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wow i kept meaning to post but put it off

and now i feel so screwy i have to complain

so a few days ago a friend started bugging me about cardliver since i stopped watching around ep17 or so
i pretty much went 'okay okay' and picked it back up

well it surprised me

and then left me

..seriously what was that ending...

ranting behind cut )

wow i'm pissed other news
my psp now does not have sound
...unless i plug in headphones
which is better than no sound at all but
I LIKED HAVING MUSIC WHEN I SHOWERED :< headphones are too quiet to hear over the water
/yes i tried

also dad's friend is here again with her dog
it's been decided for sure that she'll be moving in

the cats still don't reaally like cody too much but they're really learning to tolerate his presence
they're kinda curious too, sometimes they'll get pretty close :)

i watched suite precure 1&2
so far i'm not sure :/
except helloooooo siren! ahahahahaha

aaand uh
i also have spent a bit of time on niconico lately
...watching let's plays of corpse party XD
this one guy i found is hilarious he screams at everything omfg

though now i'm kinda confused :| i can't find any LP that goes past chapter 3
which is more-or-less as far as the manga's gone, too
the game does appear to have a chapter 4 but idk?

oh and i decided to rip some cardfight vanguard MAD videos from nico and upload them to youtube :3
here's my youtube page

yeah i got nothing else to say
recommend a friend meme!
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i feel lazy today
i know i haven't posted in awhile but
...blah, i'll write something tomorrow
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well i just finished reading ALL that's out of the corpse party manga.
5 volumes.
6 is out in... june. SCREAM.

might... just try watching japanese let's plays... shit man. that's stupid there isn't much voiced bits i wouldn't understand anything

oh wait the manga advertised cd dramas maybe that covers more

or it could be joke-y extra stuff idfk


also two memes


my thread
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lets see

yesterday i got really annoyed at my horribly off sleep schedule

so i decided I WILL STAY UP TODAY. YES. and thus reset it
well... ok i ended up failing by 1pm. meant to nap but suddenly it's 6pm oops
i went to bed at 2am and got up today at 10
though the cats kept bugging me
so i finally get up
...and they go to sleep

i was obviously on a hard start yesterday morning

helloooo corpse party
been interested in that doujin game for some time 'cause well. man, that title.
found out that the pc trial had been translated so i so grabbed it up
...bad end oops
then i found out the 'good' end really isn't much different

with a title like 'corpse party' you know it won't turn out well.
so. the translation project for the game is dead dead dead

then i hear there's a manga adaption
except that isn't fully translated either
only 6 chapters of a 4-volume series
so... i go find the raws
...and it's got furigana! woot!
read vol2 yesterday
just finished 3 now

the backstory btw? scissors do not work that way.
just. yeah.

and i just... can't help but lol and feel sorry at the same time for satoshi who's all 'we're gonna find everyone and get out of here!'
cause... again... title. nothing will end well.
several of his friends are already dead...

and to be completely contrasting
i got to the end of princess debut!
my dance partner was vince :3
not who i was intending at first but i got to really liking the kid
he's like. kinda childish and likes to trick the poor girl but
he's a good kid
and i awww'd when he asked if she'd come with him to his kingdom

so now i wanna beat the ballroom mode
i got to the 4th dance and just-barely-didn't make the required score. :(
also wanna go back to story mode because
i want luciano & liam :D
don't care about the rest of the guys though
cesar is so... ugh. go away.
klaus is just boring. better than dealing with mcflirty cesar but still. :/

now a meme to finish this ...odd entry.

the "what icon do you associate with me?" meme!
• do not look at the comments.
• take a look at my userpics.
• post a comment with the icon of mine you associate with me. leave commentary if desired.
• repost with your default icon.
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i let a lot of stuffs stack up so i can make a nice post~

let's see
i beat bayonetta on normal difficulty
wow i love this game, lol
talked to [ profile] futachimaru after and decided i'd play very easy mode next to farm halos.

but for now, i'm gonna take a break from it and play other games. like baroque, i've ignored that for months

oh and i got a friend to buy me a replacement part for my ps2 so when that comes i will be glued to it for sure. >:3

bunch of friends on twitter kept talking about tokimeki memorial girl's side ds
so i, uh. decided to check it out
first guy you meet annoys me
blahblah /joins gardening club

for awhile i still went to the teacher's extra classes because i felt like having a backup in case of fail
i failed everything, man
i sat there. playing aaaaaall night, to 7am
few days before the end of 3rd year i find that morimura's affection was reset
lonely end. ;o;

i have no clue what i did wrong :(
also what is this, no new game+?????
why can't i carry over at least my clothes/accessories -_-
anyway i hadn't saved in like. 6 months before the end so i'll be trying again
but i also have a new game started for later.

of the guys i've seen in game, i only like morimura-kun and sensei :/
voiced byyyy ishida akira(morimura) and koyasu takehito(sensei)
just. HELL YEAH!

