Apr. 15th, 2011

choroneko: (endou)
so yeah i grinded a little in g.u.
85 -> 89
also unlocked pi's lost weapon
ovan was still a bit annoying but i won. >:p
was not expecting him to be an epitaph-user though

i thought that was the end, credit roll, la la
but no, just a little more
go talk to atoli and--oh hai creeper!ovan

credits. again.

...lmfao kite is named taiga in the credits too...
sooooooooooooooo yeah gonna start vol3 tomorrow. or is it today ...? almost 3am. blah.

since i heard about this online vanguard game from  [livejournal.com profile] cardfight i've been playing a bit
people are really nice and helpful
nice to play the card game, too.
i still don't have a full grasp on the rules, but i've won twice so far :D
admittedly, the first guy was sleepy since it was 2:30 am his time. ;;
we decided to have a rematch later when it's not 2:30am XD

......yeah that's all that's happened. derp.
and now i must sleep!
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