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everyone go home
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Yeah, haven't posted any entries in some time. IDK.

First, a few of you know the problems I'm  having with out house guest, Jeanie.
she's pissed at me because i don't do enough around the house. so i go and do more and its still not enough. also i tend to be up all night and i MAKE A POINT TO BE QUIET but she still complains that i keep her up all night she's on the other side of the house ffs, with all the ACs running you shouldn't be able to hear a damn thing
so she goes stomping around, slamming doors, yelling at my cats, and complaining to my dad
I'm tired of her, Dad's tired of her, I want her to GET THE HELL OUT but Dad's too nice, he tells me 'she doesn't have anywhere to go!' and we should care why?
he also told me she's been looking for a place to rent so. well. i hope she gtfo's soon.

Dad put a little money on my walmart card thing so I bought a few things
Some Pokemon card singles(Purrloin, Glameow, Meowth) AND


bought 4, gave two to a friend

i do not have enough energy cards of any type for a deck

in other tcgs, i joined [ profile] colors_tcg!
been fun, people are nice.
kinda wish i could get cards more often but whatever, everyone has the same situation, just most have been in the game longer so they have plenty of cards.
I'll just have to work on my collections :3

I watched a bunch of Sengoku Otome eps all at once the other day. 3-7.
went whoooooooooooooooooooooo and made a [ profile] noboobnaga rp account. Well, ok , I actually made it before then, but didn't go icon hunting til the marathon. Then I... posted on dear_mun
LOL confused sengoku basara characters. everywhere. OK OK IT WAS JUST TWO BUT STILL
...i should really watch/play the anime/game sometime.

i just watched ep8 of SO as well and scream.
onsen scene! and then hideyoshi gets a bad fever, nobunaga ends up having to give her medicine mouth-to-mouth................ jsushdjenjhfhyesjskashj

OH and it looks like I'll be part of the steins;gate cast heading for [ profile] route_29 
...i mean like, i have Kurisu, and i find Mayuri. Mayuri's mun is thinking of going the r29, and I've been wanting to app there anyway, so I say I'll come along
then later i see a Ruka in dear_mun and end up telling her about Mayuri and Kurisu going to r29

and then i find Okabe. already intending on route_29
which probably means the player's read our threads
Kurisu is like NO WHY OKABE?!?!?

Inazuma GO is quite interesting so far, but i have nothing to comment on

few days ago i watched the first part of the Senjou no Valkyria/Valkyria Chronicles 3 OVA and it just made me go DAMN IT I WANNA PLAY VC2 AGAIN BUT MY PSP'S SCREEN IS STILL BROKEN :(

Digimon Xros Wars is getting fun, I'm behind on Pokemon Best Wishes, I'm liking YGO Zexal the more I watch(CAT GIRL NEXT WEEK OMFG), etc etc

friend's bugging me to play Guild Wars now so I'll shut up
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so... this past saturday was eventful. In a way.

Big storm went through NC/VA, multiple tornadoes touched down, etc
somehow our little town in halifax county avoided tornados, only got some wind and rain. next town over, though, did have a tornado touch down and some destroyed buildings. D:

i'm still thinking back over everything. back in florida, hurricanes were a constant thing, but dad and i never had more house damage than some roof shingles or such missing. sure, i had seen worse happen to other people's houses, but i guess since dad was always excited about hurricanes i just... followed his lead and never over-thought things? storms are awesome displays of nature's force, and beauty. so i can understand dad's tendency for excitement about hurricanes, and honestly i still think the same. but this tornado-spawning storm... i don't know, it was different than what i am used to...
it was real windy, and the power went out about 5:45... jeanie had a weather radio thing we were listening to, keep us updated on what was going on
but that was it.
no tv, no computers, can't cook food
we were planning to cook tacos that night and obviously without power couldn't
i just flopped in bed and slept most of the night
power came back around 3am

during the night i played a bit more of golden sun: dark dawn
i had been ignoring the ds in general for some time so yeah
...i am thinking i should go back and play the previous game though because, idk, it feels weird since i haven't?

