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well i haven't posted in some time. again. sooo let's see

i feel... less angry about the 5d's thing by now
like, i still think that was so so dumb, but i'll probably give zexal a chance even though i said i wouldn't

card games, card games, why can't i quit you. XD

tomorrow, next ep of cardfight vanguard... tournament starts... honestly i want more of wtf was up with that PSY store but i guess the writers are taking it. really. slow. which is okay... moar aichi, moar kai, moar misakiiii (kamui amuses me, but i don't really like him)

a friend of mine got around to sending off my ps2 repair piece... hope i get it soon because GAMES. I WANT. i barely started p4, dang it. and i had just burned Devil Summoner when the ps2 stopped working, I WANNA SEE IF IT WORKS. and yeah, tales of the abyss/legendia, kr kabuto, garo, and .hack, and and and


oh yes about .hack aaaargh
//quantum brought that obsession back, lol
i wanna play the games :( NOT G.U. the originals!
though now i actually. feel like giving g.u. a chance
so i picked the roots anime back up
i watched the first ep way back when it was airing but i just went 'blah' and ditched it

but well if i'm gonna give g.u. a chance i need to know what happened before, which roots covers. so yeah.
seen 3 eps so far, and if you ask me haseo should just. quit. the world r:2 is FULL OF CREEPERS ARGH. go away.

ok ummm
this anime season is just awesome
i like nearly everything lol

been playing minecraft here and there
fun game~

also because friends on twitter kept going on about it, i bought the first assassin's creed game.
played some so far and i like it alright but i wish the saving was more clear. like i can't tell when its safe to quit...

oh well.

also,  the dog person has officially moved in. the cats are just going have to deal.
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man, what is it with card game animes kicking me in the butt lately?

first i finally finish cardliver kakeru and they end the damn show without resolving... anything...

and now, this week's yugioh 5d's ep. w. t. f.

now i SERIOUSLY dunno about zexal. i don't really look forward to that kinda crap pulled again.

/gives cardfight vanguard a look
don't you dare do this shit please :(

yeah... i feel so blah right now. :/

ehhh let's see
i watched gokaiger ep1 and finished just in time to realise "oh shi- 5d's" but anyway
i went in thinking :/ because. pirates aren't good guys seriously, i don't care what modern fiction wants you to think.
starts off with epic story-set up with ALLLLLL THE PAST RANGERS fighting against alien invaders
man *_*
/fangirls all over
/was maybe paying a bit more attention to abarekiller...
aaah anyway they all sacrifice themselves to destroy the army but
it didn't work i guess derp because they're still around?
and our 'heroes' are wanted criminals in their opinion
so we have our space pirates heading to earth
because it has ~the greatest treasure~ or something
so they just. park their ship in the sky, drop anchors (almost squishing a cat :|) and come jumping down
and yell at us "earthlings" thinking we'd know about the greatest treasure
yeah no

also red is the captain. captain ~marvelous~
really can't take that seriously pfffff
anyway i'm not trying to summarize the ep or anything so i'll shut up
marvelous is so totally captain tsun. :p
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since my post earlier today, i caught up on 5d's since i was 3 eps behind

wtf. just.... wtf. -_-

played some 999, trying to get coffin ending since once i do the safe ending that path leads to true ending only
but for some reason i was locked into the axe ending even though i followed the guide :/
gave up, checked gamefaqs, true ending gives coffin credit too so whatever
i don't feel like playing again from the start at the moment so i'll get the safe ending later. probably tomorrow.

i spammed some pixiv art on my tumblr... mostly cardliver but one had the cardfight vanguard main char too.
(btw there is already cardfight vanguard porn on pixiv... ugh)


gonna have delicious baked chicken breasts tonightttttttt
w/ mashed potatoes. and biscuits. (i'm craving biscuits ok stfu)
/has ate all day

In My Past Life I Was...
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...oops i don't have any yugioh icons now?

