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i-i had my makise kurisu rping praised... kforjgunrms,anjwujw

derp like all i've been doing lately is s;g insanity
found a youtube account uploading subbed videos of the different endings. watched what they've uploaded but my bias for kurisu is like I WANT TO SEE HER ENDING :( :(
well it's apparently the 'true' ending also so uh the anime is likely to cover it, not the others. subber says they're not going to upload the true end until the anime shows it, so i guess i'll see the anime's version first. /shrug

also went looking for MAD videos, lmfao people like okabe's laughter. IT IS A GOOD CRAZY LAUGH, IT IS INDEED. it's also kira's laugh
i considered rping okabe first before picking kurisu instead glad i picked kurisu, since then two different okabes have showed up

so then i thought
'wonder if xbox live JP has the demo?'
looked into making a JP account, boom steins;gate was like the 3rd thing on live... lmfao
had the op movie & demo for download, also the op movie for the dating sim side game. THAT OP WAS WEIRD I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK OF IT
...also looked to see if there was a chaos;head demo but nope. :( would like that op on the xbox too... i love find the blue. pretty song. skyclad no kansokusha is also amazing. ITOU KANAKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FTW

so anyway the demo took way too long to download, i assume because it's on japanese servers. (though when i asked a friend about JP live accounts and why i wanted one, he found info on the XBOX magazine having had the steins;gate demo dvd in an issue. pure japanese demo. ?????)

didn't get finished till a little after midnight
i opened it up all :DDDD

1 hour in i was getting a bit tired. checked the pause menu... can't save. NITRO+----!!!!

my attention really wavered during kurisu's scientific uh... thing... crap i can't think of the word. ANYWAY SHE HAD THIS DEBATE WITH OKABE/OTHER PEOPLE ABOUT TIME TRAVEL AND IT WAS ALL ADVANCED SCIENTIFIC STUFF I WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND IN ENGLISH, NEVERMIND JAPANESE, SO I WAS LIKE @_@ /hit auto and just. sit.

i really. do not know many kanji. FFS I NEED TO LEARN MORE. at first i was trying to read what i could of non-vocal lines but... ffs it's not a kid's game, kanji everywhere. gave up and just skipped anything unspoken. D:

finally... reach the end of chapter 1/the demo. 3:30am.

AAAAAAAARGH i had been real good about keeping my sleep schedule fixed for like a month now but



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Yeah, haven't posted any entries in some time. IDK.

First, a few of you know the problems I'm  having with out house guest, Jeanie.
she's pissed at me because i don't do enough around the house. so i go and do more and its still not enough. also i tend to be up all night and i MAKE A POINT TO BE QUIET but she still complains that i keep her up all night she's on the other side of the house ffs, with all the ACs running you shouldn't be able to hear a damn thing
so she goes stomping around, slamming doors, yelling at my cats, and complaining to my dad
I'm tired of her, Dad's tired of her, I want her to GET THE HELL OUT but Dad's too nice, he tells me 'she doesn't have anywhere to go!' and we should care why?
he also told me she's been looking for a place to rent so. well. i hope she gtfo's soon.

Dad put a little money on my walmart card thing so I bought a few things
Some Pokemon card singles(Purrloin, Glameow, Meowth) AND


bought 4, gave two to a friend

i do not have enough energy cards of any type for a deck

in other tcgs, i joined [ profile] colors_tcg!
been fun, people are nice.
kinda wish i could get cards more often but whatever, everyone has the same situation, just most have been in the game longer so they have plenty of cards.
I'll just have to work on my collections :3

I watched a bunch of Sengoku Otome eps all at once the other day. 3-7.
went whoooooooooooooooooooooo and made a [ profile] noboobnaga rp account. Well, ok , I actually made it before then, but didn't go icon hunting til the marathon. Then I... posted on dear_mun
LOL confused sengoku basara characters. everywhere. OK OK IT WAS JUST TWO BUT STILL
...i should really watch/play the anime/game sometime.

i just watched ep8 of SO as well and scream.
onsen scene! and then hideyoshi gets a bad fever, nobunaga ends up having to give her medicine mouth-to-mouth................ jsushdjenjhfhyesjskashj

OH and it looks like I'll be part of the steins;gate cast heading for [ profile] route_29 
...i mean like, i have Kurisu, and i find Mayuri. Mayuri's mun is thinking of going the r29, and I've been wanting to app there anyway, so I say I'll come along
then later i see a Ruka in dear_mun and end up telling her about Mayuri and Kurisu going to r29

and then i find Okabe. already intending on route_29
which probably means the player's read our threads
Kurisu is like NO WHY OKABE?!?!?

