choroneko: (stop shipping me with aichi!!) find a FRIGGIN' SPIDER in your bed. UDHUEFHJGFNHJERMFDJ UGH
it got on my pillow :( then yuugi killed it :x

but ok ok yesterday was pretty good, actually
went out to eat, mmmm i love those garlic parmesan chicken tenders! so so so so goood
played a little tales of innocence after i finished eating
honestly, ricardo, what the hell.
then later i played some more of innocence

lost to gardel or wtfever once, tried again, won
went to next town, do-dee-do, decided to do some guild quests
the town didn't have an inn or save spot so i completely forgot to save
since i can save in the field
jfiuerhurijguDAMN IT.

last time i played raidou it did this too :/ over an hour, no save spot, crash. ugh.
at least with that i can kinda understand, i'm forcing the ps2 to read burned discs. but the ds... there's no swapping or crap involved, it just. stops. with a POP noise. idfk...

lately the internet's been weird, i keep getting disconnected for no apparent reason. :/

my life is still pretty boring, not much to talk about.
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went out, walked the pretty husky dog aaaaaa~ll o~ver, got food(somewhere in time between lunch/dinner so. whatever.), sat in a car while dad & jeanie put some stuff up for work tomorrow, then we went to some event thing. banjos, banjos everywhere. okok it wasn't just banjos but yeah. music was overall fine, just not quite my taste, you know? first i was sitting outside so i started playing tales of innocence. then dad kept bugging me so i came in, but in ToI i was in the middle of a dungeon trying to gtfo, and i took the whole time just trying to find a way back to the field. jeez. i hope no one was offended by that... i did put the ds down and clap when everyone else did.

reminded dad to check the dang mail already, since he hasn't managed/remembered to get there for the past few days
yep the ps2 repair part was hereeeeeeeeeeeee!!

obviously once i got home i fixed my ps2. yep. :3
the long awaited.... SMT: DEVIL SUMMONER RAIDOU KUZUNOHA and blah blah
friggin' hell i burned that off back before i found the ps2 stopped turning on. so i've been waiting aaaaaaa
played over an hour. not sure if its the swapdisc or my ps2 being stupid, but i have to skip cutscenes because they lag like seriously bad. SLOW. SLOOOOW. first attempt to play it outright stopped bothering to read the disc :/ before i could even save. for the first time. yeaah. /had to do tutorial all over again pff

swapdisc still says my copy of sly cooper 1 isn't a valid ps2 disc. ugh. not sure what to do there...

gonna sleep soon it's already 3am

...not sure what the heck i'll play tomorrow. too much stuff @_@
p4... raidou... tota... and other games not for ps2. agh.
probably just get a bit more AC done then raidou it up. lol

oh yes and the other day when dad was using the laptop i just played ds... started a new game i've heard about for being at least somewhat a VN. lux-pain? i got the undub rom and played an hour and a half straight, lol
its interesting~ though the touch screen stuff for finding those glowy things confused me at first because... no explanation its just poof i can ...draw... on the... screen...? idfk????
but yes. interesting. i like the little kid lol. SHE CAN UNDERSTAND ANIMALS :D
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sunday was boring
found out about a freaking emh meetup up in nj happening then
but no way i could get there. 7 hours away, sigh.
and i missed a whole lot of nothing since nothing important to the, like, story, happened. they just hung out with the single fan that managed to make it :/
still jealoussssssss
but so is a buttload of other fans. heh.

ANYWAY dad called suddenly at 1:30-ish telling me he's done with work and coming to get me for going out
and i'm like oh shi-- hadn't taken a shower yet or bagged trash or ANYTHING.
so i got my shower done, dad was home already, and my hair was still kinda wet when we went in the restaurant /shrug
played a bit more tales of innocence
chien, i haet u.
his ~oh pity me~ backstory doesn't get him points from me. though wtf are you seriously telling me some random woman managed to pop out a kid and two puppies? really????
so yeah, chien boss battle AGAIN and it's still annoying
i'm gonna try the luca+defend+lure strategy next time
i know i wanna keep maining spada but no point in switching styles and leveling it just for lure if luca already has it. :|
SO YEAH i didn't feel like trying again then

so i poked a game i haven't in a loooooong time, luminous arc 2
i did not want to try the damned boss battle i've been stuck on forever, so i completed some quests i hadn't yet

aaaaaaand of course
i had my deliciousssssss salmonnnnnnn w/fries
god i could eat that stuff every dayyyyyyy
also finally got the awesome huge brownie again! dad didn't think he had enough, but our waitress offered to use her employee discount on it... after i ate it i found she meant it as a treat and didn't want money back >_>
dad and i were like 'noooo'
so dad left enough with her tip for the brownie

i was soooo full and happy
but then once we got home i had to do a bunch of running around upstairs picking up and bagging all the trash which my stomach did not appreciate much. ._.
but i stayed in bed after that and it calmed down okay~

went to bed around 9:30 because i had been up since 1:30 am @_@
figured i'd sleep all night just fine but nooo i woke up at 5am. /sigh
better than 1:30 though, by a lot.
so yeah...