other games... got to vol3 for .hack//g.u.
ffs sakaki just die already corp's obviously insane for hiring him btw
also aida, do something less predictable than jumping from arena champion to arena champion. too obvious.
i want yoko/alkaid back :| oh and TABBY! i hear she's back later in vol3 but screw that i want my catgirl from the start, man.

uhhh what else
well tonight i got real bored and... tried that new my little pony cartoon. yeah.
i liked twilight sparkle better at first. :/
one night is honestly too quick to be like YAAAY WE'RE SERIOUSLY BFFS!!!
personally? i was all for nightmare moon. WHATS WRONG WITH ETERNAL NIGHT???? the sun's too damn bright :|

in other news i am crazy and thinking about trying rp again - this time in a more 'real' game with serious apps 'n stuff. [ profile] route_29 
yes, pokemanz.
gonna toss [ profile] aicanfly (from cardliver kakeru).
but then i looked and oops, APPS CLOSED TIL MAY lol
oh well, means time for canon review.
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freeaking new lenses

well uh i went to luuunch today
hung out at the deli with spice & wolf volume1
yeah i'm still in the first book lol taking  it slow /o/
...more like games distracted me but WHATEVER its better sometimes to slow down especially since this stupid area doesn't have a freaking bookstore. no walmart is not a bookstore.
i am honestly unsure if having a gamestop is better. i mean uh... hmmm... well my ds, psp, and wii have been hacked open so LOL DUN NEED TO BUY SHIT. but 360? no.
i still do prefer to buy games but i hate when i buy something and it sucks
also when games never come in english, suuuck.
and of course my freaking psp disc reader is ded so i can't play games i have bought. persona1, ygo gx tag force 1&2 ahhh ;o;
ds has a flashcart wheeeeeee
...come onnn i want tales of hearts in english nowwwwww. i liked it way quicker than innocence so its probably better :/
and tales of graces too i guess
even though my wii's little usb stick is, um, well basically full because what's left is not enough for that. need another, bigger one. 8gb is pretty small for the wii...

blahblah my eyes hurt and i dunno what to do
seems like a good idea is napping.

NAPPING TIME! also took aspirin because seriously ow eyes plz stop hurting.
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yes. i made waltz a mahou shoujo >:3
also this icon would've been better for this post but it's inactive 'cause i lost the userpic addon :| instead he is nyoro~n'ing.
*but in reality he'd probably kill me then go nyoro~n*
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i just ate... fried green beans!

well. green bean. one.

but still.

i was expecting it to be really nasty but it's kinda good in a weird way XD

thats the only interesting thing that's happened today. ;-;
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i'm bored
don't really have much to say because nothing's happened lately :/

umm just a bit ago i finished Luminous Arc
yey we killed god \o/
theo is adorable
i want to hug him foreverrr

also i'm disappointed at the lack of icons from the series
just one post and it's probably characters from 2 or 3 because i don't know them :|

will be poking a little into 2 in a bit
also i put Devil Survivor back on my flashcart so I can work on getting more endings~ :D
(also i think i wanna rp Amane or something :/)

oh and
i'm getting annoyed
the place i've ordered the ps2 modchip from still hasn't shipped anything

short post

Jan. 4th, 2010 02:40 pm
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cold. slept long.

now i'm gonna play more Vesperia

cats were all calm and hanging out on my bed so i thought i could close the door for awhile to get my room warmer

...of course they start clawing at the door once i sit down. :|


Dec. 25th, 2009 11:33 am
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earlier this month, Dad decided he wanted a projector thingie.
we go look at Staples ohnoes too expensive
k internets time
found a decent deal, bought.
it's through amazon marketplace
can't go to a p.o. box
so we, annoyed, put our street adress

well it was supposed to be here, at the latest, the 23rd
it's not here.

for some ffffffffffing reason
can't see our house
not all houses are right up to the effing road. ugh.
we know this from many other cases of those people being unable to find our house. :|

Dad wants to get ahold of the shipping people
and amazing amazon DOESN'T TELL ME WHAT THEY USE
but i was able to find the phone number for the seller so maybe we can get this straightened out tomorrow or something -.-

anyway in happier newsss
i now have like 2 dollars on the card. :D
i bouuught
um a hdmi cable cause a friend told me i should

slayers novels volume 7/8~
because the nearest bookstore has NOTHINGGGGGGGG :|
and hey i got them new and cheaper than what the list price is. win!

now I'm finally poking Persona PSP again 'cause I've been ignoring it

and Dad's insisting on getting me a sub from subway even though i had one um, the day before yesterday. lol.

this is my Christmas and it is good. :3
(/going to ignore stupid shippers)
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Hate colds.
Nose is still leaking and randomly exploding.

