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ahhh i feel nice and full. ...and kinda sleepy despite having slept all through yesterday and half the night.

I was trying to fix my sleep schedule because it got so badly out of whack, but i just couldn't sleep anymore by 3am. sigh.

and here it is 11:30 am and i'm already feeling sleepy again. body, you are way too lazy. :|


um. KURAGEHIME. freakin' awesome. everyone watch it. nao.
<3 kuranosukeeeeeeeeeee... and tsukimi.

just watched shiki ep10 and-- whoa, the kid's pretty screwed here.
aaand i still love megumi and her fashion sense. <3

also thanks to all the people on here and plurk going nuts about panty & stocking i will... probably catch up today. i only watched ep1 so far :/
oh and kaminomi blahblah too, only seen ep1 there.

yeah i think today is an anime watching day. lots of anime. gooooooooo!

kr OOOoooooooooooOOOzuuuuuuuuuu
ep10. uh. hi there "happy birthday" as bgm again
ffs cakeguy seriously what.
creepy doll guy is still creepy. then he freaked out after almost getting punched by eiji lmao.
and hina seriously offered chicken to ankh again? what part of bird greeed do you not get. :/
and what'shername trying to teach ankh proper/formal japanese was worth a lol.

i have... not done anything more on tales of innocence. oops.
and i find myself looking at other games ffs bad.
not that i have money for new games... i was looking at xbox 360 games :/ no easy hacks there.
at least i have good stuff for my ds~<3 ...and psp even though the screen is horribly cracked. that reminds me i should move the games off so i can fill it with music. since it's no good for games as it is... except uno, maybe. :|

talking of 360 games i:
-still need to finish grade farming in ToV
-beat enchanted arms
-...continue playing ng+ of eternal sonata?
on wii:
-arc. rise. fantasia. FFS!
-...blahblahblah rune factory frontier
-other games i'm interested in but do not have room :( like no more heroes! that looks awesome fun and hey, kickass otaku! what can be better than that?!

...and, of course, the many games i have sitting on my ds flashcart. sigh.

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[ profile] vibri!!!!!!


had a little fighting to get her hair attennae things in
didn't help that yuugi wanted to play with all the loose parts


wheee Judith~!
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now to spam .gifs from the Vesperia movie!!
slow internets beware )

also memes, from [ profile] yuidirnt :3

Comment if you'd like a color. Then list ten things that you like/love which are that color.
Yuidirnt picked grey for me.

hmmm grey, huh...
that's a hard color ;;;
~tabby cats, like gizzy here trying to cuddle lol
~my bedsheets/blanket, they have grey(and black/white, it's a pretty white tiger bedset \o/)

ugh this is a hard color... i give up :/

Leave a comment saying PUPPYPEDE FTW!! and I'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
Update your journal with the answers to your questions. Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

Yuidirnt asked:
- So far, who's your favorite character in InaIre?
Kazemaru!! not sure why, but i like him best >:3
- How many pets did you have in your life?
oh wow uh... lotsss of cats, several lizards, and i technically had a dog for a short while...
- Favorite videogame ever?
Definitely Pokemon! Whatever some may say, it really doesn't get old to me~
- What was your first Pokémon game and who did you pick as starter?
Blue. Starter... um... probably Charmander.
- Have you ever dated someone?
Nope. :/
...unless you wanna count failed online relationships... bleh
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Kaaaay I finished watching the Vesperia movie a bit ago, now time to picspam and freakout

spazzfest )

all in all the movie was awesome
and makes me into vesperia again
...need. neeeeeeeeeed to get back on that damn grade farming
tomorrow. it is late now, i need sleep.

oh and i'm totally gonna make some .gifs of some things from this movie because they were awesome >:3
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doing a little rant about tales of vesperia, before i go to bed

how the heck can i beat even just the 80-man melee with Yuri? D:
once those fire spirit monsters pop up, it becomes completely aggravating, since normal attacks do 1 damage and artes do little more
after failing once due to being unable to kill them, i went off to see what kind of water attacks yuri can learn
1. normal. arte.
so i go nuts working towards him learning it
then go try again
i just failed yet again
it does more damage than anything else but still not enough to make it possible to kill all 80 monsters within the time limit

i. am. annoyed. :|

if the 80's this annoying, how the heck can i do 100

all for some dice
freaking dice
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I haven't done anything today because it's too freaking cold D:

