblah
we also got bratwurst
actually made by some german guy
so we're hoping that will be good :D

anyway i played more p3p while out
so yes i saw the bad end
...while in logan's so i was all um um
/listens to kimi no kioku
/glance around
/nervous fidgeting

is there any point to using the bad end clear data for a newgame+?
...'cause i'm still playing towards the normal ending.

now i'm in the 6th block of tartarus~ only a few more guardians to go :3
(when fuuka said 'only a few left' i thought she meant floors so i was all like OMFG I'M ALMOST DONE??? but no)

...out of curiosity HOW MANY DAMN FLOORS ARE THERE????? jeez
choroneko: (p3: lolwat) i've barely touched the book from the library...
first night i woke up like around 4am feeling too spooked to go back to sleep :/
but last night i slept fine :3

i played more p3p last night
the end is coming, oh what shall i doooo~?
gonna see the bad end just to see
then load save and go for beating the crap out of nyx. >:3
i feel bad for ryoji. :/
so yeah working on s.links and going up tartarus.
i screwed up and declined the only date i had on 12/24 :(
i was hoping someone other than yuko would call ;;
and the last save before was ...12/11 (lol my b-day), too far back for me to want to redo ._.;
oh well
always next playthrough :D

toniiiight i will get to eat out~ yay~!

dad is actually letting me pick *any* place
for quite some time now he only wanted to go to places with beer :/
...unless we were going out with bill & kathy, he won't drink then
anyway i've really wanted to go to the only seafood place around here for a long time now ;;
haven't had popcorn shrimp in foreverrrrr i love those.
mayflower gives you LOTS <3
but i feel bad for dad, really
so i'm probably going to just say to stay at logan's :/
we have a box of frozen popcorn shrimp, but its so hot that dad doesn't want anyone using the oven
since he's so dang stubborn, sleeping downstairs where there's no ACs
with only a box fan to try and stay... cool?
there's an extra bed up here ffs

oh well
he says on a cooler day i can use the oven
and a cooler day is coming... soon. :/
i'll have shrimp then
won't be as good as mayflower's but...
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played more p3p last night~~

male!MC has a giiiirlfriiiiiend now :o
Yuko, the team manager
wasn't intending to go that way at first but she got cute ;;
still wanting to get mitsuru though...
and YES i have gotten to the point where i can start her!!!
rank2 atm
also working on school council & art club s.links
kendo club is maxed
kenji is maxed
not going to touch the fat guy
oh, i've s.linked with that old monk too.
i have academics/courage/charm all maxed
so now yukari bugs me :/
rank1 with yukari, rank2 with fuuka

..i guess i can't with any of the sees guys as maleMC? meh.

today i decided to poke Tales of VS
i've been wanting to check that out for so long but my cfw poofed around the time it came out ;o;
but now since i have cfw again, hellooooo~
damn it is tough
i mean yeah you start off with a single, easy battle.
then boom anything after that just pwns you. easy.
a fighting game. with rpg stats. wat.
it wouldn't be bad if it wasn't so unbalanced toward the AI... :/

also the latest ep of heartcatch precure was awesomeeeeeeee
cure sunshine~<333333
want next ep. now! :D
choroneko: (drrr: \o/)
we got the memory stick out of the camera~

and now my psp has custom firmware <3

undub P3P /o/!!!!!
and other games

this morning i got up early
dad and i went for breakfast buffet with friends at ryan's~
was good :D

now back to p3p <3
choroneko: (waltz: nyoro~n)
my freezing issues with the psp are getting worse

it just... stops. randomly. at first i was lightly hitting the disc door area, and it'd work again
but just now i was playing while downstairs with dad
was checking the records in the command room (p3p)
when it just... blank. screen. no amount of whacking or waiting was helping. :|

then i thought i'd check sony support while downstairs
here's a hint, sony: people just might want to check SUPPORT while using mobile devices.
yeaaah, using psp redirects me to the mobile site. which has nothing helpful.
thanks, sony.

so now i'm back and check support on the laptop
and it's... more or less pointless.
"check the umd on another psp" "try a different umd on your psp"
who would have two psps?? :|
and while i do have other games it'd be annoying to try and confirm if the issue is the psp
because the problem happens randomly!

anywaaaaaay i'm much further up tartarus~!
one full moon shadow left
...yes, a certain someone's gone.
i still like ken.
(i think i wanna try rping him ;;)
some people have ~new~ personas.
working on s.links.

and waiting until i can start mitsuru's
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i slept all day. again.

for some reason i just don't want to get up...


a few days ago i went to talk to dad
once i sat down i immediately had a cat in my lap.
he's... never done that before...
i sat there for like an hour
because i didn't want to disturb Giz.
he was all cuddly and adorable
...but then he started biting my knee...
a bit after that he finally left my lap

also i finally finished Angel Beats the other day

i went to bed early last night, didn't read any umineko.
ehhh i'll probably give p3p another try later.

OH and i can't remember who suggested it to me, but I've been watching the jdrama Bloody Monday~
since Sato Takeru is in it? hee, Den-O~
anyway every dang episode ends on a cliffhangerrrrrrrr
just ;O;
choroneko: (spearow >:|)
p3p is starting to piss me off
last night i was going through the same damn boss
again and again
even though i KNOW i saved after beating it!!
finally gave up last night after it froze. froze. i was doing fine. i get into a battle, and the music... stops. i command the mc, and it just stops in the middle of his persona summoning. i wait. and wait. nope not gonna go further. :|

that boss is there
stupid effing mage things
i beat it
move on
find missing person
go back
start going up the floors again
and those knight shadows
i was almost done beating them
one left
mc, down.
game over!

ffs seriously

i'm raging. raaaaaaging.

i have mc's academics maxed~
charm and courage are decent
summer vacation is almost over
koromaru and ken have joined SEES

so now i have decided ken is a moeshota >:3
he likes hero shows/movies~ d'aww
and he uses a spear
spears are awesome.

...break from p3p for the rest of today. >:|

gonna watch stuff, and probably read more umineko later.
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slept all day again

p3p has broke my sleep schedule :/

it is hot
i do not like heat

the ac was barely keeping me cool enough to be kinda comfortable

turns out the damn thing froze up :|
so it is off. to thaw.

it is more hot now and i am displeased.

in fandom stuffs, i have obviously played more p3p
i am almost maxed on academics :D
mitsuruuuuuuuu i am coming to youuuuu >:3
i maxed kenji's
so now i should work on my club s.links
kendo and art
but maxing academics comes first~<3
and can't forget working up through tartarus...

in-game events, ken is moving in the dorm soon
also the group will be having a beach-y vacation~~ yay!

i want koromaru to join soon lmao
awesome shadow-fighting dog ftw XD

oh and i read a little more umineko
was going to do more but then dad wanted me to look up news stuff
i found videos
...he kept falling asleep during them... ;;

now a meme and vdex post. :p

choroneko: (lolololol)

between P3P and Umineko ep6's translation coming out

I am seriously overwhelmed.

what to do what to dooooooo oh god

on p3p we recently saved fuuka
whoo now i can use mitsuru in battles /o/
still working on academics so i can get with mitsuru heheheheh
so mc is "Smart"
still a ways to go for Mitsuru~

I read some Umineko

I guess that this various distraction thing works well since it'll be quite some time before ep7, anyway.

and i poked VDex a little today.
got another gold version sprite of bellsprout
3 gold, 2 hgss shinies, just wtf is this craaaaaaap
gimme my meowths ;o;

but still, i am proud of myyyy frame 2 charmander. and my golden magikarp <3
and isn't the oddish and raichu so cuuuuuuuuute?
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