went back to LA2 and tried the boss because hey, i leveled some
also WTF GUYS why must you have two battles in a row without letting me heal or change items or anything?!
pissing. me. off.
three enemies. all can do serious damage. one can lower stats. even though i can pick up to 6 of my group, the advantage in numbers DOESN'T MEAN SHIT!

gonna have to do more grinding by repeating the same old stupid quests. why isn't there random battles ffs?
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ahhh i feel nice and full. ...and kinda sleepy despite having slept all through yesterday and half the night.

I was trying to fix my sleep schedule because it got so badly out of whack, but i just couldn't sleep anymore by 3am. sigh.

and here it is 11:30 am and i'm already feeling sleepy again. body, you are way too lazy. :|


um. KURAGEHIME. freakin' awesome. everyone watch it. nao.
<3 kuranosukeeeeeeeeeee... and tsukimi.

just watched shiki ep10 and-- whoa, the kid's pretty screwed here.
aaand i still love megumi and her fashion sense. <3

also thanks to all the people on here and plurk going nuts about panty & stocking i will... probably catch up today. i only watched ep1 so far :/
oh and kaminomi blahblah too, only seen ep1 there.

yeah i think today is an anime watching day. lots of anime. gooooooooo!

kr OOOoooooooooooOOOzuuuuuuuuuu
ep10. uh. hi there "happy birthday" as bgm again
ffs cakeguy seriously what.
creepy doll guy is still creepy. then he freaked out after almost getting punched by eiji lmao.
and hina seriously offered chicken to ankh again? what part of bird greeed do you not get. :/
and what'shername trying to teach ankh proper/formal japanese was worth a lol.

i have... not done anything more on tales of innocence. oops.
and i find myself looking at other games ffs bad.
not that i have money for new games... i was looking at xbox 360 games :/ no easy hacks there.
at least i have good stuff for my ds~<3 ...and psp even though the screen is horribly cracked. that reminds me i should move the games off so i can fill it with music. since it's no good for games as it is... except uno, maybe. :|

talking of 360 games i:
-still need to finish grade farming in ToV
-beat enchanted arms
-...continue playing ng+ of eternal sonata?
on wii:
-arc. rise. fantasia. FFS!
-...blahblahblah rune factory frontier
-other games i'm interested in but do not have room :( like no more heroes! that looks awesome fun and hey, kickass otaku! what can be better than that?!

...and, of course, the many games i have sitting on my ds flashcart. sigh.

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i played more tales of innocence today!

while cookies baked. mmm cookies.
they were white chocolate&macadamia nut.
i had a nice mug of milk with it.

anyway, tales.
i got the heck out of the dumb volcano
3 days pass while luca's out
he's back and in the party but HAHA SPADA IS BETTER I KNOW THIS NOW
not going to use luca anymooooore! unless spada is kicked out of the party later. boooo :|

so now in next town! done nothing yet because the ds was going RED LIGHT RED LIGHT RED LIIIIGHT
actually it was red while i was still trying to escape the dungeon and i was prepared to get so pissed if it died before i could exit and save
i exit and cutscene, cutscene, cutsceneee DUDE LET ME SAVE
i saved fine
...went on to next town, saw some skits, and reached the new town's inn to save. again. but then i turned it off.

um. other than that i still have done nothing but rp at [ profile] errocity 
guys, i am seriously having so much fun here.
today i ended up apping more characters and i may end up overwhelming myself but I'LL HAVE FUN DOING IT!
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blaaaaaah nothing really to talk about

finally picked up tales of innocence again the other day to beat Hasta
took awhile but beat him fine

freak tries to beg to be let go, no one listens
...then he is like 'hey kid come here' to luca
luca... does.


gdi luca...

so now i am playing as Spada and wow why have i been bothering with Luca? guy's damn fast and does good damage too. <3

it was late after the cutscene though so i just ran back to the save spot and quit. gotta get out of the volcano soon. :/

other than that i've been having so so sooo much fun at [ profile] errocity :D
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Well, today went... okay.
I was sleeeeeeeepy and didn't want to get up when Dad called at 11am
he finally made me get up at 1pm
for we need to go and see if some kind of doctor could help us with my ear problem
first gave this clinic place a try
hell-fucking-o 135 dollars just to SEE me?????
dad, understandably, was pissed. we left.
he remembered some ear/nose/throat place so we headed there
they... don't have a doctor anymore so they only do hearing tests/sell hearing aids
well we told them what's going on and someone saw us anyway
she just used that thing to see in ears and tells us i still have way too much earwax in both ears
...wha-but-we used that earwax removal stuff until it stopped reacting!!
~it was a cheap brand~ get debrox
so we headed for a pharmacy and got it
stopped for a little bit at a mexican restaurant though~ mmmmmmmm tacos
dad didn't get anything because he says he ate with someone earlier in the day
i was pretty hungry so i had 5 tacos XD
then we came home, dad applied the ear stuff, and i am here. Hi.