...well okay i just got done playing more of Tales of Vesperia
did two half-runs in the Labyrinth of Memories
didn't get more fake gald
so i still have the amazing number of... 6.
/needs 15

also my grade is horribly low. 2500-ish and I need 18000+ for a good newgame+? D:
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so blahblah, few days ago [ profile] voltanis gave some advice, and i finally beat the last boss in Vesperia.

today i finally got around to trying some grade farming so i can go nuts in newgame+ :3

first, tried the Rita+Overlimit+Tidal Wave thing
i don't think i have the right mind for this :/
but eh, got 200~ grade first try (which is horribly low for this strategy -_-) then like... 80 the second time, but i got impatient then and FS'd the enemies pretty quick, so yeah.
decided to check out other stuff and maybe come back to this later...

so whoo, Extra dungeon~
i was in there awhile wondering why i was getting no grade
...then i realized i was still on easy from beating Duke
D: D: D:
now i'm on hard but i still want to cry over the lost grade ;_;

finished one run of the dungeon, saved, started another
wow memory yeager's a bitch. but i beat him anyway~
kept going
memory breaker
wtf is this crap
i run out of magic lenses so i dunno wtf its weak to
and i have a feeling my attacks are healing it ;-;
just... the battle kept going and going

so i decided 'fuck it' and shut the xbox off :/
...which means i'll have to fight memory yeager again yay
but! must. restock. items. first. :|

i'm hungry
i want more than some premade frozen meal ;_;

also. still. bored.
i feel ignored in the rp stuff :/
and... well. i just wanna go hang out with people or something but i don't know anyone here and just ugh

aaaand my internet seriously spazzed out when i was trying to post this :|
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Aaaaah Umineko <3
today's ep? squee. I mean, sure, it doesn't have everything from the VN, but still was good.

Read more... )

eh, cut because ... just, being careful. :/

now I'm going to try to kick Duke's ass. for what... the 5th time? ugh.
i get Duke down to around 100k hp, he pulls out Brave Vesperia, somehow Judith survives... BUT I'M OUT OF LIFE BOTTLES BY THEN ;_; so game over. again.
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So blahblah Vesperia, Duke's a bitch. Third form, anyway.
NEXT MOVE: off to kill other stuff to level a little, and work on cooking while I'm at it. :3

now, that icon meme thing~
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blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i'm bored
even though i'm rping
just ... meh :/

found out yesterday i couldn't finish two sidequests in Vesperia in this playthrough ;_; oh well there's always newgame+
did running around for snyth items :3

aaaand uh. went ahead and made a rp account for Raven :/ not sure I'm actually ready to play him, but whatever. Already set up icons too~

...I changed my icons. again. a little. Still on a Vesperia craze though XD
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Gizzy peed on my bed. ._.

in other news, I am addicted to Vesperia's poker minigame. Sit. Stare. Play. XD

aaand I'm pretty sure I'll end up rping Raven. just... need to make that... mindset? XD
i think i'm going to be sillystupid and turn Luke's username into a running joke thing for my tales chars? "notaschwann" eheheh? *shotkilledforever*
so look out typo, an another? pervert's coming! :o
...soon. sometime. :/
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I spent all. day. playing Vesperia. XD
close to the enddddd~
now doing all the ittle sidequest fun stuff
also need to collect synth items so i can improve armor :/ haven't been able to get better glove things for Yuri in a long~ time~
so like
Karol's play costume
is hilarious
FROG. I'm keeping that on him forever :3
...unless the 'girly' one's better. Haven't seen for myself yet. kihihi~

aaah I love Raven so much
hotsprings lol
lookit teh girlzz gogo
and faint when he does get to see that. ahahaha

so yeah i'm all crazyyyy for Vesperia
I wanna rp someone from itttttttt D:
I'd prefer Yuri but I don't think I can do him well
so my mind is like
ffff no bad brain ;_;
Raven's probably.... easiest? gogogo pervy guy~ ....I dunno. :/

when did it get this late damn it
evil time >:(
going to bed nowwwwwww.

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...yes. Two are missing. Gizzy loves to walk/lay on the laptop's keyboard. -_-

just a little Vesperia talk:
also the waitress/waiter minigame is hell. screw that crap, forever. :/

oh and the cats woke me up at dang 6 am
going nuts
i was sleepy all. day. :/

so dad decided we'd go check this restaurant he saw on tv
its around an hour away
never been to the town
we got lost
but got there anyway
good food
they had ... not-quite-fried ice cream :( but was okay

there is
stray cats there
they're so skinny
i feel horrible
i wanted to take this really friendly one home
but, well
hour drive
and as dad pointed out, we have no clue what diseases the cat may have
...also it was female. two males here, problemsssss.
but dad gave it a bit of his steak
and i hung around outside quite a bit, petting it. lots. <3<3

...still feel bad. :(
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Finally got past the Estelle battle :/

blah blah sidequesting
almost done with Zaude now. Alexei's a bitch :/
but whatever, its late, I'm working tomorrow.

