Dec. 11th, 2011

choroneko: (uu! mahou!)

hi guys
it's my birthday
i'm 25 now

...and still completely and utterly obsessed with children's card games.

last week Dad took me to Rocky Mount and I got some boooks :D :D
i bought Spice & Wolf vol3-4, and E.E. Knight's Age of Fire book 5.
guy at the register turned out to be a fan of Age of Fire~ that was cool XD (i need to finish book 4 already. oops.)
I... looked at A Dance With Dragons but 35 bucks ow
Gonna wait for paperback and see if they make another boxset. :x
because I really should own copies of the A Song of Ice and Fire books. I JUST SHOULD. It's awesome and I regret never hearing about it until the TV adaptation, okay.

Yesterday I got a card in the mail from Mom~~ 50 bucks, getto
I spend money stupidly but again I REGRET NOTHING
Dad also took me out to eat. mmmm grilled salmon, I could eat that every day. forever.
Then we did a bit of shopping for today's BIRTHDAY CAAAAKE
dude dude dude did you know there's like
candles that have colored flames??????
god i wish i was a kid now
stuff was lame in my day
anyway those candles were too expensive and i don't really need candles - it's just Dad and I, we both know how old I am. pff.
I'm a chocolate addict so the frosting is of course chocolate BUT
i've seen those epic rainbow cakes on tumblr so many times i just went I WANT THIS.
so dad and i are gonna try to do something like that. it'll be colorful if nothing else, lmao...

we got home kinda late so i decided not to call mom then because i didn't want to wake her if she went to bed early
she called me today LOL
we talked for a bit
aaand she will be sending some money for christmas too. sweeeet.

i've been kinda. ignoring EVERYTHING lately for tumblr, sorry
met some really damn awesome people and i've been having so much fun every day i just can't

idk what else to say
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