Inazuma GO is quite interesting so far, but i have nothing to comment on

few days ago i watched the first part of the Senjou no Valkyria/Valkyria Chronicles 3 OVA and it just made me go DAMN IT I WANNA PLAY VC2 AGAIN BUT MY PSP'S SCREEN IS STILL BROKEN :(

Digimon Xros Wars is getting fun, I'm behind on Pokemon Best Wishes, I'm liking YGO Zexal the more I watch(CAT GIRL NEXT WEEK OMFG), etc etc

friend's bugging me to play Guild Wars now so I'll shut up
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the other day, friends on plurk were talking about some show

i was bored and checked it out

hello new show&book series to loveee

a game of thrones :3

watched 2 episodes, went nuts, had to read the books asap!!!
...except the library system here has no books by george r.r. martin :(
so i... got pdfs >_> for now. there's no bookstores here unless you count walmart, and i checked - the books are on their site for sale but not in the store here :|

so. yeah. finished a game of thrones night before last. took 3 days of staring at the dang laptop screen, i went to bed with a headache each time
so last night i took a break and didn't start book2
started it tonight instead - also going to take a slower pace now because, honestly, reading books like this sucks.
spoilery blah blah )

my brain's been filled with these books that i'm finding it hard to think of anything else i've been up to since my last entry...

well, i did play .hack a little more a few days ago
sakaki continues to be a pain in the behind
stupid... relentless tournament... no recovery between battles, no items... fffffu-
oh hai game over screen

.../turn off ps2

and then i got into AGOT so i don't know if i'll feel up to grinding or whatever in .hack for some time. XD

oh! i watched eps 3/4/5 of steins;gate today and just spazzed all over the place
/made... a [ profile] not_christina rp account...

i admit i felt squicked about... the uh. jellyman report. yeah... kfjrigjugjf ew
(and if people(and bananas) end up like that... i am glad they didn't go back far enough to read reports about animal testing.)

...can't think of anything else... bleh
yes, my life is this boring.
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sooooooo lets see

2 weeks ago dad needed to go to the veteran's hospital up in richmond and jeanie wanted us all to go so we could go out to eat at a red lobster after
i was (unsure) about red lobster cuz... idk, it just seems so LOL FANCY-ASS PLACE and i didn't know if anything would fit my taste
and dad kept going on about 'cheese biscuits' which didn't help because... wat. cheese. ISN'T NEEDED IN BISCUTS :|
and then i ate one and omfg idk why dad calls 'em cheese biscuits since i didn't taste any but they're seasoned and stuff and just. oh. so good.

oh right, the hospital. uh, dad seems okay yay, and we weren't there too long
i also checked out the shop they have they sell video games... xbox 360/wii/ps3 all 14.99
also had a ps3 for 50 dollars cheaper than the suggested price .......... /staaare

anyway, red lobster was okay
the biscuits were amazing, the fish fillet i had was huge, but their fries need work.
OH OH OH and omfg this desert they had
warm chocolate chip cookie with a fudge filling, topped with a scoop of ice cream
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man
next time i wanna try their banana-chocolate smoothie thing, though

few days after that we went to wings & rings which is always good. mmmmm garlic parmesan chicken...

in terms of games i have only been playing .hack lately
i'm up to the ~big reveal~ about tri-edge ...which i had been spoiled about, unfortnuately
so i have to fight ovan and uh
his balls are annoying
lololololol no really though he can spawn these floating balls that heal/shield him or attack us
my party's lv85 but i guess i need to grind more because i keep dying

now uhhhhh
lesse, anime...
tiger & bunny? FRIGGIN' HILARIOUS
also i feel for poor ossan tiger...
i am still feeling slightly pissy about cardfight vanguard not showing the misaki/kai fight but whatever, they're going for a real tourney now.
i watched .hack//quantum ep3 and.................... ;O; HERMITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
the x-men anime that started recently seems good but then again i only know the movies...
steins;gate is trippy as hell
dog days is like are you making war a sport now wat. but the cat country's queen is damn hot so ok
still only watching suite precure for siren...
oh yes and [ profile] yuidirnt got me to watch sengoku boobs otome: momoiro paradox
/fangirls over nobunaga forever

for ooo... 27-28 wtf was that
breaking 4th wall like crazy
i watched it on youtube and the subbers annoyed me by being jokey and calling gotou brotou :/
but then 29... oh man. ankh :o
doctor maki gets creepier, not less, when adding backstory.
gokaigerrrrrrr uh
8 was liek stupid
but i guess its ok since it advanced plot a little now that zangyack knows what the gokaigers are after

k i can't think of anything else to talk about now
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