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what. the. hell. BUSHIROADDDDDD

extremely simple dvd menu.
not even one paper slip in the case.
no extras. nothing. just 4 episodes. sure, okay, it had two promo cards. but i wanted textless opening and ending.

and since it's a dvd, not blu-ray, it's lower quality than tv airings.
hell, they aren't releasing vanguard on blu-ray at all.

i don't even. what the hell, man.
definitely not buying any more of this :/

SO YEAH my packages came in today~
aside from that lame excuse of a dvd, i got the first vanguard manga. which also had a promo card. hihi alfred early~~
and the cardliver kakeru op/ed cd. which came with a card, too. yay first cardliver card--oh it's just diving albatross. :/ I WANT A TATEGAMI WOLF CARD ;_;

the Kazuki Takahashi artbook: Duel Art
oooohhhhhh so pretty. *_*

so today has been quite good. :3

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OOPS i've kinda. forgotten and/or ignored dreamwidth. ;;

my birthday came and gone, blah blah, life is the same as always: mostly boring.

been catching up on anime lately
since i fell behind on 5d's and inazuma 11 ._.
caught up on both yay!! ...well next 5d's ep aired already but whatever.

from catching up on inazuma i am like I WANNA TRY PLAYING THE GAMES MOREEEEE
but derp my japanese skills are not quite up for that. TOO MUCH DAMNED KANJI :(

and i've got all kinds of other games sitting around, too. OVERLOAAAAAD >_<

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Well I'm just stupid. deeeerp.

Had my sleep... kinda fixed. Woke up at 5am. ...after going to bed at midnight.
friggin' cats.
so at like 11am i decided to take a nap so i could actually stay up through a normal night.
...and i just didn't wanna get up again. :/

so i thought "okay fine! i'll just sleep through this night again!"
so yeah i'm just... ugh.

still. going to try a nap in a bit, and i will... GET UP. AT A NORMAL TIME. I WILL NOT SLEEP TOO LONG. I WON'T. WOOOON'T. me do it anyway. sigh.

so. today! gonna watch a few more eps of p&swg because I just couldn't take too much at once. i watched 2-4 the other day, and... dunno how much i'll do today. it's kinda... yeah...

also going to search through my million burned dvds for whatever has eps of Yugioh GX season 3, because i'm trying to rp Shou from that period and my memory is so, so hazy. Eek. Need to refresh!

aaand i will be taking a shower at some point today
becaaaaause dad is taking me out to eaaaaaaaaaat :D
at logan's
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well my ear is... improving.
had dad apply it again around 6pm
ended up napping while staying still for it to do its stuff
got up around 7:30 to use the bathroom, once i walk out i just... pop. my ear. it cleared up.

so uh yeah it is randomly cleared/not cleared now
jaw movement seems to trigger it

anyway dad and i finally tried to move the huge old piano out of the trailer it's been sitting in for seven. freaking. years.
lucky random call from one of dad's friends, they come over to help
i... kinda needed a shower so i took a quicky
wasn't quick enough though, i got done and they were already moving the piano
but i still got to help a little :3

so now the downstairs is... even more stuffed with random crap. and he still has some wood and glass in the trailer we have no room in the house for. WHAT DO WE DOOO
dang dad and his hoarder tendencies.
seriously he'd drag the wood/glass in, it get buried under other stuff he drags in, then forgotten.
he's admitted to me that with all the crap he's got there's plenty of tools buried far under other stuff he's forgotten, and so he... buys another one when he needs it.

um. nothing else happened today.