so time for game blahblah now
tales of innocence: grinded to 21 like i said before, then used a strategy i read online to deal with chien: put lure on luca and defend, defend, defend!!!1 let the others fight. dodeedo he and his dogs went down pretty fast. :3
then i did a bunch of guild quests~ rank3 now :D
headed to naos, checked secret library that is NOT SO SECRET I MEAN JEEZ THE TRAPDOOR IS RIGHT THERE BESIDES THE STEPS, and we headed for ashihara -- nice i wanted to go to obvious!japanese!town! OH HELLO CHITOSE you're pretty today
...keep insulting iria it makes me like you more
except no sorry i don't like arca :( i won't join.
iria comes and bitches
why can't iria be some arca bitch instead of chitose???? ;_;
dodeedo we meet up with the others again and decide we need to get in the ancient tomb place
gatekeepers are like 'wtf like we'd let foreigners in'
monsters attack town
talk to elder guy and if we exterminate the monsters he'll let us go in the tomb :D
thaaat's as far as i've gotten.
will play more... after i finish this post :p

i was amused by the skit with iria yelling at ange about ange stealing from monsters... dude, they're monsters. who cares?
and one battle i screwed up and ange got ko'd
then she... kinda bitched at ricardo for not guarding her well enough. subtly. which ricardo could tell.

hee ricardo's pretty damn cool too.


Oct. 28th, 2010 07:36 pm
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was odd.
I slept til 1pm-ish, Dad called and was like HEY WHY HAVEN'T YOU TAKEN A  SHOWER I'M COMING HOME DO IT
so... i got up, spent a few minutes on the computer while i fully woke up, then took a shower. dodeedo.
once my hair was decently dry we went down to the health department to get my ear finally checked out
well... we wanted to, but turns out no they only do stuff for kids. okay then...
i haven't gotten a flu shot this year so he asked for their price
35 bucks, blahblah
dad decided we'd check other places for their price too
oh right and it so happens i had a psychiatrist or something appointment today too, at 3
so anyway to drugco! 25 bucks for flu shot! no lines, no waiting! whoo!
done. man it is so nice to know how to not freak the hell out about shots now...
to mental people! did group! talked to doctor! i'm sleeping too much! okay higher dosage!
i'm out! of medicine the nurse will call it in! but it takes time to fill! okay i'll get it tomorrow!

sooo uh
despite having food i'll eat available and only needing reheating, dad decided to take me to logan's "to celebrate your flu shot" ...okaaaaaaaay
and uhh... didn't get brownie this time, honestly the salmon was a stupid move as it is. oh well.

i played a good bit of Tales of Innocence today
...grinding. grindgrindgrind
because DAMN chien is one bitch of a boss.
if it was just him it might be okay but no he has two dogs kicking us too :|
between a little playing last night before bed and today, i grinded the group from lv14 to lv20-21 :D
gonna try chien again later.

and soon i will be watching Homeward Bound with Dad :3
we even got some popcorn lol~
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...oh yeah, here's a double post. because i thought of more and it doesn't really 'fit' in the previous entry. so there.

first, i give up on trying to write those rp apps. Not forever, but its just like... I've worked my brain as much as it can, any more trying just results in headaches. why did i pick a freaking minor npc character, god damn. BE PLAYABLE NEXT GAME!!! >:|

aand i've been playing some ds/psp rpgs.
ds: sands of world destruction EFF YOU TITLE CHANGERS! and it's undub of course >:3 well okay i started playing it as dub but was like holy crap these voices suck and got the undub. so far it's okay.
and: tales of innocence. i actually started this like... months ago or whatever, when the translation patch came out. got out of town, blahblah, got in over my head trying to get to the next town immediately, one char went down, no life bottles, i went 'shit' and tried to get back to first town, faaaaaaaaaaailed.
so the other day i picked it back up. this time i grinded some before going far from the first town. derp, i had a decent level, put the ds down for a minute, when i checked it again i guess it got bumped because FREEZE. ._.
grinded again and went on my way finally. so far: luca is cute but such a wimp(but when he snapped juuust a little at the military camp i was like HECK YEAAAH but then the dumb girl bitched and he calmed down. not cool :|), that female thing and her retarded pet need to gtfo, spada is cool but LOL WHAT YOU'RE THE REINCARNATION OF A SWORD?, i want chitose to replace the thing and ricardo is awesome, ohh and uh ange, lmfao @ her being a guy in the past, and even a skit joked at that, being like 'maybe ange IS a guy then?' i'd lol if she was.