i really don't like the fact that ignoring the main guys it forces you to meet causes problems
then your little brother is like 'hey aren't you ignoring a guy lately?' YES I AM BECAUSE I'M NOT INTERESTED IN HIM NOW STOP BUGGING ME ABOUT IIIIIIIIIIIIT

in my next play i'll join a sport club of some sort, i think
'cause... my stat for that is 0 in my current game. ;;;
and well, maybe a guy in one of those will catch my eye. who knows?

tonight i went out to eat with dad
he said we'd go last night but then said no
so uh
the gamestop entei giveaway ended yesterday... i never got there in time :/
oh well i don't really like entei anyway

hmmm played inazuma eleven 2 some
found the ~secret training area~
ran through it a few times
next day blah blah rika drags ichinose off so we go get him back and

i don't know what it wants me to do now?? the top screen says something about ichinose but i got him already o_o

aaand uh. cardfight vanguard.
ep3 was kinda blah. intro'd aichi's little sis but nothing else really happened. sure, aichi played vanguard, but it was against that idiot.

kai wasn't in the ep at all D:


also if anyone could suggest somewhere at least fairly easy to apply to for [ profile] moonsdarkness? I got complimented on dear_mun and now wanna try playing her somewhere ///
...and though unlikely, maybe Cardfight Vanguard's [ profile] imeejishiro too?

old, but

and anon love letter meme
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a few days i did some voice meme thing and i feel like posting it here. so there.

Read more... )

let's seee um

my ps2 is still broken ifijferngrhbgfnm ;o;

not gonna be able to get the part replaced for a good while.

lately i seem to have a craving for horror movies and i have no clue why.
few days ago i watched "the messengers"
man, i could see the jump scares coming and i still jumped. XD

last night i watched "from within"
wow that ending... what... it sucked. not crappy movie kind of suck, just. bad end. eek.

probably will watch something tonight too
i found some interesting sounding movies from looking around tvtropes lol.
so i hit internet search and found direct downloads because sometimes i don't feel like trying to torrent random stuff

i played some bayonetta last night to let out some frustration and, well, i haven't played it in some time
beat two chapters, next is chap16 - whatever's at the top of that tower on isla de sol. hmmm.

yeah, i don't have much to talk about. i'll stop here.
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another day of cats being pissy


i spent most of today sleeping because the cats wouldn't let me sleep until the door was open which i couldn't do til 9:30 because the dog had to go.
its cooooooold ;-;

news last night was all OMFG SNOWWW YOU GUYS SNOWWWW

morning comes and there's just ice here

got the safe ending in 999 last night
gonna get true tonight

so anyway i rewatched cardfight vanguard's first ep to go screenshot happy
then hit photoshop and did lots of cropping and some fixup to make some basic icons
here it's my icon journal. ...kinda haven't used it because i can't really make anything. just crop.

oh yes lets see
i watched that zombie thing today
i lol'd.
poor guy has his reputation completely ruined...
(but he gets points for saving kittens if you ask me)
go go chainsaw wielding mahou masou shoujo!

okay yeah nothing really happened today so i'll leave you with a meme

the most likely to meme
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since my post earlier today, i caught up on 5d's since i was 3 eps behind

wtf. just.... wtf. -_-

played some 999, trying to get coffin ending since once i do the safe ending that path leads to true ending only
but for some reason i was locked into the axe ending even though i followed the guide :/
gave up, checked gamefaqs, true ending gives coffin credit too so whatever
i don't feel like playing again from the start at the moment so i'll get the safe ending later. probably tomorrow.

i spammed some pixiv art on my tumblr... mostly cardliver but one had the cardfight vanguard main char too.
(btw there is already cardfight vanguard porn on pixiv... ugh)


gonna have delicious baked chicken breasts tonightttttttt
w/ mashed potatoes. and biscuits. (i'm craving biscuits ok stfu)
/has ate all day

In My Past Life I Was...
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well today was pretty damn good

dad couldn't find any work today and felt pretty blah so he decided we'd go out. both he and i know it was a stupid move but we needed it.
had my grilled salmon w/fries at logan's
had no intention on asking for, or expecting, the huge brownie, but when dad stopped by there before coming home the manager said he'd give us it since we're regulars and, you know, christmas.
so... had a very good meal, yep.

we hung out, chatted with each other and other people, and just had a good time.

i played inazuma a bit too.
up to the teikoku match... tried and lost. so um, GRINDING TIME.
probably not tonight though, its late now
i... spent a bunch of time on pixiv looking at kazemaru art. ;;
(and kaze/endou. eheheheh)
got to page 100 of kazemaru's tag before deciding to stop.

i'm feeling like playing recettear...
ahhh it's 3:44 am... i'm so dumb.

whatever. recettear time. then sleep.

btw HELLO to my new friends from the pokemon friending meme!
my contact info and such is here

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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In September I ruled Canada as a cruel and heartless dictator (-700 points). Last Tuesday I ate my brussel sprouts (1 points). Last Saturday I put gum in [ profile] pimmy 's hair (-12 points). In May I ruled Iran as a kind and benevolent dictator (700 points). Last Friday I put money in [ profile] meroko14 's expired parking meter (14 points).

