Feb. 19th, 2011

choroneko: (who gave this girl a pipe)
so, the dog person went back home today.

my cats will have a week of rest before the husky's back. for good. she's packing her stuff up and will be moving in when she comes back...


over on dear_mun i found Akari from digimon xros wars :O
i don't think i've seen any xros wars characters before, so it was nice
i dropped my Nene on her~

and... so... it looks like I'll be applying to [livejournal.com profile] queenofheartsrp o___o;
Akari's player was considering there so I just went with it.

first i need to review Xros Wars
I'm not too sure on my grasp of Nene and all
also take screenshots while I'm at it because I need icons
seriously when i use lj search i find one. just... one. i made some from recent eps myself, but still that's 6. would like more variety in expression

oh and cardfight vanguard ep7? kai is such a tsun.
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