for psp... hexyz force. DUDE HOW THE HECK DO YOU PRONOUNCE HEXYZ??? aanywaaay it's undub. from the start.
i'm playing the guy's story, he looked cooler. ladeeda our king is like 'k let's stop racism, and bring peace to the kingdom' but then his elf wife gets killed by ~someone~ and he assumes the elves did it even though, like, why would they kill one of their own? and goes waaaay off his rocker. we play one of his close friends who is also a knight
and we're like 'dude wtf you're burning the elf forest down' and we save some elves
...aaand get branded as a traitor. oops.
on the ruuun with this awesome lion dude. and the princess-ish girl? well she's the king's... half-sister. half a commoner oh noes. and it's seriously obvious she likes the knight guy. :3
and of course there's ~more to this than it seems~ so maybe someone's just controlling the king let's save our buddy yeaaaah!
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played more p3p last night~~

male!MC has a giiiirlfriiiiiend now :o
Yuko, the team manager
wasn't intending to go that way at first but she got cute ;;
still wanting to get mitsuru though...
and YES i have gotten to the point where i can start her!!!
rank2 atm
also working on school council & art club s.links
kendo club is maxed
kenji is maxed
not going to touch the fat guy
oh, i've s.linked with that old monk too.
i have academics/courage/charm all maxed
so now yukari bugs me :/
rank1 with yukari, rank2 with fuuka

..i guess i can't with any of the sees guys as maleMC? meh.

today i decided to poke Tales of VS
i've been wanting to check that out for so long but my cfw poofed around the time it came out ;o;
but now since i have cfw again, hellooooo~
damn it is tough
i mean yeah you start off with a single, easy battle.
then boom anything after that just pwns you. easy.
a fighting game. with rpg stats. wat.
it wouldn't be bad if it wasn't so unbalanced toward the AI... :/

also the latest ep of heartcatch precure was awesomeeeeeeee
cure sunshine~<333333
want next ep. now! :D
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So I got to play Vesperia a little more this morning
blah blah boring day at work
come home, fight the xbox to let me log in a live account
figure it out
pop up Vesperia
...also it's on the hd in japanese. the title, i mean. of Vesperia.

whateverrrr. started over, got further than I was before.

I... freaking love Yuri and want to rp him ;_;
choroneko: (yuri: so srs.)
yep, love Tales of Vesperia.
Yuri~ ffffyes. Also Repede. :3
i went and changed my icons a little already ahahaha
...I really want more icon space :x

something i forgot to mention yesterday~ i beat Devil Survivor. Amane's path. :/
Started newgame+ but I'm losing interest... oh well, can always pick it back up in a month or two~

I'm feeling sleepy, i wanna go homeee :/
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Yesterday~ I finally got around to playing more of Tales of Symphonia. Been ignoring it foreverrr :/
though its mostly because my ds is near dead so I don't feel like risking getting into something and it die on me...
yep I'm so ds obsessive lately. mainly Devil Survivor, though aaah I hate Beldr that was annoying. so. annoying. Now I'm kinda stuck in a fight with nutty cops that're killing people... They keep killing one and I lose. D: need to start the battle over, but the ds needs charging and the charger's at work. :/

When I was getting ready to go to bed last night
guess what crawls out from under my sheets?
i freak out, jump out of bed and spray the damn thing with flea spray cause thats all we have :/
it ran really fast off the end of the bed, dunno where it went
i calmed down some, then what do i see
i spray it like crazy, its not as fast as the first one
then it gets under my pillow
and i'm just like eduigbudfrhugfhufffffffffffff
so i go wake dad up to help me :x
fucking spiders. second one's dededed, dunno where the first one went D:

weeelll I don't have much to do, guess I'll go play Symphonia more


Apr. 7th, 2009 07:24 pm
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I got new(used?) ones. :3
Heard gamestop is doing some kinda sale so I was like 'hey dad, take me to gamestop'
I looked around on their site, and games I want or interesting sounding games ... were like all. not. hereeee. :(
but eh oh well~~
I still got something decent.

Tales~ of Symphonia. I like rpgs, Tales is well known as a good series, etc. So I nabbed it. Gamecube, 17.99. Decent~
...except once I got home and set my GC(hasn't been used in ... heck, a year? Felt bad for it, lol) up, whee game time member dies. k, revived.
get to temple. same kid dies. oops. same battle, 'my' character dies. use last revive thing.
next battle, oops ded.
2 of 4 members alive. :(
I dunno if this is worth continuing, lol. Might start over.

anyway, other game I got is some weird DS game a friend talked about, and I felt interested enough to poke. On sale for 4.99, why the heck not?
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