Overall, I've been nice (3 points). For Christmas I deserve a shiny red ball!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

nothing like a SHINY RED BALL!!!!
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Christmas Friending Meme

anon meme.

in newsof my lifeeeeeee: just been playing my new games yes :3
bayonetta is so freaking fun omfg
...also easy to screw up, too. i left it on normal difficulty and i'm keeping it there >:|
just... gonna die some. occasionally. SO WHAT fat guy stop complaining i'm fine and will kick your ass if you keep that mouth open.
the early bit where you gotta do 3 torture attacks within the timelimit OH GOD that kept screwing with me because i didn't understand what/where the magic meter was and i dunno just... wasn't playing right.
oblivion is not that new since i watched a friend play the beginning on the pc way back when it just came out
haven't tried skies of arcadia yet, but will soon.

just kinda left the xbox sitting on a continue screen in bayonetta because it was dinner time. gonna finish that level then switch to the wii to check out skies of arcadia!

oh and i watched the latest ep of Xros Wars... oh Nene :(
i wanna try rping Nene. I think.

<3 you all
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I went to bed around 4am (oops)
Dad called at 11am to tell me~ YES MOM SENT MONEY
50 bucks oh heck yeah!
so i napped a bit more since dad still had work to do
got up at 12:30, took a shower, dad came home at 1:10 pm
I had did a little looking on staples' site because i remembered
i really need something for extra space on the xbox
it has 80mb onboard space total
on black friday/that weekend they had nice usb sticks real cheap but we had nooo money then obviously
so i took a look online just to check prices, and hey there's still stuff reasonably cheap
we went to staples first since it's further away than gamestop
i popped in there on my own since dad didn't want to get out if he wasn't needed
it took me a few minutes to find where the usb sticks were
i wanted a 8gb stick but cheapest one instore was 19.99 :x
nabbed a 4gb for 9.99 wheeeeeeee
this is a temporary thing for the xbox, btw. i do want to get a proper hard drive for it, but that'd take all my money today :|
so then~ to gamestop!
Xbox360 Bayonetta 17.99
Xbox360 Elder Scrolls Oblivion 14.99
Gamecube Skies of Arcadia Legends 14.99
due to the buy 2/get 1 free, Oblivion was free. Would've been the same total if Arcadia was free so whatever honestly

I've wanted Oblivion for a loooooooong time, and Bayonetta too just not as long since it's not as old? lol
Skies of Arcadia was random, as a friend on twitter keeps talking about it and hey, can't go wrong with rpgs... mostly.

I went in gamestop alone, but Bayonetta & Oblivion were rated M... er, whoops. Had to call Dad in because even though I am *24* today, it means nothing without an ID. He had to tell them yes its okaaaaaay.

finally, went to logan's.
sat around relaxing for awhile, chatted with dad and his friends
got my SALMONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN oh god guys i just love that damn salmon
it kinda... had a bit too much lemony taste but still so so sooo good
sat around more letting the fish settle
then BROWNIE! love this thing too, it's huge.
the waitress didn't tell us until we paid but they let me have it for free because its my b-day /o/

also one of my dad's friends, brad, has a son named zack and he's really into games and stuff so i just.. asked if i could meet him. NEED. FREINDZ. dude.
that'll happen... sometime soon? no plans yet since i mean, he has to talk to the kid obviously. but yeah.



my thread
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so last night i randomly found a program that like streams the psp's screen to the computer
which is SO USEFUL for me now since, you know, my psp's screen is HORRIBLY CRACKED.
got around to testing it today.
played a little p3p, then one mission of valkyria chronicles 2
i can see it's a little laggy
but still so better than trying to see through all the glitchiness on my psp...

also my friend did buy me the wow expansion, wotlk!! /o/
and he's gonna get me one month sub. i didn't have a chance to ask before he said he would XD ...though he probably was expecting me to ask  anyway.
so i'm scrambling around trying to burn stuff off the comp so i have enough room for wow
just used my last blank dvd :(
and tomorrow with all the sales, staples has a 100 pack of dvds on sale for 9.99
i asked dad if he could at least get over there sometime tomorrow to see if maaaybe there's still one left by the time he gets there.
...i doubt it though. sigh.

tonight dad and i will be having an awesome meal :3
chicken, mashed potatoes, and garlic bread.
screw normal tradition, we haven't actually done anything special on thanksgiving for a loooong time
...yeah i think last year i asked for a turkey sub from subway haha.
anyway i've had sliced turkey meat on sandwiches a lot lately so i told dad 'get chicken.'
and he did. :D

well, happy thanksgiving to everyone on my f-list! i love you guys okay <3

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