was a few eps behind on 5d's, caught up before today's ep aired.
wtf, show.
i mean, okay, team ragnarok was introduced eps ago and were obvious as soon-to-be rivals but just... what.
we has pretty norse god cards and r betr thn u
look we have cool eye symbols too

btw ragnarok's coming
we'll beat team new world fuck off 5d's
yuusei you might have a destiny of destruction just because your dad caused zero reverse
so no our cards say you're not allies
don't care if we have the same goal, k
oh and this guy here is pissy because he got paid to lose to you, jack
is this jack's fault no but we don't care ok

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So I accidently stayed up til 5 to watch 5D's. That ep was weird.

the evil robots are now celebrities. wat.
well, duelist celebrities but nothing else matters in that world, lol.

so then a friend calls me and makes me get up at noon
urgh... sleepy.
i got lunch at the deli because dad left me money /o/

and just a minute ago i poke vdex for a moment
refresh. refresh. ref--IS THAT A SHINY???
yes. another bellsprout. shiny. same hgss sprite.

what are the chances. yay.

i get retro oddish, retro bellsprout, TWO SHINY BELLSPROUT, but no meowths older than gen4?!?!?!?!
my luck hates me. :/

anyway today i'm getting P3P

oh and last night i found out that tales of innocence (ds) has an full english patch now~

between ffix, ToI, and P3P i will be overloaded in rpgs.
but i loev~ rpgs so things are good. :3
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*i didn't make this*

uh. yeah.
what the FUCK, show?
the writers are seriously on drugs fffffff

i have figured out something
everyone is not connected by bonds
they're connected by ramen!!!!

the end.

ep made me crave ramen too.
and it just so happens that last time we bought ramen dad insisted on cup ramen to save bowls.

so i just had cup ramen after watching this ep, fffffffff---
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today's 5d's ep was just amazing

late to say this, but i love luciano's laugh
this ep went nuts making new/weird desgins for random duelists
i wanna see the tiger dude come back :3

bruno rides the amazing derp-wheel/derpcycle/derpmobile
sherry gets gangraepd by ghost's big balls
and yuusei is left alone against the ghost horde :o
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excuse me while i cry and stare at the bunch of 'disabled' icons

...userpic addon ran out. ._. ;o;

at least it didn't disable the icons people made for me...

oh yeah and today's 5D's ep was gay. Not the bad kind. just. gay.
breo and jean like andre's horn that's why they joined
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i am up

yeah i just saw the new 5ds ep

its kinda funny cause i ... forgot it was wednesday
i just happened to be up and yuidirnt told me 5d's was coming up XD

wheeeeeeee my brain is dying so uh night. i think.
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k whee, caught up on teh yugiohz. :3
83 was unexpectedly awesome~ i wanna know who that other jack is :o

i made some icecream after i ate dinner
the can of peanuts was near empty, so i was picking a few at a time
dad comes over and is like 'why don't you just pour the whole thing in?'
i look in the can, see way too much salt, then look at him like 'wtf really?'
he insisted that the salt'd go good with all that sugar
so, okay whatever, i dump it in.


what i thought: way too much salt
just. ugh. :|
...mixed it in enough after that first bite to make it less noticeable, but still ugh

ehhhh nothing else to say. yes my life is boring i know :/
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ffs! 5d's 74 redownloaded, still glitches up and loses audio at the same spot
so i just move on to 75, oh look that does it too

/on youtube now to catch up on 5d's

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...I need more ygo icons :|

kaaay so I'm finally working on catching up on 5D's :D
just got done watching 74 ...which started glitching up and lost audio near the end so i'm redownloading it :|
...figure that I'd be missing some important stuff if I went on from there, so I'll just wait til 74 finishes. :/

sooo I finally got to see that Sherry character I was hearing about XD she's pretty cool
aand Aki's getting interested in riding duels? Fun :3

nothing else to say right now, really.
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