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so i was like 'blaaaaah' after finishing solatorobo. sure, there are post-game quests but it didn't take long to finish most of those. i just got the second boss rush to deal with... aaanyway i started on harvest moon: tale of two towns

wow the setup is kinda silly but whatever, harvest moon games aren't known for amazing stories or anything lol

OH OH about solatorobo, i found someone rping Red! :D :D also someone complimented my Elh playing on rpanonmeme~

oh my GOD cardfight vanguard
aichiaichiaichi you're losing it, so losing it
and i love it
(main character's going a biiiiit nutty.)
i've been pretty much nutty myself at this mess
went and found raw scans of the manga
i have to say i liiiike it. moving faster than the anime - aichi gets his ~psyqualia~ power in chap8, man. also the foo fighters are just some gang, so instead of things having to wait for tournaments to roll around, story moves quicker.
ren is like a freaky child in the manga though LOL kyou's flashback shows ren just kinda spazzing around, calling tetsu 'tecchan' and asaka 'aachan' ...but just calls kyou 'boy' lmfao, kyou just can't win in any version of this...

aaaaaaaand uh
today's ep of suite precure was amazing
next week, halloween ep. everyone in costumes. gonna be greaaaat.

ummm i caught up on yugioh zexal earlier this week
...except i somehow didn't notice ep27 was out so i'll watch that tomorrow
also need to catch up on inazuma go and pokemon best wishes

oh yeah back to rp, i dropped from mayfield. iiiii went super low confidence about playing kurisu(she's a genius and i'm not, what do), and when okabe-mun decided to drop i did too. she had no other CR so...
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beat SOLATOROBO last night :3

people. go play it. i want friends to spazz with ;_;

and of course i made an elh rp account [ profile] paladineko
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where do i even start? been too long since i last posted. idk, just couldn't figure out how to word things.

well, put simply: our unwelcome houseguest has gtfo'd. yes, finally. dad was put to the point that he couldn't 'be nice' anymore and told her straight that she's not welcome anymore.

she called me a pig, and worthless. not to my face of couuuurse, but quietly outside her door just in my hearing range. i was understandably aggravated, called dad and told him GET. HER. OUT.

so she is! yes! it was night when we made things clear, so she only bitched and stomped her way upstairs to slam doors again. next day was more door slamming, then she just didn't come back for a week. aah, felt nice. then she showed up again to move her stuff out, which took two different days to finish. but she is gone.

...actually there's a few random things still here, but dad heard she's off causing trouble for someone else now, and he's decided he's going to change the locks. tomorrow. "if she wants this stuff she can call me"

now, on the laptop: we got it to an acquaintance who fixes computers, and i got it back tonight. WHOO.

................except the screen just crapped out again. after around 5 hours. i turned down the brightness like he told me to! damn it :| 70 bucks = 5 hours working? sigh.

in... better news, i of course have been playing games.
picked tales of symphonia back up - been so long since i last played, i couldn't remember what we were doing or where anything was. oops. still, i managed to get the story back on track. finished the shrines and whatev, then oh noes colette becomes a drone and kratos pwns us. (nooo cool guy don't leave the paaaarty ;_;)
already knew that kratos was a traitor because... i get nosy in rp? reading threads of tales of characters even if i haven't finished their game? hahahaha oops. (and yes i also know some other spoilers, but OH WELL)
i got stuck trying to escape the rebel's base, then got distracted again.

with fragile dreams: farewell ruins of the moon.
oh my GOD
beautiful game, dude, beautifuuuul.
also just a bit creepy at times. you are exploring an post-apocalyptic world, after all. not many humans, but plenty of... things.

i finished it today. took around 11 hours. unfortunately doesn't have much of replay value, but it's still a LOVELY game. if you haven't played it and have a wii, GET IT MAN.

uhh and now i started playing solatorobo: red the hunter
furry bait!
LOL NO i got no problem with furries, one of my best friends is one. he kept bugging me to play this game way back... in japanese... couldn't follow it. ;; BUT NOW IT IS IN ENGLISH and strangely that friend hasn't said a word to me about it
but still, it does look like an interesting game and i do like furry art okok
battle system is different. instead of just, like, hitting enemies with weapons or whatever, you pilot a robot to lift and throw them to cause damage. it still needs strategy to do well, though, since it doesn't take long for enemies that have, for example, strong front armor needing you to get them from behind, or overall defense preventing basic throws to cause damage so you have to jump and throw instead. and that's just from my play so far.

dog people and cat people everywhere. it's cool.

this post is kinda long already, so i think i'll talk about other stuff later.
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