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ougon musou kyoku?
does respond to keys. if i press them a million times.

thank you asshole who decided to have the opening video play on infinite loop in the background of the menu

god, the lag.

actual fights play pretty well. some moves make the fps drop to 30-ish, but compared to the slow-ass menus? yay.
i already want to upgrade my comp to something way more recent, so yeah.

i also played a little more inazuma.
beat kidokawa seishuu easily. man, i was all 'ffffff do i need to grind some??' but nope.
was juuust about to shoot again but time ran out. oh well.

next, zeus! i don't think that one will go well. i expect grinding hell.
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some stuff i forgot to mention last post.

i watched the haruhi movie.
hi, confusion.
kyon remains awesome.
alternate!nagato is adorable.
and now i ship nagato/kyon...

i've been playing 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors ...or however the order goes lol
it's an awesome visual novel-type game on the ds. has puzzle sections too.
its also rated m. because oh god the gore.
well okok it doesn't show anything really besides blood. ...oh wait that captain. um. well one dead body but it doesn't show his wound or anything.
but then again i've only reached two endings so far...
all the girls are nice looking. :D
as for the guys, ehhhh. except snake. snake is cool~

worked on inazuma a bit more, too.
i beat senbayama second try. first time i just couldn't get the ball to kidou properly and only the inazuma break could get through because ~story~ - after that other shots did work. ha.
second try went well. i think the score was like 3-0~
so now i gotta deal with kidokawa seishuu, yeah?
god the mukata triplets annoy me

why did endou get so down about not being able to block triangleZ when he didn't even use a hissatsu?! of course he wouldn't be able to block it :|

still waiting for my ps2 swapdisc and stuff
since its new years day post offices are closed.
and tomorrow's sunday so... blah.
i wanna play sly ;-;

umineko ep8's out
i've read some spoilers
but... eh, i wanna have some surprises for when it gets translated. so i stopped looking.

also ougon musou kyoku, umineko's fighting game, and tsubasa, vn versions of the extra tips.
i have all three downloaded
I WANNA PLAY OUGON but it won't work on either computer right
on the laptop, i get a blank screen
on the desktop, the screen isn't blank but it won't respond to any keys except esc which closes it. :/
not cool ._.

oh, shiki ended.
megumiiiiii ;o;

kuragehime's last ep is out too but i haven't watched it yet.
don't spoil me k

right, the zoroark pokemon movie is out too
haven't seen it yet either

oh yes, and i spent last night playing dungeons&dragons with a friend on plurk over skype
he invited some other friends of his too
and oh man i had fun~
it passed into the new year while we were playing
it's been a good long time since i last played d&d
only once before, actually. when 4.0 came out, two friends and i went down to williamsburg and hit a hobby/game store that was doing an event to show off the new version.

well i can't really think of anything else to say
made a huge meatloaf tonight with dad
mmm beef and all kinds of stuff mixed in. plenty of seasoning~ and some ketchup lathered on top to prevent it from crisping up too much.
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whooo got a christmas card from mom!
another 50 bucks :D

handed dad the 10 because i want pizza. haven't had pizza in awhile >:|
he kept refusing but i told him 40 DOLLARS IS STILL A LOT ITS OKAY JEEZ
so he finally took it :)

i've been ignoring the other games i bought on my birthday lol ;;
just bayonettabayonettabayonettaBAYONETTAAAAAAAA
i went back to the first chapter to rack up halos
and get the stuff i've missed, too
/using guide ._.


i've read umineko ep7 <3
i never got the 50% patch because i had enough distractions that i figured i could wait for the full one just fine
and so i did!
ohhhhh maaaaan
first obligatory comment: will/lion ftw

also bern continues to be a bitch.
i didn't like the cliffhanger concerning will&lion :(

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last night was... hell.

first i hear some thunder. no rain or wind here, just some distant thunder.

later the rain and wind came, hitting the house pretty hard.
sometime around 2am the power went out.
lights flickered like crazy, stabilized, then flickered like crazy again, ending in darkness.
laptop was still on because of battery.
...i hoped the power would come back soon so i fiddled around first just watching some music video a few times
then decided to finally get around to reading the bit of umineko ep7 that was translated(yeah i hadn't read it til now.)
i read to the end of the translation, it was 3am. still no power.
gave up, turned the laptop off, and went to bed.

