May. 5th, 2011

choroneko: (saori)
the other day, friends on plurk were talking about some show

i was bored and checked it out

hello new show&book series to loveee

a game of thrones :3

watched 2 episodes, went nuts, had to read the books asap!!!
...except the library system here has no books by george r.r. martin :(
so i... got pdfs >_> for now. there's no bookstores here unless you count walmart, and i checked - the books are on their site for sale but not in the store here :|

so. yeah. finished a game of thrones night before last. took 3 days of staring at the dang laptop screen, i went to bed with a headache each time
so last night i took a break and didn't start book2
started it tonight instead - also going to take a slower pace now because, honestly, reading books like this sucks.
spoilery blah blah )

my brain's been filled with these books that i'm finding it hard to think of anything else i've been up to since my last entry...

well, i did play .hack a little more a few days ago
sakaki continues to be a pain in the behind
stupid... relentless tournament... no recovery between battles, no items... fffffu-
oh hai game over screen

.../turn off ps2

and then i got into AGOT so i don't know if i'll feel up to grinding or whatever in .hack for some time. XD

oh! i watched eps 3/4/5 of steins;gate today and just spazzed all over the place
/made... a [ profile] not_christina rp account...

i admit i felt squicked about... the uh. jellyman report. yeah... kfjrigjugjf ew
(and if people(and bananas) end up like that... i am glad they didn't go back far enough to read reports about animal testing.)

...can't think of anything else... bleh
yes, my life is this boring.
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