...oh i watched last night's/this morning's 5d's ep. on my tv again. teehee.
no seriously what is that
also i am fairly pissed about luciano and... yeah, okay, placido too, being pushed aside so freaking quickly in the ~final battle~ just for strategy's sake which i'm SURE they could have thought up another way to give jose have that ridiculous amount of lp without making luciano/placido only stepping stones.
and with placido's obsession of yuusei why would he back down and accept the plan so easily, jeez.

whatever /shrug
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last night's meal was delicioussssss
see like all that crazy fraction adding way different fractions pisses me off
so one day i was like 'BAH' and just... made instant potatoes without measuring. just, put a nice bit of milk, some butter, seasoning. get to a boil then be a bit careful adding the flakes because you don't want it really stiff or too soupy
dad is stubborn and sticks to measuring but he needed to do some dishes while the meatloaf cooked so i got to do the potatoes my way~ and he liked them :D

so the meatloaf took like 2 hours to cook and yeah it was greaaaaaat
dad bought a nice long loaf of bread and we made it garlic bread. mm
and, of course, my potatoes.
i put a bit too much seasoning though lol

aaaaaaanyway last night i was messing around randomly with my xbox and was like 'what's this media center stuff'
so then omfg video streaming to xbox? thus play on the tv instead of a monitor?? yes plz
took a bit of work to figure out why it wasn't working though
then found out xbox won't play everything
yeah, i figured mkv wouldn't work, but some of my .avis use codecs it doesn't like so it won't play
so tonight i google'd around and found an alternate program to use :3
i'm watching the latest ep of 5D's on my tv!!!!
<3 you, tversity~!
oh and the xbox can play stuff off burned data dvds, too
i rewatched the first ep of magiranger and kinda lol'd at tv-nihon's bsing of wolzard's spell chants
also i dunno if its because i'm older now but like
these kids just get pushed suddenly into YOU'RE MAGICIANS NOW GO FIGHT THESE MONSTERS FROM 'HELL'
and without any training or anything they know how to do everything
...guess it can be handwaved like 'ITS MAGIC OKAY dur' but... :/

oh and for the people who were like 'what's wrong with your ear??'
sorry i thought i talked about it before but then i realized no, i only complained about it on plurk. oops.
uh my ear seems to be badly stuffed up with earwax. i can't hear out of it.
but this morning i had dad apply the earwax removal stuff instead of myself because i can't see what i'm doing and i never felt anything drip out
but when dad did it? oh yesssss, it dripped, and i could feel/hear it fizzling inside my ear. weird feeling.
gonna have it done again before i go to bed tonight. hope this clears it up quick~

so yeah now i'm gonna go back to watching 5d's since i haven't watched this ep yet. dodeedo hello there luciano's laugh
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i wake up to the cats tormenting me
because i won't give them food until they eat that dang tuna
yuugi kept clawing my head or feet, and gizzy kept tipping some old can around to make noise
it drove me nuts
once i couldn't take it anymore i ran them out of my room, dropped a litter box out there, and closed my door.

ahhh peaceful sleep...
well until they started scratching the door.
but whatever i got the sleep i wanted
went out, made tuna sandwiches out of what was left last night, and brought the two cat bowls up too.

they won't eat it. nope.

went on with my day like normal
ignoring gizzy's paw reaching out from under the door :|

anyway because of all the arguing last night i had given up on trying to finish the app to volunteer at that historic site thing

...until the guy called me around 1:30pm saying i could bring the app with me to the open house today
so i.. tried harder.
got something kinda okay maybe

anyway at 5:20 i headed over there
(was 5:30 by the time i got out because i kept forgetting stuff upstairs)
i was the only one who came :(
i gave him my application and we talked a bit, he gave me some papers to read over about volunteering
i walk out, expecting to have to walk back home because it was still pretty early for dad to be back... yeah, i let him know where i'd be.
and there he was walking up as i walked out
i told him how it went and we walked back behind the building because i just love the garden back there
then drove home

well later we'll be trying another way to get the cats to take the medicine
dad got super-sweet condensed milk and we'll crush the pills up in it
AND if they notice the medicine we got a baster thing to force-feed the pill-milk :3

still got some hamburger steak and potatoes left so i'll be having an awesome meal tonight!

OH and i caught up on 5D's today... well, to 129. waiting for a good torrent for 130.
i... don't like team ragnarok, glad 5d's won.
honestly, its like, 'hey look we'll throw in MORE god cards that don't even make sense for the mythology we've been following in this series'
also the sudden stuff about brave having a bunch of orphans just like crow was annoying
like okay really does EVERY serious opponent for crow have to have some kind of similarity? they don't do that with jack and yuusei :|

ANYWAY i am... feeling good.
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