...tried to anyway.
SOMETHING in dad's room which is under mine kept beeping. every minute.


i couldn't fall asleep with that damn noise

i rolled around awhile
then gave up on sleep, thinking i could just read with my flashlight until the beeping thing died.
it. never. died.
power came back around 6, i was still awake, it was still beeping.
dad got up around 7 and turned the fucker off. thank god.
but i really wanted to fall asleep, you know, earlier. before the sun freaking rose. UGH.

somehow i still had trouble sleeping even though the beeping was gone
woke at 2 and felt like i hadn't slept at all
so i went back to sleep
finally got up for good at 5pm...

i guess i'm okay.
except for the horrible sleep schedule.

awww the kittehs are sleeping beside me here on my bed <3
so cute.

umineko ep7 looks interesting
i like will XD
and just lol at lion...

the book i read is one of several that have been sitting in my bookcase for freaking months
i dunno why i just suddenly didn't feel like reading...
but yeah i read some. it's a guildwars novel.
and now i feel like playing even though i suck
and only have the main game+1st expansion
wouldn't even have the expansion without a friend because he bought it for me ;;

maybe i'll install it later.
heck, the novel seems to be setting things up for gw2 because there's... other races besides humans??? i mean yeah the first game has charr but they're only enemies but in this book it's... heading for peace between man and charr. which is cool because yay kitteh people!
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i slept all day because i am lazy
even though it's halloween
nothing happens in freaking halifax, oh no

of course also note that list of events, none continue onto the 31st. oh no.

as a result of that, the stores took down all the halloween stuff today.

oh well
gonna do my own, personal, creepy event fun
first i should freaking read the new umineko ep7 stuff :/
dunno if that much will reach into creepy but whatever, i can always go back to ep2 and see the awesome that is HAPPY HALLOWEEN FOR MARIAAAAAAAA
kihihihi that is one of the best halloween parties ever >:3

after that i dunno

okay i just ate dinner and a little desert~
chicken, mashed potatoes, and two rolls
was deeeeeelicious
dad managed to get some goodies leftover from a halloween thing at a restaurant we go to often
so i just ate a slice from some kinda cookie cake, it had frosting on it too and omg it was good
also a basic chocolate cupcake
there's another choco-cupcake but i want dad to have it <3
there's two of some other cupcake but i dunno what it is
and finally, an EYE. yeah, an eye. dad says it's a donut hole dipped in some kind of frosting and then decorated to look like an eye :D
dad wants me to save some of it so i didn't eat all the stuff in the to-go box
but i wanna eat that eyeeeeeeee XD
lmao i told dad i liked the cookie thing then he tells me it's pumpkin cookie with chocolate chips so i can't say i don't like pumpkins anymore ;;

okay i'm done
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found a haunted house in a nearby town
dad badly hurt his ankle the other day so i felt it wasn't right to make him go so far for my silliness
so yeah, roanoke rapids is two towns away so not far at all :3
i just took a shower and we're waiting a little so i'm dry
/sucks at drying self off btw

aaand Umineko ep7 partial patch!! yes!! its out!! right before halloween, Maria would be proud <3
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More umineko fun for the benefit of my friends that do not use plurk: beato scroll, merged
and the ps3 op, 720p youtube rip

i slept til 4pm today ;;;
just... one of those sleeeepy days.
haven't played any games today
but since i've been ignoring VC2 for so long i think i'll make myself play that some later tonight
but for now i have a headache :/

the Tarot Card meme
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ps3, umineko, insert spazzing and squeeing here.
/has op on loop

