Jan. 5th, 2011

choroneko: (endou)
the snow is aaaaaaalll melted away. :(

so anyway i beat inazuma eleven last night
yep, beat zeus.

...on my second try. ;;
first time, i did okay in the second half - i hadn't scored, but neither had they. second half, everything went screwy. :/

that was the day before yesterday though
i focused on 999 after that, as a break.

in 999, i got another ending - the knife one. :|
if junpei was able to turn around, see and recognize who stabbed him, WHY CAN'T I KNOWWWWWWWW ;-;

okok whatever. still got more endings to get. :D

so yeah, last night i hung out downstairs while dad did the dishes
i decided to try beating zeus again without more grinding
and, well, boom.

i even managed to get one point in the first half :o
won 3-1
i know there's more to do after that, so i'm not going to take it off the flashcart yet,
still, i'm going to move on for now, and play 2.
i picked blizzard. :3

i'm not sure for 3 yet, spark or bomber. but eh, i got all of 2 to play before worrying about that~

we're gonna cook BACON! tonight!!! :D
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