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I cooooooooked.
scrambled eggs :D
haven't done that in over a year, i'm sure
made some for dad too, he doesn't eat any breakfast normally...
he liked them :D :D said i did it just right~
i~ feel~ good~~ <3
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My dad just used his cellphone to call the house while he's in the next room.
why? he wanted to turn the tv's volume down. with the cellphone.

i tell him he's drunk, he insists he's not. pff.
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blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i'm bored
even though i'm rping
just ... meh :/

found out yesterday i couldn't finish two sidequests in Vesperia in this playthrough ;_; oh well there's always newgame+
did running around for snyth items :3

aaaand uh. went ahead and made a rp account for Raven :/ not sure I'm actually ready to play him, but whatever. Already set up icons too~

...I changed my icons. again. a little. Still on a Vesperia craze though XD
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Gizzy peed on my bed. ._.

in other news, I am addicted to Vesperia's poker minigame. Sit. Stare. Play. XD

aaand I'm pretty sure I'll end up rping Raven. just... need to make that... mindset? XD
i think i'm going to be sillystupid and turn Luke's username into a running joke thing for my tales chars? "notaschwann" eheheh? *shotkilledforever*
so look out typo, an another? pervert's coming! :o
...soon. sometime. :/
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fffffff I was almost done beating the stupid nutty cops in Devil Survivor and the ds froze.

:/ ;_; ._. :/ :/ :/

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hmmhmm. Okay day. Nothing sold, but whatever.

I finished watching Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou<3 ahh its so oddly pleasing. Just a nice calm-like anime.

...However wtf is with that ending :/ 3rd season now plz.
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