...i didn't play VC2 today ;;
just HM. again.
got to fall~ and hmm i feel like i'm really slow on getting people to like me :/
just, dunno what to give people, more or less.
oh well i don't think there's a reason to rush things?
i mainly want to get friendly with lloyd but... 'likes complex dishes. hates simple dishes.'
and since the dang game won't tell you what works or not its like aaaaargh
i do not feel like dealing with craploads of failed dishes, k.
just... gonna have to wait til i have recipes & the cookware to do complex stuff. sigh.

thought i'd just re-announce my dw account

anyone with dw can add me :3
Honesty Meme
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umineko. ps3.

need. both. :(
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(for those who don't know, the translation puts <> around lines that were in english originally.)
but yeaaaaaaaaaaah i wanna rock with the siestassssssss LMFAO

spoilers )
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slept all day again

p3p has broke my sleep schedule :/

it is hot
i do not like heat

the ac was barely keeping me cool enough to be kinda comfortable

turns out the damn thing froze up :|
so it is off. to thaw.

it is more hot now and i am displeased.

in fandom stuffs, i have obviously played more p3p
i am almost maxed on academics :D
mitsuruuuuuuuu i am coming to youuuuu >:3
i maxed kenji's
so now i should work on my club s.links
kendo and art
but maxing academics comes first~<3
and can't forget working up through tartarus...

in-game events, ken is moving in the dorm soon
also the group will be having a beach-y vacation~~ yay!

i want koromaru to join soon lmao
awesome shadow-fighting dog ftw XD

oh and i read a little more umineko
was going to do more but then dad wanted me to look up news stuff
i found videos
...he kept falling asleep during them... ;;

now a meme and vdex post. :p

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between P3P and Umineko ep6's translation coming out

I am seriously overwhelmed.

what to do what to dooooooo oh god

on p3p we recently saved fuuka
whoo now i can use mitsuru in battles /o/
still working on academics so i can get with mitsuru heheheheh
so mc is "Smart"
still a ways to go for Mitsuru~

I read some Umineko

I guess that this various distraction thing works well since it'll be quite some time before ep7, anyway.

and i poked VDex a little today.
got another gold version sprite of bellsprout
3 gold, 2 hgss shinies, just wtf is this craaaaaaap
gimme my meowths ;o;

but still, i am proud of myyyy frame 2 charmander. and my golden magikarp <3
and isn't the oddish and raichu so cuuuuuuuuute?
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my 4th of July was normal.

Didn't go to the town's fireworks event, haven't for a few years.

Can see it from the house anyway lol...
I suppose my dinner was typical, though, having been burgers cooked outside on a grill.

...a few days ago.

Anyway I'm fairly pleased with today so WHO CARES \O/

now for spazzing.
I've avoided EP6 spoilers and will do so again for 7, but I still had to take a look at the first bits of info&pictures, hee.

the op is cool~ I mean, the song may not be as awesome as previous ones, but still.

also I haven't been paying attention to Blazblue anything so when I decided to go look at the LJ comm here (for icons!) I had some surprises.
what I care most for: PLAYABLE MAKOTOOOOOOOO
she's DLC which is annoying but ffffffff I wanted this ;3;
other DLC... little mahou shoujo, can't bring myself to care unless she's unexpectedly awesome.
then the old guy, Rachel's butler...? pfff. Personally, even less interest here than in Platinum^

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I wake up
Umineko ep 5 patch? heck yeah!!!

I know what I'll be doing today, yep.
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Just finished "And then there were none"
...Wasn't expecting that. Heh.

My Umineko fangirl side squeed at the similarities, though. Group of people, all not doing so well with money, on an island, a storm comes~ ...and the message in a bottle. Hee. does this mean it IS Maria? lol

I guess I shouldn't have read so quickly, but I was wanting to see what happened~
200 page book... Read it in two parts. Last night, stopped at Chapter 8 then read the rest just a bit ago.

