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2011-04-04 10:37 pm

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blah blah .hack
endurance is friggin' creepy
sakaki is an asshole
atoli is stupid
i miss phyllo
and tabby
i should go rewatch roots i guess :/

vanguard... ep12 was DISAPPOINTING. the hell.
but it still got me in the mood to look again to see if any english sites are selling the cards
well, no normal card sites seem to have them.
i found singaporean sites for buying/selling/trading them though. BUSHIROAD STOP SCREWING AROUND GIVE US VANGUARD TOO
i lurked a forum for a bit though and someone mentioned ebay
"i know i looked at ebay before..."
but uh. yeah. VANGUARD. boxes. booster packs. a few single cards.

wantwantwantwantwant i don't care what anyone thinks i must have this >__________________________<

[livejournal.com profile] futachimarus mentioned some cat boy was in the cartoon young justice
well cats always catch my attention, pfff
boom watched to ep9 in two days
cat guy was ugly though
instead i find myself liking kid flash. a lot.

today is hot i don't like it
stupid spring