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Mar. 20th, 2011 01:42 am
choroneko: (...oh.)
>wake up at noon
>'uuuuuuuurgh' /still feel sleepy but decide to get up since friend said he'd be up at 10 and rip my .hack saves for me
>...he's not online
>NOOO ;-;
>do other stuff, kill time, blah blah
>he comes online
/bugs about saves
"i just got up i'm still sleepy"
>...well ok
>go play SMT: nocturne for an hour
>come back
>he's idle on aim
>wait wait wait
>he comes back right before i have to go down with dad and make dinner so i just remind him and leave
/returns to computer finding that yes he got the stuff
>try using the usb thing to port the saves to my memcard
>find out that swapmagic 3.6 can't run .elf files off usb sticks or whatever

"hey there's a cd thing to do this too"
"yeah but i've not done that so i don't know anything"
"well i'm gonna try it"
>...what are all these folders AAAAAAAAA
ms:/0? ms:/1? waaaaaaaaat
oh. the usb stick is mass:
and ms:/0 is the ps2 memcard
first attempt to copy saves didn't work and i dunno why
then i had a hard time getting swapmagic to run the cd again
but i got 'em

..................................oh well
friend says i had my own memcard by then or something but idk why i would since i didn't own a ps2 yet

so did not feel like trying to pick up //quarantine again since UGH. DATA BUGS. (also figured attempting it would make me VERY NOISY and wake jeanie up again)
so i just jumped to g.u.

>swapmagic, .hack//g.u. blah blah


>sit for probably an hour going through crap that already happened in the roots anime


>get through it then--

>blah blah blah

>several annoying cutscenes with haseo telling them he's haseo and they're like 'lol no' then 'oh you're roleplaying, k'
really did well on aggravating me as much as haseo himself >:/

then PIIIII! ahh. bluff, blah blah, pkers run off, more blah blah, idiots finally acknowledge that he's haseo, yay, and ... blah. by then my back was hurting bad since, again, sitting on floor with no back support

uhhhh yeah i just quit g.u. so nothing else has happened.

been getting more active on vdex lately, trades trades traaades~ have all 3 starter seekers now :3
saving up on an everstone now yep~
choroneko: (kazemaru)
been playing Devil Summoner a fair bit the past few days~
vdex has caught my attention again now that GenV is out
...except the tradelock ANNOYS ME. like, i get it now but the stuff caught now stays locked forever??? man, i got a shiny sandile and minccino and I DON'T WANT THEM. can't sell them ever...? :|

for now i'm just hanging in white forest since it's kinda pointless to hunt Unova 'mons since if i find a shiny i don't want its stuck with me foreverrrrrrrr
EDIT: just caught a BW sprite shinx and... wait a fucking second. EVEN NON-UNOVA POKEMON CAUGHT IN UNOVA ARE TRADELOCKED? SHIT. guess i won't be hunting anything for now.

got all three starters. :3
...archen archen archen i missed the giveaway ;-; but on a waiting list for someone else's breeding. yay.
here's a link to my shop btw
random retros (mostly friggin' bellsprout), 2 shiny ...bellsprout..., and some v-day vulpixes for sale :D
while i'm at it...

shinvyyyyyyyyyyyyy<3 and that cyndaquil sprite, so cute!
(egg is a tepig)

been lurking the forum some too... found a fan of cardfight vanguard :D
also in the thread about visual novels someone posted saying they like saya no uta and corpse party ...also gore screaming show which i am interested in but since there's no translationnnnnnn :( several different groups start and just... die. ugh.


i finished watching .hack//roots
i feel ...idfk i'm just pissed
the cool characters leave for some reason or another
and after haseo's explosion of asshole-ness i don't like him at all even if he's 'better' now
probably will be playing g.u. once i get some dvds. /out of blanks
undub btw. ffs bandai... first series was dual audio...

watched a bunch of inazuma eleven today, since i'm behind
still one ep behind on subs though
which reminded me i haven't touched the games in some time
i don't know what i'm supposed to do in it though...
might poke around on it tomorrow.

blah, there really isn't much to talk about. my life is boring.
choroneko: (soccer derp)
my ear is STILL stuffed up
can't hear out of it
not even messing with it is clearing it up temporarily anymore
this is getting ANNOYING

last night i finally played more pokemon
been ignoring it for too long because i was like BLAH GRINDING
but i did some, got through victory road too
still need to do way more before i try the E4 :/

LV45 Shandera, LV39 Warubiru, LV41 Leparudasu, LV44 Zebraika, LV44 Jaroda, LV43 Akeosu
as you can see, this still needs work. lots.

also i REALLY wanna try that wifi stuff harvest moon grand bazaar has
been ignoring that game for some time too
near the end of winter and... eh.

valkyria chronicles 2... haven't done anything with it for a few days either. hm.

and of course some time ago i was like DUDE I GOTTA PLAY MORE ARC RISE FANTASIA then found my wiimote batteries are dead SO I GOT NEW ONES and haven't... touched the wii. at all. i am bad at sticking to what i say i will do. /lazy!

sooo for vdex, thanks to shirogane i was able to trade my tide bell for a silver wing HELLO THERE LUGIAAAAAAA
but now i am unsure of what to do
i'm at whirl islands, yeah, inner chamber.

should i settle for a r/s sprite or keep trying to get something older? haven't seen anything older than r/s yet though

TONIGHT I WILL HAVE MEATLOAF! delicious soft meat, mashed potatoes, and garlic bread! ahhhh i can't waaaaaaaait
choroneko: (waltz: nyoro~n)
my ear is really screwed up :|
left ear, can't hear out of it
feels like it's stuffed up with something
i could kinda hear out of it yesterday but i just woke up and realized my hearing's gone again. :(

yesterday i watched ginger snaps 2
had to redownload it though, what i had turned out to be a german dub or something
i am... unsure of what to think.
just. what. the hell?
and it doesn't pick off where the first ended, which i admit would have been awkward, but it doesn't explain ANYTHING of what happened between movies. where's her mom? what did the town do, how did it react to the... well, carnage? what did people think of the werewolf's corpse?

nothing. is told or explained. :|
and thus the second movie ends with a second werewolf trapped under the house of a girl who is so not in touch with reality. great.

umm i guess i didn't do much besides that.

OH i got back into vdex!
bought a shiny shinx from a friend :D
then remembered the grab bag thing and saw i don't have much time left
i had a tide bell
but the admin shirogane is running a random pick of people who request a switch item to what they want

TEEHEE I GOT PICKED in one of the draws
hello there lugiaaaaaaaa

so now it's back to meowth hunting
first night i refreshed a few times and... found a shiny mankey. what.
its puke green, guys. nasty.

k i gotta go clean my room and help dad move stuff out of his trailer because he's sold it
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