...a friend got me into that weird game, Plants vs Zombies, lol
he just IMs me out of nowhere and is like HEY LOOK *youtube link* to... PvZ's trailer. in japanese.
then asks me to get romanized lyrics out of the song agh :/ i kinda did okay... but some lines were like wtf.
of course then he finds official lyrics -_- wtf, go look before asking me?!
but anyway i went and downloaded got the game 'cause the trailer got me interested XD

eh okay i'm shutting up now. night~

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I slept alot today~~ yey. got up and went straight for the xbox XD vesperiaaaaaaaaaaaaa is all my brain's concern now. oh noes?
...the fight with Estelle is annoying me :/ keep dying in the second battle, bleh.
oh well

so today's still good. XD
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I'm hungry.
I have a headache. The kind that make your eye(s) hurt too. :/

I wanna go home. now. and take a nap. blah.
two more hours til i can leave
don't feel good

accidently spoiled myself on something about raven. that's about to happen where i'm playing.
fffff, don't go looking at rps of things you haven't finished >:/
why is duke so girly looking
seriously when i saw him in the op i thought he was a girl :/
pretty hair though *o*

i was looking at vesperia fanart
have alot saved
for some reason it's mostly raven i think :/
raven's awesome but i do favor yuri more still
so like wtf

i dunno i'm going to stfu now.
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ffff lol someone outside my shop said something like that and i ... thought of Raven. old maaaaaaaaaaaan :D :D
vesperia is. yes. eating my brain. i'm barely keeping my umineko obsession.
yes. it's that bad.

so uh yeah i went blah blah sidequesting last night, thanks to [ profile] voltanis 's advice.
I want Yuri's awesome costume
but i can't finish it yet
and the next bit that i should be able to do for it isn't happening
grr :/
but i ran around and did other stuff
i have to say
those 'sleep at (city) inn over and over' type stuff really. gets. expensive. my gald, it is gonez. ;_;
i don't think there's much else i can do for sidequesting atm, so tonight i'll get back to teh storyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

i went all over youtube looking at vesperia videos :3 wanted to find fun stuff.
so nao i will spam you. kihihihi!   <-- karol. lolololol.    <--- omg ccs parody fff lol    also, raven as kero? LOL    <-- uhhh. gosh i dunno what to think. it's creepily cute. because. um. OH FF WHAT ARE YOU DOING RAVEN AAAAH

now um. i think vesperia's going to take over my icons now. except beato. can't kick beato yet. nonono.
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raaaaaaaaaaaaawr work internet is hating msn now :/
*kicks it*

iiin other news i've barely been online thanks to Vesperiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa XD
its like
i'm glued to the xbox 360
i kinda feel twitchy right now
i wanna bring it to work :(
i haet infinite undiscovery
returned it and got eternal sonata, squee.
...then i notice both games i have for the 360 are namco-bandai lol
gogogo bamco? XD

vesperiavesperiavesperiaaaaaaaaaaa um
i still like Yuri and Repede. Now I can say Rita and Raven are awesome too :D oh and Judith.
Estelle's ... okay. and Karol is :/ seriously why is he named a girl's name. Carol. comeonnnn.
I gave Karol those nerdy glasses things :D the swirly glasses. now i just can't take him seriously whatsoever. XD
I want the ost now there's one bgm that rly got my attention fff belius ;_;

ummm what else to say
uhh I played Phoenix Wright a little more. Still on game one though :/ Ema's funny. science~!

...I've been lazy on the rping, sry typo people D:

aaand I guess I'm out of things to say. :/
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Iiiiii am getting frustrated.

...The burst arte tutorial battle is pissing me off. Game Over'd 3 times already. More frustrating that I can't save after all the damn talking and stuff. Because they bug me before I can get to the Inn of fucking course.


oh and infinite undiscovery really does look crappy :/
well at least has a frustrating system that makes the first boss or whatever too aggravating? i mean shit, girl, shoot the bomb buckets or whatever, why must i point you.
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So I got to play Vesperia a little more this morning
blah blah boring day at work
come home, fight the xbox to let me log in a live account
figure it out
pop up Vesperia
...also it's on the hd in japanese. the title, i mean. of Vesperia.

whateverrrr. started over, got further than I was before.

I... freaking love Yuri and want to rp him ;_;
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