Mar. 6th, 2011

choroneko: (baibai now)
went out, walked the pretty husky dog aaaaaa~ll o~ver, got food(somewhere in time between lunch/dinner so. whatever.), sat in a car while dad & jeanie put some stuff up for work tomorrow, then we went to some event thing. banjos, banjos everywhere. okok it wasn't just banjos but yeah. music was overall fine, just not quite my taste, you know? first i was sitting outside so i started playing tales of innocence. then dad kept bugging me so i came in, but in ToI i was in the middle of a dungeon trying to gtfo, and i took the whole time just trying to find a way back to the field. jeez. i hope no one was offended by that... i did put the ds down and clap when everyone else did.

reminded dad to check the dang mail already, since he hasn't managed/remembered to get there for the past few days
yep the ps2 repair part was hereeeeeeeeeeeee!!

obviously once i got home i fixed my ps2. yep. :3
the long awaited.... SMT: DEVIL SUMMONER RAIDOU KUZUNOHA and blah blah
friggin' hell i burned that off back before i found the ps2 stopped turning on. so i've been waiting aaaaaaa
played over an hour. not sure if its the swapdisc or my ps2 being stupid, but i have to skip cutscenes because they lag like seriously bad. SLOW. SLOOOOW. first attempt to play it outright stopped bothering to read the disc :/ before i could even save. for the first time. yeaah. /had to do tutorial all over again pff

swapdisc still says my copy of sly cooper 1 isn't a valid ps2 disc. ugh. not sure what to do there...

gonna sleep soon it's already 3am

...not sure what the heck i'll play tomorrow. too much stuff @_@
p4... raidou... tota... and other games not for ps2. agh.
probably just get a bit more AC done then raidou it up. lol

oh yes and the other day when dad was using the laptop i just played ds... started a new game i've heard about for being at least somewhat a VN. lux-pain? i got the undub rom and played an hour and a half straight, lol
its interesting~ though the touch screen stuff for finding those glowy things confused me at first because... no explanation its just poof i can ...draw... on the... screen...? idfk????
but yes. interesting. i like the little kid lol. SHE CAN UNDERSTAND ANIMALS :D
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