Tried to sleep it off today, still feel like crap. bleh.

um anyway
nnnnnnot much has happened lately.
I finally got around to playing more of Tales of Symphonia this morning
haven't touched it in months because i felt too lazy to hook the gamecube up
but now I have a wiiii so i played it on that
...welll i can see issues with it becoming widescreen? :/
oh well whatever
having two bosses in a row really kept screwing with me
but i got past it anyway~
now sheena's in the party
we exploded a ranch
and i have no clue what to do next
supposed to go in this tower to find a cure for a curse
but uh. its locked. don't have anything to unlock it, no scene is triggered, nothing? :/
oh welll

right um
past few days i watched Let's Play videos of...
Silent Hill~
i just went 'screw it i wanna know wtf is going on :|'
cause earlier this year a friend got me interested
but i'm too wimpy to play so i'd insist on him being there with me when i did
...even though he was a bit mean and said the lights had to be off.
but um someone being there was better than just lights so yeah
buuuut he moved back home and i just couldn't do more alone

so now that mood/interest came back so i just went for LPs
sooo yeah seen SH 1-3~
will be looking for 4 and more in a bit :3
i also watched a LP of Clock Tower 3
actually i tried to start with the first one but that is just so dang slow
seriously girl your friends disappeared/are killed and you're just leisurely walking around
um no hurry up already
3? is awesome.
totally want to play it myself.
and i'll be looking for a LP of 2 soon, as well. hee.

ehhhh i guess i'm out of things to talk about. blah.
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It is late. I should go to sleep.

...But I'm not sleepy.

I have a headache. Aggravatingggggggg one.
Briiight lights ow my eyes
Turned that light off, have small lamp on. But it's a bit too dim... annoying in the completely opposite way. ugh.

Oh, and LJ notif emails are getting on my nerves
I do not need birthday notification emails for every rp account I have D: D:
and of course getting emails hours late. :/

anyway ughhh i dunno what to do... should sleep but head hurts too much ;-;
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ohhhh fff i hate taking showers in winterrrrr
hot water's all nice and stuff
once you turn it off FFFF COLD AIR COLD AIRRRR
D:, yeah, just had a shower. :|


[ profile] yuidirnt, i got the card! its pretty :D
hope you get a chi soon and like it~<3

i don't really have anything else to say
thanks to a boriiing life
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I'm bored.

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ffff screwed up sleep schedule. so much. :|
but seriously
i still don't really feel sleepy...

i really love this icon btw hehe. just. hahahahaha

okay really i'm running away now
to sleep
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Iiiit's 4:30 am here
I don't feel sleepy
I don't really have much to do
and Yuugi keeps whinig at me
shut up cat you have food and water and all that stuff :|

in other news, I have [ profile] uumaria bugging a Black Waltz No.3 on dear_mun ahahaha
it's cool that people actually rp characters from FFIX <3
i love that game so much
it was my first real rpg, lol
pokemon was first, but has little story. :/
anyway i just loved that game
but i can say i didn't love the ffffffing case, god
disc 2/3 constantly fell out of the hold and would wedge in the cracks when you tried to open the case
why? cause the middle part of the case was crappy plastic and didn't last as long as the front/back pieces. :|
poor discs ended up so scratched up that the ps1 said they weren't playstation discs /sigh
...though, a ps2 could read them, with some glitches in fmvs. O_o

kaaaaaay i'm gonna stfu already :/
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k whee, caught up on teh yugiohz. :3
83 was unexpectedly awesome~ i wanna know who that other jack is :o

i made some icecream after i ate dinner
the can of peanuts was near empty, so i was picking a few at a time
dad comes over and is like 'why don't you just pour the whole thing in?'
i look in the can, see way too much salt, then look at him like 'wtf really?'
he insisted that the salt'd go good with all that sugar
so, okay whatever, i dump it in.


