Dec. 29th, 2011

choroneko: (psyqualia)

uso ja nai zeeeeeeeee

will it get here tomorrow? maybe. maybe not. IDFK.
(the vanguard cards are my only order with tracking)

also still waiting on:
-vanguard dvd 1 & manga 1 & cardliver op/ed cd (shipped the 14th from japan)
-DUEL ART book (shipped the 20th from japan)
-chibi dark precure figure (shipped the 27th from texas?)

who knows what, if anything, will be in the mail tomorrow. all i can do is waaaaaaaaaaait :(

today kinda sucked though
i get up, make some waffles to snack on. before i can even get started, cat jumps up on the table and knocks over my full glass of milk

...milk, milk everywhere. there were no paper towels upstairs, so i had to run down, get some, come back up and try to get it out of the carpet

i didn't do so well.
also it got in the computer mouse. it seems dead. so i took dad's :/ he never uses his computer ANYWAY

ate the cold waffles, then took a shower since the milk got all over me, too. siiiigh.

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