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yuugi is laying on my right hand

cant type easy

beat evil mission in vc2 last night
should play pkmn but ugh grinding

randomly found a dl link for that inception movie so i just watched it brain hurts...

also saw s1ep1of criminal minds
looks interesting

have how to train your dragon downloaded too

just heard alot about it and incerption so... yeah.
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i wake up to the cats tormenting me
because i won't give them food until they eat that dang tuna
yuugi kept clawing my head or feet, and gizzy kept tipping some old can around to make noise
it drove me nuts
once i couldn't take it anymore i ran them out of my room, dropped a litter box out there, and closed my door.

ahhh peaceful sleep...
well until they started scratching the door.
but whatever i got the sleep i wanted
went out, made tuna sandwiches out of what was left last night, and brought the two cat bowls up too.

they won't eat it. nope.

went on with my day like normal
ignoring gizzy's paw reaching out from under the door :|

anyway because of all the arguing last night i had given up on trying to finish the app to volunteer at that historic site thing

...until the guy called me around 1:30pm saying i could bring the app with me to the open house today
so i.. tried harder.
got something kinda okay maybe

anyway at 5:20 i headed over there
(was 5:30 by the time i got out because i kept forgetting stuff upstairs)
i was the only one who came :(
i gave him my application and we talked a bit, he gave me some papers to read over about volunteering
i walk out, expecting to have to walk back home because it was still pretty early for dad to be back... yeah, i let him know where i'd be.
and there he was walking up as i walked out
i told him how it went and we walked back behind the building because i just love the garden back there
then drove home

well later we'll be trying another way to get the cats to take the medicine
dad got super-sweet condensed milk and we'll crush the pills up in it
AND if they notice the medicine we got a baster thing to force-feed the pill-milk :3

still got some hamburger steak and potatoes left so i'll be having an awesome meal tonight!

OH and i caught up on 5D's today... well, to 129. waiting for a good torrent for 130.
i... don't like team ragnarok, glad 5d's won.
honestly, its like, 'hey look we'll throw in MORE god cards that don't even make sense for the mythology we've been following in this series'
also the sudden stuff about brave having a bunch of orphans just like crow was annoying
like okay really does EVERY serious opponent for crow have to have some kind of similarity? they don't do that with jack and yuusei :|

ANYWAY i am... feeling good.
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surprise! i still feel like crap!

yuugi is doing those kneading motions on my arm as i type this
...he just licked it too

also note to yuugi: my nose is sore! your tongue really hurts it! ...that doesn't mean you can bite it instead! OW!
yes my cat likes to show affection by licking my nose & lower face
and sometimes he bites, too. it hurts. hurts worse when my nose is freaking sore.

i feel like sleeping forever.
except i feel more comfortable laying on either side
but then my nose starts seriously dripping and that's just nasty. dnw snot on my pillow :(
so i'd have to keep reaching for my roll of toilet paper
...yeah toilet paper
why bother with buying tissues >_>
anyway i wanna sleep not be wiping my nose all night/day long. :|

i might nap soon.
i went out to eat at the deli because dad left me some money
probably stupid since i'm pretty sure i have a cold. but >_> wanted chicken tenders. and fries.
came back home and... don't really feel better despite having food in my stomach. oh well.

...yeah i'm gonna go nap.
kinda nice anyway since i wanna slow down playing pokemon so some of my friends can catch up and we can check out the c-gear's features and stuff :D
since... if i go playing i'll be getting that 5th badge lol
though Harvest Moon's been distracting me from pokemon some
got to winter~ yay~
...can't grow any crops! crap!
gonna have to make money on nothing but milk/egg products, wool, and fish. uh. okay.

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My cat, Yuugi, likes banana nut bread. seriously. he kept reaching for it, claws out and all. i let him nibble. then i decided i didn't want more cat germs or who-knows-what on my food, and just tore bits off and let him eat those.
he still kept trying to grab my slice until it was gone. :/
Gizzy wasn't as crazy for it, but he did lick my fingers a little.

so now they're both hyper and galloping around the house.
yes, galloping. i call it that because when they run, rush, and whatever around, you can hear the rumbles. XD
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Wow, there's alot of medicines for cats I had no clue existed...

Gizzy keeps peeing/pooping outside the litterbox, Dad got fed up and wanted to take him back.
I didn't want to split up Yuugi and Gizzy ;_;
thankfully he calmed down after leaving and took Giz to the vet instead.
Well, turns out the reasons for a cat doing that stuff could be stress or something aggravating him.

so I got him back today(had to stay overnight because he got fixed)
and i have 2 medicines to give Gizzy now.
Gosh @_@
flea medicine for Yuugi, some other thing to put on food, antidepressants for Gizzy, as well as something he has to eat with food, too.

