Jan. 17th, 2011

choroneko: (kuroneko)
a few days i did some voice meme thing and i feel like posting it here. so there.

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let's seee um

my ps2 is still broken ifijferngrhbgfnm ;o;

not gonna be able to get the part replaced for a good while.

lately i seem to have a craving for horror movies and i have no clue why.
few days ago i watched "the messengers"
man, i could see the jump scares coming and i still jumped. XD

last night i watched "from within"
wow that ending... what... it sucked. not crappy movie kind of suck, just. bad end. eek.

probably will watch something tonight too
i found some interesting sounding movies from looking around tvtropes lol.
so i hit internet search and found direct downloads because sometimes i don't feel like trying to torrent random stuff

i played some bayonetta last night to let out some frustration and, well, i haven't played it in some time
beat two chapters, next is chap16 - whatever's at the top of that tower on isla de sol. hmmm.

yeah, i don't have much to talk about. i'll stop here.
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