welll.... eh, nothing else to say. Rainy rainy day, slept til almost 5 pm XD
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kay so like
i'm horribly slow and lazy and been playing games in my free time mostly
so i'm only now getting around to listening to the higurashi/umineko drama cd

just... pffffflol
first track, higurashi's group, rena tries to act different than normal to catch keiichi's attention because of something she heard him say
so first she tries to act smarter than she actually is (and fails) and then
...she tries to act like takano (and possibly wore odd clothes? dunno) and then the teacher so freaked out on her XD
but everything was k in the end :3

second track, umineko's group, krauss is trying to promote rokkenjima as a resort :3
so he tries to get the kids to help him with ideas for commercials
first lol was george's inner thoughts
...and battler commenting on george's inner/outer reactions being obviously different
then battler and jessica stuffing themselves sick by accident XD
aand so yeah nothing really worked
then krauss ran into maria
'oh hey cute little girls HAVE to work right'
...ooooor it would if it wasn't maria XD she went crazy-mode and kept talking about beatrice
so then krauss gave up and made an ad himself (and it was rejected lol)
krauss' laughter is scarier than maria's ;_;

iiii'm still listening to the third track but the lols so far made me want to post
mainly: everytime the gold is mentioned, HIGURASHI NAKUUUUUUU ...'OH OF COURSE THATS NOT THE REASON, SILLY NEE~' shioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon i love you XD

edit: oh oh kinzo and oryou being penpals is hilariously awesome

...expect more edits fffflol

edit2: fffffff mion/shion and kinzo interactions ftw
"hey can i go shopping, rena used all the carrots"
"it's fine without carrots"
"hey now don't be picky!"
...shmion(can't tell who) telling kinzo to not be picky? FFFFFFFFFF XD

this turned out really long, cutting~
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congrats, keiichi, you got kinzo addicted to instant ramen. XD
...oh, not just 'any' ramen, but tonkotsu ramen. ffff I'm dead now seriously
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time for an update post eh?

I've had trouble sleeping lately ;_;
just... keep waking up.

and yesterday i got this bad headache
which i still have :/
woke up with a stuffed up nose, too, but that's gone now.

iiin other news
i've been taking a break from Vesperia heh
just. gaaah Duke's such a... beep.
so i'm just backing off for awhile

playing Eternal Sonata instead~ nice game~
but since I chose the Japanese voices I've noticed some subtitles being ... off. way off. :/
also I do not understand the choice made about Chopin's name - the japanese audio has the characters call him Chopin(-san), yet the subtitle text(and so I assume the english audio) says Frederic, his first name. Just, uh, wtf, Chopin is still his name, and the bits about Chopin's real history and such say Chopin too, so why exactly can't the characters say it :/ :/
weirdos. :x

aaaaaaaaaand umineko oh god uminekoooooo new op is lovely
ep was alright too. the real fun'll start next ep ahahaha :3
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Aaaaah Umineko <3
today's ep? squee. I mean, sure, it doesn't have everything from the VN, but still was good.

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eh, cut because ... just, being careful. :/

now I'm going to try to kick Duke's ass. for what... the 5th time? ugh.
i get Duke down to around 100k hp, he pulls out Brave Vesperia, somehow Judith survives... BUT I'M OUT OF LIFE BOTTLES BY THEN ;_; so game over. again.
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Yuugi's staying overnight at the vet.
He's getting flea treatment and being fixed.
B-but oh man i feel horrible ;_; the bumps on the back of his head/neck are... apparently from allergic reactions from flea saliva. AAAH YUUGI I'M SO SORRY ;_;

soo anyway I messed around on the laptop all day. I really did mean to play my DS some too D:
closing time, left the place after telling a friend I'd get back online soon... dad's like 'let's go out to eat'
because we did the flea fog stuff to the house and he wants to make sure to give it enough time
sooo. we enjoyed our food anyway
i was dumb and ate too much though. :x
feel a bit sick now.

aaaanyway now Umineko EP5's op video is out for download, and its just AAAH want EP5 now
the song's growing on me, too. Still can't beat Umineko no naku koro ni though :3
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i'm listening to some Umineko game bgm
and like

suddenly I thought of Beatrice being like, a pokemon coordinator.

noooo, bad brain. *dies*
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