One vet gives my Yuugi steroids, and now antidepressants for Giz? just. wow.

anyway Persona PSP is annoying me :|
like. contacting demons is just... ugh. GIVE ME CARDS RAWR :/

yes, new friends, as you can see, I have no life. :/
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We took Yuugi to a vet today :D
just. really needed to be done. so dad gave up and went to the expensive vets

...252 dollars :/
for 2 shots and applying flea stuff
and two different medicines we have to give Yuugi.
dad was bitching alot afterward :/
it kinda aggravates me because
medicine isn't cheap to make
and the vets need money too
but, then again, i don't really know.

...blah, he still paid them, we have the medicines, all we can do is see if it works
they gave Yuugi ... steroids. yeah. apparently it'll do something to help with his flea allergy o_O

in other news~ tomorrow'll be my last day running this dumb shop
dad's given up, it's just not doing well, and he's not able to keep paying the rent anymore
so yeah, last day, then packing upppp.

...then i can resume my lazy days
pff though really i need to figure out some way to earn money :/

anyone want to buy some Chi phone straps? :D

i have a bunch XD

and finally
people come give suggestions for my audio meme post thing here <3
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Yuugi still has fleas
and thus Gizzy does too
problem is Yuugi's allergic to fleas. bumps. all. over. his neck ;_; its not just the back of his neck anymore, its everywhere
and dad doesn't trust the vets around here anymore
one charges way too much
and the other one was fine for awhile, until we took Yuugi to get fixed and de-flea'd ... we got a crap-covered cat the next day. not cool. and they claimed to give yuugi flea treatments, but he still has them...
so dad doesn't like that one anymore

we must do something about it
so this afternoon we looked into stuff
went to food lion because wal-mart doesn't carry dad's beer -_-
and well, that store is food-focused, so the pet section is ... yeah.
we look around
only ONE thing for cats to deal with fleas
and what pissed me off? the very same thing for dogs was BIGGER and yet CHEAPER (by like 60 cents, but still, W.T.F?)

so i just had a oh so fun time chasing the cats around my room trying to rub this spray in their fur
didn't go so well but dad and i did our best :/

in other newsss
i was a dumbass and looked up Eternal Sonata on tvtropes and of course i gotta highlight spoilers
so um ;_;
totally going to play more. like um. soon. really soon.

i preordered persona psp
...yes, two days before the release stfu
while, yes, i tend to go 'lol iso' for psp
i ... somehow got back to official firmware so i think i'm screwed :/
but really i should buy stuff anyway
...though if i can fix this crap and someone does an undub iso of it, totally switching right then. :3

aaand finally
i was just watching haruhi s2 ep13 (not finished it yet)
wtf i know haruhi's selfish, but ... this just crosses the line into complete bitch. :/ :/
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i haven't posted pics of my cats in quite awhileeeeeee.

so here, have kitteh spam
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Yuugi and Gizzy are getting along way way better. In fact, Yuugi likes to come up and lick Gizzy~<3

well um. hmm. Not much going on in my life, like normal. Sales suck, also normal. :/

...and, uh, thanks to people on my friend page talking about it, I started playing Saya no Uta yesterday.
I, uh, don't know what to think. I mean, its kinda touching. But then again, ugh ew, etc.
The doctor lady's badass though~ *will go icon hunting to get that one cool shot*

I can't really think of anything else to say.

...oh, look, this location detect thing thinks I'm in Fayetteville, how funny. And off. way off. LOL FAIL :3

so uh. I leave you with a new pic of my cats~ resting. :o
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now pics

Aug. 6th, 2009 08:52 pm
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uhh I'll put them behind a cut :/

they're still not getting along too well... )

excuse the mess in my room k ;_;

update: both cats have calmed down~ but we have a little problem: Yuugi won't let Gizzy use the litter box :/
going to have to have 2 so there's no fights, heh.

gizzy's riiight here, laying against me~<3
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awhile ago, this builder supply place dad goes to sometimes ended up getting a cat by accident.
...a cat stowed away in a shipment, apparently. the girls that work there decided to take care of the cat, but now the owner's complaining about it and wants them to take the cat to the shelter.

sooo. uh. we got the cat. :3
he's a all tabby pattern~ his eyes are the same color its so cute <3
they named him Gizzy lol.
currently, Yuugi and Gizzy are playfighting...
Gizzy's kinda holed himself up between my desk and bed, but hopefully he'll come out soon. takes time to get used to a new place, especially if there's another cat~

Yuugi's being meaaaaaaan D:
or maybe he just plays too rough, i can't tell.
and i can't do alot cause they keep hiding back under my table which has a bunch of stuff in the way :/
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Yuugi's staying overnight at the vet.
He's getting flea treatment and being fixed.
B-but oh man i feel horrible ;_; the bumps on the back of his head/neck are... apparently from allergic reactions from flea saliva. AAAH YUUGI I'M SO SORRY ;_;

soo anyway I messed around on the laptop all day. I really did mean to play my DS some too D:
closing time, left the place after telling a friend I'd get back online soon... dad's like 'let's go out to eat'
because we did the flea fog stuff to the house and he wants to make sure to give it enough time
sooo. we enjoyed our food anyway
i was dumb and ate too much though. :x
feel a bit sick now.