what i thought: way too much salt
just. ugh. :|
...mixed it in enough after that first bite to make it less noticeable, but still ugh

ehhhh nothing else to say. yes my life is boring i know :/
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so blahblah, few days ago [ profile] voltanis gave some advice, and i finally beat the last boss in Vesperia.

today i finally got around to trying some grade farming so i can go nuts in newgame+ :3

first, tried the Rita+Overlimit+Tidal Wave thing
i don't think i have the right mind for this :/
but eh, got 200~ grade first try (which is horribly low for this strategy -_-) then like... 80 the second time, but i got impatient then and FS'd the enemies pretty quick, so yeah.
decided to check out other stuff and maybe come back to this later...

so whoo, Extra dungeon~
i was in there awhile wondering why i was getting no grade
...then i realized i was still on easy from beating Duke
D: D: D:
now i'm on hard but i still want to cry over the lost grade ;_;

finished one run of the dungeon, saved, started another
wow memory yeager's a bitch. but i beat him anyway~
kept going
memory breaker
wtf is this crap
i run out of magic lenses so i dunno wtf its weak to
and i have a feeling my attacks are healing it ;-;
just... the battle kept going and going

so i decided 'fuck it' and shut the xbox off :/
...which means i'll have to fight memory yeager again yay
but! must. restock. items. first. :|

i'm hungry
i want more than some premade frozen meal ;_;

also. still. bored.
i feel ignored in the rp stuff :/
and... well. i just wanna go hang out with people or something but i don't know anyone here and just ugh

aaaand my internet seriously spazzed out when i was trying to post this :|
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the Trusty Bell(Eternal Sonata) manga
...kinda. really. sucks. :/
leave a few characters out~ and have one hell of a weird ending
though the game's ending is pretty weird too, but the manga is just out there.
but really.
i just felt like seeing manga waltz :3
who is still pretty
even if he turns into some ugly multi-eyed griffin monster
...well the monster form isn't pretty
but yeah

i think i will be trying some manga coloring tomorrow
cause... waaaaltz :/

what the hell i've really become obsessed. gah. /dies
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from those trick or treat dares
sorry for anyone i annoyed with all those backward comments
if i had something to say, i wanted to say it :/

so i went out to eat~ just got back :3
went to mayflower, the only seafood place around here :D
haven't went in so long~ was good to go again hehe
why we haven't gone there in awhile is dad likes to have beer and they don't serve it
so we've gone like everywhere else except there, lol.
but tonight he said we could go where i~ wanted to go
so, popcorn shrimp eeeeeeee~<3
big platter
they pile~ it~ on~ mmm so good.
dad had scallops or something :/
we ate blah blah
came home
then i had to zoom and change litter boxes so we could take the garbage can to the street
and now i'm here.

i kinda ate too much. eh. stupid nose runs when i eat too much o_O
makes me cough

but i'm in a good mood anyway~
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blahblah went out to eat
had fun talking to some people i haven't talked to in awhile

why is it that the friends i make here are all way older than me :/
oh well
Kathy is awesome and we get along well, and have some similar interests (reading, harry potter ... and uh she'll listen to me blab about anime/games/whatever so she's cool)

came home and jumped on my 360
eternal sonataaaa need to finish stupid extra dungeon
need to get all the soul shards but a fucking npc stole one from a chest and wants money. how much? MAX AMOUNT. god. 99 million or something
so i'm going after a specific monster that drops alot of money
it's not that tough but it's annoying

so yeah, working my way to rondo as i gather monies
hope i can pwn her with my falsetto/jazz/viola team~<3
i love playing falsetto
she's kickass

ugh this laptop is too hot
heck the whole day's been too hot :/
where'd the coldness go come baaack ;_;

k /goes back to playing

update: beat rondo first try *yay*
went on to final boss of dungeon
tried again
died again
eff that, it's late. will work on levelling more tomorrow. maybe just go for max level for the hell of it, ha.
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