aaaanyway now Umineko EP5's op video is out for download, and its just AAAH want EP5 now
the song's growing on me, too. Still can't beat Umineko no naku koro ni though :3
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yesterday was a long long day.
went on a trip to some wholesale place a friend told us about. since MY SHOP IS RATHER EMPTY LOOKING D:
so uh.
the wholesale place is in Lexington. which is known for good bbq. Dad loves teh bbq. so he invited his ... ah, forgot to mention this. DAD HAS A GF NOW LOL :o anyway she came along.
now, the trip to Lexington should take around 3 hours. But of courseeee, we run into bad traffic. Well, more like badly planned road construction. Whatever. Slow moving traffic suuuucks. Ended up taking an exit 'cause we needed a bathroom break heh. Then Dad thought he could take some other road to get around the bad traffic area.
...So we got lost for like an hour. :/
A bit later, we were getting hungryyy~ so we were looking for some place to go. Went to this steakhouse mmm. Well, I'm not a steak person, too chewy for my tastes (though the juice coming out of it from chewing? GOOD. XD) they both had steaks, I had ...fried chicken salad :3 was GOOD.
and heh, their menu, you open it up, first thing I see is OMG BROWNIE WITH ICECREAM AND CRUSHED OREOS
totally had that for desert :3 also was good.
after thaaat~ I demanded bookstore timez. Hehe. So we found a Booksamillion~ I got 2 books there. One caught my eye, the other I looked up because someone on my friend list mentioned it.
So blah blah, back on road. Finally get to Lexington. at 5:30. Place closes at 6. :/ so not much there. Probably will go back another day.
Sooo I pulled ANOTHER BOOKSTORE STOP cause I was like HOLY CRAP I FORGOT TO SEE ABOUT FULL METAL PANIC AND SLAYERS NOVELS this time we found a Barnes and Noble. No Slayers :( but got next volume of FMP. Aaand a book I was looking for at the previous store, hehe. Was kinda funny, I was going down the main path, looking for the manga, and almost pass by it, only barely seeing a big Viz sign on the side of the bookshelf, further down that side path. So I stopped and went for it, happening to walk through a Scifi/Fantasy area - spotting that book <3 Was like squee and hugged it lol.

so we left the bookstore, teh adults had a beer craving so we went for some place they could have some. I sat around with sprite and read FMP<3 the place was a ruby tuesday, and I have to say I want to go to one sometime soon :o their deserts look gooood. and hey, coke floats. and from what i bothered to pay attention to in the other foods, looked fine too. but i'm more interested in the coke float and deserts hehehe.

long long trip back home :/ but we did get home. was 11-ish. Dropped gf off, and I was hungry again finally so I asked for mcd foodz~ mmm chicken nuggets and fries, yesyes.
got to our house at midnight, aaah so late. I did some stuff online, went to bed at 1. :3

so anyway. I was having some pizza bite things a bit ago and dang Yuugi sits down beside the plate and starts scratching at fleas. I DON'T WANT FLEAS ON MY FOOD D:
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Sooo Sunday sucked too. No sales whatsoeverrr.

but! I AM FREEEEEE for two days

Watched pokemonz for a bit, then stopped because I was missing an ep - of a two parter, at that! :/
So I played FFI, got annoyed that I couldn't find the stupid dwarves, so I poked Tales of Eternia for a bit, then switched to Platinum for levelling~ Need to get stuff up to deal with the last gym :3


and saying again~ I made an icon journal 'cause i felt like it. [profile] findthe_blue

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here )

...Yes, that's a christmas tree. Weirdo and lazy dad. :/
still, was funny and cute that Yuugi was climbing around in it (and that the tree held his weight :/)

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Someone not on lj asked me to take more pics of Yuugi XD
so I did. Posting them here too~
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shut up, Yuugi. plz.
eat the dang dry food. more cans will come tomorrow. WAAAIT.

I'm watching Tentai Senshi Sunred and being amused so much~
Except that I keep wanting to go throw Sunred in Typo. but I don't think I could rp his assholeness. So then my brain's like, "What about Vamp, then? he's easy!
" and my brain screams and curls up ded.

uhh nothing else is really going on. Been wasting hours messing with a Pokemon egg hatcing clickfest site lately. Dunno WHY. O_o

...I've been so lazy on my translation work. :(
Kay! Tomorrow, freaking finish Cardliver 5, then start on Saru S2 ... later. like the next day. Mainly because of Cardliver's DAMNED FRENCH WANNABE :(
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